Media barred from Palin’s post-gubernatorial debut

July 30, 2009

rtr263c1Sarah Palin is expected to make a visit next week to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in California, in what would be her first public appearance outside Alaska since resigning as governor, and the sponsors said on Wednesday the event will be closed to the media.

Palin, the self-described hockey mom turned politician, is slated as “our expected guest” on Aug. 8 for a 50th anniversary gala hosted by the Simi Valley Republican Women, Federated, a nonprofit group of GOP volunteers, according to an e-mail from the group’s president Peggy Sadler. An accompanying notice states bluntly: “No press or other media allowed.”

The group is renting space for the invitation-only event at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, a suburb north of Los Angeles. Tickets for the gala reportedly were going for $100 per person for members and $150 for invited non-members. Up to 900 people were expected to attend. Sadler said the party is “not a fundraising event” and that proceeds would go to pay for the event itself.

“Expected guest” may be the operative phrase since Palin’s personal representatives say she “has not confirmed her attendance at any event” and that the Simi Valley party is “one of hundreds of outstanding invitations” she has received.

If she does appear in Simi Valley on Aug. 8, and nowhere else before then, it would mark Palin’s first venture to the Lower 48 since stepping down as Alaska governor on Sunday, 18 months before her term of office was scheduled to end.

The surprise resignation has sparked intense speculation about Palin’s future ambitions and whether she has hurt or helped any chance she might have of seeking higher office. Palin became a darling of Republican Party conservatives in 2008 when she catapulted to the national spotlight as John McCain’s running mate and the first female GOP nominee for vice president.

In a reminder of her often-testy relations with the media, she took a parting shot at the press during her farewell address in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Sunday, saying: “Democracy depends on you. That’s why our troops are willing to die for you. So how about in honor of the American soldier you quit making things up?”

Photo credit: Reuters/Nathaniel Wilder (Palin delivering farewell address in Fairbanks, Alaska, on July 27)


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Oddly enough, the far left Palin haters have accomplished that which will please them least. They have freed Sarah Palin to go on a full frontal assault. In effect, they have let this “pitbull” off the leash, and negated the Alinsky methods they had been using so effectively.

I doubt she will make a national office run, but I do predict she helps change the balance in the House and Senate by fundraising and endorsement activitie, energizing conservative and independent voters.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

She’s so snarky and whiney about the media – the media should completely ignore her. Give her a dose of the cold shoulder and make her come crawling to them when she needs to promote her “book”. Although the vindictive little liar makes it really, really hard to ignore her with all her soap-opera drama & trailer park shenanigans.

Posted by Mickey | Report as abusive

There is nothing snarky or whiney about this woman. She tells it like it is. The MSM took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work. Like it or not Gov. Palin is gold and that is the name of the beast.

Posted by June | Report as abusive

Go Sarah Go.

No way has any man or woman been subjected to the family bashing that Sarah Palin and her family had to endure from the leftist media.


Posted by Becky | Report as abusive

Mark. Right on!

Mickey. Wow. Such an emotionally charged diatribe. She wins, you lose.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

The only one making thing up about Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin. The woman doesn’t know the truth any more…just her indignation with the media who made her a falling star.
And to use the fighting troops in this way is awful. They are not fighting for her right to lie to us. They are actually not even over there to protect the US. Iraq didn’t do anything to us!

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Want to bet that if there’s no media allowed, she won’t go?

Posted by Michigan mom | Report as abusive

”How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up?”

Yes, she managed to dedicate her quitting to soldiers who cannot quit until their terms are over. And sometimes not even then. Most oblivious public figure ever.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Palin will do well without the liberal media driven hate machine. The majority of Americans are aware of the corruption in the media and no longer pay any attention to it.

Posted by Harold | Report as abusive

Some people are chosen for certain tasks. Sarah Palin stands for everything good and right in this country. Our country has been hijacked and is being furthur dismantled on the fast track to being a third world country. The GOP and the DEMS won’t save it. Maybe her calling is to mobilize our country back to manufacturing, decentness, and santitizing the corrupted minds of Americans who believe gargage funneled to them by the “think tanks.” The media will never ignore her because she will be a spokesperson of millions of Americans who will take their country back. If she writes a book, it will be about values that we are losing and a plan that is understandable to fix it. I trust her. That is more than I can say for most.

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin:

– Sportscaster for KTUU & KTUA TV in Anchorage
– Helped run the commercial family fishing business
– 4 years city-councilwoman
– 6 years Mayor
– 1 year Chairwoman of state Oil and Gas Commission
– 2.5 years as Governor
– Selected to be Vice-Presidential candidate

Devoted wife, Mother of five, including a special-needs child….devout Christian
Gracefully resigned as Governor to protect the state residents from abusive ethics charges filed by Obama/Soros operatives to block her agenda
Japanese Emperor shortly after Pearl Harbor: “We have awakened a sleeping giant…”
Leftists: The days of destroying, denigrating, and laughing at ordinary Americans are over. Your attacks on Palin are having no effect. We are quietly mobilizing and preparing ourselves for combat, and Governor Palin is our leader. We see the shipwreck of the Obama administration and corrupt Congress is doing to our beloved nation. Our principles have withstood the test of time and we will fight to return our nation to its rightful owners. Scouts out! Cavalry ho!

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

The more these stupid Democrats whine, the better it gets.

Posted by katiewithroses | Report as abusive

Lefties do not get common sense, free enterprise, rugged individualism, nor minimal government. Theirs are Harvard nonsense, government ownership, collectivism and big government. Let the last smarmy Obama Liberal take the hammer and sickle with her.

Posted by Neville Jiner | Report as abusive

Gov. Palin should exclude the liberal MSM and focus on the enormous alternative media that McCain ignored completely. She could give them a boost while rallying people who actually agree with her.

Posted by philly | Report as abusive

From June’s post: “The MSM took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work.” June is suffering from magical thinking. NOBODY can turn an economy around in less than a year. Our economy is in a horrific mess NOW because BUSH and other REPUBLICANS where in charge the past eight years.
The economy was already tanking BEFORE Obama became president.

Posted by fm | Report as abusive

I agree, let’s see how she does without the media (or “liberal hate machine,” whatever the snarky or whiney phrase of the day is).

She “tells it like it is,” does she, June? It must be deluded, then. Her prevarications are transparent. I think what you mean to say is she talks like one of you (incoherent babbling about gold and the name of the beast), and you want someone like that representing you.

Me – I want someone smarter than myself who doesn’t belong on Jerry Springer to be my representative. Someone who doesn’t abandon their constituency, and has leadership qualities, not just the ability to rile up a crowd.

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

She was described as a “whack job” by people in the McCain campaign. What is wrong with you that you believe a word she says? The McCain people are on the RIGHT, for crying out loud! He wouldn’t say he was going to support her. Wake up or get off the drugs.

Posted by anonymoose | Report as abusive

The media is scared of Mrs Palin because she resonates with the American public as true and honest. One more quality she has is that she is a true conservative. She is a threat to the liberal chock hold on Washington and the press must destroy her!

Posted by JoeCollins | Report as abusive

I can tell you the state of Alaska is breathing a sigh of relief this lunatic is free to roam elsewhere.

What a disappointment that so many choose to follow such a dysfunctional, illiterate woman. Most of the people at her goodbye tour in Alaska were tourists.

Posted by joanne in AK | Report as abusive

Kim, go hug your church and please keep it out of our government. Okay

Our country has been hijacked? LOL, what the H do you call the last 8 yrs.

Posted by Pem | Report as abusive

Having blind faith in any politician is exactly what landed americans in this predicament. Having faith in an individual such as Sarah Palin is what will make you us a third world country. I am not saying that Obama is all glittery and gold but don’t forget that the free market theories supposedly championed by GOP are the root cause of our situation. The foundation of the subprime crisis was laid down in the year 2000 under George Bush’s watch. Do you know why? The answer is that he was ignorant. Something that took 8 years to materialize will not go away in 8 months. However, if instead of fighting we work together and innovate we can come out of this situation. So quite eating donoughts and start churning your mind factories. The only way out of this mess is to do what Americans are best at and that is innovate. Innovation is what made you what you are today and to innovation is what you should return to. So stop seeking a savior in Obama or least of all papas Palin. You are the one who can help you come out of this. So stop whining and think what we can do next.

Posted by Contributor | Report as abusive

This idiot woman now quits on her constituents and yet people still find something to admire about her. Perhaps you all exhibit the same traits as she: lack of accountability, blaming others for your miscues, using innocent children as props. I could go on, but why bother?

The bottom line is she did not have the aptitude or personality to compete in national politics. She’ll do much better as a speaker where she can drop her bombs and then retreat, with nothing else expected from her.

Posted by Another Michigan Mom | Report as abusive

Speaking as an Alaskan, I am just glad she is *GONE*. Let the lower-48 right-wing have her… she will have a marvelous career preaching to the choir and telling hard-core conservatives things they want to hear. Hopefully Governor Parnell will tend to the needs of Alaskans instead of being a professional victim like predecessor and desperately trying to draw out fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of doing the job that granted that fame in the first place. The beltway can have their head cheerleader, we get a Governor again.

Posted by Motorsheep | Report as abusive

I see there are polls coming out right left and centre. And the reporting on them from the MSM desperately tries to picture Palin as “fading” or “Plummeting.” Yet the fact they are even taking polls with questions like “Would you vote for Sarah Palin” speaks volumes about her presence on the National scene. She’s supposed to be finished – over – a nobody. THE CAN”T STOP TALKING ABOUT HER!

Posted by CliffNZ | Report as abusive

thanks getplaning it seems in your posting you are endorsing her son?it must be only the girls in the family that are subject to liberal abuse.yes i think there have been times when she should have stepped back,one occasion was when letterman was debasing her daughter,the right action would have been for her husband to ask meet him in the car park out side the studio and see if the louse had the back bone to back up his words.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Expect to see a lot of Sarah Palin in the lower 48 over the next couple of years. Those standing in her way won’t even be speedbumps in her path, they’ll be roadkill on the Sarah Palin Highway to DC, sceduled for completion Nov 2012.

Posted by greg | Report as abusive

Yes I betcha you are wrong.
Most republicans said they DIDN’T want Palin anywhere close to their champaign ever. However, their opponents welcome her to com on down for the republicans.

Posted by exile | Report as abusive

I’m hoping that Sarah Palin can give this President some pointers. He actually thinks if you throw money at something that it will fix everything. And Americans actually voted for this guy.

Posted by Mert | Report as abusive

If she can’t handle the media reporting on her family and joking about them while she was governor, how in the world would she handle it if she became President?

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

I am sure Greta and the crew from Faux News will be there.

Posted by KO | Report as abusive

I am more and more disappointed in the people of this country. The only “value” we ought to care about in our politicians is their ability to understand rational thought for the sole purpose of conveying the truth and serving the public. Unfortunately, that would leave out 99.9% of republicans. I left the republican party years ago after watching many hours of CSPAN each week. That party is utterly incapable of any kind of intelligent discussion and it is horrifyingly embarrassing. Before you think I’m a leftie, think again. I’m neither. While Democrats in office tend to be able to speak in complete sentences and are generally far more intelligent than today’s republicans, the Democrats lack spine. Both are embarrassing. Sarah Palin needs to give it up and get a real job doing something that actually contributes to the GNP. How about Starbucks? She’s a fabulous people person.

Posted by Michele | Report as abusive

She is a hot mess. She will do little to change the balance of power in government or elsewhere. She has a fan base that is, fortunately for America, not large enough to get her elected. Her party is shrinking. At best, she will turn into another Rush Limbaugh spewing hate and inciting violence. She does the potential to become another Hitler, but on a smaller scale – just the extreme right wingnuts in America.

Posted by tina | Report as abusive


You are one of the very sheep who is “the corrupted minds of Americans who believe gargage [Sic] funneled to them,” but your certainly not getting anything from the “think tanks”. Unfortunately, you’re getting your “garbage” from the undereducated and ignorant bunch such as Sarah Palin.

Posted by kim | Report as abusive

“The MSM took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work.”

Really? Really? You honestly think Palin has a higher IQ — has more brains — than Obama? That blows my mind.

Posted by Nate | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin trotted her special needs family out to the nation and tried to stick them in our eye, and then blamed the main stream media because we did not like her. The only msm mistake is not ignoring her past her 15 minutes…Oh, and given the fact that she calls more press conferences than anyone else who is flaming out, she sure dose belie her disdain. Plain is the Alaskan version of Representative Bachmann; same lame brain, different state.

Posted by beverly | Report as abusive

Governor Palin’s enemies have shot their bolt. There is not much more they can say that has not already been said, aided and abetted by a media edifice, which is fast losing all credibility. Her moment will come when miilions of decent Democrats begin to realize that their Party has been hijacked by repulsive radiacal thugs. Witness then the rise of the Palin Democrat.

Posted by Gene Carr | Report as abusive

You know, the hatred that some people have for this woman (who is now a private citizen, by the way) is so far off the charts that the only possible response for the rest of us is to laugh. She’s one of the most honest and conscientious politicians out there, somebody who actually made it a point to resign because the endless frivolous ethics complaints against her (for things like wearing a jacket with a corporate logo on it at some sporting event) were costing Alaska huge amounts of time and money and preventing her from getting anything done — yet some people are trying to pass her off as a dirty crook. Some people just have to have somebody to hate, I suppose.

But if the news people hate her as much as they clearly do, then why exactly should she invite them to any event at all? Let them follow along afterward and figure out what happened at the event without her help. She has no obligation to them. Screw them.

Posted by Aitch748 | Report as abusive

Stop making things up?
You mean like weapons of mass destruction, Sarah?
The troops are dieing because of that Republican lie.

Posted by dallasmike | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is old news…she has exited stage right…good riddance.

Posted by Keith Grimes | Report as abusive

”How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up?”

The media reports what she provides — which is what “she makes up”. That’s an admission on her part of her habitual lies, so many so, she can’t remember them all and therefore blames the media for making the stuff up.

Palin should learn about the First Amendment before continuing to spew it as she does as we the military are tired of her attempt to connect dots as she does. She is more disrespectful of the military by the way she uses and abuses us in her speeches than anything she accuses the media of doing to us.

Seems the Military Representative got through to her as she finally quit calling us ‘Warriors’.

Appears her ‘personal representative’ continues to operate in a childish way by “not confirmed” attendance. Palin will have to learn, to continue to play this game, she’ll find empty venues as people won’t buy tickets for a will she or won’t she.

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

The mean ol’ “librul” media!!

I guess you can look at HP today and see all the “positive” unbiased press Obama is receiving about his Healthcare initiative.
Palin is ridiculous. She came in the door “ridiculing” Obama and dragging her kids across the stage (tric, trap, hip, hap who knows what their names are) to gain the VP slot.
How many politicians children names do you know? Because they don’t drag them out and parade them around for personal gain.

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

One thing Palin supporters will finally have to realize is “she’s not that bright”. She’s not going to put Republicans back in power.
She’s going to use her influence to “make money” for herself first and then the Republican Party.
She’s doesn’t get along with people. She’s doesn’t bring real significant ideas to the party. “Protect our freedoms, small government, government largess, secure the borders, etc.) Never heard her say one word about how she plans to accomplish anything. Just running around talking about “Real Americans and Real Patriots”.
I give her one year before her most dedicated supporters “finally” realize they’ve been duped.

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

Firtly, Hillary Clinton got treated even worse than Palin, so please try and remember history. Secondly, there is nothing intelligent about Palin and how she speaks. It worries me that so many Americans think so…it reflects overall American intelligence, or lack thereof, which is worrying for a selfnamed ‘greatest nation on earth’ oft quoted by people sans passport! And to blame Obama for the job losses and the economy is simply outrageous. He did inherit these problems you know, an entire world economy doesn’t collapse in six months. It has all been heading this way for years because of YOUR country’s irresponsible financial attitude. And the fact that we, in the third world, have to suffer for your greed does not allow us to share your insistance that you are the ‘greatest nation on earth’. how do you judge a great nation anyway? Greed? Material goods? Extremism in religion? (in which case you can sit next to Iran on that pedestal) Power? (you use it so wisely) Silly. For the rest of the world Obama is looking so much better than any Bush/Cheney/Palin idiots you have insulted us with all these years. If America stood alone then who you chose to run your country is your business, but becaues we are all affected by your choices, we just want to say please, think of the rest of the world, we do NOT want an ignorant rabbid Palin to deal with. Brrrr…sends chills down my spine.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is nothing but a COWARD and QUITTER.

Posted by brenda | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is the least accomplished politician to ever appear on the national stage. She is inarticulate and lacking in social graces. I do not understand the fascination with her. I hopes she fades into obscurity.

Posted by Micaroni715 | Report as abusive

How anyone can stand behind Sarah palin and her so called values is beyond me. This woman totes herself around as the self proclaimed messiah of patriotism when she stands against all the things this country is about. She has no dignity, she’s a terrible mother, she constantly contradicts herself and her values, she couldn’t find a complete thought with a flashlight, and NOW she’s a freakin quitter. She claims to hate the media but they are the reason anyone even knows who the hell she is. She’s a whiny, self centered brat who will crush people to get her way. She did it with walt monnegan, John McCain, the population of Alaska, her kids, the honor of our troops and now she will tree forward to wreack havock in god knows what ways. The thought of an america that has Sarah palin in any type of powerful or even influential role is a scary thought to me. It would be like handing over a grenade to an eppileptic toddler. I should know, she unfortunately was governor of my state for more than half a term.

Posted by DP | Report as abusive

The fringe right, are always blaming the “biased” media. Where was the outrage when the Republican administration and senate, pushed us into a war over LIES? When they planted, pentagon people in the media, to push this war? When Bush sold our economic soul to the higest bidder, overseas, for his CEO buddies?? And now Obama has to try ot CLEAN up this huge mess the REPUBLICANS left us, I might add! No trumped up GOP outrage then? But when Palin, time and time again embarresses herself, with her lack of knowledge on any POLICIES, domestic or foreign, She can’t speak proper English, and makes no sense in her ramblings….SHE whines that the media gives her “gotcha” questions. and the GOP base follows right along.
She is now trying the “I won’t play the usual politics game.” Well, is it “normal to resign from a job you were elcted to, claiming “lame duck”, when she was not a “lame duck”. She could’ve ran for another term, or moved on then. “Lame duck” is when a person is elected AGAIN, and their is a term limit, like the 4 years of BUSH. HE was a lame duck, she is just a QUACKING QUITTER!
She LIES, time and time again, and expects everyone to believe her. “Follow along people, it’s Palin!”
She has become entertainment to people who have a brain cell!

Posted by connie | Report as abusive

“Sarah Palin stands for everything good and right in this country.”

Incredible. You’ve obviously chosen to ignore the overwhelming number of reports that have come out of Alaska over the last year or so, ones that clearly show Palin to be a liar, an egomaniac, and a simple-minded fool.

For me, the final straw was when I heard how easily she was duped by the two DJs from Montreal, the ones pretending to call on behalf of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. She and her staff were so easily fooled, and she giggled like a school girl, thinking she was speaking with a world leader. Can you imagine her negotiating with other world leaders? We would have been the laughing stock of the planet.

Blaming Sarah’s failings on the liberal media is a convenient scapegoat. All one needs to do is listen to her speaking directly–without any pundits or reporters interpreting, filtering, or cutting and pasting what she says–and any reasonable, objective person quickly sees her numerous shortcomings.

To think that she could have been a heartbeat away from the nuclear codes absolutely astounds me. Anyone who defends her immediately reveals their frightening lack of critical thinking abilities. Thus, I ignore such replies and won’t engage in debates with simpletons.

Posted by Pat | Report as abusive

In response to Mickey, what would make you think the State run media would EVER promote her book. You are the snarky one.

Posted by KansasGirl | Report as abusive

Let her have all of the press spotlight she wants. She can’t form two sentences consecutively, the more time she spends in the limelight is more time that she proves she’s not qualified. She quit as governor of the smallest state in the union and one of the few with no serious revenue issues. If she can’t handle that how will she handle the country? The country doesn’t need any more bible thumping, holier than thow book burners running around trying to convince people that banning abortions will solve ALL of our problems.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Kim, you are not serious? She just walked out of a job for which she was elected. She is a quitter. She was ‘chosen’ by the people of Alaska and she walked. Palin is a joke whose ‘elevation’ to running mate made the GOP look opportunistic at best and foolish at least. Look at the damage her every appearance does to the party. Where do you get this idea that millions of Americans support her. She walked away from the thousands who voted for her.

Posted by STEPHEN HATTON | Report as abusive

Anyone with any brain can see that Palin is simply a golddigger. Right-wingers like her because she advances their agenda without thinking about what she is saying. Much of the media’s coverage of her has been through video tape of what she says, which is simply babble. And yet she still blames the media. And people here defend her because they are white and dumb and fearful of losing the priviledge that gives them the only advantage they have.

Posted by Zap | Report as abusive

Kim is typical of those on the right who think the country has been “hijacked”.
Where were you people when Bush was running up record deficits? When he was caving into the insurance and pharma lobbyists? Or starting and lying about a war that had nothing to do with our national security? Yes folks even Bush himself has said that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Oh, and that record deficit Bush ran up does not include the funding for Iraq, that’s extra. Where was the outrage when Bush gutted the clean air and water acts and handcuffed the EPA?
Now we have a president with a different approach to things and because Rush, Bill O and Glenn have cranked up the fear machine everybody on the right is outraged.
Well good, now you know how I felt for eight years.
Oh and Palin, she may be able to rally some of the GOP base but beyond that she won’t go anywhere. She’s like that cheerleader from high school who never got over that she was a cheerleader and accomplished very little after that.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

What Palin represents is the victory of catchphrases over thinking and small-mindedness over what used to be the ideal of America. She is an embarrassment and a frightening force in the political landscape. When did being glib, moralistic, and gun toting become the main things we look for in a leader?

The press did what they should do with people of her ilk – simply expose them for what they are. The most damaging revelations about Palin have been simply her own words.

I would add that, for all her whining about how her family was treated, SHE was the one who chose to expose her pregnant daughter to the limelight by running for office in the first place. And SHE was not shy about implying nasty things about Obama … inflaming her base with racially tinged rhetoric.

The best I can think of her is that she is naive and not very smart. But I actually see her as ruthlessly ambitions and willing to do just about anything in her pursuit of the power and fame that she tasted during the presidential campaign.

God has nothing to do with Sarah Palin and her rise IMHO. If there is any powerful agent involved, there’s no holiness about it.

Posted by JordanCornblog | Report as abusive

That woman is a moron to the nth degree. She has proven to being ignorant beyond belief (as her followers are as well)and has zero capacity to grasp the major issues that face our country.

“you betcha!”

Posted by John | Report as abusive

The person who feels the man from Illinois has no brains is certainly reflecting on his/her self. There is no comparison to be made between our current President: Barack Obama and ex-Governor Palin. There is however a truth we all should recognize and be honest about. The president did not create our current economic disaster but between he and the Republican candidate, he offered the best solution – the American people elected him to the office. We need to stop whining and applying false blame when could role up our sleeves and begin to rebuild our country. We could help regardless who we’ve chosen to support. The Media has done nothing to Sarah Palin – her cry of foul play is just that a “foul”. Look honestly at what she has offered the people of Alaska? Look honestly at her family situation – she can’t claim to be righteous, truthful and honourable
then comport herself (her family the same) differently – speak untruth about competing politicians then cry “wounded victim” when she’s called out and rebutted, nor can she claim to have been set up by the Press because SHE couldn’t answer questions. Americans are not incapable of seeing through her narcissism and uninformed talks/assertions. You may like her, but does that mean you need to keep the blindfold on. Whatever happen to “if its good for the geese, its good for the gander”. She’ll make a lot of money now, let’s see if she’ll come up with solutions to restore jobs and help you earn as well.

Posted by clara m. | Report as abusive

I WISH SARAH WELL ! I JUST DON’T WANT HER NEAR NATIONAL OFFICE AS ANYTHING ! The woman is a complete disaster brain-wise, and John McCain’s staff found that out during the campaign when they began to say, they believed, “she was suffering from “Post Partum Depression”

So, the press won’t be allowed in the hear another one of her rambling speeches, for the late-night TV hosts to pick up on, NO BIG DEAL ! Believe me, Sarah will make a point to get to someone’s microphone anyway to give us all a blast. The GOP/Conservatives should know by now, she cannot and will not, be kept under wraps !

Posted by Geri | Report as abusive

The media doesn’t have a liberal bias. That’s the dumbest lie that anyone has ever fallen for. The media is sensationalist. And lazy. That’s it. They want the biggest story, fastest, whether it’s true or not.

I decided Palin was an idiot watching her debut speech at the GOP convention. She proved that she was an arrogant, mindless troglodyte. I had yet to hear or read any analysis of her. That was purely my own view.

I liked John McCain. But to put an irreverent cry-baby one heartbeat from the whitehouse would have been irresponsible. And now we see that she’s a quitter.

Posted by Ben Firth | Report as abusive

Sarah, always making a fuss but never getting much done. She doesn’t represent decent or plain talking folk. Her story is as old as the carpetbaggers who sold snake oil and called it medicine. The feeble minded bought the snake oil and wondered why they were still sick. Carpetbaggers lined their pockets. She is a true believer in the American way.

Posted by Willie from Wasilla | Report as abusive

The woman is a train wreck of low brow intellect. She has neither the brain nor the guts to succeed at any hard job. She quits at everything (how many colleges did she bounce around in?) when it becomes difficult. She’d better start looking for a host position on Fox “News” since only an audience of complete morons would believe this creature has anything useful to add to our country.

Posted by baal | Report as abusive

Jane –

I find it ignorant of you to claim that Obama has no brains! He is obviously so much smarter than the average politician and way smarter than you! This is after we had George Bush who was very intelligent as the whole world knows (and laughs). Such an inspiration he was – AND he wasn’t even legitimate. You might want to think up another distortion about our current President – brains? YES. citizen of the US? YES. cool? YES. eloquent? Absolutely!
Now for Palin….brains? HMMMM. US citizen? Yes but likes the party that promotes Alaska seceeding from the US. cool? if you like 50’s style prom queens. eloquent? can’t string a sensible sentence together. She’s pathetic and is the one who keeps her family in the news…..parading them constantly. Interviews with her unwed mother daughter on national tv…cover of People Mag and others. Who is the one that exploited her family? If she had kept them behind the scenes – they would’ve stayed there. Obama was the first one to say her family was off limits. Give some credit where credit is due all you ignorant folks.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is a liar and a quitter.
She is not the product of the liberal media, she is the only hope of a republican party that ruined this country after 8 years of Bush.
Sarah Palin has no ethics, no experience and when the going got tough, she quit.
She is an empty headed ditz. She gives speeches that are devoid of any sense. She invokes the troops and puts down the ‘liberal” media. That’s about all she can do.
She could have /should have accomplished a lot in her short time in Alaska. She had a republican led legislature and a high rating.
She managed to do nothing with her term except sign a pipeline deal that Alaskan’s are now realizing will never be built.
She has shown me no values that I would like to emulate.
I don’t lie, I am ethical and I don’t quit.
And I pay my own bills, I don’t solicit money from others.

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is the light at the end of the tunnel. She says it like it is, unafraid to be a rebel and stand for what she believes is right…she has beliefs closer to the majority of Americans and has the courage to stand and live by them. I hope she seeks higher office, someday, we need a real hero again. She is not stupid, as the media would have you believe. They have put their man in office, and what a disaster that is for America. I hope we can survive 4 years of this one-term president.

Posted by Betty | Report as abusive

I can’t believe someone would say that Obama created the joblessness. Look at facts, the country was already dug down deep into the ground, thanks to Bush and the Republicans. Obama has only been in office for 6-months, have you noticed your balance sheet lately. It has moved upward for a change. Palin represents hate…, intolerance, and stupidy. She’s not dumb, just an IDIOT. 70% of Republicans would would for her for President. The vast majority of independents and of course Democrats. Wouldn’t. Thank God for Independents and their independent thinking! An Independent THINKER!

Posted by Rod | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin seems to live in some sort of alternative reality where it is ok to say one thing and live another. The right wing enabling media machine is the perfect place for her to exist because they are afraid to call her on her lies lest they be accused of being liberal leaning, which is absurd. What exactly has been made up about her? That she doesn’t have a high school student’s understanding of what foreign policy is? That her cute, folksy sound bites betray a lack of actual knowledge? People on the far left don’t hate Sarah Palin and neither does the media. People on the far left simply feel she is far too incompetent to run the country and every time she opens her mouth to the media she proves it.

Posted by Vermont | Report as abusive

Palin is a demagogue is only interested in herself. Anyone who buys her Sarah(TM) brand has an ugly heart and is seeking easy answers to complex questions. Sarah(TM) lovers have become a cult, and are dangerous to themselves and others.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

This is good for both ends, Democrat party liners can still complain about her not being exposed to the people, Republican party liners can still continue this false “Palin vs the Media” saga.

Luckily the majority of Americans are starting to learn that Palin and Obama are status quo politicians. With Palin’s absolute refusal to return one red cent of the bridge to nowhere funds and Obama’s escalated warmongering and nationbuilding in Afghanistan/Pakistan, the truth is coming out and those of you on this particular blog I have faith will come around eventually. No matter how deep your party-biases are.

Ron Paul 2012, it’ll be our last chance.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

Banning the media is one way of exonerating her from any responsability for her non-sensical utterances. No questions…no reporting.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin has been nothing but an embarrassment to any thinking republican and most all true independents. I am thinking of donating to her eventual campaign because she does more to split the conservatives (by IQ mostly) than any tactic the Dems could ever come up with. She, Bachmann, and some of the crazy conservative media types are the gifts that keep on giving. Obama will need the extra time to try and get us out of the GOP dug ditch and that may mean ditching some blue dogs.

Posted by Barbara Young | Report as abusive

Ms. Palin is neither saint nor devil. But she isn’t very articulate, and many facts the would inform a national leader’s policies prove to be either annoying inconveniences or beyond comprehension to her. I don’t wish the woman ill but national politics is a rough world – ask the people who Swift Boated John Kerry.

Posted by Mark Nolan | Report as abusive

The foregoing comments are amazing…and I quote from Kim, “mobilize back to..decentness(?), and santitizing the corrupted minds”..WOW!! kim it appears is a supporter of Palin. sounds more like USSR before Reagan took the wall down.

What in God’s name are you people thinking? Please, the woman you are following can’t string one thought into 2 sentences and you think she’s the “prohpet” comeing to save you from what?

Palin is an oportunist who knows that you lemmings will take the bait for “it’s about country” and run with it.

My mind will not be sanitized by anyone, much less Palin and the wing nuts in this world.

Posted by jerry | Report as abusive

When will you haters realize that this treatment of Palin has to stop?! And the liberal media unfairly making fun of her with her own words used against her.
Politics has been run too long by “people who know what they are doing” its time we had a leader who has strong values unwavering despite the scorn and has the experience to turn this country around, who won’t step down who won’t quit… OW!, how do you guys think like this? My brain hurts. It’s like looking at the sun and calling it the moon to say anything even remotely positive about her role in politics. Now I’m going to be called a liberal, well, that’s just great. The nuts have been kicking out all the intelligent talent out of the right for a while… now they’re wondering why they are failing so badly?

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

Mark wrote: “the far left Palin haters”

You are delusional. Palin has a very low “likability” rating that extends into the center-left, the middle, and even the Republican/conservative ranks. Yes, believe it or not there are some conservatives who prefer their politicians to be intelligent, educated, culturally literate, and able to finish a 4-year term they campaigned for.

Posted by Music Lover | Report as abusive

” the media should completely ignore her. Give her a dose of the cold shoulder – Posted by Mickey ”

I agree, give her just what she’s asking for……..complete media silence !

Posted by M David | Report as abusive

Lincoln’s Party seems to think that a nation divided against itself will put them back in power.

Instead of galvanizing angry white voters, Republicans should be finding common ground with their opponents across the aisle.

That’s not going to happen with Sarah at the wheel.

Posted by mark53 | Report as abusive

This woman is a world-class hypocrite and more. She constantly dragged her kids to media events during the campaign, then complained that the coverage wasn’t exactly what she would have liked. Who brings a newborn to situations where there are crowds, bright lights and noise? Their nervous systems can’t handle it. Answer: A Narcisscist.

Posted by Diane Gordon | Report as abusive

The Qwitter on Twitter.
She quit 4 colleges before finally completing the 5th.
She quit the city council.
She quit as mayor.
She quit the Resource Board.
She quit as Governor.
She quit her business somewhere in there (the snowmachine business)

But she won’t quit whining.

Posted by MintVagoo | Report as abusive

Trying to marginalize anyone who sees Palin as less than serious by throwing out the names does not take into account the woman is a symbol for people wanting to blame just about anything on a electoral loss. Find a different symbol, this one has not shown she can (or will) answer simple questions from the “dreaded MSM”. I do not agree with her politics but would prefer someone who could advance the national dialogue with facts and not fearmongering and hate.

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

Have you ever known anyone who was so head-over-heels in love with someone that the object of their affection could do no wrong (despite ample evidence to the contrary)?

That’s what the left doesn’t get — no “objective” argument is going to convince Sarah-lovers that she’s a fraud. Nope — all those “facts” are going to do is prove that there the media (and reality, for that matter) have an anti-Sarah bias.

Just like every additional piece of evidence that the President is a natural-born citizen is further proof of a conspiracy.

Good, bad, or in-between, Sarah Palin is a phenomenon of our times.

So is President Obama.

I am unbelievably thankful that, at least for now, reason appears to have the upper hand.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

It’s so funny to hear right-wingers talk about the “liberal hate machine”–they wouldn’t know truth if it jumped up and bit their pinheads off, lol. Palins’ no pitbull–she’s more of a yapper. You guys keep her though–she is doing wonderful things for your party!

Posted by Holycow | Report as abusive

You people who think the mainstream media are responsible for making this lunatic look bad are clueless. Have you not watched the interviews in which she demonstrated zero knowledge of very basic, and very critical, policy issues? Do you think that Katie Couric and other journalists put those incoherent words in her mouth?

Face it, she’s way, way out of her league as a politician of any sort. And that’s the reason why she quit. And as for those that say she’s now free to lead a GOP resurgence I say, bring it on! Totally laughable. The GOP is in the tank BECAUSE of polarizing, religious zealots like Palin. She’ll energize the base alright. But the base is older, smaller and less important every single year. I hope she stays in the limelight because it will ensure continued democrate control.

Posted by LetsGetReal | Report as abusive

There is no way this is remotely legal. Once again Palin displays her monumental ignorance of the way things work. The Reagan Library is a public, government-funded institution. My tax dollars pay for that venue. Reporters or ordinary citizens simply cannot be excluded from attnending an event staged there. If she claims it is a private function, she should be made aware that Federal buildings cannot be used for private functions.

Rent a hotel ballroom if you want to exclude people, Palin.

Posted by C. Reaves | Report as abusive

People want to call Obama stupid? Palin is epic in her stpidity. She would not be able to fix anything. She ruins anything she gets involved in.

Posted by Ardethbay | Report as abusive

Palin is only interested in her own celebrity. She can’t really manage a well-constructed speech. Have those of you who support her actually listened to, or read, her speeches since she no longer has Republican speech writers to prepare speeces for her? They are mostly rambling, and in some cases, incoherent stream-of-consciousness phrases. She has been shown to be vindictive, as is certainly the case with Levi Johnston, whom she fawned over at the Republican convention, but then trashed when they no longer needed him to marry Bristol. There is very little decent about this woman. She sends her unwed mother daughter out to supposedly promote abstinence while shilling for Candies, which promotes provocative clothing for pre-teens.

Posted by Joyce | Report as abusive

Who wants to listen to a quitter? The lady couldn’t even finish her job.

She also can’t speak or write in complete sentences.

And she’s such a hypocrite, complaining about the media, and I betcha she’s going to join them. Radio show or TV.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Seriously June. You cant be that much of an idiot. Its Obama’s fault that unemployment is high? Really? Are you forgetting what he inherited from the previous corrupt government. He has tried to make the best of a bad inherited situation.

Also the fact that you think Sarah Palin makes sense says a lot abt you.

And to all you media bashers, if the media is so bad, turn the tv off, dont read the newspapers and surely dont comment on the REUTERS page. You cant condemn it and then use it. Go back to being ignorant Americans just like your Sarah Palin. Maybe you can all move to Alaska and bond with your Russian friends.

Posted by Yaa | Report as abusive

freed her to go “on a full frontal assault?” Palin will last, at the outside, six months. Probably no more than three. The woman will soon be faced by people wanting to hear something fresh and, hopefully, coherent. Maybe with a little meaning thrown in. But she will soon tire of hearing that her stumpt speech has worn out, that she has no ideas of her own and she doesn’t understand those of others and that, frankly, she’s boring.

then she’ll quit.

Posted by Howard | Report as abusive

I love politics. We are such a polarized country right now that it is ridiculous. IF you are a Dem then Sarah Palin the the devil and Obama is the Saviour – if you are a Repub then Palin is the Saviour and Obama is the devil… There is little in between…

The fact remains that Sarah will be a player on the national stage whether or not the Dems or Repubs like it. Why – because she can draw viewers and generate advertising revenues for the media. Love her or like her – she is here to stay.

Now I do think its funny how there are polar opposite opinions of her – I can bet my life that those who support her and decry liberal media likely enjoy Fox News for the new souce. Those who despise her likely look to CNN for there news… Wake up people – both sides of the political spectrum own the media – not just the liberal or just the conservative – but both. Its all a game and until you realize that you will continue to have the wool pulled over your eyes by the side that you are more likely to side with.

All politicians need to go – including Sarah… Lets start new with people who are not looking to better themselves only (very very very few politicians are in the game for the greater good)… And while we are at it – get rid of all the corrupt lobbies that own our government on both sides of the aisle.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Sarah makes the White House’s “Bo” look like a genius.

Posted by greybees | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is not educated or curious enough about the
world to be talking politics. She has $$$$ signs in her
eyes. She is nothing but an opportunist and a lier!
Shes a sad ridiculous mess.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin go home and stay home!!! We don’t need you,
you are not educated enough to speak about anything. How
you ever became Governor let alone Mayor is astonishing!

Posted by Larry | Report as abusive

Thats right!!! If the media is not here, Sarah Palin
won’t be there. She needs the media, so lets boycott her. Shes mad because the media speaks the trugh about her and she can’t take it!

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Way to STICK IT to the State Run Media!

Posted by Harpo | Report as abusive

For me as a progressive, those wanting to see Sarah Palin lead the GOP in 2012 hopefully get their wish. Unfortunately she would only win a dozen states at best which would trigger to continue the republican party’s dismal electoral performance in congressional races.

I think Palin jumped ship as the Governess to make money pure and simple, and will surely split what is left of the republican party into the hard core right versus the Milquetoast moderate wing of the GOP.

Posted by AtoZ | Report as abusive

you ever notice the tendency to want something MORE when someone tells you can’t have it…mickey? and just a simple search on google will show that Sarah left the Governorship in good hands, both in terms of competence and position to be elected in the future as incumbents…

Posted by NDanielson | Report as abusive

Obama took 75 of the 100 most educated counties in the US in the last election. McCain to 88 of the 100 least educated counties in the US. If Palin is at the top of the GOP ticket in 2012, I’m fairly confident that least educated counties number will reach a full 100. The GOP is quickly becoming a non-relevant entity in this country. I shudder to think how many deaths will occur in the US and around the globe if she actually succeeds if she runs…but hopefully we have enough intelligent people here to prevent that.

Posted by gr8fulted | Report as abusive

To quote Sarah ” I believe that it should be a consideration of my beliefs that, of course you betcha, sometimes it can be possible to infringe on those things that are not visible but invisible to oneself.” “In continuation there are times when thoughts of valuable things such as diamonds are valid.” Brilliant Sarah, just brilliant! I will miss your incoherent rants. GOP love incoherent rants. Bush gave us 8 years of it and the GOP wanted a female to continue the rants.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

there is a person out there keeping track of what the newsmedia’s name calling bashing on Palin. The last I heard it was over 10 pages double typed. Obviously they are quite frightened by her and her possible power of doing the “right” things for the USA. I suspect it starts in Chicago, etc.

Posted by beverly | Report as abusive

I wouldnt be to sure she is going to show up. Its what she does best.

Posted by bay | Report as abusive

I can not believe how dumb people are. To think that they think Palin is a viable candidate for president is totally outrageous. From the moment I heard her speak I knew she was out of her league for federal office. The audacity of her thinking she was qualified to be a heart beat away from the presidency is what made me angry at her and McCain.

Posted by Javier E. Bocanegra | Report as abusive

Simple minded people think a C student makes for a great leader. My question to Sarah is simple. I know you believe in God but do you believe in Satan? Here is what I think her response would be. Of course I believe Satan, is all about evil. Evil does this and evil does that and Satan is the main reason for this evil. So if a plane crashes and 299 people die that is Satan’s doing. But that one person that survives is God’s doing. Hmmmm! makes sense if your an idiot.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Jeez. The only thing more scary than Sarah Palin are those of you who blindly back her. Sarah is a pretty, confident, good speaker, who has absolutely nothing of value and intellegence to say. This is a woman who can command a microphone for 10 minutes and say NOTHING! I’ve never seen someone less qualified for national office and more confident in her non-existence abilities. Media should quit giving her the attention she craves. Perhaps then she’ll slink back to the hockey rink and actually parent her kids.

Posted by FLando | Report as abusive

“No way has any man or woman been subjected to the family bashing that Sarah Palin and her family had to endure from the leftist media. ”

Becky, darling… no other candidate male or female has purposely dragged their family across the national stage for their own benefit as has former gov. Palin. She rarely makes an appearance without dragging one or more of her underaged kids with her. She put her pregnant teenaged daughter on the national stage, when others might have said “thanks but no thanks” to McCain to protect their child.

Posted by Holly Peppr | Report as abusive

“If she writes a book it will be about values that we are losing and a plan that is understandable to fix it?”

What? Kim, your syntax isn’t much better than hers. She can’t even speak coherently, so I can only imagine what a field day her editor will have trying to make sense of her writing. As for values that we are losing… like what: not taking responsibility for her words and her actions? not fulfilling a commitment she swore under oath to fulfill? feeding an atmosphere of divisiveness and irrational hate and hostility based on lies? writing her own set of rules whenever she doesn’t like something? She is an evil, shallow, stupid person.

Posted by Jo Sutton | Report as abusive

Palin should stay home and take care of her family. As a politician she is just an incompetent narcissist. Dan Quayle was a wizard compared to her. The fact that some people will pay money to see her just testifies to the stupidity of many Americans, particularly the right wing americans who are attracted to her.

Posted by John Afflitto | Report as abusive

America do you really want to go down that road agian.Sarah Palin is Bush in a skirt.Everything about her is Bush all over again.America please don’t fall for it twice Sarah Bush will be a another Bush presidency…..!

Posted by matthew benzor | Report as abusive

As a “near left” Palin critic, and in response to the first post: Boy, howdy, I sure hope she is “off the leash” and chooses to go “full frontal assault”. I can think of nothing that could marginalize the Republican party further than the random idiocy spewing form this woman’s mouth.

Posted by duke | Report as abusive

Is it that Palin-fans don’t work, or are they all retired? I know that statistically 30-40% of Americans have a favorable view of Sarah Palin, while the (50-60%)majority either can’t stand her, wish she would go away, or feel pity for her.

So, how is it that out of 10 (+/-) comments on Reuters, 60% are pro-Sarah Palin? I smell trolls, or “leftiest-style Right-wing MSM moderator”.. 😀

Personally, I think she got in way over her head. And I don’t mean with the ‘Leftist’ media; because darlings, propaganda is propaganda, whether you’re watching Fox or MSNBC–most of the time you’re not critically thinking for yourself. The bottom line is that she was unprepared (See Katie Couric interview), and what made matters worse was her insatiable desire to be the center of attention(See Sarah’s attempt to read a presidential concession speech).

Now, what’s really sad is the way her supporters are taking exception to how Sarah handles situations compared to everyone else. You make up excuses about how she quit or why she quit, not once realizing you have been up in arms when others up and QUIT. I’m not even sure Sarah, or her followers, really know what it is to be a lame duck.

I suppose, even without leadership qualities you can still lead by example; even if you’re only leading the fringe, the disillusioned, or those who just won’t lead themselves. Just don’t let her lead you into the desert and, whatever you do, don’t let her convince you to drink from the sand.

PS. June and others: A man with no brains from Illinois? Wasn’t he a Constitutioanl scholar, with outstanding grades? Why don’t you step out of the closet and say what you really want to say.

PPS. You don’t even know how many people are losing jobs in the US (10%+/- unemployeement does NOT equal half the country), and you probably don’t even realize that the majority of job losses took place during the last 3 months of George W. Bush’s presidency.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

What you meant to say was: The MSM took a man with no brains out of TEXAS, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work.

Posted by blaising | Report as abusive

But how will the American People know what happens at this event unless our trusted, impartial media experts can be there to tell us not just what she says, but what she really means? People who are likely to vote conservative are easily manipulated by evil-doers like Palin, right? They’re the ones who will suffer without the media’s help!

Posted by Karyn | Report as abusive

Wow! It’s just amazing to me how anyone can believe in this woman. Sarah Palin has been caught in lie after lie and people still support this woman. Just unbelievable! The media didn’t ruin her she ruined herself. Sarah has no intellectual curiosity and is extremely divisive. Those that support her do not have our country’s best interest at heart. They are selfish and vindictive just like Sarah.

Posted by Jackie | Report as abusive

I Can’t wait for the liberals to lose power in 2010 and 2012! then we can start to undo the agenda!

Posted by 57states | Report as abusive

The anti-Palin crowd always resort to name-calling. They love the phrase “trailer” as in trash. This is the most wholesome woman in politics. I will support her in whatever she chooses to do. I sincerely hope she runs in 2012.

Posted by david zimmerman | Report as abusive

I liked her coming out of the convention BUT—then her true colors came out. This woman is a nut. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. She doesn’t read. She can’t speak in coherent sentences. She doesn’t know basic geography or history. She is totally incurious and ignorant. And—-she appears proud of it. She is also as vindictive and petty as anyone in criticizing and attacking others but can’t take it herself. And now she’s a quitter besides. As one commentator put it: Her blind ambition combined with her intelligence is like mounting a jet engine on a golf cart. And most of the above comes from her OWN party.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

That’s a first. Someone who claims that President Obama has no brains. Especially when we are comparing him to Palin. Let’s get real.
As far as our military goes; I have two brothers retired from the military, a son and a daugther who currently serve their country, as well as five neices and nephews.
None of them voted for McCain/Palin. They are insulted by her use of the military for a sound bite.
While they are sacrificing for our country, she continues to lie every time she opens her mouth.

Posted by Ann Mullin | Report as abusive

No media, wondering if Sarah knows this as wasnt it being not aloud to talk to the media the big issue during the campaign.
Smiles, but then again that might be the republican leaders call as she probably dont want to be to embassed. LOL

Posted by pilotshark | Report as abusive

I can’t think of a lie that this woman has told us but libs will be libs, even on this blog. She has done marvelous things as Governor and is well-liked for it. May she continue that trend as a Conservative who can now speak out freely. Yes, indeed, the left has unleashed the pitbull.

Posted by Dee Payne | Report as abusive

American voters should be embarrassed that they are considering someone as under educated as this women to hold any office, (EXAMPLE)Name a Supreme Court ruling that you agree with or disagreed with,” I find ya some and get back to YA”!!!! Come on America we are a better country than this, THINK

Posted by Gina | Report as abusive

If the media really starts ignoring her, she’ll cry bitter, salty tears. No big ka-ching without all that public attention, doncha know.

Posted by Cronopio | Report as abusive

This woman is nothing more than another in a long line of political opportunists. She quits her constituency to go cash-in and then blames it on the elitist “media” all the while prepping that same media for coverage of her upcoming book. She’s your garden variety dolt with a semi-pretty face. If she looked like Susan Boyle, she would have never been chosen by McCain and Alaska would just be the 49th state that hardly anyone thinks twice about. She’s anti-intellectual, thin-skinned, vengeful and narcissistic. Not exactly the qualities of greatness..

Posted by HolyCow | Report as abusive

“Liberal media hate machine???”…..LOLOLOL Oh, give me a break. There is no greater hate machine than the Repub’s. Palin represents them well, with her hate-filled, whiney, blame-everyone-else speeches and attitude. And as far as “taking our country back”…Back from whom? It needs to be kept out of the hands of the extremist who preach nothing more than fear, hate and division. There was a time I had a tiny bit of hope in my heart that we could all get along, but then the GOP brought Palin in, lost the election and they’ve been screaming and whining ever since, blaming ever bad thing they could think of on the Dems and those evil liberals. Well, I will say I see more kindest and cooperative attitude in the liberals than I’ve ever seen in the GOP extremist.
Back to SP, my greatest hope is that she bans the media from ALL of her “outings”. You betcha.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Just you wait, Sarah’s going to rile folks up and tip the balance back to Republicans. I laugh every time I hear that “threat” from the right. Ha!

Palin can energize and fund raise all she wants. She will NEVER appeal to anyone beyond the 20% of Americans who already like her. The rest of the country can’t stand the woman. Even the latest poll from FOX NEWS made it clear. The top pick for “what job Palin should do next”….homemaker!

Posted by Shannon | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin. Quitter. Loser. Punchline.

Perfect mascot for her brainless followers and the Republican Party.

Posted by TGS | Report as abusive

So let me get this straight- a $100 per person fee for a one sex only only one party only media barred event in DC, and Ms. Palin calls us (college educated, at our jobs early in the morning, coffee drinking, well read, underpaid and under-insured) ‘elites’?

Much like ‘socialism’ ‘Bush doctrine’ and ‘reading comprehension’ this woman needs to learn the definition of the words that come out of her mouth.

RUN SARAH RUN!!!!! Make Obama’s job that much easier.

Posted by who is calling whom elite | Report as abusive

i think it’s a scream that conservatives are willing to defend this woman at all costs. talk about suckers! they repeatedly cry about the evil main stream media, and then they cling to every word they hear from Fox News. the radical right has learned from an early age (whether through their religion or otherwise) to follow without question. They will believe any lie they are told. what an easy customer base for the repubs to target! no wonder this party is absolutely lost and confused.

Posted by jesse | Report as abusive

1) where were all the anti-media hounds when the Iraq war was being sold to us?

2) the groundworks for this recession started long before President Obama took office

3) Manufacturing is great for developing nations, but the USA’s economy has long moved past manufacturing and into technology.

Posted by abc | Report as abusive

Will Sarah show for any engagements? Who will want to invite her to speak, and have to sweat it out to the end wondering if she is going to appear, what a joke.

The other thing is, who will write her speeches? We have heard and seen her own written speeches, and can’t understand what she is attempting to say. As someone said, she is a pitbull, so they could save money by just getting a pitbull down the street. That pitbull would be understood just as much as Sarah.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Yes, Kim, some people are chosen for certain tasks. Sara(the quitter) Palin was chosen for her ”maverickiness” and her looks aint bad either. Do you really think she was the absolutely most intelligent pick for McInsane?

How about, in honor of our troops, she finish her term and do her job that she swore to do? She is divisive and speaks only to her base ”white, gun-toting, Obama-haters”. She is always being covered by the media, just like Katrina was covered by the media.

Posted by Martha | Report as abusive

Kim, really?

Sarah Palin has been “chosen” for “sanitizing the corrupted minds of Americans”

Sounds like you are thinking Sarah Palin is the path to a theocracy? Is that it? Read the constitution or move please.

Posted by Joseph | Report as abusive

The best thing this woman could do to help he self is just to shut her mouth. Everytime she ends up openig her pie hole she sticks her foot in it. She clearly does not know ing about anything and she blames her own ignorance on the media. Maybe if you knew what u were talking about and your family did not make headlines for themselves you would not be in the news everyday with your ignorant self. Than again u want to be in the news everyday do that would not work for you. This woman is simply narcisstic and everything she preaches her family has not lived up too.

Posted by durps | Report as abusive

I don’t recall any person who has shaken the left-wing radicals from the hairs on their pin heads to the soles of their pointy toed boots the way Governor Palin has.

We’ve seen the media lie this country into defeat before but at last Americans are waking up. Governor Palin is a “can do” person with instinctive leadership, yet down-to-earth sincerity. Unlike most politicians of both parties, she knows not only how to run a major economy but also the price of a box of laundry detergent and how many loads she can expect from it.

Go get ’em, Sarah Barracuda!

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Harold: The media has covered Palin making a fool of herself and the rest of us have heard what comes out of her mouth. The media did not make those words come out of her mouth. Did you understand her resignation speech? Most people did not. It was rambling and incoherent.

Posted by carol | Report as abusive

Kim- “Take their country back” from whom? I hope from special interest, race merchants, demagogues, and the ignoramuses!

Posted by Buddy | Report as abusive

If the press (media) is barred from this event, than they should ignore it and not report on it.

Posted by MG | Report as abusive

JUNE: Palin cannot tell it like it is because she does not know how it is. Her op-ed in the Washington Post was not accurate. You need to do more reading as the country was already out of work before Obama took office. He is just trying to clear up the mess he inherited.

Posted by carol | Report as abusive

In Response to June’s words:

There is nothing snarky or whiney about this woman. She tells it like it is. The MSM took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work. Like it or not Gov. Palin is gold and that is the name of the beast.

This Palin figure tell it like it is , in her own simple mind! How can you blame the huge unemployment problems on our current president? Remember, the bad economy STARTED under Bush; you have all to blame on his policies; The Obama policies are trying to help get the nation out of recession, and is is starting to help in some places, but remember–a recession this deep will take time for all areas to recover.
And for you to address Obama as a man with ‘no brains’–how do you define Palin??

Obama has more intelligence and accomplishments in his left pinky than Sarah has in her whole body. But that is America, no matter how much Black men accomplish, there are others that try to ‘discount’ things that they NEVER accomplished. IE–Ignorant–no high school diploma having people from,say a Southern state, saying that Obama is “dumb”; How ironic. I am a biomedical engineer in California–obviously an African American male, and very ‘accomplished’. But when I travel out of Cali-like the South, where I was born, I get that deer in the headlight look, when I explain to whites what I do.

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Palin is an idiot….if she thinks that now that she is out of office, that she will be free to roam around the lower 48 spewing her dribbling word salad with a wink and a “you betcha”, I think she will be suprised to find that the “media” won’t be treating her any different than any of the other crazy people such as the “birthers” and the “tea baggers”…and we’ll all be laughing at her not with her…face it, this woman is a joke and most americans know it.

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To take a quote directly from the horse’s mouth:

“Fair or unfair, I think she [Hillary Clinton] does herself a disservice to even mention it [unfair media coverage ]. You gotta plow through that. You have to know what you’re getting into — which, I say this with all due respect to Hillary Clinton, and to her experience and to her passion for changing the status quo also — but when I hear a statement like that coming from a woman candidate with any kind of perceived whine about that excess criticism or you know maybe a sharper microscope put on her, I think, ‘man that doesn’t do us any good’ — women in politics, women in general wanting to progress this country, I don’t think it bodes well for her, a statement like that. Because, again, fair or unfair, it is there, I think that’s reality, and I think it’s a given. I think people can just accept that she is going to be under the sharper microscope. So be it. I mean, work harder, prove yourself to an even greater degree that you’re capable, that you’re going to be the best candidate, and that of course is what she wants us to believe at this point. So it bothers me a little bit hearing her bring that attention to herself on that level.” Sarah Palin, August 2008

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Sarah has a son in the military who volunteered for duty!
She is correct that they fight daily to defend your right of free speech…..but that does not give them the right to lie and call it NEWS!!

Mark is right on!!!! She now has the FREEDOM of a private citizen to say what she feels WITHOUT having to hire an attorney to defend herself.

The bloggers may have won the war but she will win the the long run!

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”How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up?”

You mean, like the reason they went to Iraq? How about, in honor of the American soldier (sailor, airman, etc.) we bring them HOME instead of sending them back for 2, 3 even 4 tours as well as sending them back despite disabilities?

Palin is an embarassment to women. She really is. Never have I seen someone so ignorant go so far. Lucky for her she’s “pretty”. Oh, wait… sorry… she was outdone by another ignoramus – W. If Palin becomes the figurehead for the new GOP they’re in worse shape that even we progressives imagine. Will she be the first clown out of the car, though?

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The media wasn’t any harsher on her than other politicians. First, she dragged her kids around everywhere and talked about them and pretended outrage when something was said about them. She was a journalism major; she has no excuse. I’m wondering when her kids are going to rebel and say “enough Mom” Second, she was put in the spotlight for 3 short months. Nobody knew about her; nobody knew anything hence the heavy reporting. I believe that gave the impression the media as “bashing.” It wasn’t bashing; it was simply trying to figure out who this woman is that might be a heart beat away from running the country. And by the way, she is not very bright or very interested in governing as we learned here in Alaska. Mark my words, she is only looking out for herself, and she gets away with a lot because she has Hollywood looks.

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Sarah Palin isn’t obligated to provide the media with access, and I don’t blame her one bit for shutting them out and hope she continues to do so. Those of us who are interested in what she has to say can find out what she said on the Internet, with no filtering and no paraphrasing from the media.

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While many people on the left dislike Sarah Palin, it is they that make her so popular to others. With the lies that were told about her when she was running for Vice President, our Media friends were working for the election of our current President. Our Freedom of Speech is so that the truth can be told when others are trying to deceive the people of our country. If you look at many of the media who are working to promote their desires on the rest of us it becomes scary. What voice will we listen to for the truth. We may have to look to people like Sarah Palin to at least shake up the media so that we the people can sort out the lies and truth. To those of you who would want to silence people like Sarah Palin, heed this warning, those who do not listen to everything with an open mind can be lead to a dead end and then it is too late.

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Boy Repugs have a short memory, can’t believe some of you are blaming Obama for the job losses I think it was Bush admin that has dismantled our economy. It took him 8 years and Obama has only been in office a few months. As far as Sarah being your savior, she is a quitter, she used her office then quit when the going got tough. She stumped her kids out during the election. She is the most obvious social climber ever. The devotion and admiration some of you show her is very scary… and delusional.
Viva Santa Sarah

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I think Palin and her supporters are in a bad situation. Palin doesn’t like to have handlers, being all mavericky, and she can’t put a coherent speech together.

If the media is barred from the Reagan Library appearance, I am grateful that we won’t have to read the senseless dribble she spouts. Amusing though it often turns out to be, her rhetoric is insulting to MOST Americans.

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Sarah’s son is in the “sand box” fighting for you to be able to say what you want to. We don’t need Constitutional revisionists. We need States’ Rightists and strict Constitutionalists to bring this country back to its former great self. Let the disarray of fools who are trying to “change” our United States of America go find another country to tilt on.

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Aye Aye Kim!

The media should of speak facts – not fabricated lies.
Go Palin, Go!

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Kim, how can you follow any woman who just starves for power, who is compeltely uneducated, must wink because can’t make a whole sentence, is lying to entire nation, is inviting to hatred, racism and sends her own son to war (he was sent there to avoid consequences of his addiction)who is appealing ONLY to equally uneducated and uninformed people and all this exclusively using her attractiveness and good looking to mesmerize public ! How are you not ashamed of what such a woman represents ! There is no values there, no deep, no will of service ! She proved to be narcistic, incoherent and… irresponsible in every single act she has done, professionally and in private. What a shame and waste of time.

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What do you trust about her? She allowed a young man to stay at her house and sleep with her child. She has quit every position or public office before the term was over for personal gain. She talks in circles and incomplete sentences without making sense. Yes she read a speech at the Republican Primary which was written for her. So please what do you really trust about Palin?

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If she thinks the media cares that what she is saying she is as stupid as ever. There is no way that the media will fall wilting from a tree because of this. In fact she is setting herself up to be the one calling the media to please cover me in the future.

She can go in there and say all her hateful rhetoric to the attendees she is the new David Duke. By the way don’t think that there will not be someone in there that will get the news out to what hate she spewed. This woman is so digusting to me. I have officially started a Stop Palin PAC in order to save our country from all these hateful people. Our country is in trouble when we have people enamored with her likes. You can bet those that hide their sheets and hood in the closets will be in full attendance.

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Well, okay, but if the media aren’t there, how is this attention-crazed woman going to stay in the spotlight?

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We selected a President based on popularity rather than substance. Sarah is just another popular figure and we don’t need to turn the White House in to a popularity contest. If we do, we will have Hannah Montana as President.
Sarah can do more good on social issues and fund raising for conservatives. She is too polarizing to draw enough of a following beyond the social conservatives to win on the national level. If she couldn’t take the heat in Alaska, she won’t survive in a national race.

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Anyone who thinks this woman is about “values” is blind. Incredibly hypocritical about her own behavior, a psychopathic liar who uses her own family as props and then cries foul when the media takes interest. She’s an inarticulate, ignorant hate monger who lost the election for McCain the minute she opened her mouth without a speech writer around. The McCain campaing knew this too and tried to keep her under wraps.

I was in independent leaning towards McCain until I saw this dangerous incompetent he picked for a running mate. She’s run away from her job as Governor because she can’t take the heat and wants to cash in on her “fame.”

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Boy, for a group of people who think “hate” is the main motive for staying alive, I notice many of these type slimed their way out from under their rocks to speak hate to power. Go back to your rocks. Civil, decent people don’t need or want you around. Sarah has more experience about life in her little finger than BO ever did or has. Why he can’t speak without getting into trouble without his teleprompters. He has to be “seen” every moment of every day to get his groove going. At least Sarah has run a state, a business and worked for a living instead of being like BO who depended on the government largess in funding (our money) to do his ACORN, SEIU community organizing thing! To our detriment, by the way.

To “contributor” at 12:57am, if you are going to mouth off about stuff you know nothing about, the least you could do is type in “in my opinion”. Barney Franks and Chris Dodd leaders in the Progressive Caucus (check them out!) were very instrumental in creating “liar loan subprime disaster)along with their buddies in the investment world on Wall St. Why even Chris got a great loan!!

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youbetcha, alaska’s quitter governor can’t even commit to a simple speaking event. we in alaska are glad to be rid of this big spending, unethical, narcistic moron. she left the state in a mess and her illegal actions are still being uncovered. palin will make a great celebrity in the likes of carrot top and gallager.

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These are very interesting times indeed. Ever since we elected a black president, it seems like a lot of the racist status quo types are frothing at the mouth. It looks like many of these supposed “family value types” or “real americans” (to quote Sarah the Great), would rather believe whatever nonsense is uttered by the far right than to put in a little effort of their own and seek actual facts.
The very idea that an intelligent, decent family man with the outrageous idea of putting regular americans as a priority for the first time in recent memory, and happens to be black, is more than they can handle.
Why don’t you all take down your shrines to Sarah, and Rush and read an actual book once in a while. You might just learn something.
Anyway, change is coming to the world whether you like it or not. Just like we had to live through the utter greed and bloodlust of the past 8 years, you all will have to live with the horror of bringing people together in hope rather than fear. What a nightmare for all of you. But don’t worry, Sarah will save us all…if she does’nt decide to quit AGAIN.!!

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What I cannot comprehend is why any American would accept that Sarah Palin is intelligent enough to run the country. Sarah Palin needed 6 years and 5 (community) colleges to achieve her 4 year degree in communications. She has no other education beyond that. That is a DISMAL educational resume for ANY position in the White House.

On top of her lack of education, Sarah Palin continues to prove herself inarticulate, unfocused and inapproproate (winking) for serious public appearances. She is completely unable to represent America on a national stage.

It disgusts me that Republicans, so desperate to advance their pro-gun, anti-environment, pro-oil, anti-abortion ideology, gave America this woman and her dim-witted entourage (Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack) as a serious White House contender. The GOP has squarely positioned themselves as the anti-intellectual, anti-common sense, anti-progress Party. Shame on them.

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“The media making fun of her using her own words.” If she doesn’t want that to happen, then she needs to stop saying stupid things. If she were a man, no one, I mean no one, would take her seriously.

She deserves to be laughed at because she thinks there’s a simple answer to everything which anyone with half a brain known is simply not true.

She is so clueless, she doesn’t know how clueless she is.

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Bailin’ Palin does want media coverage of her “making things up.”

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June said;
“There is nothing snarky or whiney about this woman. She tells it like it is. The MSM took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work. Like it or not Gov. Palin is gold and that is the name of the beast.”

Wow, June. Have some more Koolaid.

Sarah Palin is very snarky.
Sarah Palin is very whiney.
Sarah Palin only tells it as it serves her.
The man from Illinois that MSM put in the White House has no brain? Barack Obama – a man with no brains? Are you really comparing a graduate of both Columbia (#8 US rankings, less than an 11% acceptance rate) and Harvard Law School (#1, less than an 10% acceptance rate) to a beauty pageant winner who, after attending five different colleges in a six year span of time, with less than two semesters at most, she received a B.S. in communications with an emphasis in journalism from the University of Idaho (Tier 3, unranked with a 75%+ acceptance rate)?

Half the country looking for work? When did a 9.6% unemployment rate become 1/2 of the population? And you are really dropping this the current President. I assume you are suggesting that the previous administration (dare I say Republican) had nothing to do with this. That would be an incorrect suggestion on your part.

Sarah Palin is gold? Fool’s gold.

Sarah Palin is the name of the beast – okay, I agree with you on that but as far as everything else you must be crazy. As crazy as Sarah Palin. And as crazy as those who think she is going to be able to do anything helpful for the GOP. Even Bill Kristol has walked away from this train wreck. Don’t think she’s trouble? Go ask John McCain.

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We real thinking Americans of PACM love it when even a mention of Sarah Palin scares a liberal demoncrat so much they scurry out from under the rocks to attack even pictures of her!
So why do these rabid communist loving liberals care if the GOP nominates Sarah Palin?
If she is so stupid, such a liar and was such a failure as Gov & Mayor they could elect Donald Duck if he opposed her in any general election?
So I ask all honest independant & republican Americans WHY DO LIBERAL DEMOCRATS FEAR SARAH PALIN SO MUCH?
When you figure out the correct answer to this question you to will be smart enough to join us as another member of PACM (proud american conservative majority)!

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Every intelligent person fears stupidity, therefore even centrist like myself see Palin for what she is: a moronic, remotely attractive tool being used by the ultra-right.

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One can sure pick out the liberals who posted comments about Sarah Palin. Many Liberals seem to think it’s okay to slander conservatives with little to no factual information to back up their comments. If a conservative were to speak with so much animosity about a Liberal woman–say Michelle Obama, the Liberals would scream bloody murder. Sarah Palin has done a wonderful job governing Alaska, just look at all the support she received from her state during the Presidential campaign, and take the time to look into all her accomplishments. She is intelligent, ethical, (stop listening to main-stream media) family-oriented and has more moral fiber then most liberals I know. I would rather be a conservative and stand on moral values vs. admitting I was a liberal pro-abortion, over zealous environmentalist, gay marriage and illegal immigrant supporter and socialist. You got what you voted for–now sit back and watch as our country falls apart.

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Wow, attack of the Freepers. I have never seen such vitriol suddenly appear on one of these blog threads, ever.

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I do not FEAR Sarah Palin. I admire that she has taken minimal education, total unintellectual thinking, a glossary of soundbites, an ability to fan flames of the lowest common denominators of racism and fear, a lack of mothering skills, and a beauty pageant smile, and parlayed it into a political life. Correction: EX political career. She has QUIT every substantial job she has ever had.

I do not FEAR Sarah Palin. I fear for our country at the hatred, fear and rage that she openly encourages at every gathering.

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Liberals are not afraid of Sarah Palin – we’re afraid of the number of morons that would actually support & vote for her. They are the ones that scare us.

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Well Susan you posted something around the time of 10:20 PM last night. You’re wrong at what you’re saying. Sara Palin is a great person and she knows what she’s talking about. The person that doesn’t know the truth anymore is Barack Hussein Obama. He’s a Charlatan and an ignorant community organizer. The Obama administration is worse than the Carter administration. One key differnce is between both of them is Jimmy Carter didn’t try to purposely destroy the economy. Obama is purposely trying to destroy the economy. In addition, Obama hates the military. He’s cutting down on military defense spending and wants to do unilateral disarmament. This will put the U.S. in danger of being attacked by Muslim Terrorists. As a matter of fact there was a terrorist attack back in April where in an army recruitment center in a shopping mall in Little Rock, Arkansas. A man who is apart of a home grown Muslim Terrorist cell walked in there and shot two soldiers there.

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I shudder to think how the rest of the world views the average American citizen after reading through comments such as these.

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i love the sarah bashing, because there is the law of “act and reaction”this is a bonus for us on the right, it is going make us put obama more under scrutiny in comparison,and it might help get past the shield the media put up to protect him during the campaigning.bring it on liberals!enjoying the frenzy.

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I don’t know any dem that is scared of Palin. That is more conservative nonsense to make yourselves feel better about your ridiculous choices. Palin couldn’t get elected to chief dog catcher with her reputation and intellect.

Posted by teetx | Report as abusive

Oh, believe me, we’re not afraid. We are hoping and praying you’ll nominate her again. It worked so well for us the first time!

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The GOP problem is that they are too nice. Dems will use any dirty trick imaginable (see: Chicago-style thuggery), and conservatives turn the other cheek. Now we have a fighter in SP and the weasels are scared to death. You think Obama is smart? HA! Strip away his affirmative action degrees and he’s Michael Scott of “The Office”. Just a Teleprompter President.

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His “affirmative action degrees”. Let’s see you get one of those degrees — I’m sure Harvard is handing them out like candy.

This is funny coming from an Obama detractor — most Obama haters clearly haven’t even completed high school, yet you try to imply that the president only received a degree from Harvard simply because he was black.

What a moron…

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I hope Sarah Palin is on the GOP ticket in 2012 — it will be both entertaining and fitting as the country celebrates Obama’s 2012 re-election victory.

Posted by James Doughtery | Report as abusive

LOL, yeah right, the liberals are not afraid of Sarah Palin. Must be why is running a million dollar TV ad to just try and respond to Sarah’s WaPo op-ed on the subject of energy.

When Sarah hits the hustings for real, she will break the liberal’s bank by their just expending money to try and counter her.

Who is John Galt?

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Sarah Palin will find her place among the republicans and be a truly inspiring voice for America. I’m happy she resigned as Governor. She will now gather momentum and soar. You go, Sarah!

Posted by Lucy Magillicutti | Report as abusive

Welcome to California, Govex Palin and to the library. Please remember to respect other patrons and avoid talking.

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Sarah Palin seems to keep the dems on the edge of their seats. I’m not sure why that is. Obama’s numbers are dropping like a stone. At this rate he won’t be leaving the White House next year and will have an opportunity to raise his basketball skills. I’m not sure what the democrats were thinking when they put a grossly inexperienced man in the White House to face a recession. He hasn’t had his own company, never had to provide health insurance for his employees, was never in the military (maybe he wasn’t eligible?) and doesn’t seem to care how many soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan right now. I have to read about what’s happening in Afghanistan on page 8 of the newspaper…never on the front page where it should be. I’m sure Obama is not feeling the love anymore. Maybe he can invite himself out to Dallas and have a beer with George.

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Anyone who believes Palin could scare anyone should watch her interview with Couric again, and then watch Palin’s “farewell” speech from last week. Communications major indeed.

She can now add the word “quitter” to her lackluster resume, thereby dooming any chances for ever being taken seriously.

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Go Sarah! Please keep sucking up the donated monies of the less-intelligent people that support you! This is a great form of economic Darwinism… I suppose you could even call it a tax on stupidity. The more Sarah pours down the rathole of her “legal defense fund” and SarahPAC, the less there will be to give to actual GOP contenders that might have a chance to win elections. I love this prospect!
As for her lofty post-quitting aspirations, I’m reading that Clear Channel just passed on her proposition of hosting a talk radio show! Their reasoning? They did not think Ms. Vacuous could keep it going for 3 hours a day! Maybelline, here she comes!

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To all the hillbillies and rednecks who think Sarah Palin is an outstanding representative of conservative values and principles – she is an ignorant racist do nothing whiner and quitter who perfectly represents loser American bigots who can’t stand the fact – yes fact – that the smartest most capable president since FDR is a black man – get use to it – he will be president for another 7 and 1/2 years.

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I guess if you say something or hear something enough times you really believe it. Who fears Sarah not the Dems why would we fear her. You/GOP/Dems really don’t know anything about her. She only gave two “independent” interviews (and we know how they turned out). Otherwise, she just stand behind a microphone whinning blaming everyone but herself for her problems. If she ran for president she would actually have to answer a question “directly” (hard questions). What does she bring to the table (beside anti-abortion and oil); what is it that she wants to do for this country. WHAT???

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I TRULY enjoy listening to the banter here, and, I think we should have to pay admission to some of these discussions. The threats of fear regarding Ms Palin are unnecessary, however, as we REALLY SHOULD try to get along Peacefully. And we soon as we agree that the Dems gave the Country Obama–whose Job it is to Repair Everything the GOP gave us in the past decade….no SMALL task. And now, the MEDIA is locked out the GOP’S latest “Offering”; Ms Palins PRIVATE “Fancy Pageantry Walkin’ lessons” in front of a statue of Reagan. I, for one, am heartbroken. But, Captain Kirk will translate the poetry for all of us after the lessons. I wish you all Peace and endless comedy. :^>)

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When are the right-wingers going to realize laughing our butts off at this woman is not a sign of fear? We are laugh, laugh, laughing because you delusional hillbillies can’t accept that she is an abject failure. Do you know what you are when you blindly follow someone who can’t string a coherent sentence together? A cult member. Do the world a favor and drink your Kool Aid.

Posted by naynay | Report as abusive

I don’t understand any of you that support Sarah Palin. Sarah is not smart, not intelligent and not good for America. All of you that think a pretty face can run a country, think again. She is empty upstairs. She has not completed one job, not one so far in her career. She is a QUITTER! When times get tough Sarah gets going! Is that what you want for a president? If you do, please take your stupidity somewhere else. America can not afford another idiot like BUSH, he destroyed everything he touched. My retirement saving are worth squat. I’ve been unemployed for over 18 months and there are no jobs. And, because he lied thousands of our troops died not to mention the millions of innocent Iraqis. How do you justify the quagmire Bush put us in? If you say you belong to the party of morals, where are they?

Posted by Brenda | Report as abusive

“So why do these rabid communist loving liberals care if the GOP nominates Sarah Palin?”

Because they nominated George Bush. And look where that got us.

Posted by jenny | Report as abusive

Notice how these Marxist guys who sign their posts with ladiy’s names attach the person and not the principle being dicussed? A favorite Markist ploy – ignore the little girls.

Posted by smitty | Report as abusive

In the 2008, 88 of the hundred must uneducated counties in the nation voted for McCain/Palin. 70 out of the most educated counties in the nation voted for Obama/Biden.

Congratulations, Sarah Palin. With your cute face and shrill voice, you represent the most uneducated, bigoted, gun-toting, hypocritical, Jesus junkies on the planet. There’s something to be proud of.

Posted by BJ Marshall | Report as abusive

“EXPECTED guest” really is the operative word !

Palin has not confirmed attendance at this late date?

Hope these republicans recall that this is her modus operandi for getting more press i.e. not show up and then claim “I never confirmed.”

How can anyone think she is reliable about anything?

AND, I am so tired of hearing ( I live in Anchorage, Alaska) about the “hundreds of invitations” that Palin is getting. Since she does not divulge who these invitations are from AND she is not accepting the invitations, I seriously doubt she is getting invitations.

Palin’s narcissism would dictate she demand others know “how popular” she is, and especially if (since) she is NOT getting invitations, this tired phrase becomes teh only spin available to her.

So far, she offered to campaign not only for republicans but also democrats. The democrats said no thanks and I think it is only Perry of Texas who has accepted her offer, with Virginia and one of the Carolinas (??) actually turning her down. Add to this, the rejection by Clear and her narcissism must be causing a great amount of stress and anxiety for her.

If you look at what we know so far, this one event, at which she is only an “expected” guest, IS ALL THAT SHE HAS LINED UP !

Palin cannot hold her own without someone writing for her. Her ‘word salads’ will wear thin on her base after a few more speeches written by her.

You can repeat and repeat cliches, and talking points only so many times and even the most ardent supporter will become bored.


Don’t take my word for it.

Just keep watching.

Real narcissist—-not name calling, she has a personality disorder—-always self destruct and her ability to maintain her delusional reality bubble is at criticle mass.

Posted by onejrkitty | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is divisive. She’s polarizing. She was no longer working in a bipartisan manner in Alaska and the result was she wasn’t able to get anything done and anyone appointed. (Even the Alaskan Republicans no longer wanted to play ball with her.) She truly was a lame duck….15 months (!!!!) before the end of her term. This is explains why she QUIT. (What office holding politician with ambition quits public office?) So, if she can’t work with those she knew in Alaska, how could she ever work inside the beltway?

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

It scares me as an American, that we have so much partisan politics. We have 2 sides who tear the other apart based on some heresay, rumor or outright lie. This isn’t all of them, but the minority have certainly voiced their “opinions” here.

We have the right to disagree, that’s the american way. But just because I don’t think like you, doesn’t mean you have call names or be an all around A**hole about it. In this instance, I see mostly idiots who place Palin on a mantel like she can do no wrong and is a messiah. Grow up.

Posted by LOL | Report as abusive

Yes, we are on the edge of our seats. I am sure the GOP wanted to win last year with an old man and a empty headed woman. Nice try. Obama had the heart and the message we wanted to hear. Fear was getting old. But the GOP still keep using it. But fear Sarah. Hardly, she just has to open her mouth on the campaign trail. I am sure she would not make it out of the GOP primaries. She is a nice woman I am sure but a serious contender. Hardly. If she is then America has really been dumbed down.

Posted by Pat | Report as abusive

I shudder to think how the rest of the world views the average American citizen after reading through comments such as these.

My daughter lives in Europe and has for 14 years. They do not have a high opinon of our intellect after our electing GW.

But the silliness of current politics including the birthers is something they just will never understand. I sure don’t and I live here.

We are becoming a small minded, hatefilled nation. We seem bent on our own destruction. Hate kills the soul. We are losing the soul. The ability to look at the good of the whole..The Lobbiest who pays the most to our Congress men and women seem to running our government. Until or if we ever get the control back from the lobbiest nothing will get done of any consequence for the citizens of this country.

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Well Susan you posted something around the time of 10:20 PM last night. You’re wrong at what you’re saying. Sara Palin is a great person and she knows what she’s talking about. The person that doesn’t know the truth anymore is Barack Hussein Obama. He’s a Charlatan and an ignorant community organizer. The Obama administration is worse than the Carter administration. One key differnce is between both of them is Jimmy Carter didn’t try to purposely destroy the economy. Obama is purposely trying to destroy the economy. In addition, Obama hates the military. He’s cutting down on military defense spending and wants to do unilateral disarmament. This will put the U.S. in danger of being attacked by Muslim Terrorists. As a matter of fact there was a terrorist attack back in April where in an army recruitment center in a shopping mall in Little Rock, Arkansas. A man who is apart of a home grown Muslim Terrorist cell walked in there and shot two soldiers there.

This is why Palin and others who have moved to the far right will not win. This is a representative of the right fringe who represents a big chunck of the GOP base. Until they deal with these kinds of statements by members of their base, they will never win running on the hate filled campaigns of old. Sadly, I hear too much of this rheotric from citizens of my small town. Racism is out there and sadly it will not go away until folks of good heart shout down these remarks. It is one thing to disagree with policies but another to spread the kind of hate we have seen since the Obama election.

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Don’t worry Mitt Romney has his spies there to report on her sayings

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We liberals are fascinated by Palin simply because none of us can keep our eyes off a train wreck. She’s an endless source of entertainment and keeps everyone guessing. No fear here!

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Darryl, you are 100% correct.. she is dangerous because she is stupid and doesn’t know it — has no idea she is being used.. well I say, c’mon down to the States, Lady, and we will finish you off once and for all. You will never,ever, represent me or any thinking American on the world stage. NEVER. In fact, perish the thought along with your so-called career. If you think you have had it tough up to now, just try to “c’mon down”.. even Kristol thinks you’re a joke but he used you pretty deftly until the Left, as always, proved smarter… So go away to the one horse town you came from where all you did as mayor was write out checks on Thursdays to the 10 people who worked for the town.. oh my god, Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin,, what a fitting place for her “speech” and what a duo of simplistic idiocy.

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44 is screwing up this country soooo bad and people still running their liberal loon mouths as if it were a good thing!

44 has proved that it is “Government of the Special Interests, by the Special Interests, for the Special Interests”!

This 44 guy is a MORON!

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my my my you people who can not understand palin must be very very dumb,stupid. i understood everything she said she gave a wonderfull and great speech. you know it . the only people you are trying to convince is the same people like you nobody eles .so why dont you all start a site with only your self on it because nobody eles is listening or beliveing any thing you say. gigi

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Palin just released a statement saying… she’s not going to be at this event. =110276438434

Why do people promote her attendance/speaking before she even clears it?

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The troubles with our economy occured 1 yr before Bush left office when the democrats controlled congress.
Barney Frank would not let republicans like J McCain who wanted to regulate Fannie mae and Freddi Mac.
Barney Frank allowed and promoted bad loans to be made to lazy welfare collecting democrats.
Add to that the treasury sec Paulson who advised Bush that the TARP loans must be made is a lifelong democrat!
Democrats crashed the economy, not the republicans! You libs are drunk on Obama pee!

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FANTASTIC! Sarah Palin in 2012! REAL Hope! The USA has been the greatest FREE country in the world for 200 years…with Sarah Palin at the helm, we can bring our beleagured country back from the depths of despair and start another 200 Years of FREEDOM!!!

The only issue is this…can we prevent all this overspending from completely bankrupting the US within the next year or two? We should never have “BAILED OUT” the very criminals who are attempting to destroy us now.

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I had to write due to a statement about what the world thinks of us. The world hates us, it always has and always will. All we can hope for is to coexist peacefully. If they want us to be something, I want the opposite, because it is for thier good, not our own, that they want it. Saying all that, Palin was smart enough to become elected governor of a state and a VP candidate. Unless any of the haters have achieved a similar goal, they should avoid calling her stupid.

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Sarah never “barred anything”. She didn’t “bar” Todd for premarital sex, she didn’t bar Pastor Murthee from witchdoctoring, she didn’t “bar” the “bridge to nowhere”, she didn’t bar the free building materials to build her “Snowbilly Mansion”, she didn’t bar the prosecutors from letter her drug-addicted son choose the military over prison, she didn’t bar Bristol from having sex with Levi, she didn’t bar billing the state of Alaska for her grifter family from state trips, she didn’t bar the RNC for her 150,000 wardrobe. I could go on and on. It takes just too freakin’ long. Palin is a crafty, slick and gifted politician, but if I had to choose between what she is…and what a Christian is…I’ll vote for Hitler. Period.

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I’ll vote for this illiterate grifter in the republican primary…then I’ll vote for a REAL candidate in the general. Like most educated people.

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Lefties do not get common sense, free enterprise, rugged individualism, nor minimal government. Theirs are Harvard nonsense, government ownership, collectivism and big government. Let the last smarmy Obama Liberal take the hammer and sickle with her.

– Posted by Neville Jiner

Oh Neville, where do get your ideas about liberals? From Fox? I am what YOU would consider a leftie. However I am a self employed timber frame carpenter so that covers common sense, free enterprise and rugged individualism right there. Now minimal government, under Bush the size of the federal government ballooned from where it was under Clinton.
I do not support federal run health care, non-profit health care yes. Not because I’m a “leftie” but because I don’t think health care issues should be decided by the bottom line. Profit and care don’t mix.
I did not attend Harvard but a state university. I don’t believe in government ownership or bailouts, which by the way started under Bush.
Lastly, to imply that we “liberals” are communists with our hammers and sickles is just absurd. A lot of my “liberal” friends are business owners and straight up capitalists. My wife works hard to make sure she get her quarterly bonus, not exactly a communist concept.
Take a good look around, talk to some people who have opposing views, stop getting your view of people from Uncle Bill, Rush, and that idiot Glenn Beck. I think you’ll find that the Left and the Right are closer to the middle than you realize.

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PALIN = GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think I’m going to puke, the fact that you people to still have faith in these slimeball status quo politicians makes me lose sleep at night.

You don’t know them personally, stop pretending to. They don’t want to make your life better, they want attention/money/power and you people are giving it to them.

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Someone will get footage, you can bet the farm on it….

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She Did It Again! She Quit!

She’s backed out of this Reagan thing!

I was thinking third party. Now it looks like Nervous Breakdown.

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You Go Girl! Way to talk to the media!

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There’s a huge market in this country for Sarah, the patron saint of stupidity.

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Yes, don’t you people understand when Obama makes a mistake, he is “only human”, but when a GOP-er makes a mistake they DESERVE to be MOCKED and SCORNED in the media!!!?!?!?!?

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get over sarah people, she is here to stay they say she is through if so why are they all obsessed with her?

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i said in a previous posting that the fortunes of the republican party did not rely on what the news media,or democratic pundits suggested that the GOP should transition to, that would make them more electable,which in essence was to become more like them.I suggested that the republicans should maintain their own identity on policies and project what they had always stood for,and that the democrats would self destruct which they have done traditionally. As the obama socialist experiment continues to obliterate,People like palin will become an alternative because she has stuck to her political principles.that is why there is so much panic from the liberals because the pendulum is starting to swing and they are seeing an alternative which is a stark reality to their demise.

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I believe that this country is headed for its conclusion. Visit some of the symbols of our freedom, such as Plymouth Rock, and Valley Forge to be reminded about why this country was started to begin with. Those who signed the Declaration of Independence were trying to establish freedom of the people….it appears that the Obama administration would have us be slaves of government. Therefore, to alter the initial ideology that built this nation will surely cause it to fall….from within.

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you ever notice the tendency to want something MORE when someone tells you can’t have it…mickey? and just a simple search on google will show that Sarah left the Governorship in good hands, both in terms of competence and position to be elected in the future as incumbents…

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