Republican “You lie!” outburst becomes Democratic fundraising cry

September 10, 2009

Rarely, if ever, have so few words moved so many people to contribute so much money so quickly.

PHILIPPINES-ECONOMY/RESERVESWithin 15 hours of Republican Representative Joe Wilson yelling “You lie!” at President Barack Obama, Wilson’s Democratic foe in next year’s election received more than 10,000 donations totaling upward of $350,000, according to the House Democratic campaign committee.

“And the numbers are still rising,” a spokesman said.

Wilson’s Democratic challenger, Rob Miller, an ex-Marine turned small businessman, lost a bid last November to unseat the now five-term congressman from South Carolina, 54 percent to 46 percent.

But Miller has suddenly become increasingly hopeful that he can topple America’s best known presidential heckler in the November 2010 contest.

“Representative Wilson’s behavior tonight exemplifies everything that is wrong in Washington,” Miller said on Wednesday after Wilson’s outburst during Obama’s nationally broadcast address to Congress on healthcare reform.

“Instead of engaging in childish name-calling and disrespecting our Commander-in-Chief, Joe Wilson should be working towards a bipartisan solution that makes quality, affordable health care available to each and every South Carolinian,” Miller said.

Wilson apologized while congressional Democrats as well as fellow Republicans denounced his actions.

At the White House, Obama brushed off the matter. “I’m a big believer in that we all make mistakes,” he said. “He apologized quickly and without equivocation and I’m appreciative of that.”

While Wilson said he was sorry, he still insisted — despite Obama’s statements to the contrary — that illegal immigrants would be able to get health insurance coverage. “I say that respectfully and we need to discuss the issues,” Wilson told reporters.

Pending legislation denies coverage to illegal immigrants. But critics argue that requirements of proof of citizenship are inadequate.

The Democratic campaign committee hoped to cash-in on the Wilson furor. It sent a letter to donors on Thursday, citing Wilson’s famous one-liner — and aiming to raise another $100,000 in 24 hours to defeat Wilson and other Republicans in next year’s election.

“Your contribution will be immediately put to work to defeat Republican members of Congress and support meaningful health insurance reform,” wrote Jon Vogel, executive director of  the House Democratic campaign committee.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Cheryl Ravelo (dollar bills at a money changer in Manila)


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This shows why the scare tactics with death panel’s cause great fear to senior citizen’s, besides children the most vulnerable people in our society! These scare tactics have to stop. And I am glad the President is going to call them out on it. Wilson should resign!

Posted by melody, Snohomish, WA | Report as abusive

Hypocrites! Since when is disrespecting the president offensive to democrats? Oh, yeah, since Jan. 20th. Get off it; politics is dirty stuff. Just look at the dirty politics at play in Mass. I embrace the British Parliament model of doing business; that’s how it was way back when America was still a free country, before it became overran with socialists.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

It’s ashame you speak the truth and everyone jumps you. I’ll tell you one thing I will be sending money to Rep. Joe Wilson so as to keep someone on that will speak the truth, even if it could hurt him politicaly. Wish there were more people in D.C. like that.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Wait until you see the lost of seats for the Dems after this health care fiasco falls on its face.

Posted by billwilliam | Report as abusive

It’s a shame you can’t speak the truth in this country anymore without having to apologize.

Posted by Glenn | Report as abusive

Seems to me the democratic party is all about bribing to me. They seem to have enough money to buy a presidency as well, why don’t the buy health care? I always said the people votes don’t count for nothing and this goes to prove it! A presidency is bought by bribes, not by votes. This is why I trust “NO” politician what so ever! Both sides are as corrupt as they come and that is the change that I want to see happen. I want to see the people voices count and not the money that buys what the few want. This is no more then slush funding!

Posted by D | Report as abusive

Joe Wilson epitomizes all the reasons I’ve abandoned the Republican Party after generally voting GOP for nearly 50 years. Republicans have become ill-mannered, petty, vicious, surly, and without any constructive direction. Wilson? Between him and Sanford, South Carolina politicians are laughable.

Posted by Geoff | Report as abusive

I contributed $200 to Joe Wilson this morning because he is one of the few with the guts to say “the emperor has no clothes”.

It is hard to get onto his website though due to so many contributers.

Posted by Former Dem | Report as abusive

The Democrat party lies in this article just like Obama lies every day. People should watch what Obama does not what he says

Posted by Roger Brown | Report as abusive

amazing we talk about money for a campaign and money for health care as though the 2 are the same thing and today we have announced unemployment and highest level… THE REAL DEAL IS WASHINGTON …. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP! YOU ALL HAVE MONEY TO BURN WHILE THE REAL WORLD IS SUFFERING… SHAME ON YOU PUT THIS MONEY TO WORK .. WE NEED JOBS THEN WE CAN PAY OUR OWN HEALTH CARE…. OBAMAS A PHONEY

Posted by Cathy | Report as abusive

Yeah–Wilson’s opponent has indeed received a large infusion of cash in the wake of the incident. But has the mainstream media informed you yet that his political campaign was in the neighborhood of 500,000 IN DEBT prior to Joe Wilson’s applaudable outburst. And has anybody told you that Joe Wilson’s congressional web page has been almost unreachable for the majority of the day due to massive ammounts of internet traffic?

You libs better watch what you celebrate, because as the polls show, Joe Wilson is a HERO to at least 52% of Americans, so don’t be surprised when donations to HIS campaign dwarf those of the dummycrat challenger.

Conservatives, you see, are adults, and can actually handle mathmatical equations. The dems, on the other hand, are perpetual playground children–always ignoring the cries of their parents as a deadly lightning storm moves in. “No!”, they say. “We’re having fun out here! So go to Hell mom and dad! Haven’t you a heart??”


Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Maybe, the place and time were inappropriate for this comment, but I feel the same way as Representative Joe Wilson. Obama is misleading the American people and and the Democrats should be stopped. The sooner the better before our country is totally destroyed.

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

Seriously people, please look up the stuff that you hear or read to verify its authenticity. Obama hasn’t lied, this joker did… statements/2009/sep/09/joe-wilson/joe-wi lson-south-carolina-said-obama-lied-he-d idnt/

Posted by E | Report as abusive

I should donate a few $ to this Wilson fellow. We do not wish the GOP to run a viable candidate do we?

Posted by Audley | Report as abusive

Mr. Wilson has violated a time honored rule for Congress….that of respect for a President when addressing a joint meeting of congress. This has never happened before in my lifetime and brings shame on us all.

It does however show the ongoing pettiness of the Republican Party in general. They started attacking the President with their lies, their fear mongering, and their hate filled speached immediately after his election.

Mr. Wilson’s supporters on these site need to stop acting like children and remember that if Mr. Wilson has a problem with something President Obama says, there is a time and a place for that – and it is not during his address to congress and the nation.

I am a veteran and a former Republican voter who now fears for this country because of the vicious attacks and fear mongering that is being driven by various Republican Election groups and being repeated by people who blindly follow instead of checking the real facts and using reason in their decisions instead of blind fear.

Posted by Robert May | Report as abusive

Wilson shouldn’t have blurted out the truth in that venue.

Posted by DD | Report as abusive

So, let’s see – before Jan 20th it was OK to boo the President during a State of the Union address – but now it is somehow unacceptable to speak your mind. What hypocrites – Democrats believe free speech is just fine (as long as they agree with what you are saying)….get a clue people – politicians are not gods.

Posted by MSB180 | Report as abusive

I too am a recovering Republican. The party used to stand for real conservative values, like how much will this cost on the bottom line. The truth on this debate is that a public option is long overdue, because it will reduce the overall cost of healthcare. When that happens we all benefit. That is a true conservative value, not protecting insurance companies.

Posted by Doug Kerrigan | Report as abusive

My money goes to Wilson – and money and vote to Mike Williams for Senate: williamsfortexas dot com

Posted by c | Report as abusive

So now Americans aren’t allowed to speak the truth?! Really? How about all the Americans that were called unpatriotic because of their questions about the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, or illegal wire tapping of American citizens? When anyone tried to speak the truth about what was going on in the Bush Administration, they were labeled as crazy, too partisan, and liars! Yet, a lot of them turned out to be RIGHT. I don’t ever remember George Bush being a called a liar when he addressed congress. I’m so tired of hearing how white America is oppressed and I’m white! It makes me laugh and you people make me laugh!

Posted by Angie | Report as abusive

Joe Wilson said what probably most in that room were thinking! He was a breath of Fresh Air in that room
and everyone knows it. I hope more of our representatives
start speaking up. OBAMA is a liar, Fact-Check that!

Posted by Drew | Report as abusive

Why is it ok for Dems to Boo/heckle Bush during the State of the Union, but it’s treson for the GOP (or maybe even anyone) to call out Obama during a speech of his own accord?

Posted by Darlene, PA | Report as abusive

Why we as a country ever prevented South Carolina from leaving the union. That state has raised nuts for the last two hundred years. Rep Wilson is no different.

Posted by James Mattingly | Report as abusive

Who are the dirt-bags sending the money to the democratic election fund? Who are these people that want socialism in america? We need to out them NOW.

Posted by wag the dog | Report as abusive

These donors have to be very partisan to waste their unemployment money in a knee jerk reaction to two knee jerk words by a low-level congressman. National unemployment: nearly 10%. Under-employment rate 16%. Teen unemployment: 25%. Foreclosures: up 18% over last year. New debt ceiling: $13 trillion dollars. Dollar near weakest against Euros in 2009. Number of Czars: 29. Until the White House and the super majority in the Congress start applying free market solutions to free market problems, you’re better off saving your money in preparation for your pink slip comes. Don’t get distracted by bickering politicians my friends; it’s the economy – wise up!

Posted by PhilPhat | Report as abusive

If you can waste 10-15 minutes of speech time by clapping, why can’t you rable rable? I applaud Joe Wilson for fighting back while the President called them all liars the entire second half of his attack dog speech. It was no better and no worse than the democrats booing of President Bush. We dont want a rubber stamp congress. We want a congress who will fight w/ the president as goes checks and balances. I must finish by saying that (before I changed the channel to watch Faux or BHO-NBC) I thought this was the worst speech I have ever seen given to a joint session of Congress. Obama came off as a school yard bully looking at his friends for approval and ‘watch this’ while he heaped everything he could on his opponents. This was especially disenfranchising after the start to his speech which was so great.

Posted by Logan | Report as abusive

A government option does not reduce the cost of healthcare. A government option MAY reduce the cost of insurance. To reduce the cost of healthcare we need to pass tort reform and make sure less illegal aliens are using the system. We need to make sure doctors have some independence from the testing centers they send patients (much like a CPAs independence from the company it audits). We also need the first two points made in Obamas speech. Keep insurance companies from dropping coverage or stopping treatment, create an insurance marketplace, and offer tax incentives for purchasing insurance. How about that for ideas and bipartisanship? Obama just says he wants that; he has not once acted in such a manner.

Posted by Logan | Report as abusive

The is the President of our country, whether you are Democrat, Republican, or other. He is our leader who was voted to the office fairly, and he deserves respect from everyone. Although I don’t agree with many of the proposals on either side, Mr. Wilson’s actions are unacceptable because debate should be about the facts, not ideology, or merit-less claims. No democratic or republican politician has ever disrespected the President while at a nationally televised, joint session of Congress.

The fact is everyone needs to educate themselves and read the bills themselves, instead of believing everything their local politician or media says. The debate is healthcare. Let’s be honest — the President was dispelling several lies floating in the media (i.e. govt. death panels, coverage of illegal immigrants).

I understand there are disagreements about the healthcare, and the fact we can agree to disagree is what makes us a great country. However, the debate should be about the issue, not about bogus, irresponsible claims being made by folks who just dislike the President or are positioned to loose from passage the laws.

Posted by ac | Report as abusive

Corporations use Republicans and ‘christian’ fundamentalist like people use tissue paper. They are robots who do what they are told absolutely and obediently. If they were told to ‘wet themselves in public’ they would. Its sad seeing grown mature looking white men preaching and tolerating only hate and fear. Its what many corporations want frankly – you see chaos and division keeps PROFITS HIGH even in bad times :(

Posted by Seren | Report as abusive

Joe Wilson is a brave man who deserves our support and admiration. He spoke the truth to a Marxist who is trying to drag our country towards communism.

Posted by Gardiner L. Schneider | Report as abusive

Why are the D’so upset with someone just telling the truth? But I repeat myself.
At least this man came out with his beliefs in the face of OBumbler’s blatant lies and double speak. Listening to the narcisistic imposter’s speach last night just added to the opinions a great many people have of this Democratic administration’s lack of direction, planning and just simply putting something together that is understandable, responsive to public needs and isn’t just a mish-mash of misdirection and useless verbage that can be viewed in more than one direction with whatever the viewer wants it to say. He said nothing new last night. It was more of the same – watching him campaign some more. Enough already OBumbler! We’re getting tired of seing your face daily while your incompetant nitwits in the ‘Disaster Incorporated’ slow motion train wreck stumble around.

Posted by GregM | Report as abusive

Republicans have sponsored 2 bills denying health care coverage to illegals. The Democrats voted both bills down. Don’t believe Obama. He didnt tell you in his speech last night that there is no requirement in the bill to determine if you are a citizen. That means the master of deception, Obama, has lied……again. 5 day vetting of bills, promise of transparency (joke), limit on lobbyists (he has 5 in his cabinet), campaign funding sources, voter fraud, earmarks, pork for his union cronies, funding for ACORN thugs, promise to not interfere in foriegn internal affairs (Israel and Hunduras both violations), promise not to rush legislation through Congress, lies about his affiliations….lies lies lies.

Posted by WeMadeAmistake | Report as abusive

joe wilson and his bonehead partisans are the reason I left the gop years ago and am now less of an independent voter. would be hard pressed to vote for any republican other than my brother for family reasons.

Posted by Peter Cochran | Report as abusive

Famous instances of “You Lie”
1. Nixon: I am not a crook
2. Cheney: I don’t know anything about a shooting
3. Bush: WMD

Wilson is full of it.

Posted by IKnowNemus | Report as abusive

Regardless of your understanding of the bills in progress, which make it plain there is no coverage for illegal aliens, Wilson’s conduct was unbecoming of a Congressman in a joint session, let alone of an officer addressing the Commander in Chief.

We absolutely must get non-citizens properly documented for a VARIETY of reasons, including to protect them from abuses when they are paid cash to keep their employers from having to pay taxes – but they are NOT covered by the bills as they are currently written, so the comments here to the contrary are likely only fueling more donations to Wilson’s opponent.

Posted by Tom, an independent voter | Report as abusive

Kudos to Joe Wilson for speaking his mind and minds of millions of Americans. I’d really like to know how much has been raised for Representative Wilson’s re-election campaign…

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

When a person makes a string of statements that are deliberately not factual, that by definition is called lying. That person is properly defined as a liar. What’s so hard about that?

Posted by Milo Stumbo | Report as abusive

Good by JOE WILSON . Your toast. How sweet it is. Lets all
cheer for BUSH and his 4000 dead GIs on his lies.

Posted by SAM | Report as abusive

The outburst of Cong. Joe Wilson is demonstrative of the buffoonery, stupidity, cupidity, and not so subtle racism of the main stream of Republican Party thinking. A once proud party – though I have never, nor shall I ever vote for a Republican – is now reduced to laughable, skeletized, hollowed out rump made up of old, scornful, and largely ignorant white men, who live in a dream world populated by the grotesque lies of Limbaugh, Cheney, Mark Levin, and Sarah Palin. How could people be so stupid? They are an appalling blight on the image and integrity of the United States.

Posted by montanajack4 | Report as abusive

In consideration that this country was founded on ones freedom of speech, I am proud somebody speaks up what they know is true as that person represents those opposed to the healthcare plan. Anyone standing against the outburst should appriciate the fact that at least we still have the freedom to speak out against what we belive is wrong and not get killed for it like they do in Cuba, China or Iran. No apoligies should be done to either party, but both parties should seriously look at the facts and actually wonder if spending the citizens of United states money really should be spent this way in this point in time.

Posted by MIke | Report as abusive

God Bless Joe Wilson for having the stones to speak the truth.
Too bad the capons who lead the Republican party are not as interested in saving the country as he is.

Posted by Peteo | Report as abusive

Who are these people giving?

And lots of other reasonable people who don’t want to see racist, stupid, boss hog running the country.

We are reasonable people – and many of us live in SC. Yep, Hilton Head and lots of other areas are attracting people who actually can speak the language.

Posted by Craig Rhode | Report as abusive

Bravo for Representative Wilson! He called a spade a spade — and he called OhBummer a liar — which is the truth. OhBummer lies when he inhales and he lies when he exhales — the falsification of reality is like oxygen to this sticky-fingered, smooth-lying low-down skunk. Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer is “The Mistake of 08″ and the worst President in American history. I’d say he’s has ruined the Presidency for every Arab-American, in the future, forever.

Posted by Osamas Pajamas | Report as abusive

Why is Wilson so anti-Christian representing that part of the country. Would Christ say no health care for you when he clearly insists that our Body is a tabernacle to be respected and cared for. There are no illegal immigrants in Heaven and the congresstwit might gain some redemption by paying for some person’s health care. With an attitude like his I wonder what some fo;ks are smoking down there in cottonville

Posted by chuck eckert | Report as abusive

Last night, one Republican shouted two words at President Obama. In 2005, several Democrats (5?, 10?, 15?, 20? more?) booed President Bush. It could well be argued that the 2005 incident was a more serious affront to the office and majesty of the President than was last night’s. But neither the Republicans nor the press made a big deal of the 2005 booing, and the booers did not humbly and promptly beat their breasts and offer their mea culpas. Contrast that with last night’s reactions. Long live the Double Standard.

Also, it turns out that Joe Wilson was correct, or at least that he caught President Obama in an untruth. While one provision of the House committee bill does say that illegal aliens (sorry, uninvited guests) are not entitled to receive medical benefits, another provision of the bill renders that one meaningless by dispensing with the inconvenience of having to prove citizenship to receive benefits. So the next time you go to a football game and the ticket-taker asks for your ticket, just cite the House committee bill and say you don’t have to prove you have a ticket.

Posted by GMS | Report as abusive

Anyone who is STUPID enough to think that this will be a campaign issue for (against) Wilson in 2010 probably believes everything that Obama says. These aren’t people who would vote for Wilson anyway.

Posted by | Report as abusive

This story is completely backwards, but what was I expecting coming from leftwing Reuters. Anyway, I never knew who Joe Wilson was, I am not in his district, not even in his state, and I donated to Joe’s campaign minutes after I heard what he did. Finally a Republican is standing up saying the emperor has no clothes. You go Joe! You Rock!

Posted by garboso | Report as abusive

Joe the plumber
Joe the wilson

GOP need to get better ideas now.

Posted by Michael Moore | Report as abusive

What kills me is the fact that people can be so critical of others. The Bible says, he who is without sin cast the first stone. When anyone of you get to a point when you are without sin, then post your negative comments. Until then sit down, and shut your mouth. Everyone deserves healthcare regardless of their race, age, religion, or any other differences.

Posted by Angel, MO | Report as abusive

@Conservatives, you see, are adults, and can actually handle mathmatical equations. The dems, on the other hand, are perpetual playground children…”
– Posted by Steve

Steve: I thought Conservatives could handle Hummer and AK-47 only. But if what you are saying is true, that’s great since it is about time the left behind kids catch up.

Posted by Michael Moore | Report as abusive

Let’s not forget, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Oh, just wait. The dollars are coming Joe Wilson’s way also. So go ahead and waste your money Demogogues. HaHaHa!! Joe Wilson is so many people’s hero now!!

Posted by Amanda Weaver | Report as abusive

Mr. Wilson showed no culture, class or considerate decorum with his choice of words, and how it was spoken. Bad taste! I’d say it is South Carolina culture – the
State of Lindsey Graham – all those holy-holy men who are most unholy in their conduct and attitude (especially towards Blacks and Browns). Good that Wilson might lose the next elections – hopefully he will not move to New York. They should put a sign that reads: “We will not send you our homeless, kindly don’t send us your Grahams and Wilsons!”

Posted by Tracy | Report as abusive

I’ll state right off the bat that I’m a Liberal-leaning Independent who doesn’t like Obama so much,so that people reading my comment can know where I’m coming from.That said,one of the rasons I’m not a Democrat is that the Dems have spent the past ten years defining themselves as being the alternative to the Republicans,rather than having a real drive of their own.The wording of that donation solicitation sounds exactly like they’re STILL doing that,even though they’re now in power.And the Repubs basically can’t deal with that fact,so they’re taking their ball and going home,trying to block everything this administration does and ignoring the fact that the American people need things to get done regardless of who’s in power.It sickens me.Wilson behaved like a child,not a member of government.Although I’ll also say that I don’t like the Dems saying we should respect Obama just because he’s the President;that’s exactly what the Repubs were saying about Bush,and I’m furious the Dem voters can be so hypocritical.I’m an Independent because I don’t like partisan politics and this scenario illustrates my point.

Posted by Marisa | Report as abusive

Perhaps Wilson should have sent Obama a telegram. Howevr, that does not mean he was wrong in pointing out Obama was fibbing. I believe a California court ruled that illegals were entitled to the same health care coverage as citizens. The Supreme Court refused to hear it on appeal. I think a constitutional law proffessor should know this. If this be fact, then Wilson is correct and the only thing in dispute is his choice of delivery.

Posted by Joel Brandes | Report as abusive

While there appears to be a ban on illegals obtaining healthcare in Obama’s scheme, it is a ruse. Obama is a liar!

While there are no explicit “death panels” in any of the proposed healthcare legislation, the entire scheme demands implicit death panels. Again, Obama is a liar!

etc., etc. right down the line.

Wilson is right. I sent him a lot of my hard earned money precisely because Obama is a liar.

Posted by William Brown | Report as abusive

What do you expect from a country that was born out of violence(War against Indians, War of independence)the founding fathers themselves lied to the African Americans that Slavery will be abolished. It took another brutal war to end it. Then two world wars in which we should have never took part. Both were originated in Europe. Then Korean war, cold war, Vietnam war, Gulf war, then the lie led war against Iraq. Look back at the history of America. There is tension here always and war and blood. Come on guys these southern politicians are showing their true blood of hatred. That is in their blood. Obama was stupid to try to go across the aisle and try to get bipartisan support for Health Care. Well let me tell ya.. his own party is neck deep in the lobby money. He should have taken his own party out of that before doing this Health Care circus to divert attention from the stimulus packages which is corrupting our economy. Think about it in another way.. if not we will be hit by reality we never imagined.

Posted by Looter | Report as abusive

What is embarrassingly absent is any mention of increasing campaign monies for Joe Wilson. Sadly a few weak kneed republicans are showing there sheepishness by not coming forth with sanitizing rays of sunlight on the issue. Did Obama lie?

In HR 3200 an amendment was defeated in committee that would have required the use of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program, used by almost all other means-tested programs of this kind. In its summary of the bill, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) states, “Under HR 3200, all legal permanent residents (LPRs), non-immigrants, and unauthorized? aliens who meet the substantial presence test… would be required to obtain health insurance.”1 Substantial presence is defined as having been in the United States for at least 31 days during the current year and at least 183 days during the current year and previous two years. No mention is made of legal status in the legislation for determining substantial presence.

Yes Obama did lie and democrats and republicans are foolish not to uncover his deceit.

Posted by stepen | Report as abusive

Shameful, disrespectful, lack of character, what’s wrong with Congress, horrible role model, should be censored, Southern Racism (I’m white), needs to be defeated in next election, and I’m neither Republican or Democratic however President Obama is my President…Regards

Posted by Robert Essian | Report as abusive

To the republicans who are defending Wilson-

I personally don´t have anything against someone criticizing the president. In fact I think Americans are p*****s for not doing it more openly. However, some of your comments make me laugh. It seems like you´re all forgetting how congress bent over while the Bush administration flexed its muscle and overstepped its bounds: allowing wiretapping, the Patriot Act, not to mention allowing the president to start a cancerous war that has done nothing but hemorrage tax payer´s money. And yes it was the congress that should´ve stopped it. Instead the country was full of cowardly soccer moms and dads that either didn´t know what was going on or were too afraid to even speak their minds to friends. Please, grow some balls.

I respect your criticism of the health bill. But let´s be realistic. Criticizing anything the Bush adminstration was doing 5 years ago was political suicide and that´s how the president wanted it. So don´t even try to criticize Obama for overstepping his power, NOBODY is going to take you seriously.

Obama may be a “socialist” (I doubt you really know what this means but I´ll give you the benefit of the doubt). But he is much more of a politician and leader than Bush ever was. At least he knows how to reach out across the aisle without threatening the opposition.

Posted by alejandro | Report as abusive

Thanks you guys. I’m off to make a donation myself! Why you say? Because it is SO OBVIOUS who the REAL CRIMINALS are that who wouldn’t see it? Shame on you.

Posted by Jeanne | Report as abusive

It is all true…Obama is a liar and he is still doing it. Wilson you are my hero!!! Can you imagine a President doing what he is doing. Can he handle the truth? He needs to step aside and make room for real people…GODLY people who do GODLY things. Obama you are a liar…fact

Posted by tk ellis | Report as abusive

[…] coverage Photo credit: Reuters/Cheryl Ravelo (dollar bills at a money changer in Manila) Front Row Washington Blog Archive Republican “You lie!” outburst becomes Democratic fund… __________________ Q9550@3.4 stock vcore | Freezone | GA-X38-DQ6 | HR-05-SLI | Ballistix […]

Posted by Republican | Report as abusive

Are the people of South Carolina serious? You have a governor running around with his mistress outside of the country,(family values???) they continually rank in the bottom of all 50 states in education, employment, and health of their citizens.
Wake up people, you deserve better then what you currently have representing you!

Posted by John K – NY | Report as abusive

I hope that Obama’a health reform efforts fail. I can’t stand Democrats. Clinton was horrendous for this country. He’s the closest thing to a black President that the U.S. had. Now we have the real deal and he’s a socialist to boot and will take every bit of money to promote his socialist programs. The US is ruined. Long live capitalism.

Posted by Elise McClintick | Report as abusive

It is, in my judgement, that what we are seeing in Washington is NOT politics as usual where both sides are committed to making things better in America for Americans. It is really warfare among both Political parties trying to annihilate one another. Are any of these people really there fighting to make things better for Americans? On the surface Joe Wilson’s outburst was justifiable because I believe BO is on a mission to destroy America as we know it.

Posted by Will | Report as abusive

i found what the congress man said on national tv and not only to the entire world is disrespectful to our first black president. i found what the congress man did was rude and very out of place. if obama was a white president, i feel he would never had been heckled on national tv.

this congress man disrespected not only president obama but himself and his political party. if he didnt like what mr obama was saying he couldve gotten up and walked out, in silent protest. but to heckle our president while the world is watching is rude. this is the leader of the free world and to that to him, while ms obama and widow ms kennedy was rude as well.

to me this congress man should be removed from office for such a rude public display of arrogance.

Posted by rohan | Report as abusive

I don’t appreciate the fact that the guy yelled in the middle of a speech, but in his defense, Obama had just finished portraying the opposition to his healthcare plan as people who are completely against all reform, and called them all liars. I’d say Obama’s eloquent insults are no less inflamatory than one guy yelling back at him with essentially the same opinion of Obama. Obama called an entire group of people liars, and that must have been ok, but when one man calls Obama a liar, well, apologies are in order and someone needs to be crucified. Why doesn’t anyone ask Obama to apologize for continually calling his opposition liars? Just remember that there is only one way, and that’s Obama’s way. Anyone else is “opposed to all reform”. Evidently our president believes he owns reform and that everyone else should fall in line and shut up. That’s not a leader – that’s a dictator.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Hey it was great theatre. Even ol bam had to check the teleprompter to see if it was in the speech!

At least one guy told the truth and Pelosi almost lost her dentures. It was fab.

But I tell you this: substituting some wet vibe about doing good is hardly the remedy for messing with a system that is working just fine for 90% of us.

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To all of you who are so worried about this becoming a socialist country, then don’t accept social security checks, don’t use your medicare or the VA to go to the doctor, don’t send your kids to public school, use public transportation, the post office or use the federal highways.
How many of you are benefiting from all the profits the big oil, insurance, auto, and banks? I would bet not too many. Work 6 days a week, 8 plus hours a day for a lousy $7 an hour.
Keep shopping in Wal-Mart, eating at Cracker Barrel, and becoming a zombie to the christian conservatives!

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I just sent my money to Joe Wilson. I love that someone, finally, forced the coverage of opposition on the national propoganda machines CNN, CBS,ABC, and all the other alphabet soups. And the flaming hypocrisy of the left is on for full show to all…it was “patriotic” for many senators and congress to “boo” Bush in a State of the Union address, not clap and not stand when he entered,etc..but after this President calls all of us liars and then goes on to lie, lie, lie about every piece of his plan ( or at least, I assume it is all lies since so far nothing he said is true about the only Bill in front of the American People, HR 3200) I was screaming “LIAR” at my TV myself..and was delighted to finally hear someone say “THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES” on national TV!!!
My hero.

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John K, this is not a debate over socialism or healthcare. It’s also not the appropriate place to demean the people of SC with your misguided judgement of their collective character. I hope that the people of your state will not be judged here by your words. The article above is about a politician from SC who retaliated when Obama called his peers liars and enemies of reform. The issue is that the gentleman from SC is not opposed to reform – he is opposed to Obama’s definition of reform. He also believes, based on the language of HR3200, that illegal immigrants will receive healthcare under this plan. That is why he says that Obama lied.

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rohan,So let me clarify this the guy shouted out because Obama is a black guy?and the boos when Bush spoke were OK because Bush was a white gut,interesting!

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In response to James, really? Have you been following the trail of posts? Scan over them, looks as if I agreed with your point of view I wouldn’t be labeled misguided.
I would imagine that there are quite a few people would agree with me.

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I feel truly sorry for those of you ranting about Obama. You are blinded by your hatred for anyone different from you. You aren’t concerned about Obama’s policies, not at all. But you are concerned that a non-white is leading this country. But because of your hypocrisy, you pretend to hide behind his so-called socialist policies to express your hatred not against those policies but the man himself and what he represents. Name me one single policy proposal Obama has that was NEVER proposed BEFORE in this COUNTRY. If you do, then you’re justified to hate Obama. But if you can’t name anything the man is proposing that was never proposed in the past by a US President then you are exactly what we all know you are: RACIST and IGNORANT!

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I think we need to get over the whole outburst issue and not let it distract us from the real issue at hand: healthcare reform.

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The democrats defending Obama are such a joke. They wouldn’t know a lie if their president looked them in the eye and told them…”I did not have sex with that woman”. Anyone responding to me needs to first define the word “is”.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about…then it shows me you are just another snot nose kid with a big mouth.

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MargaretT is right: if the majority of America gets mediocre health care then screw the minority who die, go bankrupt and languish in pain. It’s not like America was founded by a persecuted minority population of immigrants right?

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I just shake my head when I see people applauding Wilson for his “bravery” to “stand up” to Obama. Here in Canada, in Parliament you can say almost anything you want to the speaker, but you DO NOT call him a liar, or even infer it. Why? Because it only leads to this completely non-productive shouting match you have on your hands right here. You don’t agree, or think the guy is full of BS? Fine. Make a real argument, instead of blurting out “Liar liar pants on fire” like a snotty brat.

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John K: When you finally move out of Mom and Dad’s basement, earn your own money, and pay your own way, you will begin to view the world differently.

The difference between people like me and the government is that I recognize the limits of my income, I don’t buy what I can’t afford, and I don’t spend money I don’t have. Most importantly, I don’t insist that *you* pay for the things *I* want.

As to the matter of social security, if I could have all the money that was stolen from my paycheck over the years in exchange for opting out of Social Security, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

In fact, the way things are now, if I could get back all the taxes that were taken from me to fund all of those things you listed, in exchange for never being able to use them again, my answer would be the same. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

John K said this:
“To all of you who are so worried about this becoming a socialist country, then don’t accept social security checks, don’t use your medicare or the VA to go to the doctor, don’t send your kids to public school, use public transportation, the post office or use the federal highways….”

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Obama lies?
I believe that for eight years we were submerged in the lying and deceit of a REPUBLICAN president. Only now are we learning of the ways he manipulated others and lied to the American people. I don’t think the republican party should be advocating a policy saying that the democrats lie. Especially after half the candidates who were to run for 2012 office against Obama have various LYING scandals afloat. (ex: sanford, corruption charges against palin and ofcourse the infamous dick cheney and the lies he told the american people)

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Do the teabagging patriots who support Joe Wilson know they are sending their hard earned money to support a socialist? In 2003, Joe Wilson voted to provide federal funds for illegal immigrants’ healthcare. The vote came on the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, which contained Sec. 1011 authorizing $250,000 annually between 2003 and 2008 for government reimbursements to hospitals who provide treatment for uninsured illegal immigrants. Whoops!

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More Republican lies. Lets compare some bills. In 2003 the Republicans, including Joe Wilson, voted for the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003. Section 1011 states,
“$250 million are appropriated for each fiscal year, 2005 through 2008, in additional
federal funding for emergency services to undocumented aliens, to be paid directly to

The Democrats bill HR3200 section 246 states,
“NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS. Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”

It’s amzing how the Republicans can fool half the country into believing their lies. Just more proof of how stupid Americans are. Maybe the Democrats should have set aside $250,000,000 a year for illegal immigrants healthcare, just like the Republicans did in 2003.

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Mr. Wilson was grandstanding at the expense of his congressional colleagues. He is going to loose his election, no matter how much money he generates. Barely concealed bigotry, disrepect, emotional outburst, lack of self control are the things that make up Joe Wilson’s life. He should remember that each of us has thirty two guardians to quard one loose tongue. Mr. Obama is the President of The United States. If Mr. Wilson can’t show respect to the Office of the President, then perhaps he should return back to South Carolina. Oh and by the way, sections of the certain bills that the ole boy voted for do provide care for illegal aliens. We as Americans may not want to pay more taxes, but we have never turned our back on those requiring emergency medical services or help. We are after all, Americans! I am proud, and this is the proudest boast of freemen anywhere on the globe. Mr. Wilson, you were rude and should apologize to your colleagues, after all, you were out of line and very rude.

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Rep Robert Wilson shouted “You Lie”. when Obama said that the bill specifically says that Illegel Immigrants will not be covered with Health Care Reform. This is what the Bill says, but the people writing the bill and the President Lied and they should know better.

The U.S. Constitution states that any person living in the United States must be given the same rights and benefits as any other person living in the United States. When the Constitution was written there were NO Immigration Rules or Restrictions. All people are to be treated equal. The President and the Congress should know what is written in the Constitution. The President is a Constitutional Lawyer and He should know.

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People have the right to their own opinion.

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Enforce term limits on the legislature. Make the terms reasonably short. Keep people from becoming career politicians and you might see more change for the better.

The differences between the parties is taken over by self interested politicians that have a vested interest in keeping term limits out of the legislature. Demand and enact term limits.

Also get rid of corporate citizenship. If corporations are no longer considered citizens, the interests of true citizens will be better served. Changing those two things will change the whole political game in favor of the citizen. Then the people will truly have a voice.

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