The First Draft: too Mr. Nice Guy?

August 21, 2009

It doesn’t matter that the healthcare debate has picked apart every argument from every side until nobody knows what actually is going to happen on that front. There are still fresh opinions to be found every day. OBAMA/

Pointing out Paul Krugman in The New York Times today saying “It’s hard to avoid the sense that Mr. Obama has wasted months trying to appease people who can’t be appeased, and who take every concession as a sign that he can be rolled.”

Don’t miss the exchange between host Jon Stewart and Betsy McCaughey, who started the saber-rattling on what later became known as death panels, last night on “The DailyShow”.

President Barack Obama will have a closed-door healthcare consultation today with someone who is quite well-versed in the politics of Washington: former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who was Obama’s first pick for health secretary.

Republican critics must be savoring the sight of Democrats unable to come together on healthcare even when they control Congress and the White House.

And we want to hear from you. Is Obama being too “Mr. Nice Guy” in the healthcare debate? What should he do next? What about opponents of the healthcare overhaul — are they playing their cards right?

The Obama family is off on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard next week, Congress is still on summer break, but it’s doubtful the healthcare debate will take a breather.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Obama speaks at a healthcare forum)


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!!!(EDITORS, PLEASE REMOVE MY FIRST/PREVIOUS COMMENT)Obama’s strategy could have been better, but he has addressed a lot of issues within his first seven months in Office, and perhaps he needs to slow down and allow more time for everyone to get a clear understanding of HC Reform. I give him credit for at least attempting to work across the aisle for a bipartisan solution. That too was one of his campaign promises; however, the opposing side has acted downright foolish with this opportunity, so I suppose it’s time for a new approach, and if the Republicans thought they felt shut out before, well, they’ve asked to be shut out now. Maybe if they put a little more thought into their actions before posting signs of Obama with a Hitler mustache, they could have been drafting intelligent questions to really represent their concerns – instead of presenting the most outrageous lies that they should have been embarrassed to even utter. The Dems shouldn’t attack him for trying to work with both parties, but maybe being too nice has been the problem. Maybe it’s time for a new, still fair, approach to “Change”.

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There will be some discomfort all the time in certain southern quarters with a historic change in the leadership of this country. Any normal benefit of the doubt which Bush exploited dangerously – all the time will never be granted to Barak Obama. He will need to be perfect all the time, every a section of population is just waiting to discredit and pounce upon Barak Obama.These healthcare misconceptions will be nailed down only when a combined bill is thrashed out between the senate & the congress – passed by simple majority. All this heat will dissipate in about six months — well ahead of the 2010 elections.The Obama team is just too smart to let these lies affect them at the polls . The timing is carefully selected now to provide for the cooling off period before the elections.R V N

Posted by Ravi Nagarkar | Report as abusive

Obama deserves praise for trying to make health care reform bipartisan. It hasn’t worked! So, next month, no more Mister Niceguy!

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Is it just me or does is no one considering that health insurance companies have a strong stake in keeping the right and right centered dems against healthcare reform? These politicians do except funds for their campaigns. I’m just hoping a fair share of those who can bring serious healthcare reform about can’t be dissuaded from doing the right thing!

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We finaly have a president with the guts to take on healthcare in this country. But many political people don’t want to see the average American treated fairly. They are getting great deals of money to make sure things stay the same. They will say or do what ever it takes to prevent any type of change that might benifit the average American. I under stand what drives these people. Its greed. But what I don’t understand is why other Americans want fellow citizens to be treated differently than them. Please don’t be fooled by people spreading lies about Obamas Health care. Treat others fairly.

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Are you people blind and death? The American public has spoke out against this health plan. Where is the big emergency to pass a bill that the country doesnt want?All I’ve seen since the democrates have taked over is more of my freedoms taken away. The Democratic party used to be the party of the people, now they dont give a damn what the people want they want to cram their agenda down our throats.Listen to the people politicians. Your supposed to represent us, not govern us. We are not some unruley kids you need to make fun of, call names or ignore, were the people you swore an oath on the bible to represent.LISTEN

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Look-All you need to know is that about 1/2 of the people in your poll think illegals are covered by the health care bill and also that the government will be able to decide to stop care for the elderly, both of which are untrue. The U.S. public is gullible and uninformed, thereby encouraging the propagandists to lie to them even more through the usual means-Fox, Rush, etc. They are then drawn to town hall meetings to voice their fears, along with the obvious plants placed there by insurance and drug cos. These 50% are pathetic. They were fearful and ignorant when they were young, then grew into fearful and ignorant old people, and so the cycle continues. They are the problem, not Obama’s message. He and the democrats have and are clarifying these points daily, just not as loudly as the enemy, Glenn Beck, Rush, et al, so our fellow denizens hear only the lies, and, as Mark Twain or someone said, A lie is halfway around the world before the truth gets started.

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It is encouraging to read blog responses offered by rational, thinking individuals. We have a new president who is not afraid to take on issues. At what seems to me to be a critical point in our history how fortunate we are to have a leader who is trying to accomplish things, including the most daunting task of the last half century – health care reform. I am also encouraged that at this the most pressing time to date in Barak Obama’s administration we are debating whether he is being too decent with his challengers.

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Disgusted with Mr. Obama’s advisory staff. They appear to be a bunch of feckless fops running around with “let’s try this,” over and over and repeat, repeat.The only thing worse is that Mr. Obama is listening to them.

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Treated fairly? Is it fair for others to pay your way in life? Or better to have a economy where you can support yourself? Once obama has destroyed all private business, where will income from? The government? Have you seen the breakdown of the 47 million uninsured? Illegals are at least 10 million. 15 million can afford insurance but want to spend it on other things. Is that fair to those of us who are responsible to pay for those uninsured?Yes, we want fairness. I am average and pay for my health insurance at a great cost. I don’t want to pay for those who refuse to pay for healthcare but can. I don’t want to pay for illegals. I do not mind extra taxes to give a helping hand for those who needs healthcare temporarily.Fairness? Yes, by all means. Daschle and Zeke Emanuel both have written that seniors must be accepting of their illness and not look for medical care. Zeke Emanuel has said older people not paying taxes anymore, need to consider end of life. He also said it would become a neccessity to ocntrol costs.Now these two men are advising obama on healthcare. Daschle is on the board at GE that will register your private healthcare records and that registry will decide who gets care and who does not by costs. Fairness? If you pay taxes you get care, if too old, off with you?This is not free healthcare. The average citizen according the times poll said they would be willing $100.00 a month for healthcare. What if the cost means no care for your grandmother? This HC reform comes at a huge price to everyone. Your children have a chronic illness? You want to fight government to give them the care they need?All obama has to do is increase medicaid for those uninsured. Have them take a means test as to how much they can afford. How simple but no controls.That would not give the progressive administration enough control over your life. You see, you could get off of medicaid in a good economy and they do not want that. They want you to come to government for everything. In time, they want single payer, socialism and control of 1/7th of the economy. Where insurance companies must set money aside to pay for healthcare of their members,Washington can spend every dime. That is why medicare owes 32 trillion in future care and the money is not there. They spent it.Everyone needs to be insured. Our borders must be closed and illegals must pay a price for medical care. Once everyone is covered and everyone pays a price, some skin in the game, costs will go down.As long as it is free many will abuse it. There is no right to free healthcare. There is a right to liberty and the ability to pay for the things you need in life.

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The fact is that as much as Democrats would love to have everyone believe that all objectors to healthcare are either heartless, paid, or so misinformed that they shouldn’t have a voice. Admittedly, Palin and Beck definitely aren’t helping and I’m sure some insurance companies aren’t helping.But the fact is that tons of Americans who know the pitfalls of nationalized healthcare from other countries and are speaking out. There are a lot of people out there with real objections and questions that are not being answered. There are a lot of people saying “everybody needs to be insured by right” and that may be true – but the problem really is how its being done.

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If Obama is so passinate about health care why doesn’t he have his own White House plan? Instead we have 5 Democrat congressional versions that have different clauses. It’s convenient to say that the Health Care Bill doesn’t say this or that because it’s in one of the other 5.More free enterprise not less will solve our health care/insurance problems. Insurance companies can’t compete across state lines. Why not? Why can’t I buy insurance from another state if it’s cheaper? Why isn’t the government trying to get out of the way instead of standing in between me and cheaper (not lessor) health care for my family?Clearly the government isn’t interested in my well being. It only wants to create another “We can’t get rid of this bureaucracy because it’s too important” that we can’t can’t pay for.The private sector can do this if government just gets off it’s back.

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Well I do not think is only the GOP who oppose this… all the polls indicate that the majority do not want a government intervention on health care… and the opposition comes from inside the Democratic party many of the congressman aren’t to sure about the bill and that is why they could not pass it before August break. It is time that both sides take responsibility of their own failures. The administration could not answer many questions about the plan on health care.People are getting tire of the blame game and aren’t buy in it any more.Our deficit will sky rock and it is the main reason people aren’t happy with the situation.Now the Democratic party have full charge of the country and must demonstrate what they promised.

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The Democrats contoll Congress.They say a majority of the Anerican people want these various Democratic plans in both houses. So vote for them.The 2010 mid-term elections are the only polls that count.If the American voting public hasen’t figured out the tax and cost consequences of Cap and Trade along with the pending Immigrationn Bill with its amnesty and health care for illegl aliens by 2010 it won’t make any difference what happens on the present health care reform bills.Bt then it’s too late.

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While the so called leaders of this country out gone, the country can know that is is safe for the time being. And as for reaching out, this is the worse I have seen it— ever.

Posted by Pumpkin | Report as abusive

CK,unfortunately i don,t have the figures on how the political contributions were dispersed between the democrats and republicans by the medical insurance industry in the last election.But i know that litigation lawyers were reported to have given 97% of their total contributions to the democrats,could this be why in all the different proposed bills up till now they have refused to even consider compensation reform? Something else the liberals don,t want to talk about?

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