Who does the talking in the Obama household?

July 30, 2009

President Barack Obama may run the country, but when it comes to the Obama household, he seems to suspect somebody else is in charge. 
Answering healthcare questions Tuesday at a forum sponsored by the retirees group AARP, the president suggested the first lady did the talking in his house.
Moderator: We go next to North Carolina for a question we had all week last week. I think every town hall had this one. It’s from Colin. And, Colin, go ahead and ask this question.  Go ahead, Colin.
Mary: This is his wife, Mary.
Obama: Hi, Mary.
Mary: Hi.

Obama: What happened to Colin?
Mary: Well, I’m the one they talked to.
Obama: I got you. That’s how it is in my house, too. OBAMA/
The president traveled to a Kroger grocery store in Bristol, Virginia, on Wednesday to stand next to strawberries and raspberries in the fruit section and talk about healthcare reform to 180 gathered employees and guests.
“They don’t let me do my own shopping, but I miss it,” he said. “So I may pick up some fruit on the way out.”
“I don’t want to … talk too long,” Obama added, “because I do have to take some questions from you, and also Michelle’s probably e-mailing me about grabbing some milk on the way home.”
In the end he did buy a piece of fruit — something that looked like a peach but may have been a nectarine. 

No word on the gallon of milk.
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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama talking healthcare in the fruit section at Kroger’s; Obama taking a bite of fruit)

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