Team Obama’s Environmental Irony Tour

August 7, 2009

OBAMA/Okay, so it’s August in Washington. It’s hot. Congress has gone home. Even the summer interns are packing up and getting out of town. So it’s not surprising that top members of the Obama administration might be ready for a road trip.

That’s basically what the White House announced in a statement headlined: “Obama Administration Officials Travel America, Talk Clean Energy Economy.” President Obama went to Indiana to announce $2.4 billion in funding for advanced battery and electric drive projects; Energy Secretary Steven Chu headed for Minnesota to look at renewable energy projects and North Carolina to announce a big grant to a lithium battery firm, finishing up the week in Massachusetts to talk about clean energy jobs at Harvard; Interior Secretary Ken Salazar went to a solar panel company in Colorado; EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was in Florida and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke traveled to Missouri.

ENVIRONMENT-USA/WINDProbably only a crank would wonder just how much greenhouse gas all this official travel spewed into the atmosphere. There’s no hybrid Air Force One, after all. But it does seem like an exquisite irony that, with the best of environmental intentions, the Obama team may have stomped all over the United States with a heavy-duty carbon footprint.

Is it fair to ask that when they talk the talk, they walk the walk — or offset emissions by funding windmills or other projects that supply renewable energy? Let us know what you think.

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Photo credits: REUTERS/Jason Reed (President Obama speaks in Wakarusa, Indiana, August 5, 2009); REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (Windmill turbines on Backbone Mountain in West Virginia, August 28, 2006)


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After looking at flight paths and how many flights are taking place every day I submit that we should get these characters off of airplanes! I’ll bet no one has done scientific studies of the emissions of aircraft. Amazing carbon footprint right there. Get them on the internet in conferences instead, On the phone and a variety of other ways to gain the information they want.

Posted by Victorysgirl | Report as abusive

Would you have suggested a horse and buggy tour?

Posted by Henry Zaidan | Report as abusive

Could we apply in bright paint the phrase “350 ppm.” on the sides of all government planes? Including those that the State Department, Pentagon and Military use? It is called consciousness raising…sky’s the limit. Don’t get it? Go to the internet, please.

Posted by carol isaac | Report as abusive