The First Draft: China and healthcare

July 27, 2009

Topics of the day today: more healthcare and U.S.-Chinese relations

President Barack Obama speaks at the beginning of a two-day U.S.-Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington, then top Chinese and U.S. officials will work on developing a new framework for U.S.-Chinese relations.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner are among the high-level officials taking part in the meeting. The duo wrote an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal talking about the need for working with China.

HEALTHCARE/GRASSROOTSCongress is still working on healthcare reform, although Obama has eased up on his August deadline for working out a deal. Democratic lawmakers will be working on ironing out differences within their own party. Obama has learned that although both the House and the Senate have big Democratic majorities, that’s not always enough to get legislation passed.

Democratic Senator Kent Conrad, a key player in bipartisan Senate Finance Committee negotiations on healthcare, said on Sunday Senate Democrats don’t have the votes to pass healthcare reform without Republican support and would not predict whether the panel would be able to produce a bill before the August recess.

But Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said he is confident a bill will pass by the end of the year.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Carey Gillam (Healthcare reform supporters rally in Overland Park, Kansas)

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when we talk to china now, it is like talking to the bank manager.the new frame work is,will you keep supporting the dollar as the business currency and will you guarantee to carry on bailing our debt don,t let obama suggest that he is imposing his will on the chinese,like he is trying with is cap and trade with us,but with the chinese it is cap in hand.

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