The First Draft: storms rolling in

August 17, 2009

Lots of storms swirling today.

Tropical Storm Claudette hit the Florida coast in the wee hours of the morning, whipping morning television into the obligatory frenzy of reporting from rain-soaked correspondents demonstrating the weather.

The healthcare storm is far from over. OBAMA/

The Obama administration putting out the word that the public option feature of its health plan is not a dealbreaker.  Our expert tells us that public option basically means it would be a government-run plan like Medicare. Too early to tell whether the shift in strategy will help win votes in Congress.

President Barack Obama switches issues today from healthcare to the war in Afghanistan when he speaks to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Phoenix, the last stop of his long weekend out West.

Elections in Afghanistan this week seen as a test of Obama’s strategy to increase American troops in an effort to push back Taliban gains.

Special mention: Former Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon died over the weekend. The affable, bow-tie wearing, former journalist who was most recently president of Refugees International wrote about his battle with melanoma last month in the context of the healthcare debate.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama at Grand Canyon)

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The tide is turning against the Obama government socialist health scheme. But are the Obama surrogates hoping he can reverse the downward spiral? There was a king in england who had similar supporters to Obama and they thought that the king had the power to turn back the tides.So they put him on a chair and sat him in the sea with the waves lapping around his ankles,unfortunately he got soaked!as the tide surged in. Could we see a similar outcome if the leftist fringe of his party insist that Obama presses ahead with this unpopular bill?

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