Obama poll problem persists, Congress too

August 31, 2009

President Barack Obama can’t shake off his public opinion poll problem.

OBAMA/The Rasmussen reports daily presidential tracking poll today shows likely voter approval of presidential performance at 46 percent, the lowest level yet for Obama.

But wait, before anyone in Congress starts jumping up and down in glee, the public opinion of Congress is even more unflattering.

A Rasmussen Reports poll yesterday shows that 57 percent of likely voters would replace the entire Congress and start all over again.

And in the battle to claim the upper hand on healthcare, another poll last week found likely voters say they understand healthcare legislation better than Congress.

Basically in the healthcare debate the public opinion polls don’t seem to help anyone.

Gallup had an interesting analysis on Friday about how there is historically no clear relationship between presidential approval and the stock market. So even if the stock market improves, it won’t necessarily bump up Obama’s numbers.

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The American public is now starting to realize that in the last election we were sold a bill of goods by a slick talking inexperienced Chicago politician. Unfortunately, many of the congressional politicos rode on his coat tails and as a result, we are faced with the destruction of the Republic as we have known it. If Obama’s rating is down it must be as a result of ACORN and the rest of the civilian army not voting in the polls.

Posted by USN Chief Retired | Report as abusive

Since congress destroyed our economy by listening to lobbiest, there is no reason to think that they can do anything without a bribe(campaign contribution).
When it all collapes, where are they going to hide.

President Obama will be a one term president.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Is the public finally waking up? I sure hope so.

Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed regularly. And that’s change we can believe in!

Posted by maddernthat | Report as abusive

The Democrats dropped any pretense at acting democratically on 5/31/2008 when the By-Laws Committee met in D.C. behind closed doors to hand the nomination to Mr. Obama. They dumped Mrs. Clinton.
After that I knew the the party I supported all my life was no different than the Republicans. Others are finally realizing this. I ended up supporting Ralph Nader

Posted by Greg | Report as abusive

Campaign promises are to attract votes. The only difference in the two major parties is the special interests that get the money they divert. As we can see, it’s business as usual in DC. That hasn’t changed for decades, and it’s not going to now.

Posted by Citizen Sucker | Report as abusive

Since the polling companies telephone/interview randomly, it’s impossible for ACORN and SEIU to “paper the house”. I suppose they could “demonstrate” at the polling companies’ offices and try to intimidate them into interveiwing a more “representative” sampling.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Government needs tax dollars to do stuff. Money means power. Washington DC is power hungry. We need to make some basic changes in Washington DC. The time to begin doing that is in 2010 with the mid-term elections. People like Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Barbara Boxer need to be voted out of office. We need to curtail this constant growth of government. Family dynasties that only know poplitics need to go. That includes the Kennedy’s and the Bush’s and any other family where it just becomes inbred way to fund family wealth.

Posted by Don Littlefield | Report as abusive

The Republicans are the party of NO and everyone sees that!

Obama inherited the financial mess from irresponsible Republicans that spent and borrowed for 6 years w/o any Democratic help’.

Keep being obstructionist and the Democrats will be a much bigger party.

Posted by Maverick | Report as abusive

Obama became President through media hype. His outside coating was slick with star power. But now were starting to see that he is head strong person who has no idea what he is doing.

Posted by Don Chesvick | Report as abusive

This story is not news in the least. I have been saying this would happen since before Obama took office on 20 Jan 2009. He was only elected with only 52 percent of the vote. That means there are nearly 50 percent of the people who want nothing to do with his radical left agenda. The middle of the road voters (who are generally just right of center…since we are a conservative nation at heart!) are now regretting what they did. Also, the majority of new congressional democrats did not win their elections by wide margins either. It was much closer than anyone on the left wants to admit. But it is a fact.

Rasmussen is a reliable and valid measure of the mood of this nation because they are non-partisan and report the facts with no agenda. All you have to do is see how the public is reacting to this administration and congress to see how accurate Rasmussen is. He is right on the money!!

Obama and congress did not win a mandate to “force” their agenda on the American public. I too predict Obama will be a one term president.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Obama is just another slick talking southside Chicago thug. The only politics he knew was showing others how to demostrate and to show others how to disrupt meetins. His life is a complete secret…no one knows just what part of what he claims is true and what part is a fabrication. A red flag should have went up when he was campaigning with all of the untrues he was telling about his life and his family. Obama is totally worthless so far as the United States is concerned. It would be great to send him back to wherever he came from, but does anyone really know where he came from?

Posted by Jerry | Report as abusive

This is why the American voters want to toss them all out and I agree. These guys never saw a dollar they didn’t want to spend.

Here’s some general national debt guestimates starting when Bush took office. Note that these figures are not easy to find and that the 3.7 Trillion increase under Bush is the largest for one president in the history of the county. Bush didn’t say no all that often.

It’s also notable that Medicare is running an 11.5 trillion dollar debt all by itself. If you add that to the existing nation debt we are already 22 trillion dollars in the red to the tune of about $128,000 per taxpayer.

Bush 8,000,000,000,000 (incomplete info)
Bush + 3,737,879,584,276
Obama 11,737,879,584,276
Obama + 9,000,000,000,000 (purposed)
Total 20,737,879,584,276

Citizens total 306,831,938
Not Taxed 45.6% 139,915,364
Tax Payers 176,831,938

Share Now Per Tax Payer 70,321.83
After Obamacare 124,240.98

These final figures are misleading because tax is paid on a scale. Not everyone is taxed equally.

Posted by 8080 | Report as abusive

What concerns me is the cockiness of the whole motley gang of protection racketeers.
Theyre up to something which will deny the people Democracy or they wouldn’t still be ramming these power-grabs through which can only be seen as constitutional, let alone efficatious, by utter idiots.
They don’t seem to care. Lefty media can only cultivate so much apathy.

Posted by zK | Report as abusive

Strange no mention of Gallup results which shows President Obama’s approval up by 9.
For the same time period. I wonder why?

Gallup 8/28 – 8/30 1547 A 51 42 +9
Rasmussen Reports 8/28 – 8/30 1500 LV 46 53 -7

Rasmussen admits it poll results are lower because
of who it reports on who it determines to b “likely voters.”

Posted by MrUniteUs | Report as abusive

Voters are well aware that Congress, Democrats and Republican alike, caters to special interests in order to get campaign funding and re-elected.As a result, they have destroyed our industries, our health care, our educational system, our economy, involved us in unnecessary wars, and reduced our income by refusing to protect our borders. Local, State, and Federal government now takes over 61% of everything that we produce and gives a large portion of the rest to foreign countries. This government is no longer sustainable.

Posted by Web Smith | Report as abusive

Rasmussen and Fox News. We distort, You buy it.

Posted by TDI | Report as abusive

TC, have you seen the results of polls that were taken in Israel? there is a sense of suspicion about Obama,s intentions over there.A friend of mine returned from a business trip and what concessions Obama has reportedly promised the Arabs whether true or not are causing concern. I have never hidden the fact that i am a conservative christian and believe in the special relationship between the Jews and God and i also believe that because of the support by America for the sovereign nation of Israel this is the reason that our country has seen economic blessing.I also believe that if Obama has a different agenda that would jeopardize this special partnership then we would see his presidency fall into pieces.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

For the deluded souls who would rather attack the Rasmussen poll than face facts, Zogby has Obama’s approval rating at 42%, and Pew at 51%.

Posted by Daniel C. | Report as abusive

Some of the posters bashing Obama are quoting some fairly dubious pollsters — “Zogby Internet,” for example, has Obama’s approval rating at 42%. If we filter out “Freeped” Internet polls and Rasmussen, Obama shifts to 52.7% approval, 41% disapproval.

It’s not as if Obama’s numbers are in free fall. Gallup’s daily tracking poll has the president’s numbers up five points — 50% to 55% — over the last week. McClatchy has Obama at 56% approval; CNN has him at 53%; and CBS has him at 56%. The recent media buzz has been about the president’s steep decline, but approval ratings in the mid-50s, in the midst of a weak economy, two wars, and blistering attacks on his signature domestic policy by the most intense corporate lobbying campaign in history? That ain’t bad.

It’s really not worth obsessing over these numbers anyway, at least not at this point. Maybe we’re seeing the beginning of a new upswing for the president, or maybe his numbers will slide back down soon. Maybe there’s a short-term post-Kennedy bump; maybe the base is rallying behind Obama in the face of right-wing craziness; maybe a lot of things.

The bottom line is these minor fluctuations aren’t terribly important. But there are going to be ups and downs, which aren’t nearly as significant as larger, broader trends.

I’m willing to bet that if the President and Congressional Democrats decided to steamroll Republican opposition to healthcare reform, passing either Medicare For All or at least the public option, Obama’s poll numbers would rise 20 points in one day.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Steve. Here’s the deal. Bush’s numbers were higher at this point in his presidency than Obama’s are at the same point in their first terms. What is amazing about this is that Bush was attacked relentless by the liberals and the media. Obama has been given a free ride and his numbers are still lower. He is on a sinking ship….No one wants what he is trying to force on us.

You can talk about the minor flucuations, but the facts are he is in a free fall.

As for this republican opposition, that is not an accurate assessment and you just proved your a left winger. The fact of the matter is the blue dog democrats and not supporting this health care fiasco. If it isn’t them, it is the far left liberal faction in congress who doesn’t like that it isn’t liberal enough. It has nothing to do with republicans. Not one single republican vote is needed to pass this piece of junk….not one!! So stop with the republicans, your side isn’t united in the least…But that makes me very happy.

So, the numbers are important because it shows the American people have not given him a mandate for force change on us. He only won 52 to 48 percent. Almost half the American people don’t like what he has to offer.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Brian Lee. No I have not seen the polls regarding Israel. It really doesn’t matter, it is plain to see the American people have caught on to this disaster we elected president. Out of the last 10 presidents he ranks number 7. For as bad as “some” people say Bush was, he was more popular and had a higher approval rating at this point in his first term than Obama did. Bush was relentlessly attacked by the left and the media and he still had a higher approval rating than Obama. Obama has the media singing songs for him….but the people know the truth…they sure do.

He is a disaster and the sooner we can minimize the damage, the better. The 2010 elections can’t get here fast enough….

Posted by TC | Report as abusive