The secret to strong-arming Michelle Obama

September 8, 2009

First lady Michelle Obama should be able to strong-arm just about anyone with those sculpted biceps that have been the talk of the town.

Women’s Health magazine has let the cat out of the bag about how Obama achieved those upper arms that she confidently bares and are the envy of the scared-sleeveless set. OBAMA/DINNER

Cornell McClellan, Obama’s personal trainer, tells the magazine it took 1,872 workouts since 1997, most of them at 5:30 a.m. (hmm let’s weigh the options — sleep or muscles, sleep or muscles, sleep…)

And the workout might include lunges, bench presses, hip raises, rope-jumping, kickboxing, and calisthenics (we’re exhausted at the thought, time for a latte).

Perhaps President Barack Obama could use his wife’s well-toned arms in the weeks ahead to turn the tide his way — think headlocks on naysayers to healthcare reform.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Michelle Obama flexes arms in response to joke about her habit of wearing sleeveless dresses)


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Determination is written in her eyes. Throughout her life she has blazed a trail! She has been an exemplary role-model to her family and to women all over the world. As a perfect intelligent spouse, mother and confidante to the President, she has shown that an astute, unassuming First Lady could be such a great asset to her country. She has added stature to the position of being the President’s wife!

Posted by Pancha Chandra Brussels | Report as abusive

Dear writer,
This is a very simple but interesting to note her personal well built exercises and her public oriented social welfare actions to needy citizens.
Please allow me to write some my self pride to them.
I am following Mr.Obama in twitter website and writing some well judged notions in face book and in BBC Have Your Say and blogs in New York Times.I am received e-mails from White House.
Back to this subject,this writer and one recent updated comments of reading puts her in higher map in American History.
I am not sure whether her intelligent works or personal well being and more interactions with Americans will help Obama!s new health care proposals will be passed and it will be implemented in total ways.
Best luck to Mr.and Mrs.Obama!s welfare to Americans at this juncture.

Posted by krishnamurthi ramachandran | Report as abusive

Okay, that explains her arms. What explains the fact that she is the most homely Lady in recent times! Ugh! Plus, the more she talks, the more ignorant she becomes! I cannot think of a former First Lady that comes across as more negative!

Posted by donald | Report as abusive

donald I’ll bet you have cut-out naked relclining nudes on your mud flaps. Maybe one day you will know true beauty. Michelle Obama is a stunning woman. Go go go Michelle O.

Posted by elly | Report as abusive