No lie! Poll shows Joe Wilson trailing in reelection bid

September 11, 2009

USA-HEALTHCARE/OBAMACongressman Joe Wilson might be tempted to yell “You lie!” again – this time at a poll that shows the presidential heckler trailing in his reelection bid.

The survey by Public Policy Polling found Democratic challenger Rob Miller leading the five-term Republican lawmaker by 44 percent to 43 percent. The numbers had Democrats cheering, and at least one pollster offering a new view of the contest in the heavily Republican South Carolina district.

 It is all part of the fallout of Wilson yelling “You lie!” at President Barack Obama during his address to Congress on Wednesday night on healthcare reform.

“In a matter of seconds Joe Wilson turned himself from a safe incumbent into one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country for 2010,” said Dean Debnam of Public Policy Polling, which conducted the survey of 747 voters in the congressman’s district.

But Dave Wasserman of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, which tracks congressional races, downplayed the importance of the poll and predicted Wilson would rebound against his liberal challenger in the conservative district.

“This is just a snapshot in time. The bad news for Rob Miller is that the election is 14 months away,” Wasserman said, noting a lot is certain to happen between now and then.

Last year, Wilson defeated Miller, a former Marine turned small businessman, by 54 percent to 46 percent.

Wilson’s verbal attack on Obama provided a big boost to Miller’s fundraising.
In two days, he raked in more $875,000 from 24,000 contributors, according to the House Democratic campaign committee.

But Wilson, who became an overnight hero to many conservatives, has also enjoyed a financial lift. He pulled in about $700,000, said a spokesman for the House Republican campaign committee.

Snared in a political firestorm, Wilson is fighting back. He posted an appeal for support and money on his campaign website that says “Joe Wilson is Under Attack — Stand with Joe Today.”

“I should not have disrespected the president during his speech. But I am not sorry for fighting back against the dangerous policies of liberal Democrats,” Wilson says in the spot.

“Will you stand with me today and help me fight back against liberal attacks by making a donation to my campaign?”

Reuters photo by Jim Young  (Wilson after yelling out “You Lie” during Obama’s speech Sept 9, 2009)


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Wilson is not losing. He is in a tie with his challenger for an election to be held in Nov 2010. This story is typical of the left. They try to brainwash us into believing Rep. Wilson is losing (badly…) when in reality he isn’t.

What a typical left wing story…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

It’s about time someone have the guts to stand up and tell it like it is. Wilson dared to speak the truth. Enough decorum, where does it get us. Obama is deceiving us. There are no enforcements in the bill to stop illegals from getting benefits under his plan.

Posted by Rena Becerra | Report as abusive

Wilson should be required to apologize on the House floor. He is bold-face liar who has no class. Wilson should resign!

Posted by Sheila | Report as abusive

Wilson will indeed pay a price and it may well be the loss of his seat. Indeed, while he has apologized to Obama, he seems unrepentant. His excuse is a bit weak – it was spontaneous. I guess he can’t control himself. He’s just had only what 5 or 6 terms in the house? Just a green horn.

Posted by Paul Stewart | Report as abusive

Wilson will be one of dozens of Republicans to lose their seats in the next election. Republicans had a choice, to either move to the middle and work to fix the mess Bush left or move to the extreme and embrace the Obama-hating, white conservative evangelical “Christians” who froth at the mouth, eyes bulging, veins popping as rant against the government.

They chose the later and they’re embarrassing America. They will pay the price in the next election.

Posted by thebob.bob | Report as abusive

Thank you, Joe Wilson. I’m so pleased with your vociferous participation in your party’s decline. I can’t wait for the Republicans to be completely and totally obsolete! Really looking forward to you and yours going the way of the dodo, or the dixiecrat.

Thanks a million!

Posted by Katharine | Report as abusive

I applaud Joe Wilson for saying publicly what any informed person already knows. I wish the rest of our, so called representatives would stand up and expose the radical takeover that obama is setting us up for.

Posted by Donald Tanberg | Report as abusive

Where is the perspective. Wilson is outraged about the mere possibility of giving health care to illegal immigrants but WHO CARES about Bush lying over and over to congress about the Iraq war. It’s the old 80% rule. 20% of Dems are stupid and corrupt. 80% of Republicans are stupid and corrupt. That’s my math.

Posted by john shermer | Report as abusive

Mr congressman; you are what’s wrong with this country please leave congress. You seem to be angry because of hate for this Black President. Most likely any minority

hahahaha! This guy is a disgrace all Americans. So he’s saying his site is down because so many people want to donate? Riiiight. He’s freaking out because he is watching his political career go down in flames. Wonder how long his official site will be down…..? HAHAHAHA

Posted by irishmexgirl | Report as abusive

Joe Wilson claims his “emotions” got the better of him. Baloney. There was no build up to the President’s comments on illegal immigrants to stir Wilson’s emotions: he was sitting there just waiting for the phrase to come up and pounce. It is Wilson’s favorite topic–but he got it wrong. Not only was he stunningly rude, Wilson’s claim of a “lie was wrong. he didn’t even know what is in the bill. The President did. It does NOT provide health care for illegal immigrants as the President said. Wilson’s deplorable manners are exceeded only by his ignorance.

Posted by E.D. Tunis | Report as abusive

I am not an avid observer of the political landscape but upon watching the news, I thought it was very , very disrespectful. I never heard of anyone that heckled at President Bush when he was in office especially during his last years in office. So why this type of treatment against President Obama? I know that healthcare debate has been very divisive and it seems as though there are more whites against this reform. At least those are the people that I am seeing speaking out against this reform. It is just a shame. The people that have been against this President is just waiting for him to falter and Joe Wilson is one of them.

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

I can not find an address to send a contribution to Joe. I checked several webpages I found – no address.
Please don’t apologize to the hypocrites in congress — if they try to censure you have Sean H. get you a recording of when they booed Geo. W. during a speech to congress & just keep playing during a session. You did the right thing by apologizing to Obama – the rest of the dems should get theirs when pigs fly!!!!!!!!!!
Joe you need to be at the Tea Party tomorrow & wear a T-shirt saying you need help have a booth where you can let people donate to your campaign.

Posted by Nena | Report as abusive

I find that poll hard to believe. South Carolina is so conservative. Wilson pulled in nearly $800,000 in donations within 48 hours of his remark and the number is likely to go to 1 million dollars. If the Dems reprimand him the donations should go at least double. The money Miller has may be enough to pay off his debt. He will need a lot more money

Mr. Wilson take heart for you spoke for all true Americans.

This man is a liar and a traitor to this Country.

Posted by Nicholas Del Giudice, Port Monmouth, NJ | Report as abusive

Go, Joe! Don’t apologize & don’t back down. As my wise, wonderful parents taught me, “always do what’s right and you’ll never have any regrets.” You did that when you spoke out about the Pres.’ lie. We’re fed up with the lies and corruption from the politicians, no matter who it is, including the Pres. Speak up for us, fight for what is right – our people and our country are depending on it. God bless you, Joe!

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

Mr. Wilson, I would like to say to you that I have donated the maxium amount of money to the democrated candidate. I do not believe that anyone that has as little respect as you do for the HOUSE OF CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES does not belong in Washington. You do not deserve to be paid by the tax payer or to represent anyone. Had a private citzen did what you did they would have been made to leave the hall. SHAME ON YOU AND SHAME ON THE GOP PARTY FOR RALLYING AROUND YOU…. SHAME.

Posted by DIANE WENZEL | Report as abusive

Thank you for saying what is on the mind of a ton of people all across the USA. Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade.

He is a lier!

Posted by Warren L Jones | Report as abusive

Were behind you Joe. It’s about time someone stands up and calls him out. Joe Wilson has my vote!!

Thank you Joe for stating the obvious; Obama is a liar.

Posted by Roxi Qualls | Report as abusive

I applaud Joe Wilson’s courage to ‘speak truth’ to power. Unfortunately he was wrong. The health insurance reform bill specifically prohibits undocumented residence from receiving federal aid.

Joe ‘you lie!’ Wilson is factually challenged. and as such I can only assume this ‘emotional outburst’ was really born of political calculation (i.e. an attempt to steal headlines.) I cannot abide those who bear false witness, especially for selfish reasons.

As a side point, why would it be so wrong to provide health care to a human being in need, even if that person is here illegally? Who would Jesus deny health care?

Posted by Blah | Report as abusive

Republicans are experts when it comes to telling lies.

Posted by B Murdoch | Report as abusive

obama lies all the time…”I won’t sign a bill that adds a penny to the deficit.” “We will pay for the health care bill by rooting out waste and fraud (paraphrase)” and on and on. wilson just said the truth out loud.

Posted by rfpzzzz | Report as abusive

Yes, Wilson should apologize for calling Obama a liar. He should have called him a damned liar.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

The Republicans remind me of petulant little brats. Despite all of W’s lies and deceptions, never once did a Democrat behave in such a crass manner during a speech to the Congress. I’m sure the neocons will applaud Wilson as a hero. Neocons don’t exactly have a concept of good manners and decency. They are good at yelling however…. Not much else.

Posted by Mike H | Report as abusive

Harry Reid called George Bush a liar in tv interviews, as did many other soulless, arrogant elitists. Those wishing to donate to Joe’s campaign can find a button to click on several sites, including Hannity’s and Coulter’s.

Posted by CapnRick | Report as abusive

Excuse me, but a person that would yell that lie at the President of the United States does not deserve to be realelected. Joe Wilson is an idiot who listens to the wrong people. What people need to understand is that individuals inturpret messages from ministers, based on individual experiences. Most let it go in one ear and out the other, however some will accept that as part of their comfort system. When a person accepts a serman as part of their comfort system, a sermon on on abortions will nudge that individual to claim that God justified their murder of a an abortion doctor. Or an elected person to yell out ‘You Lie’ to the President of our country.

Posted by Merlin DuVall | Report as abusive

Well, I’ll tell you something I know is true. Our current health care system gives free healthcare to illegal immigrants and people visiting from other countries – it’s not the majority of the free healthcare. It’s called charity care. Most of it is spent on US citizens. I work in a billing office and write off those accounts all the time.

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive

TC, I guess it’s true that we hear (or read) what we want to. The article clearly states that Wilson is behind by one point and later quotes a source at the Cook Political Report saying that Wilson will rebound. Nice try though.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Well no surprise here, If you disagree with the pesident you must be a racist. As i sit back and read these comments from this story or virtually any other it always comes down to it, must be a racist, it truly amazes me that in this country you simply can not disagree with the president without being called that. Well I guess that is what happens when there is no other aruement for his failed policies.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

We have to stop this administration, everything is corrupt. Please really read and investigate all of this and visit for the real news, the media is in on this too. Everybody, Please this is serious stuff.
Obama is chums with low-life commies Chevez, Zelaya, and Castro. He kowtows to Saudi royals while women get beaten in prison for speaking their mind. He pays lip service to Iranians getting killed in the street for protesting. He is chopping our intelligence community off at the knees by prosecuting people at the CIA. He is eliminating the best and brightest for railway counter-terrorism in favor of unions. His so called ‘health care reform’ will ruin health care for 80% of us; add way more to the debt and he IS lying about coverage for illegals and abortion. His cap n’ trade, even IF the ‘green’ scam was true, will do virtually NOTHING to lower CO2 but shackle us to even higher taxes and doubled energy costs thus sending overseas what few manufacturing jobs we had left.

Those and so much much more makes it CLEAR that Obama hates the USA and is actually out to DESTROY it not lead it even if he had ANY ability to lead in the first place.

To all of you useful idiots who voted for him – you elected this STINKING RADICAL SOCIALIST (i.e. – a COMMIE), and it’s about time YOU own up to it and help STOP HIM from doing any more damage.

Posted by GlennMike | Report as abusive

I only wish I had more money, but thanks to Obamanation I have no job. I am however, not prepared to sit around collecting government handouts. If the economy has rebounded, I and everyone I know has missed it. I will do what I can, and keep it up Joe, “the truth will set you free!”

Posted by Lisa Blackstock | Report as abusive

We should be applauding Representative Wilson for his spontaneous outburst of honest emotion on this political matter. The President was essentially lieing to us in his speech because all previous versions of the Health care discussions have been protraying approximately 45-50 million uninsured people in the country. The only way that number range of uninsured can be achieved is by including all illegal aliens, otherwise it’s only approximately 30 million (less than 10% of our population). It’s pretty clear why the Democrats want to provide free health care to illegal aliens, to get their votes when Obama and the Democrats seek to allow them a voting privilege. This step is nothing short of a veiled attempt to insure the Democrats maintain control of our Federal government for decades to come. Their underhanded approach to this is disgraceful, unconstitutional and a downright attempt to steal American’s tax dollars to achieve their own political gain. Rep. Wilson’s pure, and therefore honest, emotional outburst has exposed that. I, frankly, wish more of this public calling out of person for their blatant political lies, would occur.

Posted by Jon Talbott | Report as abusive

Eric. Look at the headline in this article. I know if one of your liberal friends was in a statistical dead heat (they don’t talk about margin of error in the article either…) you would be saying the same thing I am.

My only point is that the article clearly says he is behind. He is not behind, he is tied. You know that, you aren’t stupid (going out on a limb on that one…). I have a feeling this guy is going to easily win re-election. This is just another attempt at the left destroying someone who clearly spoke for a lot of people in this country. My opinion is he spoke for the majority of Americans, and the majority do not want what Obama is trying to force on us.

BTW, no one mentions how Obama called people liars throughout his speech. Hmmm…was that appropriate for the POTUS to say? I think not. His speech showed how childish he really is. It was shameful.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

great news to hear “another Republican won’t be re-elected due to the fact that he put his foot in his mouth again”…
the only good he is doing is condemming the Republican Party to a long absence (Maybe death) in politics in our government…they are the party of NO and only negative ideas…the back lash will be the downfall of the Republican Party as a viable political entity… hopefully even small town and state governments will experience a continuing downward spiral of Republicans in office…he joins Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, etc in ruining what was once a viable political party…for this deed most of us Americans applaud them…Obama won by such a large amount because people are tired of old ideas like theirs….they just don’t get it…they don’t quote facts…they fabricate them to slant the news…like the silent majority of the Republican Nixon era they are only a majority in their own minds…
Thanks them for ruining the Republican Party and putting an end to the way things were done in the past by the screwed up conservatives…
And Thank you America for giving us someone in the White House who can think clearly and change the USA for all Americans making it a much better place to live…

Posted by rick | Report as abusive

Do a little research. Some of you Regressives are only show casing your ignorance. six-lies-about-hr-3200/

Posted by Harry A Haney | Report as abusive

Which failed policies? Doesn’t seem that there has been enough time to know whether or not his policies have failed, as we are just now fulling experiencing the results of Bush’s policies. You assume that his policies will fail, but we don’t know yet what result they will have.

Posted by felicia Dorrough | Report as abusive

Nice try, Mike T. Where were you at the State of the Union Adress of 2005? Your Dems repeatedly booed, yelled disparaging remarks and were generally raucous at the president’s address. But we don’t remember bad behavior when it’s not convenient……..

Congressman Joe Wilson is nothing but a racist Bigot and typical of the Southern Republican, with comments like his I wouldn’t doubt that he is a member of the KKK. But then most of the Republicans from the Southern States are nothing but religious right wing nutcases who still think like their ancestors who used to own slaves prior to the Civil War. They are nothing but hypocrites, liars, bigots and an embarrassment to the great country of the United States.

Posted by Morris O | Report as abusive

The question to be answered is whether West Columbia, SC is a community of no-class, big-mouthed, small-brained yahoos or whether it was just an accident that they got one for their representative. America is eager to learn the answer in the next election…

Posted by R. Cann | Report as abusive

Actions speak louder than words. I do not want our country turingn into a society of shouters spewing hate and disrespect. Joe Wilson’s outburst is not a path we should be going down. I have postponed my trip to South Carolina until I learn more about the people of the state. We had planned a family gathering to visit my niece who is currently living in North Carolina while her husband is fighting in Afghanistan. We had made plans for 5 of us to stay at a lovely B&B in Charleston, but due to Joe Wilson’s remarks we have decided to spend our money and family time in D.C. It may be just a few thousand dollars of tourist dollars, but I want my money to go to a community that does not vote emotionally immature leaders into office. Hope to see you soon South Carolina!

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I wonder if the teabaggers would be so proud of sending their money to their new hero if they knew he was just another conservative hypocrite? Or does that even matter to them, as long as they can stick it to Obama?
In 2003, Wilson voted to provide federal funds for illegal immigrants’ healthcare. The vote came on the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, which contained Sec. 1011 authorizing $250,000 annually between 2003 and 2008 for government reimbursements to hospitals who provide treatment for uninsured illegal immigrants. Whoops!

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Damn if you don’t agree with the half black half white Obama your a racist. He has the country fast tracking into socialism/communism and the democrates are as happy as can be. Spend spend spend and don’t worry about where th money comes from. AND Joe Wilson only spoke the TRUTH Obama was telling a lie.

Joe Wilson ripped his own ticket to reelection. South Carolina loves its good ole boys, but how can it shame itself by reelecting Addison Graves Wilson? Will it? I mean it’s not like anyone else in the country looks to South Carolina for much more than this type of race-baiting aggression. As an Asian American (born here, raised here, love it here) I have never found South Carolina to be a “nice” place or their people to be very “nice” to non-white visitors. I’ve always been treated with polite distance, or if not direct confrontational anger for World War 2 and Vietnam, and even on one instance Japanese cars… I’m not surprised that the good ole boy is worshipped in a state like South Carolina, but could they in good faith RE-elect someone who is clearly disgracing them further? I guess it is the south, so I don’t know what to say about how the locals might actually think. If it reflects my personal experience, then maybe they like that their Senator is disrespectful, vitriolic and as a result, ineffective. Civil war still lives there, I guess…

Posted by Alexa Kim | Report as abusive

But George Bush is a liar. If he’s not then where are all these Iraqi WMD? Not even Fox has shown them. Seems to me a lot of people here are just sore they’ve been had by Dubya so now they’re doubling down on their obstinacy. I guess all True Americans like being lied to by conservative politicians but don’t like having their preconceptions challenged by moderate ones.

Posted by borisjimbo | Report as abusive

Joe Wilson is a typical, Republican pig. Shame on the entire party. No matter how one stands on the healthcare issue, shouting “you lie” — or shouting anything for that matter in that forum is unacceptable.

Posted by Randy | Report as abusive

Oh boy reading this thread and hearing comments like I lost my job because of Obama shows just how dumbed down we have become as a nation. Everything that has happened to this economy happened under the 8 years of bush-o-nomics…or “I’ll take mine” and good luck getting yours sucker. How did feel paying almost $5.00 a gallon a gas a couple of summers ago..To me it felt like taxation at rates only seen in Socialist countries. Civil disagrement does not make you a racist…pandering to FOX news or MSNBC spin and the spinners who are making money off your emotions is comical to watch. Think for yourselves…Both sides are bought and paid for by someone. No matter how much they claim to be patriotic

Posted by Robert L | Report as abusive

Real mature attitude for some one in office. Reminds me of alot of Bush

Posted by JAMES COLLINS | Report as abusive


THE Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Becks and ilk are being paid to lead soft mined people or uneducated people to vote and work against their own best interest.

Posted by Megan46 | Report as abusive

So here is my question, “When did manners and respect for the Office of the President of the United States cease to be conservative values?

Tragically, in this great county, you can tell if a politician is lying very easily. If his lips are moving and words are coming out, he is lying.

Resolving healthcare is not hard, but President Obam delegated it to one of the least intelligent and most partisan people in the House. So she screws the other side of the isle.

Now I would have expected the Repubs to rise to the occasion and, with dignity and respect, point out the failing of the bill without dropping to the level of the Democrats. But now, it is a race to the bottom.

Politicians expect the US Vote to be solely motivated by selfish interest, unable to frame any issue if the person describes it in words that have more than two syllables and come more than five to a sentence.

It is so much easier to lie and call names. Mitch McConnell wants us to believe that he sits on high moral ground, but when he ran thing in the Congress and they had a Republican in the White House, they spent money like drunken sailors so we kicked them out. They somehow have forgotten that they controlled both houses of Congress and the White House for six years. They did not better.

It is time to take you cans of tuna fish and bottles of water with your shotgun and head for the hills. None of these people show any respect for the country. We pay them hundreds of thousand of dollars for the rest of their lives and give them health care that we will never have. And all we ask them to do is to pretend to care, sit down together and come up with a solution that does not bankrupt the country and they have failed, both sides of the aisle.

Posted by Brett | Report as abusive