Polls turning on Obama

July 24, 2009

The sky is not falling, but President Barack Obama is running into a bit of a poll problem.

Six months since he entered the White House on a tide of giddy support and even jokes that he walked on water, opinion polls are starting to turn on him. OBAMA/

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, Obama’s overall approval rating dipped below 50 percent — to 49 percent — for the first time among likely voters, compared with a 51 percent disapproval rating.

Most of the survey was conducted before Obama’s Wednesday press conference where he pressed for healthcare reform.

Rasmussen Reports will release a poll based entirely on post-press conference interviews on Sunday.

Other recent public opinion polls have shown declining approval of Obama’s handling of the healthcare issue.

But of course a few polls do not a longterm trend make.

The stock market is on the rise and that may help bump up the numbers in the future.

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Mr. Obama your choice of words in your recent press conference regarding the stupidity of the Cambridge police office was in my opinion deploable! In your own words you admitted you did not have all the facts but really did great harm to our country. I really feel you owe the police departments and the American public an apology. You are in a position where your comments right or wrong can do a great injustice and harm.

I have lost alot of respect for you because of this and I feel your are navigating our country toward socialism and eventual totalitarism.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Why on earth would you even want to comment on an issue to which you admittedly did NOT have all the facts, much less call the law enforcement STUPID! Guess we could say the same about you, MR. PRESIDENT!

Is your intent to deliberately harm the image of our country further? You are doing a fine job of that if nothing else!

Thank you so very much

PS. It’s not to late to step down (hint, hint)

Posted by ME | Report as abusive

Wow, could it be some people are waking up and realizing that Obama is not the Messiah?

(I voted for Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party.)

Posted by Alexandra | Report as abusive

You can agree or disagree with the comments he made. He did in fact say that the police officer acted ‘stupidly’ which is short of calling him stupid.

I love those of you saying he’s hurting our country’s image. Some of you need to get out of your cellophane bubble and actually pay attention to when this country’s reputation was damaged, and by whom.

Pardon my lack of melodrama. I’ll make up for it right now:

“Blah blah blah Socialism blah blah Fascism blah blah the sky is falling!”

Posted by ME | Report as abusive

Regardless of political standpoint, I’m disgusted that Obama came out with such a classless statement without all the facts. Even if the accusations of racism against the arresting officer are true, Obama should have kept his comments such that they didn’t fan the flames of anger but moved us toward correcting the situation. Or better yet, kept his comments “Presidential” in nature, instead of “Sharpton-esque”.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

It is a fact that you do NOT have to prove the house you are in is yours.

The officer should have had identification visible on his body and if not immediately showed it to the occupant of the house.

The police are out of control with the power they have and this is one perfect example where a citizen of the USA is hassled (or possible shot to death) in his own house.

The cops should be suspended or fired.

Is a mans house his castle or a place where the police can arrest you for just being there?

This was racial BS and everyone knows this.

Of course they will stick together, lie, or do whatever they have to do to turn this around and make the house owner the villain.

Posted by Dennis | Report as abusive

I voted for McCain. I have a feeling that before this storm is over, many more Americans are going to wish that they had.

Posted by Madd Maxx | Report as abusive

What Obama has been doing of late is even better than voters could have hoped for. Instead of just letting the congress slowly move towards a far too compromised and ultimately ineffective solution, Obama has actually been debating and pushing the issue, and he will get Senators and Members of the house to change their position and move faster to fix actual problems. I just hope he sets his sights on GITMO sooner rather than later to fix that.

Posted by Louis | Report as abusive

Seems like none of you know first hand what it is like to have the police enter one’s home, and arrest them (often with unnecessary force) without any crime having been committed. Was the phrase “acted stupidly” appopriate? No. Are most police officers good people? Yes. Would this situation have occurred if Gates was white? I was not there so I cannot conclude in an absolute sense but I’d bet that the answer is NO. What people who have been in this position know is that almost certainly the police officer showed more than enough “doubt” that this black man was really who he said he was, showed enough doubt in the documents he presented, to give Gates a more difficult time in proving his case than he would a white man of the same age living in that house. That is the unfortunate truth. You know what? Reverse racism exists. However before you ask every minority NOT to come to the conclusion that this officer handled the situation differently because of Gates’ race, how about you wait until we have even a FEW years without disproportionate number of incidences of minorities being shot without cause while police claim the victim “looked like they were reaching for a gun”, etc.

Posted by Todd | Report as abusive

For the first time in months, I am having more faith in the American people, considering Obama’s drop in the polls. I believe the same polls should show a further decline after his comments about the police officer. I’ve read a number of comments on various websites, and most are critical of Obama’s handling of the incident.

Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

We now know what an Obamanation this Presidency is.

Posted by Al | Report as abusive

Despite the fact that Obama had the most liberal record in the Senate (followed by Biden) the media never questioned his ‘centrist’ message. Nor did the media question how he was supposedly ‘post-racial’ when the churc he attended was centered around black supremacy. While one can expect such behavior from the leftist media, there is no excuse for the American people voting for this clown. Now the tiger shows his stripes. They were there all along for anyone who didn’t drink the koolaid.

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

For all you people who are acting like Obama, and siding with Gates, assuming police were abusing their power, need to READ THIS WHOLE THING and argue against me (or anybody)

http://www.thebostonchannel.com/download  /2009/0720/20120754.pdf

It is just the simple facts of the case, which to me or any judge, would mean that it started out as a simple misunderstanding, which Gates took as racism, and got a power rush himself, and acted like an idiot, and forced police to do what they did. I think what most people here are missing is that this guy got off scott free and committed a crime, when any other american would just have to deal with the consequences of it.

Someone said on here that “They (police) will stick together, lie, or do whatever they have to do to turn this around and make the house owner the villain.” It’s also true that black people stick together and often times try to make police out to be enemies. Some cops are crooked though…don’t get me wrong.

If you don’t read the facts of the case, and make a decision yourself, you are even more foolish than Obama was.

Posted by Derek | Report as abusive

the democrats think they are not subject to the law,because they think liberal thinking transcends the law.i can remember pelosi smearing the republicans with “the culture of corruption”tag,and no comment as we continually see democratic local politicians being led away in hand cuffs,NJ there have been no mention of the three mayors affiliation but do we need to guess.this is why people are scared at the prospect of what will ultimately happen as they manage the money that will be circulating with the health care bill.also how many of the congression democrats are avoiding investigations at present?

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

I’m hearing a lot’ve people whine about the cop quote, what’s funny is this is one of those few times you can say a politician was being honest and in tune with reality.

Some examples.)

1.) The only honest person I heard on the campaign trail was Reverend Wright, people just get angry about upsetting truths.

2.) Obama was being honest about people in rural areas who cling to guns and religion, which he immediately revoked just like he blew off the good reverend.

3.) This quote about cops, cops are dumber than the average american and rarely do they do anything to “protect and serve.” Generally they just write stupid tickets all day and do anything they can do protect their pointlessly inflated egos. I’m sure he’ll retract this also if he hasn’t already.

I’m ecstatic I voted for Ron Paul, Obama and McCain can go you know where.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

Americans should wise up on the health care issue. They pay more for less when it comes to health care. Middle class and working class people are robbed for the basics in medicine. No where else in the world do people stand for such highway robbery. It’s not liberal or communist or conservative, it’s your health. What do they say… You haven’t got anything if you haven’t got your health. I say, You haven’t got squat if you don’t have health care. What a nightmare waiting to happen… I mean not having a national healthcare system. Wake up, Americans are getting old by the millions!

Posted by John Newman | Report as abusive

I smell a smokescreen.

Posted by bert | Report as abusive

I am disappointed by how the President behaved. It is truly inexcusable; yes, he’s human but he is THE PRESIDENT. How dare he just utter what comes to mind. It reveals his own bias and for a President to be so flippant about his remarks is unforgiveable. He should apologize deeply and also admit that he pre-judges based on the stereotype that the police are generally bad people and patently unfair to black america. I live in NYC and can attest daily to how the police go out of their way to show sensitivity. That is the truth about the vast majority of police. For the President to stereotype and now hedge his so-called retraction makes him more of a flake, unable to admit his own flaws..sound familiar. It’s the same thing all over again. The cloak has been removed. He is a politician and is disingenuous in not being direct about his error. That’s the sound of a coward; why can’t he just say I’M SORRY. I SPOKE BEFORE KNOWING WHAT THE FACTS WERE. AS THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, THIS IS INEXCUSABLE. I’M NOT JUST ONE MORE BLACK AMERICAN. I’M THE PRESIDENT OF ALL WHITE, ASIAN, BLANK and HISPANIC AMERICANS FIRST AND FOREMOST. PERIOD!!!

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I really don’t understand why some people on here think his words on this matter hurt the country? Really? I had no idea the stock market took a hit and a school caught on fire because the President thinks a police department made a dumb mistake. Its ludicrous to think that in this great, free nation our President can’t have an opinion of his own without half the country having a short heart attack.
Obama’s trying his very best people. The last guy that came around put us in a few wars and we ourselves crumbled our economy with our irresponsibility. Give the man a break, and at the very least, give him some time.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

It’s about time America woke up and can see Obaama for what he is. The socialist hates America and it’s freedom and will do everything in his power to destroy our great country. Rid our congress of these liberal morons in 2010 while we stll have our freedom.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

I am not surprised in the least about the drop in the polls for the president. I hear all the time “their” poll information shows widespread support for the programs he is “pushing” to put into law (at our expense). The fact of the matter is his policies do not have widespread support. And the delay in cap and trade and healthcare are proof positive. If he had widespread support, then it would be a slam dunk for congress to pass anything becuase the vast majority of people would be behind them. However, they aren’t behind these schemes.

As for the Cambridge incident. Just remember this, Obama spoke without a teleprompter. In my opinion, it shows the racism in his heart. Without knowing all the facts, he passed judgment, and that is inexcusable. Just think if George Bush made the same comment. Oh my goodness, the outrage…

Again, the problems he is facing are not surprising in the least. It isn’t going to get any better for him or his adminsstration or congress. Everything I have said, is coming true.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Give Obama some slack! After all, he’s young, and has only minimum experience in government. Certainly, he really should have kept his mouth shut but he’ll learn. And with a bit more experience, he may just realize that some of his grandiose ideas are just that, grandiose without much practical basis.

Maybe in a few years of on-the-job learning, he may be able to do a reasonable job.

Posted by Buddy | Report as abusive

@Buddy: “Maybe in a few years of on-the-job learning, he may be able to do a reasonable job.”

I thought we were supposed to elect an experienced leader… are you suggesting that we didn’t? So, do you think we have a couple of years to stumble around while Obama finishes his training program?

I guess the nation was so sold on “change” that we settled for having to wait a few years for it to develop. Perhaps the next time around experience should count for something.

Posted by Philip | Report as abusive

I predict that mister Obama’s poll ratings are going to sink even more. I am not educated in politics but even I can see he is trying to do too much, to appease too many, too fast.
The solid ground he needs to build his programs on is just not there. And giving away two hundred million dollarsto Afganistan is not one of the things that needs to be done especially at this moment of our economic crisis.

Posted by R. West | Report as abusive

It’s funny how some of these comments are saying give him more time when sarah palin was running for vice president it was the end of the world and she wouldn’t know what to do if she took over. Now when Obama’s political savy fails him (for the millionth time) you want us to just give him a break.

Posted by dallas20001 | Report as abusive

Unfortunately, we elected a Hypocrite; he says one thing and does another. He is shifty, but they call him smooth. He lies, yet they call him hopeful. It is better to recognize the truth then to be led over a cliff by a charmer.

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

Doesnt surprise me is approval rating is headed down. I knew from the get go what we were getting with him.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

The Bush/Cheney Republican administration left the US with an historic large debt, the unnecessary Iraq War, and many other problems like the economy.

Pres. Obama has been forceful in fighting to keep the US out of yet another Republican Depression!

Fair-minded people will give him more time. Narrow minded people like Rep. Boehner [OH], who remind me of the No-Nothings of the 1850’s, are zealots, destructive, and the same ones who got the US into this mess!

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

Poll numbers will fluctuate as the President tackles the effects of recession and as he bends himself backwards to provide affordable healthcare insurance to all Americans. This is a President determined to fulfil his key election promises. These are early days: it is virtually impossible to set right eight year blunders of the previous Administration in slightly over six months.

Posted by Pancha Chandra | Report as abusive

The honeymoon is over, that’s all. Now we get to see if Obama and the Democratic majority can overcome Republican obstructionism. As to public support for his policies, he still has the people on his side, and by a wide margin. Some people say Obama’s policies do not have widespread support. These people are confusing the percentage of Americans with the percentage of Conservatives. As I pointed out in an earlier post, the vast majority of Americans do not agree with the naysayers. Neither do the vast majority of scientists or economists.

Have a look.

Gallup-Is Global Warming Occurring?
When asked their views on when the effects of global warming will begin to happen, 61% of Americans currently say “they have already begun to happen.” This is an increase from 1997, when only 48% gave this response. However, while over three-fourths of Democrats (76%) believe global warming is already happening, only 41% of Republicans share that view.

Most people (85%) say they have seen, heard or read about the theory of global warming.
The great majority (74%) of those who have seen, heard or read about global warming say that they believe in the theory that increased carbon dioxide and other gases will lead to global warming and an increase in average temperatures.
Of those who have seen, heard or read about global warming, approximately half (52%) say they have seen, heard or read about recent international agreements in Kyoto and Bonn to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. However, this represents a decline from previous year, when 58% said they had heard of these agreements.
Of the people who have heard about the Kyoto or Bonn agreements, a large majority (73% to 20%) approves of them.
Of those who have heard of the Kyoto and Bonn agreements, a 54% to 30% majority now thinks that the U.S. government was wrong not to accept these agreements. This is an increase in public criticism of the government. Last year showed a much narrower (46% to 42%) plurality thinking the government position was wrong.
Feelings about the U.S. government position on global warming vary substantially by party, with 70% of Democrats and 56% of Independents thinking that the U.S. government position is wrong, while a 49% to 37% plurality of Republicans thinks the U.S. government position is right. However, it should be noted that half of the Republicans who answered this question did not think that the government position was right.

CBS/NYT- A clear majority of Americans — 72 percent — support a government-sponsored health care plan to compete with private insurers, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. Most also think the government would do a better job than private industry at keeping down costs and believe that the government should guarantee health care for all Americans.

NBC/Wall Street Journal- Poll numbers show that the American public overwhelmingly favors a choice between getting insurance coverage either through the private market or a government run option. Indeed, 76 percent of respondents said it was either “extremely” or “quite” important to “give people a choice of both a public plan administered by the federal government and a private plan for their health insurance.”

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Am I the only person left on reuters who doesn’t have blind faith in either party?

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

too late. he’s already lost my vote.

Posted by wsearles | Report as abusive

Will not vote for him again! He is not as advertised. I’m and Independent (Centrist) and he pandered for our votes by moving to the middle during the campaign. He’s moved to his true leftist position since taking office. He is far too arrogant and self absorbed to admit when he’s wrong or to simple listen (hear) other’s opinions. This is NOT leadership. He is NOT the President we ‘hoped’ for.

He claims not to be ‘playing’ politics…frankly, it’s all he’s done since taking office.

Posted by EB | Report as abusive

Getplaning. Interesting how you use a lot of numbers to appear you are correct, when in reality you are not.

First of all, people agree there is climate change. What they don’t believe is that there is global warming and that it is caused by humans. If there numbers truly reflected what you say, then cap and trade would be a slam dunk. But it isn’t.

If 72 percent was the correct number, then the public health plan would have been overwhelminly approved by congress. However, you use the numbers from Jun. The July numbers show that less than 50 percent now approve of the plan (Rasmussen 53 percent do not want a government health plan). If your numbers were accurate, then a public health plan would be a slam dunk. But it isn’t.

As for republicans being “obstructionists”, well you are so far left, it is amusing. It is clearly the democrats who are against this fiasco. We all know that both the house and senate don’t need even one republican vote to pass any legislation, like cap and trade and a public health care plan. So, it is a cop out to blame the republicans for any of this. Further proof that the majority of Americans are conservative, not far left liberals.

Your numbers don’t add up. Nice try!!

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Obama is deffinately not the man he claimed to be in the campaign, . . . . but seriously, who’s surprised? Maybe a few of those “blue dog democrats” are, and they’re beginning to regret supporting him.
He’s nothing more than a talking head, for a lady called Nancy Pelosy. He’s a sweet faced smooth talker who is in love with the TV camera, and his first 100 days show that very plainly.
He’s only backed away from the camera somewhat because he’s loosing ground the more he talks, just like she has. Are they joined at the hip?

Posted by Erric | Report as abusive

we are gradually seeing what this guy is about.also when he remarked that his choice for the supreme court would be a better candidate because of her life experiences i think that he could possibly believes that this also applies to him. i hope his early ties to the muslim lifestyle does not sway his perception of how to deal with the middle east situation.we have to be alert to see if there is any noticeable change of policy in our relationship with israel.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Maybe its not so bad. Maybe Reuters and Rasmussen just “misread the numbers.”

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Obama’s health care:
1) Everything will improve, but government won’t be involved in your healthcare. It’ll just happen!
2) A massive government program will save you money.
3) The people who brought you Katrina, the stimulus, and $500 hammers can be trusted to do it all.
4) We haven’t told you what it is, but we have to act now.

Conclusion: Our President is a Stoner!

Posted by Dave in Gulfport, FL | Report as abusive

Dave, your post needs some work. Try this:

Obama’s health care:

1) Everything will improve, because government won’t be involved in your healthcare. There won’t be an insurance adjuster trying to kick you out of the hospital the day after your surgery because your care cuts into their profits.
2) A massive government program will save you money. That’s correct, because the government’s goal will be healthier people, not wealthier shareholders.
3) The people who brought you Katrina, the stimulus, and $500 hammers can be trusted to do it all. The Bush administration brought us Katrina. Heck of a job. Thank God they are gone. And it was private contractors who brought you $500 hammers, not the government.
4) We haven’t told you what it is, but we have to act now. Because after eight years of Republican government, the country is going over the cliff.

But if you don’t like the Obama administration’s plan, there’s always The Republican 10-Point Plan for Health Care:

1) 50 Million Uninsured in America
2) Another 25 Million Underinsured
3) Employer-Based Coverage Plummets Below 60%
4) Employer Health Costs to Jump by 9% in 2010
5) One in Five Americans Forced to Postpone Care
6) 62% of U.S. Bankruptcies Involve Medical Bills
7) Current Health Care Costs Fueling More Job Losses
8 ) 94% of Health Insurance Markets in U.S Now “Highly Concentrated”
9) Dramatic Decline in Emergency Room Capacity
10) Perpetuating Red State Health Care Failure

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Before we write off Obama’s political career on one poll from Rasmussen, I suggest everyone go to this site and read a few other polls.


Obama’s polling may have fallen a bit, but every objective poll on the planet indicates Americans don’t trust Republicans on Health Care. No one really cares what Jim DeMint or John Boehner has to say about health care. Republicans are having absolutely zero impact on the debate.
Consider: last week’s ABC News poll shows Obama with a staggering 20-point lead on the GOP.
ABC News/Washington Post Poll. July 15-18, 2009.

“Who do you trust to do a better job handling health care reform: Obama or the Republicans in Congress?”


And when the question is phrased differently, the irrelevance of the GOP is even more striking.

“Which of the following parties involved in health care reform do you trust the MOST to make sure that all American have access to quality health care?”

President Barack Obama-26%
Doctors and other health practitioners-20%
Democrats in Congress-14%
Republicans in Congress-10%
Health insurance companies-9%
Pharmaceutical companies-3%
None of them-13%

10%! So less than half of the GOP’s own shrinking base trusts Republicans to fix health care.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Here is one for you too Dave.

1) Health care will improve. Well, not exactly. The government plan will increase “efficiency” which means ration your health care, so plan to live with your pain based on a the decision of a government accountant.

2)A government plan will save you money. Well, not exactly. Plan to pay more in taxes for less necessary health care because of new “efficiencies” which stands for rationing. Hey, we can’t afford to help everyone with their health needs. But you will be covered…sort of.

3)Mother nature brought us Katrina, not any politician. That said, the local and state government in New Orleans and Louisiana dropped the ball on the first line of defense to protect the people in the city and state. Too bad school bus Nagin is still the Mayor. The feds did a good job considering their missteps.

4) We haven’t told you what it is because we have to pass it first before we tell you you can’t have the care you need because we will ration your care. I feel very bad for the seniors who won’t be able to have that cancer treatment (but we liberal democrats don’t care about that anyway). We can’t afford 8 years of the mess this adminstration has created in 6 months. The polls show a fast falling president and congress.

The blue dog democrats are right to go against the government health plan the liberal democrats in their own party are pushing. It will lead to rationing and cost more than the system we have in place now. Which in the end we, as a nation, won’t be able to afford and will bankrupt us to the point where health care won’t be available for anyone anyway.

Any argument about the republicans a smoke screen and a cop out anyway because any honest person knows the democrats don’t need one single republican vote in the house or senate to pass this bad legislation. So, demonizing the republicans is silly. They are not the issue.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

getplaning as usual with your comments there is always a one liner that blows your creditability out of the window and here we go again.”everything will improve because the government won,t be involved in your healthcare”tell me you don,t believe that!this government has shown in the shortest of time that they not only want to get involved,but they want take control.as an example are you saying that they don,t want to get involved in the normally none political census,they just want acorn to run it?

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

When did everyone in this country become so nit picky?
Everyday it’s the same negativity over and over again.
When do we start doing right by the people? All this bickering and the majority of us just keep getting screwed, weather it’s higher fuel costs, or interest rates, or healthcare, (or lack of), astronomical RX prices, falling house prices, working longer hours, holidays taken away, unemployment, crumbling roads and bridges, who’s religion is better then others, who can be allowed to marry, it goes on and on, and yet all we do is sit around and blame the other guy.

The people in this country need to grow up!

Posted by JK – LI NY | Report as abusive

Brian, as usual with your comments there is always a one liner that demonstrates your complete lack of understanding of what we are discussing. Government is not attempting to take over healthcare. You really need to put down your Frank Luntz playbook and pay attention.
What part of “public option” is so confusing to you? If you like paying exorbitant premiums that rise 15% per year for coverage that pays 80% of your costs (if they don’t deny coverage) after your deductible, by all means keep it. It’s still your choice. Just let other people choose between private, for profit plans and the non-profit plan that your elected officials enjoy.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

getplaning. As usual, you are not a forward thinker. The fact of the matter is, it is a government takeover of health care. It will require all of us to pay for it regardless of whether or not you are in the government plan or not. The government will make your health care choices for you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need the government telling me what is good for me and what isn’t. I don’t need to have a babysitter. Apparently the majority agree with me.

But anyone who thinks the current drive for health care isn’t about a power grab and that eventually we will all be on the program is all washed up. In addition, the private health plans will also be regulated so the government will, from the start, control health care there too.

The private sector has always done better than government. No matter what, we still have the best health care in the world. No one is turned away and people from other countries come here for the things their own country won’t provide in their government health care programs, not the other way around.

Government cannot and will not improve health care in this country. Also, I know I don’t want to pay for you to have health care. The majority of Americans agree with me. They want less government and lower taxes.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

TC, scroll back and read Steve’s post, and follow his link to Pollingreport. The majority of Americans don’t agree with you. End of story.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

getplaning what is encouraging to me, people are going to find out first hand the reality of socialism,and as the free, cost nothing promises fail to materialize every thing will click into place and the system will be rejected.why am i so adamantly against the obama experiment?because i was a card holding socialist,plus an elected representative.i was foolish to give myself the title of a compassionate politician,what changed?i had what you are going to receive one day a reality check.unemployment is going to take your lot down.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Just look at the current Rasmussen polls to see that Americans do agree with me. Now, end of story.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Looks like the American people don’t agree with TC after all. Today’s New York Times/CBS News poll puts President Obama’s approval rating at 58%, but his handling of health care at 46%. Approval of the Democratic Party (47%) remains much higher than that of the Republican Party (28%), and by 30-point margins, respondents prefer Obama to congressional Republicans on economic and health care decisions.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found support for health care reform dropping off considerably, with a plurality calling the current proposal a “bad idea.” Only two in 10 believe the quality of their health care would improve, and twice as many thought it would get worse. But when given the rough details of the reform proposals, 56% of respondents support reform, and a surtax on the wealthy proved to be even more popular.

Today’s Time Magazine poll found that most respondents worried about the consequences of reform, but supportive of “the rough outlines of the health-reform effort as originally described by President Obama,” including support (56%) for a public option.

Gallup, meanwhile, found that Americans generally believe reform would improve the system, but doubt that it would offer benefits for them personally.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Again, look at the current Rasmussen polls and America does not support the current health care legislation.

Obama has a 48 percent approval rating. Also, when you take the strongly approve and the strongly disaprove numbers it is a -11 percent. And the numbers are dropping.

53 percent of the nation does not approve of the current health care proposals by Obama and congress. They handily reject the government solution.

Also, no one is saying health care reforms are not necessary. But the proposals by congress and the president are being rejected by Americans. Mixing apples and oranges which appear to make Americans look to support anything Obama and congress want just plain wrong, by the numbers.

Also, only 23 percent think their health care will improve under any of the current health care proposals. And remember this, 75 percent of Americans like their health care, they like it and know they won’t be able to keep their current plans and that the quality of their health care will go down.

The majority of Americans do not want the health care proposals by Congress or the president. This is a fact and the numbers prove it.

If Americans supported the current health care legislation, it would be a slam dunk and would have been passed by now if the numbers were as strongly for health care as some want to contend. But it isn’t supported and any support it has is dwindling day by day.

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Approval of the Democratic party’s healthcare and economic proposals still exceed the approval of the Republican party’s “delay and kill” strategy by a 30 point margin, even on Rasmussen’s poll. The American people don’t agree with you, TC.

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