The First Draft: Washington haiku

August 14, 2009

USA-CANYON/Sometimes prose doesn’t quite capture the goings-on in Washington. These haikus might not either, but at least they’re short, which is an appropriate length for many of the capital events these days and easily Twitterable. Poetry is supposed to reduce things to their essence. Just in case these go too far in that direction, there are highlighted links to take you to a fuller explanation, if not a deeper meaning.POTUS hits the roadTo parry health care criticsIn Bozeman. Yeehaw!Hitting a plateau?Feds say economy isLeveling. Really?African sojournEnds for Hillary ClintonA tough trip, completeGrand Canyon freebie,For Obamas and others,aims to lure touristsFor Mrs. Shriver,They gather in Hyannis.Eunice, rest in peaceAnyone can do this. You probably know the rules: three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, five in the third. Show us what you’ve got!Photo credit: REUTERS/Rickey Rogers (Grand Canyon, January 2, 2008)


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sub prime, bank collapse,record bonus, inflation,next leg down perhaps.

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Republicans mad,Democrats tepid. Where isBipartisanship?

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Precious metals are,Somethign I’ve invested in.I will not be sad.

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The evil campaignSet out to recruit the oldDementia wins gamesNo one catches newsfrom the middle class peoplepaying rent with I.O.U.’sI thought the cold warhad ended a long time agothis has gone too farUp with Edward AbbeyDown with Senator PalinTrancend with T. Leary

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Healthcare reform reallyDC full of imbecilesyippee socialism

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Classic, folks! Bravo!Are any other poetsOut there? Don’t hold back

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Obama is oursGods bless his term(s) in officeWhy all the hatred?

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Hurricanes begin.Weather guys become activemore hectic than storms.

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