Sen. Kennedy’s notable speeches

August 26, 2009


The death of Sen. Edward Kennedy prompted Politico to compile a list of some of his best and most notable speeches.

Here is a selection, with video found on YouTube:

1968 Robert Kennedy eulogy:

1980 concession speech at the Democratic National Convention:

1987 Robert Bork Supreme Court confirmation hearing:

2008 Endorsing Barack Obama:

2008 Democratic Convention


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Senator Kennedy was an iconic figure who followed the footsteps of his illustrious brothers. A colourful personality, deeply respected by friends and foes alike, both at home and abroad especially in Ireland. The Kennedy mantle protected him from virulent allegations, but in the same breath, thrust him further into the lime-light. His growing stature in the Senate as an elder statesman gave him tremendous clout. Democratic Presidential hopefuls needed his tacit endorsement if they ever wanted to succeed in getting nominated by the Party. His support for Obama was pivotal as it made it much harder for Hillary Clinton to challenge Obama.

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I wonder what Mary Jo Kapeckne thinks right about now? End of an era? Yep. It’s time to move on and forget this Kennedy stuff.

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I am old enough to remember some talk about a letter Kennedy sent to the Russians about helping them defend against us and the desire to bring down the “wall”. Anyone remember and can enlighten us?

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Lets see. Old man Joe made a fortune selling stock due to insider information. Had an affair with Gloria Swanson while married to Rose.

Son John increased our involvement in Vietnam by raising the military advisors from 800 to 16000.

Let hundreds of Bay of Pigs invaders die needlessly by not supporting them after authorizing the strike,

Purported to have had an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

I could go on and on……

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