Is Sarah Palin trading Alaska for Rhode Island?

August 20, 2009

Talk about a political football.

The Anchorage Daily News in Alaska is reporting, and The Providence Journal is repeating, a tantalizing rumor that Sarah Palin is going to move to Rhode Island.

No one has confirmed that (including us, and we tried). Even the Anchorage paper which started the speculation says it’s probably not true.

But frankly, Sarah Palin — the former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor — is a queen of surprises so one never knows…

Just in case, let’s look at what Palin would gain from moving to the scenic geographically smallest state on the Atlantic from the scenic geographically largest state on the Pacific. GERMANY

On the favorite Palin pastime of hunting, Rhode Island offers whitetail deer and pheasant, somewhat smaller game than bear and caribou in Alaska.

Politically, Rhode Island — the last of the 13 original colonies to enter the Union in 1790 — has voted Democrat in all but four presidential elections since 1928.

That compares to Alaska — the 49th state to enter the Union in 1959 — which has voted for a Republican in the White House in all but one election since 1960.

But Rhode Island with four electoral votes has one more than Alaska. Hey every vote counts.

In the 2008 presidential contest, President Barack Obama won 63 percent of the vote in Rhode Island versus 35 percent for the McCain-Palin ticket.

USA/So if Palin does have presidential aspirations, not sure that Rhode Island would be the obvious choice of abode for a conservative Republican.

Although the view is pretty nice from mansions along the cliffs of Newport and the shopping is great in Boston and New York.


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Photo credit: Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch (Alaska brown bear);  Reuters/Shannon Stapleton (People listen to music at Newport Folk Festival)


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Hey, Alaska’s gain is Rhode Island’s loss. You folks in Alaska can get down to some serious work.

Posted by Barringer Young | Report as abusive

She can run but she can’t hide.

More from the goofy right please…this is their year, let them shine.

Posted by owlafaye | Report as abusive

I think she’s moving to Quahog…..

for those that don’t know, that’s a reference to a crude and rude animated show named “Family Guy”.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Is there anyone to the left of the L who can disagree without destructive, demeaning, insulting or nasty replies? Apparently the first post should do a bit of research and learn of all the improvements she accomplished for AK, and all the graft she’s gotten rid of.

Posted by Undoctor | Report as abusive

Sarah is stirring up a storm for peronal gain. She works very har at sowing discord. This is not good Poltics- she’s taking the US back to the Political Dark Ages

Posted by ixwa | Report as abusive

I live in Rhode Island, and this terrifies me. How much trouble can I get into for throwing a pie in someones face?

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

She can see Block Island from her kitchen window. She’ll become the leader of the New American Fascist Party, the Block Heads.

Posted by thebob.bob | Report as abusive

She’s doing it to be closer to where the political action is, where the radio stations are, and where the campaign contributions are. In other words, she’s abandoning her admittedly adopted home state for pure political advantage. Cynical, cynical, thy name is Sarah.

Posted by borisjimski | Report as abusive


Posted by John Lindop | Report as abusive

This is for Bob…

You already live with the leader of the New American Fascist party – BO.

Posted by WSB | Report as abusive

As a native Rhode Islander now living out West, I’d be thrilled to have Sarah as a neighbor in our state.

All of you die hard Obama supporters who have supported Socialism, Afro-Lenninism and Statism are about to find out that as “folksy”as Sara is, she’s a lot smarter than B.O.

We’ll take her!

Posted by Monarch | Report as abusive

As a past Alaskan, Sarah is brilliant and a great leader. Maybe when people really get to know her, will people understand what she has to offer. Liberals are just afraid but certainly don’t know her.

Posted by bea | Report as abusive

If true then we Alaskans can only pray the ethnics complainers will follow. Then progress instead of regress may happen.

Posted by patrick | Report as abusive

[…] she moved to Rhode Island? A whole lot of Democrats, for starters. As Tabassum Zakaria of Reuters notes, Rhode Island has gone for the Democratic candidate in all but four presidential elections since […]

Posted by What Would Sarah Palin Want With Rhode Island? « Sarah Palin Truth Squad | Report as abusive

good flounder fishing, I bet she will go upstate New York

Posted by tony sacco | Report as abusive

It seems the only way there can be any unity in the democratic party between the progressive liberals and the “share the wealth” socialists is a common hatred for someone. It is good for the reasonable people to this venom as the mask slips,keep it up guys, meanwhile i am just sitting on the fence watching all rabidness and loving it. You lot have the votes but are not getting anything passed,what a joke!

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Palin is brilliant? Oh yeah, she says a few words, purses her lips, and looks out at the audience. The woman is a dunce, I just hope she doesn’t come to Wisconsin. We already have Tommy Thompson, and that’s bad enough.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

I live in Alaska. I bought her a ticket.

Posted by AKDave | Report as abusive

Brian when are you going to let these “share the wealth” “socialist” talking points go? Come on man, Dems are not socialists. I run my own business for God’s sake, do think I want a real socialist government? Just because some us want affordable health care (not government run) doesn’t make us Marxists. As far the venom toward Palin, are you familiar with expression “you reap what you sow”? She has been a self described pit bull from the start and frankly I don’t think she brings anything constructive to the table only divisiveness. Trust me, you can’t reason with a pit bull.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

I think that we need to be more pragmatic about the question. I am a native Rhode Islander who is living back here again after a lot of years away. I am no big fan of Mrs. Palin, but I need to be honest, for someone who paints themselves as a reformer, Rhode Island is a target rich environment for a person who paints themselves as a reformer and problem solver. We have a 300 foot brindge that took more than 2 decades to build… we have a fundamentally corrupt legislature run by who knows whom (and most of the state). There could be a logic and method to the madness if there is any truth at all in the rumor.

Posted by Keith | Report as abusive

Eric h ,Just before i read your posting i was walking my two Boston terriers in the park and a huge pit bull which had got away from it,s owner ran up to my dogs and thankfully turned over on it,s back and let them sniff it! Eric have you seen the latest estimate of how much dept this government are going to generate! another 2 trillion more from 7T to 9T. the term socialism to you is probably something you read about,i lived it. Look at the people Obama has surrounded himself with,from his days as an organizer,and to being part of the” Chicago way” you are a reflection of the people you hang with. you would probably be grateful if you had the Palins as next door neighbors than some of the thugs with a nut on their tee-shirts. I Welcome the democrats pressing through the health care bill,because this political dogma has got to be shown for what it is worth. my only DEMAND, I MEAN DEMAND,is that these people will be held responsible,and Eric i don,t want to sound pompous but self employed is not necessarily running your own business,and having to subsidizes someones health insurance.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Why doesn’t Sarah find a cave to live in and leave RI alone. Who was the moron who said she was smart. You must be really dumb if you think she’s smart. I pity you. Please keep her, Alaska!!

Posted by Jeannie C. | Report as abusive

Eric Lee, you are SO right. If everybody in the United States had health coverage, and small businesses didn’t have to worry about paying inflated health insurance premiums, and you could go to any doctor and any hospital you choose, the American people would absolutely hold the party responsible that brought them that.

Fortunately for us all, the insurance companies and Big PhRMA have spread enough money around Washington to keep that from happening.

Anyway, back to the point: Palin, in Little Rhody??????

Posted by pdquick | Report as abusive