Pistol Packin’ Pelosi? finger on healthcare trigger

September 3, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put the insurance industry on notice that if congressional Democrats are forced to compromise on a government-run health insurance plan and accept a “trigger” proposed by Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, get ready for some major fire power.

Snowe has proposed a compromise that would “trigger” the creation of a new public plan should insurance market reforms fail to meet affordability and quality benchmarks.

USA/At a news conference in San Francisco, Pelosi was asked about the “trigger” idea that has gained new strength in recent days as the White House looks for a potential compromise that would help get President Barack Obama’s proposed healthcare overhaul through Congress.

Pelosi warned insurance companies that they should accept the Senate health committee proposal that would create a public plan because “if they want no public option but a trigger, you can be sure that the trigger will bring on a very robust public option.”

The Senate health committee version would put the public option on a more even competitive playing field with private insurers than the original House proposal. The House bill moved closer to the Senate version in a compromise with conservative Democrats worried that the public option would undermine private insurers.

One thing is for certain, the healthcare fight is far from over.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Robert Galbraith (Pelosi talks to reporters after San Francisco speech)


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Nancy, Harry, Barrack and the rest of the Marxists fools who have overthrown our government: prep your resumes, because you all are OUTTA HERE! Sooner, rather than later! We, The People have spoken: you’re ALL fired!

Posted by foxpaw | Report as abusive

Why all the concern over congress not committing to subject themselves to the ‘government option’ plan. I’m sure we have all heard at least one representative (at a town hall) state that the “congress will have the same option as the general public. That means they can keep what they have or they can select this new option. I have heard no statement that we can select what congress has or select for the new.
Saying they will have the same option as us is not the same as saying we will have the same option as them, because the plan they have is not available to us..

Posted by Woody B | Report as abusive

I’m from a small town with a couple of village idiots. Clone those to come up with 535 and we would have a better government.

Posted by bim bell | Report as abusive

If anybody in Washington needs to be investigated by an independent group, are the clowns in the White House, all appointees (including those idiotic czars), “Madam” Palosi, the undertaker Reid and the crooked chairmen.

My God, did we totally loose our minds to allow these SOBs running this country. It is time to kick some asssss!

Posted by KKoni | Report as abusive

As I have said many times, Government can only screw up a good thing! If you want Government involvement, then let it mandate rules, like Med Supps, and let private insurance price it out.
As for fining those who don’t buy coverage, just simply make them pay for it or not receive care. See either they want to spread the risk by paying premiums or they self-insure. It really is that simple.

I can not believe what has happened to my country. Who are the idiots who sent this elitist, treasonous, sociopath, Palosi to Washington anyway? Read history people. We are moving quickly down a path that has never turned out well anywhere in the world. Ever! You left wing nuts may just get what you think you want but you will be sorry.

Posted by Elmer Fudd | Report as abusive