Obama prepares new push to enact healthcare reform

September 4, 2009


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Why are the insurance companies and their Republican agents so afraid of the public option? As a bulwark industry of the capitalist system insurance companies aren’t supposed to be afraid of competition. Competition is the heart of capitalism. Competition is supposed to bring the consumer (us) the best prices and the best service, because if one company won’t, another will.

So if the insurance companies are as good as the Republicans say they are, and we Americans don’t need anything else but private insurance, then they have nothing to fear from a public option.

But the truth is they are scared.

They are scared right down to their bones that if they go head to head with an insurance plan put together by the government, they’d lose hands down. They fear that we Americans will get better health care coverage at a better price than they’re willing to give us.

So who wins with a public option? We do. The American citizens and consumers. We’ll be able to bargain for the best service at the best price, just like the economic talking heads always tell us about.

Posted by Carla Kiiskila | Report as abusive

carla you are living in cockoo land ,yes we are scared of the insurance companies, but are scared of the Pelosi,Frank,Van and Obama” assurance” companies even more.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

since when does public opnion not count. public opnion is what is supposed to run this country not the country running us remember when the government is no longer afriad of the people we will be a communist country

Posted by bill | Report as abusive

Carla is correct. Who do you believe is at the root of all this confusion regarding health care for all?? Insurance companies who spread the rumor of “death panels” “socialized medicine” and the rest of the “be very afraid” language recently used. The Republicans have LONG been in bed with the Insurance Companies funding Insurance Defense attorneys campaigns to the Congress and State legislatures, who then pay them back with favorable language in subsequent bills. The insurance industry is not at all happy about healthcare reform. If you had a quasi-monopoly on healthcare would you? America don’t be fooled by these flag wavers like Rove and Limbaugh with their fear mongorin Bush era style!! A style WE THE PEOPLE voted out in this past election. The minority is not in control!!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

It seems to me that the USA has already had a public option…… and it failed…..
Isn’t Medicaid for the low income citizens? Isn’t Medicare for the elderly? The only people left to pay for the additional “Public Option” are the hard working middle class citizens who are hanging on to their homes and jobs by just a thread. We are all this country has left in terms of assets. What will happen to America when WE,(The middle class) can no longer foot the bill, for those that do not pay for themselves? This country will not survive soon without a socialist plan.So much for the “American Dream.” With out hope…..We can not dream….

Posted by Dee | Report as abusive

Obama has the disadvantage of having nobody in leadership in the democratic ranks that has any stature or creditability outside their own party.Even his VP is a figure of amusement by his gaffs and inflated claims about the different successes of the stimulus plan. As soon as you get Pelosi or Harry Reed or any of their colleagues standing in agreement the messages validity starts to tank.Perhaps this is one of the reasons that his attempts of trying to convince people is having little or no success.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Why would Obama travel to Ohio this week to tout his universal healthcare coverage ideas to a group of AFL-CIO members? Don’t they already have coverage as union members, so why would they be interested? OR could it be that they see his plan as a way of shifting their healthcare costs to -somebody- with even deeper pockets than the employers they’ve already driven out of business with demands for more pay and more benefits, resulting in less competitive products on the global market? “Oh you can’t scare me, I’m sinkin’ with the Union…”

Posted by Rick B. | Report as abusive