The First Draft: Drag out that vacation a bit

August 28, 2009

For some Americans — including the president — there’s just one last week of summer before work and school get back into full swing. 

OBAMA/President Barack Obama found out that as president, sometimes a vacation isn’t always a break from work. So he decided to extend his time off a bit by going to Camp David next week after returning from Martha’s Vineyard.

While on the Vineyard Obama interrupted his family holiday a couple of times. First, to announce his renomination of Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve and then to speak after his friend, Senator Edward Kennedy, died of cancer.

He and his family have been spotted out cycling and playing golf. They went out on the town a few nights for dinner but it probably hasn’t been the most restful vacation. An escape to Camp David — where the press are not allowed — could be just what he needs to charge up before battles on healthcare resume when Congress returns in September.

Obama’s spokesman Bill Burton promised that after Obama had time to “recharge his batteries” and spend time with his family during vacation he would “come back as rip-roaring as he was before.”

Battles over healthcare, questions over how the CIA handled prisoner abuse cases and the economic recovery will all be waiting for Obama.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Obama and his family wave as they tour historic lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard)


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Yeah, with deficits skyrocketing, taxes increasing across the board thanks to his pork-filled “stimulus” package and unemployment rising past double-digits (despite his assurances the stimulus package needed to be signed to keep it low), who deserves a vaca more than Barry?

Posted by Stephen Rex | Report as abusive

take your time, Barry. in fact: how about a permanent vacation?

Posted by sunny | Report as abusive