The First Draft: healthcare march

July 21, 2009

President Barack Obama keeps up the march on healthcare, although today’s headlines are turning a bit pessimistic.

The Washington Post leads with “GOP Focuses Effort to Kill Health Bills,” and The New York Times has “Obama Pushing, But Early Vote On Health Fades.”

Obama is scheduled to make brief remarks on healthcare at about 1 p.m., before meeting with Democratic members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee at 1:20 p.m. (imagine some arm-twisting at that table), before the panel continues mark up of healthcare billat 2 p.m.

Financial markets will be watching Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony on the economic outlook and monetary policy before the House Financial Services Committee at10 a.m. to see if he shows a strong front against expected criticism that the Fed has done too much and gained too much power.

Bernanke will want to stand tall as he is awaiting Obama’s judgment on whether he can keep his job after his current term expires at the end of January. BASEBALL/OBAMA

And finally on the subject of Obama’s jeans (how’s that for a segue?).

The president revealed all in an interview with NBC’s “Today” show which grilled him on the worn jeans that he wore to throw out the first pitch at the All-Star baseball game.

“I’m a little frumpy,” said the president who used to own only four suits that eventually turned shiny and hates to shop.

“And for those of you who want your president to look great in his tight jeans, I’m sorry I’m not the guy,” Obama said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama throws the first pitch)


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How to cut healthcare costs? Easy – just check who is making the big profits. Then eliminate all the HBOs, insurance companies and all the other big business parasites in their shiny new office buildings who don’t actually treat patients or provide medicines but who are making billions off of the health care of American citizens – or just tax them at 90% to pay for universal health care for all citizens.

Healthcare in the US is controlled by greedy un-regulated (“free market”) big business profiteers like HBOs and insurance companies who are only interested in making lots of money for their bottom lines and paychecks and to hell with stupid US consumers.

The healthcare ‘industry’ is the only one still making billions in profits in this economy.

Unfortunatly, US politicians, on both sides, are controlled by big money.

Posted by w smith | Report as abusive

To reduce cost: have tort reform, get the government out of the medical field, get rid of 12 million + illegals. The Medicare and Medicaid programs are a fiasco. Loaded with fraud straighten them out and see what you save before trying to force the american citizen into socialized medicine.

Posted by Edward | Report as abusive

Government run insurance competing with private insurance will create a situation where there is one very inexpensive very low quality sector and one very expensive quality sector and little in between.

Posted by papa | Report as abusive

Simply, the more and more sedate posture assumed by US citizens, suggests that health care may be better related to productivity. Keep the employer on first. The employee on second…. working with and for productive life styles. Health care through and from the employer offers incentive as well as it keeps the stream of productivity and competitiveness alive.

There is a job for everyone. We need to think as a world leader and a third world country…. especially as we seem to be slipping more and more from the former. Where there is a can or bottle lying in the gutter, there is a job!

Minimum levels of health care should be mandated as taxes are mandated. Keep the two segregate as there will be a mire of tangle between the two if attempted to relate.

A new frontier? No. Simple working economics vs. innovative and perpetuating stagnant economics…. something for nothing.

Again. Simple.


Posted by Kmart | Report as abusive

If this man Obama were not viscerally, perhaps even subconsciously, sold out lock-stock-and-barrel to the megalomaniacal dream of recreating the whole world in his image – which means calling a whole new government-run (read, Obama-run) medical universe into being ex nihilo – why, he could have actually done something, something real, something practical, something good. We do need more competition on the health insurance playing field – so, Mr. Obama, how about you trash the arcane prohibition on inter-state competition, hmm? The costs passed on to patients for stratospherically high malpractice insurance are outrageously insupportable. So, Mr. Obama, how ’bout you show some real leadership on tort reform, hmm? There is so much else besides. Many ways, without trying to stage a Genesis One Redux, to get the job done. Instead, Mr. Obama runs around idiotically squawking, “We have to do this, because we can’t do nothing!” In Mr. Obama’s universe, it’s his plan or nothing. Meanwhile, lots of people are proposing perfectly reasonable, and better, alternatives… but all Mr. Obama hears is… nothing.

Posted by Ken Sears | Report as abusive