Live blog of the Obama healthcare speech

September 9, 2009


President Barack Obama is making a speech to Congress on healthcare at 8 p.m. tonight and we will live blog it here.


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This whole thing is ridiculous. To even think that we are turning into a complete socialist nation is disheartening at best, but it’s the course of every other country in history. This guy is messing up the entire American way of life, and he loves it. If you think for one minute that your current health insurance coverage won’t change, you’re in for a real surprise people.

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The real problem — there is NOTHING that big government, big bureaucracies, big politicians, and big government unions can do more cost effectively, efficiently, and with more accountability than FREE enterprise, driven by FREE choice.

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Medicine and health care are not compatible with a for-profit model. Medicare has worked wonders for this country and to throw labels like “socialism” or reject reform is mindless. The cost of health care insurance is nearly prohibitively expensive as it stands for most Americans and it will only get worse unless reform is instituted. For the US to think it has the best when it’s rated 35 among industrialized nations contradicts the call to keep things as they are. If you say “people come here for treatment,” I’d point out those are rich people who can buy treatment. Can you?

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Truc enterprise and free choice now have healthcare at 17% of GDP. And it will only get worse if something isn’t done. I know that where I work we have good coverage, but the monthly premiums and co-pay go up almost every year.

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Same ole, same ole. Just like his predecessor, Obama bragged about his accomplishments before making his written speech. The whole thing reminded me of a scene from ancient Rome where everywhere yelled out “Hail Caesar!” whenever the emperor made his appearance. The president’s State of the Union address and his Address to Congress are simply pagan worship services for the elite. I despise all Democrats and all Republicans. Every damn one of them should follow Ted Kennedy’s example (i.e. die). Worthless bunch of riff-raff.

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My concern isn’t that my health coverage will change, only that I can get insurance. You see, I have to take medication, so insurance companies won’t insure me. They didn’t mind taking my money for 40 years when I was perfectly healthy, but now that I need blood pressure medication, I can’t get coverage.

That’s not right. I used to be a Republican, but I just can’t stand being marginalized and trashed by the special interests any more.

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Hey Truc, how about build roads, educate children, provide colleges and universities, social security for the elderly and disabled, police, fire services, protection of national parks and national treasures, our 100% voluntary armed forces, geez how much do you need?

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Ok – after reading above posts – I think that we all can agree on one thing – that our health care system is broken. NOW, instead of constantly complaining and throwing blame bombs, how about some real suggestions on what can be done to fix it. Get involved. Put on your thinking cap. Listen to experts – and I mean knowledgable experts – not 5 minutes of some talking head rambling on about how bad it is. We ARE the Government – of, by, for. Do your part. Pull your weight. Learn to reason and form opinions.

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Free Enterprise hasn’t been free for a long time. It’s been a free-for-all enterprise. Medical Care has been more like a food fight with both sides slinging. Even Republicans have lost their jobs and their insurance coverage, and many people have worked a whole lifetime to be denied insurance in their 50’s. As a self-employed woman, I can tell you that there are millions of working women whose entire income goes into insurance and medical needs, especially those married to construction workers or independent truckers, who rarely have insurance in spite of their dangerous professions. We’re talking about families where both parents work barely affording insurance that can be well over %1000 a month. The US medical climate is in an ice age, and Obama’s proposals can be a good start towards fixing those problems if applied intelligently.

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Despite hefty Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate, centrists in Obama’s party have balked at the president’s proposal to create a public health care plan to compete with private insurers.

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