Dinner with Sarah Palin? It’ll cost you

September 11, 2009

Ever wanted to ask Sarah Palin over dinner what she really thinks? Now’s your chance. But it’s going to cost you — more than $25,000.

Dinner for five with the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate is up for grabs on ebay. The last bid was more than $38,000 (yes that’s three zeroes) for a dinner whose value is being promoted as “priceless.”

It looks like this time ebay may work for her (remember the campaign trail stories of her unsuccessful effort to sell the Alaska governor’s plane on ebay).

PALIN/Palin is donating her presence for a charity auction with all proceeds to benefit Ride 2 Recovery, which supports cycling programs for injured veterans.

But the winner will have to agree to some restrictions for the experience of breaking bread with Palin.

A background check is mandatory, respect for Palin and her guests “is expected at all times,” and dinner won’t be more than four hours but she can cut it short.

Palin also has the right to refuse dinner with the winner if the bidder is considered unsuitable “based on her subjective standards of suitability, professionalism, background and other factors.”

Basically if she doesn’t want to have dinner with you, too bad. But you do get a refund.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Nathaniel Wilder (Palin serves hot dogs at picnic in Alaska in July)


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This is the only important and relevant part of this story:

“Palin is donating her presence for a charity auction with all proceeds to benefit Ride 2 Recovery, which supports cycling programs for injured veterans.”

She is doing this for a worthy cause. It will cost money because it is for charity. I don’t know any reasonable person who would be against that.

The rest is not relevant. The rest is called security. Another issue reasonable people who read the story won’t find issue with.

The title of the story is clearly meant to mislead what she is doing for a worthy cause. That is shameful.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

If you paid me, I wouldn’t have dinner w/her.

Posted by bob willis | Report as abusive

I will pass on having dinner with sarah p. don’t want stoopid brushing on me, stoopid could be contagious besides she will be a no show

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

If only Bill knew how to spell stupid. Sad.

Posted by Abbot M | Report as abusive

And Sarah Palin wonders why we don’t take her seriously…. (sigh)

Posted by Mike H. | Report as abusive

Honestly, I wouldn’t give the chenge in my pocket (about 80 cents) to be around her. I don’t want to listen to he rail about “death committees” and the like.

The only redeeming fact is that the money is going to a chairity. But I’ll bet she shows up late and leaves early.

Posted by Dr Doug | Report as abusive


You can’t catch somthing you already have

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Yeah it really looks like Palin is the stoopid one here,try stupid

Posted by Mitch clements | Report as abusive

If their serving pig for dinner dont forget the lipstick! Sarah has absolutly no credibility she is a liar for the republican inquisition and god knows how they can lie. These are the people who brought us this lousy economy a stinking war with no end and are responsible for thousands of American, British and other allied deaths. Perhaps it should be a dinner for one sarah seem to enjoy her own company. McCain let this genie out of her bottle would he be so kind and put her back in the bottle where she belongs. CHARLES BOWEN

Posted by charles bowen | Report as abusive

I fully expect, as her popularity inevitably declines, to see a Palin spread in Playboy. That seems to be the pattern with slowly dimming lights in the female celebrity firmament.

Posted by Bob Burns | Report as abusive

I would love to know the reason behind the misleading title of this article. I am also curious why the majority of those who commented on this article that are opposed to dining with Sarah Palin also could not spell to save their lives. I wonder if there is a connection between hating someone who independently stands for her own convictions regardless if she has the backing of the right or the left, and not having the basic education of spelling correctly.

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

basically if youre not a well-to-do conservative republican, you dont get dinner.

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

I think there will be people gladly paying (some) money for dinner, for sure there are strong supporters of hers, and yes, cause is generous. Really naive to think, that one would find out what “she really thinks” as stated above. The question is if she (or some other politicians) do this charity donation work from the heart or just to keep them self visible to public and media and portrait a nice picture of their character. Would be interesting to find out if she had a habit of donating money before she was in politics…..

Posted by Karl | Report as abusive

Hey Theresa, some posters may not spell well, but at least they have a basic education in ( not of) the rules and parts of speach. Try putting of between regardless and if. You might want to consider moving out of your glass house before you cast any stones. I’d rather not spell well than not speak well. Wow, I wonder if there is a connection between people who support Palin and her inability to form a coherent sentance in english and their own inability to form a coherent sentance in english.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Why would you want to waste your time? She’s an embnarassment. Why are you giving her exposure? You’re doing exactly what she wants. Which is more public illiteracy.

Posted by Andrew Franks | Report as abusive


The title isn’t misleading at all. Light and provocative maybe, but not misleading, regarding the main content: bidding money for a dinner / with Palin / to support a cause.

The issue is the use of charity to sustain an image in the public, for a long term project: running to the White House.

She is building a CV, a politicly correct one, and as most of the times based on image alone.

An investment / return business. Lend image, get favorable opinion. I think more examples will follow, as long as the project endures.

I apolagize for my english spealling and grammar, but since I’m portuguese, you will give a break for sure! 😉


Posted by Ricardo | Report as abusive

Amy, it is spelled speech, not speach. :-) Thank you for the grammar correction. I will try better next time to not wallow in the mud, and rise above the pettiness. I am sure there are plenty of people who would pay for a dinner with President Obama. On the other hand, some people think he is an embarrassment as well. I am also sure they would not “find out what he really thinks” either. It would be nice to see people think independently, rather following blindly only one group. There are great ideas on both sides of the isle. American’s open your minds. Don’t follow one side or the other. If Sarah Palin is as stupid as many of you think, then she is no threat to you or your liberal agendas.

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

As many a wise political commentator has suggested , Palin now has the time to start her own show on a LOCAL Alaskan network. She will be guaranteed the most captive audience available;
She will not have to auction her presence,which she obviously is not eager to do, considering all the caveats; She will be spared the humiliation of being reminded that she is not in the league of a McCain or Reagan , evident from the fact that the highest bidder so far is offering less than $40000 (imagine what a dinner with Mr.McCain will fetch, how much more fun it would be,and you will be spending time with someone who can hold his own in any company, without needing protection from a series of ridiculous preconditions.
Worthy cause , we all agree. Is it really charity if you are doing all you can to ensure that you are not inconvenienced in the process? Is her focus REALLY on the charitable cause?? Sad testimony though, that once again , she can talk the talk , but is not equipped to walk the walk.
Palin will be well served to restrict her histrionic pursuit of attention to the 5000 mile radius surrounding Wasilla..

Posted by Bart | Report as abusive

Its hard to believe that so many people believe in a guy with little to no excursive experience, Certainly a questionable past in his personal life and his professional life. But instead turn to one who can prove her experience to be more than him and think she is the clown. Who kidding who. Stop thinking with your tv and think with your brain.

Posted by Kenyon | Report as abusive

Nice to see Sarah getting some practice for when we need volunteers to help in soup kitchens, when the Obama dept legacy takes hold.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

I would pay the 25k+ if i could bring my three guest Katie Couric,Hillery Clinton,Wolf Blister and a camera crew so when we were done,we could play it back on Comedy Centrals Roast get my money back plus even more for charity.

Posted by mark pribble | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is AWESOME and the reason she is criticized is because liberals are scared s——- of her. Bring it on Sarah!!

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

I think Sarah Palin is an extremely bright, well grounded woman with good instincts who was doing an excellent job as governor in Alaska. Unfortunately, she was thrown into a high profile pressure cooker with little experience on the national level, in terms of her background knowledge of policy, history, public speaking, etc. If anyone is to blame it is McCain. He was going for the Hail Mary and instead may have ruined a promising career of someone who was put into the main event too soon. Who knows. She still has to be considered one of the more prominent possibilities to become the first female president, after she has had a chance to get more national experience under her belt.

Posted by barackem | Report as abusive

hhhaaaaa, i’d watch that show.

Posted by reeblite | Report as abusive

I would bid on dinner with Tina Fey first before this woman.

Posted by Agent99 | Report as abusive

Sarah can buy dinner with me anytime. I’ll buy and cover the tip and donate directly and without overhead all of the procedes to a fund to which neither of us is connected. McCain’s time had come and gone long before he was nominated. The repug machine chose not to waste any up and commer in the election, hence…surprise! We’ve got Sarah. They’d have been equally energized if it had been Sarah Jesica Parker. My point is this: Repugs chose to burn a non-viable candidate. Too bad she doesn’t get it. Tragic and sad.

Posted by DanO | Report as abusive

Whoa! Are you serious? G.W. Bush didn’t sit around the teapot like sister Obama would prefer. No, he and his administration kept our country safe for eight years after the most horrendous attack upon American soil. Ask a fatherless child or a motherless son how they feel about Islamic Fascism. These radicals HATE YOU, ME, US!

Sarah Palin may not match up to your standard of brilliance, but I’d take her common sense and no-nonsense sense of reality over any Washington-bred politician any day. Once given half a chance, she’d hopefully turn our beloved Capitol into a bunch of neutered dogs. God forbid a strong Republican like Tim Pawlenty, or Newt Gingrich get behind Sarah Barracuda. It’d be bye-bye Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Tim Geithner, Eric Holder, Harold Gibbs, Cass Sunstein, and Carol Browner. Need I say more? Yes, just about everyone under the Obama umbrella is suspect. No one trusts his flock of left-over, Clintonesque cronies.

He’s already become the first, fastest, most corrupt presidency in decades. Probably ever. It’ll be good riddens, the day when America reclaims its freedom. :-[

Posted by William B. Warren | Report as abusive

What a surprise!
In a little while she’ll bring it to your room, for a price (hint: she’s Republican).
Anyways, she’s kind of oldy; Spitzer knows better.

Posted by ViejoVizcacha | Report as abusive

That’s an expensive hors d’oeuvre!!!

Posted by Pete | Report as abusive

Palin gets publicity. Palin gets her ego stroked. Palin gets to say “screw you and the troops” if she doesn’t like the way the winning bidder’s face looks.

Posted by Icarus | Report as abusive

Tina Fey would have the best chance of getting free dinners and $25k for most people. For the tin-foil hat types, I’m sure there are plenty who would pay the same for Palin, Bush, Cheney, etc. If Palin is the poster-child of the right wingnuts, we’ve got it made (at least for a few more years).

Posted by Leroy Jenkins | Report as abusive

Whoa! Are you serious?

William B. Warren: “G.W. Bush… kept our country safe for eight years after the most horrendous attack upon American soil”
<= If I recall correctly, 9/11 HAPPENED DURING BUSH’s ADMIN. To me, he and his psycho pals, provocated it!
Now you’re selling me the “it’s not me is them” routine??? HA!

and “Ask a fatherless child or a motherless son how they feel about Islamic Fascism. These radicals HATE YOU, ME, US!”
<= This is not a “War With Terror”, this is a “Religious War”, on which by the way, WE SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH. This is a Jewish-Muslim war. We’ve been bleeding young educated loved needed American lives in it, just because we are stupid, stupid, stupid… twice: Iraq AND Afghanistan stupidly duped.
You should use your head to think, not just to keep your ears apart! Imagine a world governed by Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Barracuda walking around with a neck with just 2 ears atop! Hello!!! You shouldn’t ask for it. No, no.

Posted by ViejoVizcacha | Report as abusive

Sorry, I wanted to say this when my cat zapped it in!

William B. Warren: “Ask a fatherless child or a motherless son how they feel about Islamic Fascism. These radicals HATE YOU, ME, US!”
<= Muslim Peoples tirelessly proclaim that “they do not HATE American People–That they LIKE the American People”–as relayed by our own Media.
This is not a “War With Terror”, this is a “Religious War”, on which by the way, WE SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH. This is a Jewish-Muslim war. We’ve been bleeding young educated loved needed American lives in it, just because we are stupid, stupid, stupid… twice stupidly duped in: Iraq AND Afghanistan.
BTW 2, Radicals, as in Fanatics, are more than one in this world, and push come to shove, which ones are radical-ers and or fanatic-ers than our friend-liers Zionisters (notice that I am not saying they are the terrorist-ers) ?

Posted by ViejoVizcacha | Report as abusive

What is wrong with people who can’t talk about Sarah without lashing out in some kind of crazy talk. Myself and many,many others like her very much. If you don’t , well, so be it, but to get crazy about it you might want to ask yourself ” am I drinking too much of the democratic Kool- Aid”?

Posted by Stroke | Report as abusive

Most making comments are missing the point. The auction benefits veterans and troops who have been wounded. I rode 350 miles with some of these injured veterans. This program is a life changing event for most of them, and to miss the point here only marginalizes the sacrifices those troops have made. Tabassum Zakaria has an opportunity to highlight a program that benefits our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, and chooses to demean and insult an individual who is supporting it, shameful.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

She is totally out of her mind. That is all.

Posted by Stevie G | Report as abusive