Blue Dogs howling at healthcare

July 21, 2009

This time it’s the Blue Dogs turning their noses up at healthcare reform proposals. AUSTRIA/

The House Energy and Commerce Committee canceled its healthcare markup  because the fiscally conservative Democrats growled about the steep pricetag.

President Barack Obama, top dog in this town, invited them to the White House to chew about it.

But first, he went to the Rose Garden and layed out his arguments before reporters and TV cameras, harkening back to his campaign pledge of change.

“We can choose action over inaction. We can choose progress over the politics of the moment,” Obama said.

What happened behind closed doors. Who rolled over? Who got the bone? Who tore up the room?

We hear that the tendency is for the Blue Dogs to air their grievances, then fragment with many following leadership.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said White House enforcer  Rahm Emanuel called twice during lunch.  “And I would like to   say his language is getting better, but I think it’s getting worse.”

Which dog will have its day? We’re waiting to see……meow

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Photo credit: Reuters/Miro Kuzmanovic (Artist Jeff Koons poses with sculpture “Balloon Dog (Blue)”)


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Dear Reuters, and all other major news sources:

Could you please provide the names of the Senators that are holding up a positive vote for the Medicare for All bill presently in this House Energy and Commerce Committee or a link to a list? We the People would appreciate specific information. Also, in all future articles, could you please post a link so that we might have the details of who the yeas and nays are? Thank You.

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How to cut healthcare costs? Easy – just check who is making the big profits. Then eliminate all the HBOs, insurance companies and all the other big business parasites in their shiny new office buildings who don’t actually treat patients or provide medicines but who are making billions off of the health care of American citizens – or just tax them at 90% to pay for universal health care for all citizens.

Healthcare in the US is controlled by greedy un-regulated (“free market”) big business profiteers like HBOs and insurance companies who are only interested in making lots of money for their bottom lines and paychecks and to hell with stupid US consumers.

The healthcare ‘industry’ is the only one still making billions in profits in this economy.

Now our politicians are planning to give these same HMOs and insurance companies an additional two trillion dollars over the next ten years in the hope that they will play nice and fix our healthcare system.

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the”blue dogs”are defecting because they are concerned about their own careers ,their actions have nothing to do with obamas policy ,it is about their own personal preservation.harry reid voted against a gun control bill not out conviction, but because he is watching his low ratings in his constituency.this is a pattern that is going to increase dramatically as obama,s spending and the subsequent inflation and unemployment numbers start to soar,and because of the high bar the adoring press set for him,if he tries to compromise then the spell is broken and then he is in trouble with his policies.

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-Democrats pushing for health care reform got serious jolts last week from critics who warned that their proposed legislation would ‘do little to slow spiraling health care costs’. A group of conservative Democrats vowed that they would join Republicans-

Blue Dogs Rake in the Dollars from the Health Care Industry … The 20 Blue Dogs have taken a combined $6,849,273 from various segments of the health care industry, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics

Thank You !

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HSR. Nothing you say will in any way change what Americans know about the current health care reform effort, it stinks. The president is not being truthful with the American people about the true cost of the effort and he is not being forthright when it comes to the eventual rationing of healthcare. He uses the word “efficiency” as a cover.

It is obvious you are a paid pumper for this health care scheme.

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