Pistol Packin’ Pelosi? finger on healthcare trigger

September 3, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put the insurance industry on notice that if congressional Democrats are forced to compromise on a government-run health insurance plan and accept a “trigger” proposed by Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, get ready for some major fire power.

Snowe has proposed a compromise that would “trigger” the creation of a new public plan should insurance market reforms fail to meet affordability and quality benchmarks.

USA/At a news conference in San Francisco, Pelosi was asked about the “trigger” idea that has gained new strength in recent days as the White House looks for a potential compromise that would help get President Barack Obama’s proposed healthcare overhaul through Congress.

Pelosi warned insurance companies that they should accept the Senate health committee proposal that would create a public plan because “if they want no public option but a trigger, you can be sure that the trigger will bring on a very robust public option.”

The Senate health committee version would put the public option on a more even competitive playing field with private insurers than the original House proposal. The House bill moved closer to the Senate version in a compromise with conservative Democrats worried that the public option would undermine private insurers.

One thing is for certain, the healthcare fight is far from over.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Robert Galbraith (Pelosi talks to reporters after San Francisco speech)


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This “trigger” business reminds me of the “Doomsday Machine” in Dr. Strangelove. Wow!

Posted by Bart Swinto | Report as abusive

[…] Read full report here […]

Posted by Beware of the “trigger” – if Pelosi is for it, something is wrong | Political Integrity Now | Report as abusive

I’m very upset with the new government and I think Pelosi is an immigrant from Iran, she certainly does not act like an American.

Posted by Ted Lorenz | Report as abusive

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck! When are the members of Congress going to realize that mainstream Americans are smarter than they are! Do something about the out-of-control programs you are already responsible for such as Medicare and CHIP. If we see cost reduction and improvement in service for six months running, then talk to us. Until that time – go back on vacation. We don’t need you in our business and we don’t want you in our business and lives.

Posted by GramsA | Report as abusive

Pelosi is an embarrassment to the Congress of the US. She is untrustworthy and is willing to sell our country for the sake of her political ambitions and the money she makes for her and her husband. DISGRACEFUL!!!

Posted by gorkey | Report as abusive

why would a republican have a public plan. this just goes to show us why everyone in both parties needs to go.

Posted by BRUCE | Report as abusive

That’s Liberal compromise for you… Pick the most far left, outside the conservative base Repubikan available and say it now has bi=partisan GOP support. Olympia Snowe, hmmmph… Can we just sell Maine to Canada?

Shameful liars the lot…

How can Democrats let this happen? Do they think we will forget what they are doing to the PRODUCTIVE CLASS and to America? It’s time the vast left wing conspiracy is exposed and held to account for their seditious acts.

Craig T. Nelson is right… April 15th 2010 is the day…

Posted by Mitch_A | Report as abusive

Senator Olympia Snowe may be a Republican but she is not a Conservative. She only takes money from the GOP but often votes with the Democrats.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Is Snowe crazy? Put the gun to our head and the Dems finger on the trigger, and we are dead for sure. Fire them all!

Posted by Terry | Report as abusive

“trigger” wonderful… If Snowe has her hand in it, it cannot be good for the American people. Just what we need, a RINO to help usher in socialized medicine for all.

Posted by shar | Report as abusive

Pelosi is acvting in her natural self but she represents the base ( in more than one sense ) of the democratic party. What truly troubles me is how Olympia Snow becomes the spokes person for the opposition. This is what really bothers me about the Republican Party. The country club group will make a deal for the sake of bi-partisanship–but the definition is give in to what the Democrats want to appease them instead of standing up for the voters. The have no guiding principles and are cowards.

Posted by martin j smith | Report as abusive

Nancy – to save face and get out of dodge while the getting is good…pay your own way back to California and stay there, you’re a disgrace to the United States and its people.

Posted by checkeye | Report as abusive

First of all Snowe won her last election in the heavily republican 2nd district of Maine with 76% of the vote so she represents the views of her constituents.
Second, did anyone read the blog entry entirely? The senate finance committee sets benchmarks for insurance industry to meet, if they don’t then the public option would go into effect.
It is standard practice of the insurance companies to deny claims and wiggle out of any costs that they can at the expense of the consumer. The only group winning is the insurers and their stockholders. Health care decisions should not be made (in the private or public sector) with the bottom line in mind.
For those of you interested the members of the “Gang of Six” on the senate finance committee are,
Max Baucus D-Mont
Chuck Grassley R-Iowa
Olympia Snowe R-Maine
Mike Enzi R-Wyo.
Kent Conrad D-N.D.
Jeff Bingaman D-N.M.
As far as i can see these are the only members of Congress who are interested in coming to a compromise on this issue.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

This “trigger” business reminds me of the “Doomsday Machine” in Dr. Strangelove. Wow!

– Posted by Bart Swinto

Bart I think you totally missed the point of “Dr Stangelove” you should watch it again.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put the insurance industry on notice that if congressional Democrats are forced to compromise on a government-run health insurance plan and accept a “trigger” proposed by Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, get ready for some major fire power….you mean in other words…The American People have put Congress on notice that if you pass a public option health care bill, something the majority of American DO NOT WANT, Congress needs to get ready to lose their job!

Posted by semby | Report as abusive

NO NO NO We do not want any compromise except true reform: Tort; sell insurance across State borders; control immergation; Leave health care in the states care.

Posted by Milton Bulloch | Report as abusive

The health insurance companies employe a great many people and if the Obammie Commies can destroy that business it will make all those people dependent on the Govt. which is exactly what the Commies want.
This entire recession in the is due to Obammie The Commies plan to destroy the freemarket economy and replace it with his socialist economy he wants to destroy the U.S any way he can. Remember Rev. Wright’s
G-D the USA

Posted by UncleWobbly | Report as abusive

Hope the congress is taking notes of all of the laws that will have to be repealed and/or changed in 2010 when republicans take over

Posted by tocoloro | Report as abusive

I just realized it. She does look like trigger. All due respect to Trigger

Posted by just me | Report as abusive

Lets think about this. Pelosi will except a “Trigger” situation that will put through a government option if the targets are not met. She has said the Trigger will bring on an even bigger stronger public option if the targets are not met. Sound like a threat?

Why do you believe she would except this situation? First she is a business owner.
Second she voted against the minimum wage increase for Somoans, where she also ownes a business.
So if the insurance companies do not meet the targets set, the trigger is pulled and the public option is put into effect. Who will benefit? Nancy Pelosi !! She will be able to dump her employees from her San Fran restaurant onto the government option thus reducing her business overhead and her bottom line.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Speaker Pelosi
Read your poll numbers and resign !
Bob Greeb
Cape Canaveral Fl

Posted by bob green | Report as abusive

It’s scary to think she in 3rd in line

Posted by Joe Ciardo | Report as abusive

This trigger idea is set up only to insure the public option,or GOVERNMENTAL control of any and all health care programs in this country.This cannot be allowed either, and the country needs to make that opinion more than clear, just as they have on this healthcare fiasco. Pelosi and Obama are heading this country towards destruction, and with it ,the chance to take over our government through subtrefuge.Any and all attempts to push forth another bill without both parties signing off on it is unacceptable. Obama has lost the backing from millions of people who were unhappy with republicans, when they voted him into office. Frankly ,I think that in his dillusional stance, he still thinks that he can continue the sincere insincerity,and con us into letting him push another junk bill through Congress,without discussion or any real opposition. It just isn’t going to work this time, the country has awakened, and is looking towards 2010.

Posted by srmanningson | Report as abusive

Where are the insurance companies during this debate? Why aren’t they flooding the airways?

Posted by PK in California | Report as abusive

The only Trigger I want here about is Roy Rodger’s Horse.
And the Horse would be a more popular congressional rep. then “pillosee”

Posted by Cliff | Report as abusive

The flag was not necessary. Her head is pointy enough.

Posted by Janine | Report as abusive

she must be removed, never have I seen so much involvment and hostility by so many Americans, she must go

Posted by Steve Schultz | Report as abusive

What I don’t understand is: if people of the ‘progressive’ persuasion wish to live in a socialist or marxist country, why don’t they? There are plenty of them in the world. Why mess with America? The few socialistic programs we have here are not working and need to be reformed, but I don’t think we need to push this agenda any further. Read “Atlas Shrugged” and/or “1984.” America wasn’t built on hand outs.

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

Atlas Shrugged is a great suggestion for those whom have not read it, however Anthem is another Ayn Rand book that is very much shorter but still revere’s individual
rights over the States Collectivism.

Posted by MGB47 | Report as abusive

Ms. Pelosis credibility is doubtful is she the one running the show or Mr. Obama ? She is giving away something without the President saying it so first ? Can we bet on that ? This administration is somewhat disarray is this what you call testing the water first before plunging in ? Please Mr. President clear this air before we all get suffocated.

Posted by B JR | Report as abusive

When is some offical goinf to start impeachment of all these traitors

Posted by Bob Spence | Report as abusive

In the forlorn hope that you will listen this time I will once again state the desires of the people in my sphere of influence.

Do you congress people ever listen to the voters ? we are sick and tired of Obamaism. Can’t you see the manner in which he has surrounded himself with so called Czars, and other Marxsis malcontents, and terrorists. This is a ploy to by pass the constitution.
This man is trying to make America a socialist state, and himself a dictator.

The people will never let this happen. We demand that as our elected representative in the Senate that you help put a stop to this. We have elected a dangerous leader who seems to dislike his own Country.

Bob Green
Cape Canaveral Fl

Posted by bob green | Report as abusive

The only trigger I can see happening is the one where the voters pull the leaver or punch the selection to oust Pelosi during her next election!

Posted by RonK | Report as abusive

No trigger!! The point is to keep the government OUT!

Posted by Bill NC | Report as abusive

There are only two triggers that can be pulled, as I see it.
One is the lever on the ballot, the other results in a messy situation and should only be used if the first trigger fails.

Posted by MikeinIdaho | Report as abusive

Pelosi, read our lips: NO PUBLIC HEALTH PLAN

Posted by camp906 | Report as abusive

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, more like RINO Senator Olympia Snowe. Time for all of the incumbents to get the trigger pulled on their names at the ballot box. We truly need conservatives in Congress, now and forever. 2010 maybe???

Posted by Warmil | Report as abusive

these prople are gonna drive us to anarchy and heavy racisim,i do not want this nor does the rest of America,but unfortunatly they are pushing the marksist way of life on free people. i for one am offended and stirred like a bees nest about it,stand up America,too many leftist hate mongers supporting this regime,i want my country free for all, talk about brown shirts,what they are doing now is exactly what the Germans did in 1933,took over banks,auto industry,and the free man,what next?executions of the jews and whites,ask Isreal how they have been treated by this “TRANSPARENT” administration.

Posted by vaconf | Report as abusive

The root of the problems we face today is the result of decades of career
politicians who think they can’t be removed from office easily, and therefore
do despite to the Will of the People who elected them. If we don’t solve THIS problem,
we only condemn succeeding generations to fight these same battles over and again.
A recent Rasmussen Report states that fully 57% of Americans would replace the ENTIRE Congress
if they could with 18% undecided. That’s nearly 75%!
Go here to see how to get that done. http://www.avoiceofthepeople.com
We simply must do this for future generations to come.
Read the Rasmussen report here: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_c ontent/politics/general_politics/august_ 2009/57_would_like_to_replace_entire_con gress
You may have to scroll down the page to the article link.

Posted by WeThePeople | Report as abusive

Is there anyway we can impeach Pelosi or have her removed from congress?

Posted by Mr T | Report as abusive

Keep one thing in mind folks, Pelosi and gang are going to get this public option no matter what you say. They just need a foot in the door and the rest can come later.
The only hope of real balanced heath care reform should not even be discussed until after the 2010 elections.
Keep up the fight and don’t ever give in to this lunacy. Your kids and Grandkids future,and America’s future are at stake.

Posted by Bo in N.C. | Report as abusive

We need to throw all the bums out!
Mark your calendars for the November 2010 election.
No incumbents!!
Especially Harry Reid

Posted by qsauditor | Report as abusive

This woman scares me to death. Where is she taking our health care? Why do the Liberals want to tear this country apart? Lets get them all out of office in 10.

Posted by kay thompson | Report as abusive

Ms. Pelosi needs to learn that she is just one more American and has no elitest stature. When we do a 180 degree turnaround in the house, she will be forced to return to her paltry little wine producing vineyard and live on her paltry little millions she and her husband have produced for themselves (thanks to the laws she has been able to get passed)…forever……Bye bye, Nancy

Posted by nbailey | Report as abusive

Is the woman that stupid? To think she can go completely against what the American people has clearly said they DO NOT WANT?!
Is she really that brain fried?
Go ahead liberals, do it and see what happens. Everyone single one of you that vote yes to the health bill any of the bailouts, stimulis,cap and trade,fairness doctrine,employee free choice act…….any of these you vote yes on, will be your door slamming on your rear going out of your DC office

Posted by Holly | Report as abusive

Hey, Nancy, we’ll show you a trigger – the one on the trip for the trap door on your 15 minutes of fame. Your time is up, baby.

Posted by SkinnyMan California | Report as abusive

i swore i would give obama 6 months b4 i criticized…my lord,3 months too long. 37 czars…no vetting…no confirmation hearings! obamacare,van jones,kids…how can you help your president,im a racist redneck because i go to church,own a gun,disagree with the govt trying to change america “fundamentally”…really? moderate muslims do not blow up biuldings,moderate dems and republicans do not affiliate with communists.these people have stated that they want to “change america fundamentally”.disect that statement. changing anything fundamentally is to change its foundaton…its like a freakin code word, and obama supporters applaud these statements like they have no sense. it makes me sick angry and frightened. everyday these humps throw some other loony idea at the wall to see if itll stick, and seemingly with no hesitation the administration caves when there is an uproar…i maybe paranoid at this point but i swear i feel like while were all over these issues the admin. is sneaking something around the bend we cant see.stay on it o’reilly,hannity,beck,AMERICA! vote out obama’s peeps in 2010!

Posted by james | Report as abusive

Put Pelosi’s finger on a trigger? Not in this lifetime.

She ENDORSED Van Jones’ book!

Her judgment clearly can’t be trusted.

Posted by EverydayAverageAmerican | Report as abusive

No triggers – no triggers – no triggers. Enough of this nonsense. The public does not want this, so stop trying tricky ways to get around that fact and do the will of the people. We want tort reform, state to state insurance capabilities, getting rid of crooks gaming the system [doctors getting paid for work not done]. Concentrate on illegal payments, fix the problems but don’t screw up our existing system.

Posted by Maria K Michaels | Report as abusive

We have gotten the first radical out of the White House, now we need to start working to remove the rest of the radicals out of the White House and the Senate and the House of Representatives. We know that the president is a radical (small “p” on president is intentional he does not deserve the capital) and we cannot change that, but we can take away his power base in the two houses of Congress

Posted by Sidney | Report as abusive

Watch, these idiot California liberals will re-elect Nancy Pelosi. They sit and watch as their state sinks deeper into economic decay, yet they keep re-electing the same liberal legislators, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Waxman. I have absolutely no sympathy for these idiots. The California electorate deserves exactly what they are voting for. The mass exit of conservatives from California has already began, leaving the liberals to own, run and live in an economically devastated state. In the immortal words of France’s Queen, Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake”!

Posted by 312capri | Report as abusive

Nancy, Harry, Barrack and the rest of the Marxists fools who have overthrown our government: prep your resumes, because you all are OUTTA HERE! Sooner, rather than later! We, The People have spoken: you’re ALL fired!

Posted by foxpaw | Report as abusive

Why all the concern over congress not committing to subject themselves to the ‘government option’ plan. I’m sure we have all heard at least one representative (at a town hall) state that the “congress will have the same option as the general public. That means they can keep what they have or they can select this new option. I have heard no statement that we can select what congress has or select for the new.
Saying they will have the same option as us is not the same as saying we will have the same option as them, because the plan they have is not available to us..

Posted by Woody B | Report as abusive

I’m from a small town with a couple of village idiots. Clone those to come up with 535 and we would have a better government.

Posted by bim bell | Report as abusive

If anybody in Washington needs to be investigated by an independent group, are the clowns in the White House, all appointees (including those idiotic czars), “Madam” Palosi, the undertaker Reid and the crooked chairmen.

My God, did we totally loose our minds to allow these SOBs running this country. It is time to kick some asssss!

Posted by KKoni | Report as abusive

[…] plan because ‘if they want no public option but a trigger, you can be sure that the trigger will bring on a very robust public option.’” Posted in politics • • Top Of […]

Posted by Sen. Ben Nelson Expresses Support For Public Plan ‘Trigger’ | Pure Politics | Report as abusive

[…] Earlier this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reiterated her strong commitment to a public plan. She “warned insurance companies that they should accept the Senate health committee proposal that would create a public plan because ‘if they want no public option but a trigger, you can be sure that the trigger will bring on a very robust public option.’” […]

Posted by Sen. Ben Nelson Expresses Support For Public Plan ‘Trigger’ | linkthe.com | Report as abusive

[…] Pelosi said that any legislation that has a trigger for the public option in it will lead to a robust public option: Pelosi warned insurance companies that they should accept the Senate health committee proposal […]

Posted by Let Freedom Ring » Blog Archive » Matt Dean Pokes Holes In President Obama’s Schtick | Report as abusive

As I have said many times, Government can only screw up a good thing! If you want Government involvement, then let it mandate rules, like Med Supps, and let private insurance price it out.
As for fining those who don’t buy coverage, just simply make them pay for it or not receive care. See either they want to spread the risk by paying premiums or they self-insure. It really is that simple.

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

I can not believe what has happened to my country. Who are the idiots who sent this elitist, treasonous, sociopath, Palosi to Washington anyway? Read history people. We are moving quickly down a path that has never turned out well anywhere in the world. Ever! You left wing nuts may just get what you think you want but you will be sorry.

Posted by Elmer Fudd | Report as abusive