Senator Kennedy’s final resting spot

August 28, 2009

KENNEDY/Senator Edward Kennedy will be buried on Saturday near his brothers, former President John F. Kennedy and former Senator Robert F. Kennedy, at Arlington National Cemetery.

The site is about 200 feet south of the eternal flame that marks John Kennedy’s grave, a popular tourist draw directly across the river from Washington.

Robert Kennedy’s gravesite, marked by a simple white wooden cross, lies about 95 feet away.

It was not clear what type of headstone will be on  Teddy Kennedy’s site, or whether it will include a granite plaza similar to those of his brothers, a cemetery spokesperson said.

All three sites are on a steep grassy hillside, directly below the graceful mansion that was home to Robert E. Lee, the general who led Confederate troops in the Civil War.

The U.S. government seized the property during the war. As the body count mounted, U.S. generals turned the property into a military cemetery to ensure it would have no commercial value were Lee to return. Lee’s son won the property back in court, then sold it to the government for $150,000.

The cemetery now holds the remains of more than 300,000 veterans of all of the nation’s wars, from the American Revolution through the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are roughly 6,400 funerals each year.

Kennedy will join 155 other members of Congress who are buried at the cemetery.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Jim Young (Funeral planners look over the site where Kennedy will be buried)


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Are the democrats trying to turn this into the Michael Jackson show in politics? judging by the response to these blogs, Rush first past the post, followed by at a distance second, the Jonas brother,and sen kennedy left at the post. Even God is not cooperating ,Danny is going to give them all a soaking.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Why does Kennedy or any other politician who has never served in our armed forces or as president (ie. commander in chief) deserve to be buried in Arlington? Certainly some congress members have actually served and been awarded medals for their service, they do deserve the honor of Arlington. It appears that the Kennedy’s do not mind using their power and position to take personal advantage — Shame on them.

Posted by Jim M | Report as abusive

Senator Kennedy gets an Arlington burial why? He was never in the armed services or fought in a war. Politicians should not seek to bend the rules so that they may be buried in honorable places. If they did serve in the military then they justifiably deserve the honor to be buried in Arlington or if they were the commander in chief.

Posted by Noid | Report as abusive

It’s really too bad y’all have to snipe before doing even the slightest bit of research.
Senator Edward Kennedy served in the United States Army from 1951 to 1953, not to mention 40 years in the Senate and losing two brothers to assassination. I’d say that qualifies him quite well to be buried next to said brothers.
What have you done for your country, lately?

Posted by jerkdetector | Report as abusive

BRAVO Few citizens have _earned_ the right to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery: Ted Kennedy is certainly one of the few who have!

Posted by docsteve | Report as abusive

thanks jerkdetector, obvious noid was not aware of sen kennedys service neither was i. If it had received the same scrutiny and publicity that presidents Bushes service had ,i am sure we would have known. Unless on the other hand we are confusing national service with community organizing?

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive