In Bill-Hillary popularity contest, Bill wins

August 12, 2009

Hillary Clinton may be Secretary of State, but her husband Bill still wins the popularity contest.

The former president grabbed the headlines recently on what could be considered her diplomatic turf by going to North Korea and securing the release of two American reporters.

And then he was off to Las Vegas to celebrate his upcoming 63rd birthday with pals at a steak house where an 8 ounce goes for $240 — and that’s without a baked potato or veggies — according to the New York Times.


So when Hillary Clinton snapped quite undiplomatically at an African student over what was translated (wrongly) as an inquiry about her husband’s views, it raised the question about why was she so irritated at the mention of Bill?

Was it his spotlight-grabbing derring-do in North Korea? Or the Vegas bash with his buddies? Or something else entirely?

But even though she’s in public office, and he’s not, a new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Clinton, the former president, is more popular than Clinton, the current Secretary of State, by 58 percent to 53 percent.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Clintons at inaugural service for Obama)


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Her personality was the biggest turnoff during the election. It continues to be problemmatic during her job as Secy of State. She’s talented but mercurial and that’s not what is needed in a SOS. She can do the job but she’s got to drop the attitude.

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Bill’s international appeal certainly isn’t something Hillary will be able to outshine anytime soon. His recent success in North Korea confirms it. In international relations charisma could be a better quality than political office. A recent study did show that more than 60% of Americans didn’t know who Ban-Ki-Moon was. And that explains the difference between charisma and office.

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That is a really unflattering picture of Hillary Clinton. Hilarious to say the least….

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[…] In Bill-Hillary popularity contest, Bill wins […]

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