Carter says race is issue for some Obama opponents

September 16, 2009

Some of President Barack Obama’s more demonstrative opponents list any number of reasons why they oppose him and why they’re angry — from the bank bailout, to his plan to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, the direction the country is heading and the ballooning U.S. deficit. But former President Jimmy Carter thinks a lot of the opposition is really about Obama’s race.


“I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man,” Carter said in an NBC interview on Tuesday.

Here’s what the Georgia Democrat had to say:
“I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way, and I’ve seen the rest of the country that share the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African Americans. “And that racism inclination still exists. And I think it’s bubbled up to the surface because of the belief among many white people, not just in the South but around the country, that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. It’s an abominable circumstance, and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply.”

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Disputes over race are not unheard of in U.S. presidential politics. Click here for a list of some of them.

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Photo Credit: Reuters/Tami Chappell (Carter at a baseball game in Atlanta in June)


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Oh, that explains everything. Thanks Jimmy. I thought it had to do with Obama’s policies.

Well, no wonder Carter was a one term president…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

How come the white trash that is screaming now wasn’t bothered by Bush mismanagement? He jack up the deficit by 4 – 5 trillion and gave Goldman Sack’s big time money. If your memory goes all the way to Carter you ought to be able to remember Bubba W Bush

Posted by jc | Report as abusive

President Carter is spot on. He has touched on this sensitive subject with extreme candour. Extremist elements are trying to paint President Obama in a very negative way with racial overtones. These extremists should be shunned. In the 21st century one would expect racism to be a thing of the past. Playing the race card will only back-fire! Here is a President with brilliant positive ideas.

Posted by Pancha Chandra | Report as abusive

It is becoming clear that racism is the issue slowly raising its ugly head in these discussions as noted by the attitude of the Republican party and some democrats.
Why this vitriolic attitude on an issue that is going to help 45 million uninsured americans and more millions with insurance on the long run.
The world is seeing the hidden agenda of the republican Party which is so medieval and unacceptable to a civilised world.Americans must stand up more vigorously to this right wing onslaught.

Posted by Arshad Khan | Report as abusive

Oh, that explains everything. Thanks Jimmy. I thought it had to do with Obama’s policies.

Well, no wonder Carter was a one term president…
________________________________________ _____________

This comment is very funny thing to me because most white people thinks that there is little to no racism in the US now. Where the reality of it is, there is still racism albeit more subtle than the over the top racist clown of yesterday. Look at the preacher in Arizona calling for his death and you think that it’s because of his policies? Racism is a dying beast. It’s not dead yet but in a few more hundred years or so anything is possible.

Posted by Howie T | Report as abusive

No, that doesn’t explain it TC; we all know there are disagreements and philosophical differences, and I completely understand that, as I am very concerned about the direction of our country as well, but there’s a lot more attached to these expressions and outrageous claims, and unfortunately it does not help convey their argument. Obviously there is a significant percentage of folks who will resist anything Obama does and will never give him a chance, as he had only been in office for a few months when these extreme reactions became evident. For American parents to pull children out of school claiming Obama wants to indoctrinate them with socialist ideology simply because they claim a draft of his speech asks children to write him (this black president) sharing their ideas. Who pulled kids out of school when Bush (senior) made the EXACT same request in his speech? This is ignored, as they are blinded by their own hate and ignorance. And with a 400% increase in death threats to Obama compared to previous presidents, somehow, this too is ignored. Somebody out there knows some of the very people making such threats. But, still there’s a dangerous silence to it. And, this is nothing more than a simple disagreement on policy? And the very dismissal of the many other facts and examples others have mentioned – pointing out the blatant, direct, and violent-natured animosity toward Obama – is insulting. Free speech is to be protected, but it does not mean all that is expressed, including the very manner of these expressions, are respectable. They are revealing much more than a disagreement in policy. And for those of us who are sitting back listening and watching their behavior, find it very difficult to justify their outrage, anger, fear, and hateful, antagonistic, disrespectful expressions when compared to the substance of their opposition to policy – it just doesn’t warrant such behavior. And for those of you who truly do not possess racist baggage attached to your disagreements, perhaps you should distinguish yourself from those who do – and call them out on their hatred. No matter what you think of Carter, I believe he spoke the truth.

Posted by Dejaye | Report as abusive

You all act like if it wasn’t for racism, everyone would be supportive of Obama. It is his policies people are upset with, nothing else. If it was racism, he wouldn’t have been elected. You Obama supporters make excuses for everthing. Give it a break. His policies are horrible and bad for the country.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

True to a very small degree. Carter has been way off before and is now. The majority of people are not comfortable with his policies and liberal approach to expanding government. The former Prez was off when he was in office, and is off once again.

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

the guy is a terrible president whether he is black or white. i wish you libs would stop whining about people that disagree with this terrible president and say its gotta be about race because nobody should disagree with this guy. you people are so dumb. he is also half white you morons. i love how you libs always say he is a black man. what about his mother…she was WHITE!!!! he sucks no matter what race he is. he is a marxist who is bancrupting this country. you people talk about bush’s deficit. obama has more then tripled it already!!!!!! open your eyes people.

Posted by MICHAEL MORETTI | Report as abusive

TC, your comment is intersting. Obama’s policy according to you are horrible. Bush’s policies which led us into a war based on a lie and cost the country 2 trillion dollars was a great policy. Obama inherited the economic mess from Bush and at least Obama is fixing it. Does your strong illogical reaction have anything to do with the fact that Obama is half-black and Bush is all white?

Posted by jaysmith | Report as abusive

RICK: The majority of people are not comfortable with his policies and liberal approach to expanding government.
________________________________________ __________________

IF what you say is true and then the MAJORITY of eligible voters should have voted, then the MAJORITY would have voiced their opinion and Obama would not have been elected President. He was very open about his liberal policies all during the campaign. Until Americans start showing up to the POLLS and casting their votes, the MAJORITY of us will have to suffer with the officials that get elected by the minority.
Voting is a civic duty and responsibility that half of America does not even bother to exercise. We must all start going to the Polls and vote these loggerheads out of office before America will start to prosper and regain our rightful place as the Leader of the Free World.

Posted by AC | Report as abusive

hey big surprise. on this liberal news site there is no mention of these undercover ACORN video’s. so, i’m guessing you people have no problem giving your tax dollars to a group that obviously has no problem giving money and advice to someone who want to start a prostitution business with underage girls and gives advice on how to avoid paying taxes. funny considering thats how they are funded. the media in this country is a damn joke. wake up people!!!!! research these things. dont just trust sites like reuters who have a very liberal agenda. i bet this posting doesn’t even get posted.

Posted by MICHAEL MORETTI | Report as abusive

“You all act like if it wasn’t for racism, everyone would be supportive of Obama. It is his policies people are upset with, nothing else. If it was racism, he wouldn’t have been elected. You Obama supporters make excuses for everthing. Give it a break. His policies are horrible and bad for the country.”

A couple questions: Were you satisfied with the previous administration’s policies? Were you okay with the their contribution to the deficit? Were you satisfied with the mismanagement of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

If you’re okay with all of this, I would tend to think you (and anyone else who was satisfied with the previous administration) would at least be suspect of racism. I can understand disagreeing with his policies, but not the intense reactions we’ve seen over the past couple months. It’s clear this goes deeper than policies, and as much as I wish it weren’t the case, it shouts racism.

Posted by Charley | Report as abusive

We can never know for sure whether racism is involved but the ways of the world is such that people will be do anything to get what they want. In this i tend to agree with Carter that the racism card is used by people who wants to see Obama’s policies fail.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Obama has been in the office for less than a year and some people made their minds already on his policies as being horrible. The Bush thing was in the office for 8 years and every single move he made was absolutely fatal to this great country and the world. And many people at those times (like Joe Wilson) agreed to every sigle wrong decision Bush made.
Please remember that Obama was elected to fix the mess Bush & his adminstration left behind and for sure it’s going to take time.

Posted by Jo | Report as abusive

I agree with Jimmy Carter.

Posted by John K | Report as abusive

I´m an Obama supporter and respect Carter but I think he is off the mark here. Of course there are some extremist elements that oppose Obama because of his race but I don´t believe his recent loss of public approval is due to this.

Let´s not forget that Obama had very high approval ratings when he first came to office a few months ago and he was also black then.

The fact is that Obama, unlike Bush, is actually trying to tackle some of America´s fundamental weaknesses head on instead of simply being a corporate sell out.

He´s taking decisive action towards devisive issues. Some people are always going to be unhappy. But let´s give the American people a bit more credit: its not all about race.

Posted by alejandro | Report as abusive

God bless Jimmy Carter for calling a spade a spade, this elderly statesman has always spoken without a hidden agenda and it is the Carter’s and Mandela’s of this world that make me a proud world citizen.

Posted by Nduka Tolefe | Report as abusive

What a fresh argument from a known liberal underachiever! The moment he or the likes face an opposition, they cry bigotry, racism, narrow mindnessness, employ casting calling their opponens hillbillies and rednecks – – as if those who disagree with Obama all lack education and life experience, unlike the supporters who all are exceptionally intelligent, highly educated, and well-rounded people with impressive resume themselves! What a travesty! Actually, it undermines even further respect of the new government, so it shoots itself in the foot, so to say. Do notforget that Obama has won because the intelligent population of this country, who tend to be more timid and centrist politically got too confused to vote in 2008. Well, they are slowly learning the lesson.

Posted by Allie | Report as abusive

All of you that say it has to do with Obams’s policies, be honest with yourself. What policy has Obama implemented since he has been in office that you disagree with? The Bank Bailouts? Policy implemented the Bush Administration.. The soaring deficit? Policy implemented by the Bush Administration…

Those of you who do not or did not support the stimulus package show me ONE piece of data that states that the faster than expected recovery is not due to the stimulus. Also give me one piece of data that suggests we did not need the stimulus. I admit, it was by far not a perfect bill, but it is working.

Just be honest with yourself. I do not like Jimmy Carter, but in this case I think he is spot on.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I am SOOOO glad that liberals are over-using the word racist!! I am sick and tired of hearing this. No of course it can’t be because we don’t want a communist running our nation. It can’t be because we can’t afford to have all the spending this president wants to do. It can’t be because he lied during his run for office (tranparancy, no taxing the middle class). Another thing that’s getting old is this “I inherited this mess” montra. How long can he claim that one? It was a democrat controlled congress that allowed most of this mess. Yeah, I agree Bush might have gotten us into a war unnecessarily. But let’s remember how we all felt on 9/12. If Obama had been president in 2001 we would have gone to war then as well. It is a shame we had not exit stategy that was “politically correct” enough for anyone to swallow. THAT was the mistake! Yes it cost too much, but if the democrat controlled congress has reigned in the speding and pork and controlled the Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac welfare projects called sub-prime mortgages it wouldn’t have hurt us so badly! Obama need to man up! It’s his mess. But this man has no skills to deal with this problem. He surrounds himself with radical ideaologists who really want to wipe out the current standard of living and make us all “equal”! But it will destroy us and make our country weak and vulnerable, not to mention that you need people who actually want to work for a living to make the nation strong! Can’t you people admit we are headed in the wrong direction?

Posted by Kate99 | Report as abusive


I agree that lethargic voting is a big issue.

However I have a broader criticism of your comment. The reality is that if you look at a list of the top 10 countries ranked by any of the following criteria (median income, life expectancy, competitiveness of economy, transparency of financial system) you´ll see one common thread. ( index.html) In almost every single category the majority of countries are what Americans would call “socialized”. In fact any European country is far more socialized than what Obama could ever achieve.

Another common thread is that none of these countries hemorrage money in stupid wars.

So I disagree that the majority of America is opposed to Obama´s policies; they´re simply cautious of them as they should be. I would argue that many Americans also realize that other countries do some things better than US, in fact some do many things better than US.

And just so nobody labels me as a communist for suggesting that we should learn from our more socialized trading partners, I´m a banker. I believe in free markets, big bonuses, and bespoke suits. But I also believe that republicans´ call for smaller “hands off” government is more suited for a South American banana republic than for a leading world power.

Posted by alejandro | Report as abusive

Chis – what “faster than expected recovery” are you talking about. The 16% (real number) unemployment? Do you actually KNOW where that stimulus money is and will be going? 75% of what was put in that bil (which grew ten-fold in Obama’s hands)is spending by democrats to buy votes in their districts. Almost none of the money spent has created any jobs so far. Look up the numbers buddy. Really. Take a minute and do some research on your own. Stop listening to what the media tells you and get your own info and wake up. EVERY bill Obama WANTS to pass will cost us all LOADS of money. And why won’t any of you accept TORT reform and inter-state insurance as an option to reducing health care costs? Why must you mess with everyone’s insurance to insure 10 million (the real number of uninsured if you subtract those who don’t want it).You seen rather young and niave.

Posted by Kate99 | Report as abusive

When will this race issue be put to rest? Racism has has nothing to do with the problems in this country when it comes to our government. The majority of our elected officials are white and no one is giving them a free pass.
Our government as a whole is corrupt. Let’s all quit playing games and work together to get integrity back into politics. Until this happens, we all suffer no matter what the color of our skin.

Posted by DANNY | Report as abusive

Yes, its about his policies. No – most don’t think either Bush was okay either. Not only the presidents but congress and scotus and lobbyists (oh my!). Both/all these guys have been spending us into oblivion & largely catering to the demands of the industrialists and of the investors. It is nearly too late avoid the crush. Wake up!

Posted by rc | Report as abusive

I’m not a republican, or a democrat.
The two party system really sucks.
Obama’s policies, they suck.
Bush’s policies, they also sucked.

All of the people who wish to have a sound reliance upon the gov’t for anything, are ignorant sheep.

Instead of demanding insurance for all, health care spending; as in the insurance rates and companies, or the amounts charged by health care institutions needs to be brought into check. A simple chest X-ray has no business costing $700. (That’s just the film, seperately charged for usage of equipment, time of staff, etc)

All of the economic programs suck, as they don’t address the primary issue. That our, and by and at large, all of the world’s economies now have complete reliance upon debt in order to function. The water doesn’t magically continue to fill the bathtub forever. We, along with most other “civilized democracies,” have all slipped into some form of psuedo-socio-fascism that’s quite disturbing.

Meanwhile, you all are all too busy saying things like, “Rascism is alive in this day and age, how reprehensible!”
-Yes, it is, in more ways than one, as you demonstrate by your statement

“President X’s policy is at least better than President Y’s”
-Screw that, they both suck, as constituents we should demand better.

Going to war to spread democracy and freedom through fear, subterfuge, and the total disregard for a sovereign nation’s rights is a farce.

Pushing through a gov’t run health care program is just silly. HMO’s made health care worse, imho.. Gov’t will only make it worse at an exponential factor. The larger any program gets that’s run by elected officials this just seems to hold true.

The fact that Americans continue to allow this “Free Republic” to be run by the social elite/Oligarchy of Friends or where we even allow lobbyists to exist is disturbing.

Sad day.

Posted by PLD | Report as abusive

Well, I hate to agree with a Democrat, but the man’s right on the money. These neo-cons can’t stand to see a n-word in the White House, plain and simple. Also, I think they are angry that their own party (Republican Party) doesn’t have any solutions to our country’s problems. John McCain wasn’t much of a contender, yet they all voted for him because they felt they didn’t have a choice. They all hate Bush for starting two botched wars that have no end in sight. No, I’m afraid these lost souls are going to have to tolerate a black dude for president for at least 3 more years. If he gets re-elected who knows what they’ll do?

Posted by Mufaso | Report as abusive

Read through these comments and compare the pro and against Obama ones. Notice which ones have more spelling errors, and make your own conclusion on the intelligence level of Obama’s supporters and those who dislike him… (bancrupting???)

Posted by US | Report as abusive

The right wing nuts continue to defy logic and intelligence. They are racist and base their issues on false information and purely emotional, and believe anything they are told….
They can’t understand they they are acting against their own interests. I say those nut can return the tax break (less than 250K) they received under Obama leadership. Its put up or shut up.

Its too bad they are herded like deer in the headlights.

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

There are two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in between. There are undoubtedly people who dislike Obama for his racial heritage, but there are undoubtedly more people who are very upset not only with his policies, but more so his disregard for our Constitution. We know also that our country has not been this divided in a very long time and the President does not hide his partiality to one side and condescension to the other. Both sides as least need to be heard, regardless of whether everyone thinks this is a “racial” issue or not.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Jimmy Carter has been and will always be one of my favorite leaders.
Obama’s policies will bring out country back togather again. We will be once again be putting the citizens interest ahead of big business, religous zealots, cheap imports. We are a country my fellow Americian what we used to be looked up to for and pride ourselves in…has for too long been squandered, pawned, soldout.

Posted by Mrs. McD | Report as abusive

To label Carter’s comment as liberal whine is nonsense and self-delusional.

There has never been more fear-tactic politics in recent memory than since Obama took office. The birth certificate “scandal”, town halls where people scream over keynote speakers that the President wants to “change the fabric of America” or worse-yet “destroy America” and irrational tales about “death panels” and the like, display the uglier, intolerant side of the country.

This mentality is classic “stuck-in-my-hole-with-my-gun-and-afraid -to-come-out-and-face-reality” and speaks directly to what I believe is a decline in American leadership in the world. The NRA, Joe Wilson, Rush Limbaugh, FOX News and their ilk, are an albatross around America’s neck. Together, they’re dragging down some extremely positive, progressive, intelligent, worldly and forward-thinking policies that Obama’s administration is trying to implement to haul America back to respectability on the world stage.

So to say there’s no racism behind any of these irrational attacks – and to pin it all on policy issues – is just plain wrong. If Obama’s opponents had any real thoughtful options to proffer as debate fodder, then I might agree. But so far, the only things being thrown out to oppose him have been good ol’ conjecture and hillbilly scare tactics to freak everyone out. This isn’t progress and bodes very ill for America!

Posted by Didier | Report as abusive

If you think this is a race issue than you are totally off the mark. This is the same way the Soviet Union stifled dissent. And believe me Bush had plenty of people protesting his policies. You all forgot the “free speech zones” and the other BS? You don’t remember protesters being rounded up and thrown in asbestos filled warehouses in NYC?

No dissent against a president of any color isn’t racism it’s PATRIOTISM! White folks that try to hide Obama’s policies behind the veil of “race” are the true racist. Their so blind in their racism that they can’t see that protest is truly organic to the reckless spending he is doing.

Posted by Wes | Report as abusive

I agree with President Carter. a

Posted by Andrew Franks | Report as abusive

If the same folks who have a problem with Obama’s awful policies also had a problem with Carter’s policies during his years in office, how can that be considered racism?

Posted by Rick B. | Report as abusive

faster then expected recovery at an almost 10 percent unemployment rate? i dont call that a recovery unless you call the spending data and bernake saying its getting better a recovery….well when people stress they eat and buy but until the unemployment rate drops its only going to drain the economy more the state i live in will have to borrow money from the government to pay for unemployment until 2015 so i dont blame obama or bush i blame them ALL and wow what an insight from mr carter where was that interview held at one of his “homes” man must be nice to not be losing it huh jimmy

Posted by kainoa | Report as abusive

It’s about time we have someone in the White House who is looking out for the interests of our citizens. I voted for President Obama and one of the reasons was because I was sick and tired of all the “good ol boys” we had in the recent past who did not care one bit about us. I hope that all the people who put President Obama in the White House continue to vote and finally show all the religious zealots and intolerant idiots who the American majority really is- and that has nothing to do with race.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

@Sarah – Obama is disregarding our Constitution? What do you think amending it to define marriage as a heterosexual union was? What about the Patriot Act?

1) No one has successfully LIMITED freedoms through the Constitution. The Constitution of the United States of America only GIVES freedoms.
2) The Patriot Act is essentially MARTIAL LAW with no end. There is a reason our government put a cap in timeframe on a declaration of martial law.

Posted by Scordia | Report as abusive

If you do indeed read through these comments, you will notice not so much the spelling errors, but the spewing hatred coming from foaming leftists’ mouths (or shoud I say fingers?), as they are the ones playing continuously the race card.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

Reckless spending? Bush’s tax cuts cost more than the stimulus package and he went to war at the same time. Now, *that* is reckless. It’s borrow and spend. At least we’ll get something out of the stimulus package (infrastructure repairs, etc.) unlike the money Bush gave back to us and told us to go shopping with it ”or the terrorists win.” Please. I’d much prefer the stimulus package.

Not that I’m a big fan of that, either. By stopping the hemorrhaging of the economy, Obama may well prevent a majority of Americans from learning their lesson and we’ll go right back to our old spending habits..habits that have been encouraged over the last 20 to 30 years and are what lead to this current situation (borrow and spend – you can have it all and there’s no repercussions). At least the people who endured the Great Depression learned the value of things…I fear this is a lesson we won’t learn this time around.

Posted by Purveyor | Report as abusive

I am thinking with Carters comments, that he really wants the limelight. Since the freeing of the two journalists, somehow he believes that people will be swayed by his remarks….acutally when the truth is Obama is doing a horrid job of trying to run this country. Let’s see….out of control spending, trying take government control of our healthcare here in America, not reading the bills that are passed in congress. Now, this sounds like socialism like it or not. It is not about his skin color, its about what he is doing to the american taxpayer. He is completely out of control….

Posted by jat | Report as abusive

They have had a lock on power since Reagan they can’t let go so eaily having imagined some kind of thousand year reign of irrational ideological fervor. It’s not easy to givve up atll those powers and perks and the executive imperialism that looks so good only when it is on your side.
What Obama needs to see is that it is time to put the solar cells back on the White House because the things we avoided for 30 years are just that much more necessary now and Carter has every right to say “Told You So!!”

Posted by wildthing | Report as abusive

Obviously, the 9/12 demonstrations over this past weekend and the numerous Town Hall meetings were evidence of an angry, ignorant mob mentality. The lynching anger and obsession with angry words which is fueled by the GOP and their Boss Limpbaugh and Hannity/Beck cronies is exposing the racist underpinnings of these bigots. But, it’s not just the fact that he is a man of color, he is also being accused of being a Muslim, not born in the US and whatever else the right can make up to incite the anger of their ignorant clan. With that said, there is no rational explanation for the vitriol as demonstrated in Town Hall meetings and 9/12 bagging events. President Obama’s policies, so far, have been economically on the money. It is too early in his presidency for anyone to claim policies as an excuse for racist behavior, therefore, President Carter is correct. Pure and simple, as I read these posts, we are dealing with racist losers who have no respect for the office of the Presidency because they can not accept a man of color in the, “White” house.

Posted by OldSkewl | Report as abusive

Carter is right, unfortunately. We have a long way to go in the USA on the race issue, especially in the South but not limited to it, of course. Rep. Joe Wilson is just the latest poster boy for virulent bigotry in this country. It’s the same narrow-minded people who kept alive the bogus issue of Obama’s citizenship. The bigger picture is of course the inexorable march of demographics. By 2050, Hispanics will be the biggest single ethnic group in the U.S. You better get used to it, senor Joe.

Posted by The Freditor | Report as abusive

Jimmy’s view on Obama opposition is thourgh the lense of the deep South…of course all he sees is racism. As a former president he should be able to articulate a opposition description that isn’t so 1 dimensional.

Posted by LVR | Report as abusive

I see most of the words “race” have come from minority. If the Americans were racists, they would not vote for Obama to be president.

I am a minority and I feel Obama’s policy will steal our future generation. Please keep our budget and trade in a balance manner.

Posted by Tri | Report as abusive

Racism? In the first place, he WAS elected President by this country, remember? Second, just because he’s black should we accept his policies no questions asked? The majority of people in this country are having serious issues with his plans for this country. Even those who voted him in are reconsidering what they’ve done! I know several people who wish they could take thier votes back. If only….

Also, talk about scare tactics. I’m racist because I disagree with his intentions and the people who he surrounds himself with? I’m not being blindly led; I’m being alerted to the truth. I’m listening to the news reports and watching closely…(on certain channels I can’t get ANY useful information.) Those people who close their minds and have no understanding or clue about what is really happening in this country are the ones that are being blindly led. Open your eyes America and GET OFF THAT COUCH!

Posted by Lioly | Report as abusive

Wilson’s comments are based on a collective subconcious prejudice. His demeanor shows it. He represents a bunch of folks our dear americans who just dont get it. the dummied up group believes that affecting social change in taking care of our people goes against liberty and our notion of rugged individualism. They are dead wrong. Any first year psychology student learns that unless an organism changes and grows it dies. We will not die but live.

Posted by Rey Hassan | Report as abusive

President Carter is correct. When Obama won the election, there were a lot of whites that had to face up to the the moral bankruptcy they were taught by their parents; the election on November 4, 2008 ratified the foolishness and bigorty of some whites in this country. They were raised to believe that Blacks are less than they are, not as intelligent, nor do they belong in positions of power. Now that this has happened, now they look stipud, and their children that they have promoted this bigotry to, makes them appear even more silly and stupid because what they have promoted, the election on November 8, 2008 made them out be a liars.

This is what all of the issues about the back to school speech was about; there are a significant number of whites that cannot accept that a Black man is President because it goes against all of the lies and bigotry they were taught by their moral bankrupt parents and they cannot even look themselves in the face and accept this as true.

Posted by Vonnie Phillips | Report as abusive

Who cares about the color of this president? The media and Obama supporters that’s who. The rest of us wouldn’t like him if he were white or yellow or red or green…he is inexperienced and incompetent and we knew that from the beginning of the Dem campaign. That’s why half of us in the Democratic party did not support him. Every time he gets criticized, the race card is played by one of his fervent supporters…like Jimmy Carter.

Posted by lezah2 | Report as abusive

Why do the media continue to keep the topic of Racism alive in America?

Why is it a topic that continues to divide the nation?

MLK had a vision of a colorless society where individuals recognized character.
“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.

Obviously the media and proponents of race equality keep the topic alive because it had economic and political advantages to do so. Where would Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton be without the race rant? They would not have much to talk about.

President Obama ascended to the most powerful position on the planet as President of the United States. He did not do so with the aid of an affirmative action program. He did so on his own merit. He did so with hard work, sweat and discipline. This should be the message to Americans. Hard work yields results!

President Obama recently instructed an audience at an NAACP gathering to get their children a good education and aspire to become doctors, lawyers and even the president of the US. Skill sets and good work habits are what build character that propels a society forward. Not a continual reference to race and color so we can whine about our disadvantages.

It is irresponsible for Jimmy Carter to reintroduce the topic of racism at a time when Americans have said, it no longer matters about color and our presidental selection is living proof.

Shut Up Mr. Carter! You do not serve the country well with your comments!!!

Posted by Marky | Report as abusive

What about President’s Obama saying about Boston police officer? Is it based on race, isn’t it?

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How appropriate that Jimmy would weigh in, foreshadowing how this current failure of a president will be remembered after he’s voted out in three years.

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I think that President’s Carter mistakes and total failure in international politics cause trouble that we have today with Iran, Afganistan. Nevermind, his opinion about HAMAS, etc

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Mr Carter,

The only colors that concern me with respect to the president are black and red.

Those are the colors in the budget. Mr Obama’s budget request for FY2010 contained about 4 times as much red ink as any budget request submitted by Bush.

Ironic, since Mr Obama chastised Bush for doubling the national debt from about $5 trillion to $10 trillion in 8 years.

Mr Obama either voted for or increased the spending in the FY 2009 budget request, (Bush’s original request estimated just over $400 billion in red ink) so when FY2009 is over at the end of this month, there will be about $1.6 to 1.8 trillion.

Mr Obama’s FY2010 budget request will also be about 1.6trillion in the red.

I don’t see Mr Obama as a black man. All I see is an ever growing trail of red ink, and several broken promises.

Mr Obama spoke out against earmarks, even said the stimulus package wouldn’t have them. Yet he allowed congress to present a bill that had earmarks, only with a different name. He signed that bill, destroying his own credibility.

Mr Obama also spoke out against lobbyists in the cabinet, and the softened and contradicted his position with his own actions.

Mr Obama nominated folks for the cabinet who had issues with paying taxes. Ironic since it appears the health care proposal in the Senate will “tax” high value plans (my paraphrase.)

That is likely to break the promise about those earning under $250K not paying more in taxes. Sure, it will be spun as a tax on the employer, but anyone with half a mind can see that there are fixed budgets for compensation and taxing an employer leaves less to pay employees. So the net result is the same as a tax increase on those employees.

So it’s not a racial thing with me, it’s a black and red thing. The budget is not in the black, and Obama is adding more red to it every day, and at a rate that makes the last eight years of Bush look like he was a saver, not a spender.

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How many Republicans and Independents who voted for Obama partly because he’s black will now think twice about doing so again because if they don’t agree 100% with a black person they’re called racists.

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Jimmy has a vantage point that few have. He has served the country as its leader, he comes from a part of the country that has been noted for its blatant racism in the past and he is white. He, like many of us have and continue to struggle against the ideas planted in our heads when we were young. Consciously or subconsciously there is a vestige of racism still in too many of us. We must be honest with ourselves and struggle against these ideas because we know they are wrong. Someone once told me that racism will have to die with the generations, both black and white. Its clear to me that Jimmy speaks from great wisdom and those that seem to disagree just can’t handle the truth. We must have the goal that racism whether conscious or subconscious will die with us.

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The continual address of the race issue only serves as subterfuge.
It becomes a tool of distraction whereby the real issue on the table is not addressed.
It becomes a convenient alibi for not discussing the truth.
It is used a cop-out when an individual can not discuss a topic intelligently with real merit to their issues.
It is stupid.
It is idiotic.
It is an unhealthy obsession that keeps us in the dark ages. To continue the discussion on race is to say it is alive and well and under new management.

Is that what we want?

Will we ever move on as a nation?

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Although most of these comments are understandable, to say that the nation shouldn’t mention race anymore or bring it out to talk about is absurd. Hate crimes are the highest this year for the decade and you all know that there are still people out there with a cultural mindset that is backwards. Simply because half the nation voted for Obama on Nov.4, does not mean that on the fifth the nation was racism-free. The opposition might not be racist but the racists are the opposition. Oh & why did no one call Bill Clinton a socialist? Even though his policies were much more extreme.

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When will we Americans wake up? This is not a republican or democratic, socialist, communist, christian, muslim, hindu, thing.
We give billions and billions of dollars of money to countries all over the globe, we have politicians who act as if they are royalty. We spend billions of dollars on our military for wars that will get us nowhere.

We need to start taking care of oursleves, not Israel, or Korea, or Japan, or any other country that we give aid to.

We should all have a decent place to live, with good paved roads, with efficient inexpensive public transit,healthcare. We need safe streets, schools that turn out students of posess a quality education. No one in this country should be going to be hungry. We need clean air, good soil, clear water.
These are the things we need to be worrying about, and yet all we are doing is ripping each other apart.

Wake up people!

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So, according to liberal thinking, white people cannot stand to see a black man in office because they are racists, and all the protests and anti Obama propaganda in recent months is because of racism…?

How on earth did he get elected if there are so many racists in this country..?

The US is in enough trouble without inventing racism on a national scale because the people have the freedom to speak out and are doing so.

Liberals need to stop acting like spoiled children because they can’t get their own way and move on with what the people want, not what they ‘think’ the people want.

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many people are missing a HUGE point here. yes, racism DOES exist, and when it arises in ones life to the magnitude that it’s causing an injustice on that person(s) then action should be taken. however, there is an UNDENIABLE slant in this country that when we speak of “racism” that it is a white person being racist towards a black person….. the people that want to cling to speaking of racism or disingenous (spelling?) if they don’t equally bring up black racism towards whites, or the fact that the majority are only talking about TWO RACES! What about Asians, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, Eskimoes, American Indians? I’m black, and puerto rican, and i hear all the time from not-white people, racist remarks about all the races above, and at mostly White people. White Boi, Sideways Pu##y, Habeebs, Tontos, Mehigans, etc.

I’m waiting for someone in position to come out publically, and do the only thing that would start the end to racism, which would be denounce the entire ideaology. Race is a man made concept people. It’s only for the weak to feel as though they are a part of group. A group of people that they don’t even know 1% of.

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Of course President Obama disagrees. He must. He still has to curry votes down south, where the attitude is (wink, wink) that it’s about the issues.

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I don’t think anybody wants to hear Jimmy Carter’s comments. It might be a good idea for him to stick to growing peanuts.

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It is possible to disagree with someone based on the issues and not on race. Carter needs to get past his liberal Southern guilt about slavery and move on. It’s apparent Obama has.

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It is not the OPPOSITION to POLICY that reflects racism, it is the TONE and the DEGREE of the discord that has the face of anger, of unreasonableness, and of hatred. This shrill and uncivil display is rooted in something far more passion-driven than a health care debate. After all, who should care soooo much if we, as a wealth nation, provide access to health care for all Americans? And who should care soooo much about government spending when spending doubled in the last administration? No, I think Carter nailed it.

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Mr. Carter feels those who speak out against President Obama’s ideas are racist. Is that due to his own background/experience? Were those who spoke out against former white presidents all racist against whites? Absurd thinking. It is not an objective observation to categorize all such remarks in one category, and this shows a limited outlook and truly points to another agenda, one that is divisive and that does not do anything to build a proper debate. But, I do not expect Carter has changed much since his presidency and I am not sure why he is getting any credence for his opinions now except that maybe we are still hoping something will come from this peanut farmer from Georgia. Oh yes, and that was George Wallace’s state.

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I am deeply disappointed that Jimmy Carter would vomit his unwanted opinion and even more so that anyone would give him a soap box to stand on.

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Carter was, and is, the worst President we have had in my lifetime. Is he a nice and caring individual? Absolutly, but “most” people in this country have moved on and don’t relive the ’60’s everytime things don’t go our way. Look around, Mr. Carter. You live in one of the areas(Atlanta) that has some of the highest percentages of affluent African-Americans in the whole world….when I lived there, the motto was, “Atlanta, the city to busy to hate”…go back to your Upotia in Plains,GA with your elite white neighbors and quit talking like you are senile.

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All I have to say to former president Jimmah Cahtah is: It takes one to know one!

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Jimmy Carter attributes the worst motives to ordinary Americans (which does not strike me as a very Christian thing to do). These people (all liberals, so far as I know)are playing the race card over just about any situation in which there is some opposition. It is getting to the point you can’t even suggest an alternative point of view without the tired, old epithet “racist” being flung at you. Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf too many times. When the real wolf came to the door, nobody believed him. With respect to Carter, maybe it is a case more of “the lady doth protest too much.” Perhaps he has never really fully confronted (acknowledged) his own racism, which no doubt he imbibed as a child living in the South in the old days; thus, a classic case of projection. Sound absurd? Not any more absurd than the fishing expedition he is going on with respect to President Obama vis-a-vis any opposition/concern over policy equals racism.

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What a crock this (non)issue is: If only Obama was white then all opposition to Cap & Tax, Govt. Healthcare, soaring debt, govt. ownership of car companies and banks, tarp, stimulas, dictating pay, cash for clunkers etc., would then go away. Jimmy Carter was the worst president we ever had and he should retire quietly to his peanut patch.

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Mr. President, I have to disagree with you on this issue. I completely agree with former President- Mr. Carter.

Mr. President I know it’s not in your best interests to play the race card. So, I will do it for you.

Never, have I ever in my 3+ (a lady never tells her age:) years on this earth witnessed the lack of respect for any president before you.

Instead of all parties uniting to bring our country back to where it was, they’re dividing us. The game they’re playing is a very dangerous one. In fact, I believe they’re contributing to our country being less safe.

If we all can’t rally around our President and at the very least remain fair and unbiased then the U.S. is in a world of trouble.

Doesn’t the far right, the middle, whomever it applies to realize the mess they’ll leave behind for their kids, and grandchildren?!

Get over the color issue and do what’s right for us, the ‘American People.’

We’ve elected you all based on what we believed are your policies. Do the job we’ve elected you for and stop nit picking on everything President Obama says, does, or try to accomplish.

If you have a better solution for the mess our country is in, then me as a voter, as an American would love to hear it.

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I cannot comprehend how a President, especially a President from the South, could possibly play the race card this way. President Carter had one of the worst one term Presidency out there. Suddenly he become a genius on world affairs but he couldn’t get our hostiges out of Iran ! And , an expert on motivational intent behind everyone’s words. By the way the Confederate flag as a part of the Ga. Flag was flying over the Sate House when Carter was Governor of Ga. ! It is time for Mr. Carter to take of his political robes and replace them with his Bib overalls and go back to peanut farming. Or, he could build houses, just no sharp tools.


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What an IDIOT!!! I hope Carter hits the circuit on this one and can help Bama be the next 1 term Dem Pres that goes down in infamy. Bama is half white you wannabe peanut farmer; the other half is Kenyan. I know MANY people who even voted for Bama that claim they are extremely disappointed with his performance!!! How is that racism? Vote for him based on his NLP speeches + disapproval of Bush, but disapprove of his performance to date. So people (not just white, ALL) cannot dislike a mixed race man’s on-the-job performance now??? I know of a mayor, governor, and president (all chief law enforcement officers) who, without explicit knowledge of details of an arrest, accused an upstanding police officer and community leader of inappropriate actions based almost solely on the races of the officer and arrestee. I believe that that IS racism as did MANY other Americans! Carter is SO out of touch just like Bama!!! Seriously, this just highlights the irrationality of the liberal non-platform… Hate whites, God, christians, soldiers, straights, people who earn a living, successful capitalists, cops, free marketeers, and America itself… Force the procurement of over 50% of the earnings of the next 2-3 generations to fund their (and their donors) pet projects without any evidence of benefit… Design policy around the concept of choices WITHOUT consequences for the purpose of immediate personal gratification over sustainable societal good… But I’m sure Mr. Carter is dead on that its the tone of Bama’s skin that people are uncomfortable with- right….

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President Carter is attempting to squash dissent by applying a derogatory term to all dissenters when that term applies to only a limited number of the dissenters. Guilt by association is a dangerous strategy for it can then be applied to the speaker. His support of dissenters in other countries whom then associate with criminal elements would by his logic make him a criminal.
These are absurd arguments. I am disappointed he would lower himself to this level of partisan odium.

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I can’t believe Jimmy Carter could say such a foolish tihing. I am a conservative Southerner and disagree with many of President Obama’s policies, not be cause he is black and I am white, but because we disagree on the way this country should move forward. In fact, I am proud to have a President that will come out and say Former President Carter is wrong.

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Carter needs to just go away. His accomplishments are frightening. Remember, he established the Dept of Energy which was to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. How is that working out? He is a disgrace and we need to not rewrite history the way it was done for Roosevelt. Bringing race into this is weak. It’s only done when your position is not debatable. When someone brings in race, you know their position is weak. It’s the last card played. Ask yourself, why is it played so much?

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I am a middle-age, white male in the deep South & have lived here all my life. I hear what other white people say, what my parents, their friends say and you know what? President Carter is right. Carter is just saying what a lot of us “liberal” whites had long ago figured out: A LOT of this “angry” response to President Obama is because he is black. This is a fact. Either President Obama is naive or he is wanting to look past this fact when he denies it. Please do not tell me any different. I know what I hear.

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President Carter is of course right, and Obama of course can’t let that become the focus. No surprises here at all. I’m amazed the media didn’t ask Kanye West what he thinks about this.

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Lord Snooty: “. . .and all the protests and anti Obama propaganda in recent months is because of racism…?”

Nobody has said or suggested that ALL the protesters and anti Obama propaganda in recent months is because of racism. Who sai “ALL?” Can you read?

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Are you kidding? The amount of animosity, especially emanating from the red states, is very clearly thinly veiled racism. There is no other possible reason for these people to believe in things like “death panels” or to try and smear him with things like the so-called ACORN scandal and all the rest of the nonsense. This is a man of high moral character and the only possible explanation for the level of hatred is a fundamental and irrational racist fear of having black man in a position of power. I am white by the way, just so you know.

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It is absolutely true that a lot of opposition is about race. I’m white, grew up in the South, voted for Obama but am well aware that all too many people I know there did NOT vote for Obama not because he was a Democrat, but because he was black. The President’s spokesman is wrong, period. To think that just because we managed to elect a person of color to the Presidency means that all opposition is just due to the “issues” is naive. Sorry that it is that way, but it is that way. And to think that Wilson’s comment wasn’t somehow race-related (he who said Strom Thurmond’s black daughter was a “smear campaign” and fought for keeping Confederacy alive & well?) is also naive.

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Now I am NOT suggesting all Republicans or those that oppose Obama are all racists, far from it. I am simply responding to fallacies and denials of people like griffinkai above.

Obama was elected with approximately 60 million votes. In a country with approximately 225 million registered voters, it is of course possible for Obama to be elected president by a segment of the population that has risen above race in voting for Obama as president. There’s a huge segment of the US population that wants nothing to do with a black president regardless of any other qualifications, people like Rush Limbaugh and his fellow Right Wingers and their typical followers. Those are the people President Carter was talking about. It is a fact, denied only by people with no real integrity or decency, because in their heart of hearts they know it is true, but don’t have the decency to admit so either to themselves or others.

One would have to give credit where credit is due. People who are racist and say so in no uncertain terms have much more integrity than people who hide behind code words and meaningless logic to deny. In my book, racist that deny they are racist, have no core integrity. So while I vehemently disagree with racist and believe it is sad, I give credit to those that have the integrity, honesty and sense of decency to own up to it.

So racists and right wingers with their high priest Rush Limbaugh may vilify President Carter for speaking the truth, after all the Christ was crucified, so what is new?

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Of course there is racism undertone..some ppl are still jerks and will always look for other ways to explain away there frustrations..they wont want to be called racists..but the former president is flat wrong to ascribe policy issues to race entirely..conservatives dont like liberal policies any day.

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Let’s acknowledge that racism is present in this country, not to say it is not elsewhere in the world. Racism is just like jealousy, greed, and etc.; it is a human trait that is part of many of us at varying degrees. We should learn to control it as part of character building and live in peace with others who are different from us, whatever your race may be. I don’t have any illusion that racism will ever go away.

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I very much disagree with President Carter! I am not a racist and strongly disagree with tis administration about providing a national health plan and with all the bail outs to corporate bus. I am a Republican who donates to many causes and cannot accept the entiltement beliefs of many. I believe we have to work hard for a living and that at the end of the day I am providing for my family…not looking for a hand out! I am raising my three Boy’s to do the same!

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No one is inventing racism on a national scale. It simply exists. If someone had yelled out “you lie” to President Bush, there would have been a furor much louder than the one right now. Rush Limbaugh would have been frothing at the mouth for the opportunity to slam “liberals who disrespect the office of the presidency.” as would every other far-right pundit.

I’m just left of center, don’t believe every republican is from hell and don’t believe every democrat is right. But I do believe that basic parlimentary rules and respect for the office of presidency need to prevail.

Censuring Mr. Wilson is the right thing to do for any party. Too many people in the administration are willing to sweep this under the rug, and while it doesn’t need to be beaten to death – yet it will – there needs to be action.

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Racism exists, but crying racism every time there is a disagreement with the president or any other person of color degrads those who have truly experienced it. The “race card” seems to be tossed out very casually these days and frankly I would think that would be an offensive act to those who truly have experienced racism. As far as former President Carter goes, he is creating more problems with inflammatory language and certainly not helping President Obama do his job.

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It is imperative that the people of the world know, that there is still a strong bias in the USA against blacks (people of Color). To think that it would not be an issue in today’s political arena is idiocy, or at least a plausible story that many misled people “believe” in.

Many of us would like to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the issue of race. But the fact is this. People who don’t want healthcare reform will do ANYTHING to keep it from happening. By virtue of the fact that reform would help people, you can tell where the lime is drawn – generosity / greed. Whose pocket are we supposed to be putting our hands into? “The American People?”

More than the majority of people in our country – us citizens – don’t even know what their dollars $$$ are spent on. If they did, things would surely change.

I just pray that the American People will stop listening to radio talk show hosts,and journalists, who claim to have a corner on truth in this country. There is not a chance of racists changing siginificantly in our lifetime. I have seen the rage in people’s eyes that reflects their belief that the election of a black man to the office of President is some sort of Punishment from God for the evil of our ways.

Remember, the ‘good’ people will not be as sneaky and underhanded as the bad people. Therefore, there is an inherent outcome that the ‘bad’ people will win any battle for ‘good.’ That is, unless, enough people are convinced to change their mind to follow the path of ‘good’ people.

No one in their right mind would think that racism doesn’t have a large impact on political issues. But President Obama is correct in the fact that those opposing health reform will use it to take the attention of the American ‘people’ away from the reform issue and toward the much more inflamatory issue of racism. The roots of racism are so entrenched in the psyche of people that, like a tumor in the brain, to remove it would kill the patient.

Please redirect the attention of the public onto the difficulties people face when they don’t have healthcare coverage – for whatever reason. Because if this is shown to the general public maybe some of the people will be pursuaded to support health care reform. Right now they only see what their journalists, newscommentators, radio talkshow hosts and emails bring them – and it IS NOT all true. Not even close to the truth.

We need more truth. We need more humanity. We need less greed and selfishness. Who among us are willing to speak up for these causes? (Read this with exagerrated sarcasm.)Oh by the way, in the words of Joe American, “I know I’m right, because you are obviously wrong.” Think on these things. -t

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I’m a 60+ white male who grew up – and still lives in – the South.

And I can assure you that much of the seething hatred of Obama’s “policies” is indeed due to racism. If you read some of the emails I’ve received from high-school classmates both before and after the election about “taking the country back”, you would shudder.

We’re making progress in throwing off centuries of racism, but let’s not kid ourselves that one election magically cures us of this sickness.

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This is coming from a man who was responsible for certifying the fraudulent elections in Venezuela and allowing Chavez to continue destroying Latin American democracy and countries.

It is difficult for me to respect Carter’s views due to his lack of impartiality. It is sad when a public figure with so much power abuses it to serve is own personal agenda.

I am a strong conservative and do not agree with Obama policies. Nevertheless I respect him as a man with a great capacity to communicate and a determination to work towards the well being of the country.

Due to lack of experience and his limited network of ‘good advisors’ he inevitably heads in an opposite direction from what ultimately this country needs. At this moment I pray he continues on the path he has lately followed, in which he ignores political garbage such as this one and focuses on trying to find solutions to our problems.

I prefer a leader focused on finding a solution than one that would be ‘milking’ any opportunity for partisan division.

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Pres. Carter is just another race baiting liberal who continue to inject race into every issue……not for purposes of truth, reconciliation, healing, etc. but simply to further their own political agendas and to obtain the political support of those they manipulate. Shame, shame on you Pres. Carter. Instead of arguing merits you play the race card.

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It is very discouraging when someone uses the racecard when you do not agree with their opinion. I do not care for President Obama’s health care plan because but I am not a racist. I am the caregiver for a 77 year old mother. Medicare is a disaster to deal with. She needed a wheelchair. I shopped around and found one online for $150. The 80% durable medical equipment would only apply if I rented it monthly for 36 months paying $3,600 for the wheel chair. This means that you the taxpayer would pay 80%($2,880) for a wheelchair that is worth less than $150. Oh my goodness my grandchildren will be paying for my mothers $150 wheelchair. Also medicare deducted 2 months of premiums from her account. I spent 8 hours on the phone trying to get it corrected; no one was able to help me. Also the bank wouldn’t block it because it was an auto withdraw that was reoccurring. I don’t want the government deciding health care issues for me. Some guy in a government building basement in Washington making decisions if I need surgery or medicine. My paperwork stacked up on someone’s desk that has taken 6 week maturnity leave. Everything the government does takes way longer than it should. When was the last time you went to the DMV?

Obviously President Obama is a highly intelligent and educated man. He has worked very hard to get where he is and deserves my respect. However I don’t have to agree with his opinion or policies. Obviously he has not had to deal with medicare or he would think differently. I don’t think that is racist.

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Carter is spot on – don’t kid yourself! I am an old white guy from the south. Come to my club, barber shop, and gym and listen to the comments about our President from ‘conservatives’. Not much substance, but very racists. Tell them like is Jimmie!!

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I voted for Obama…not because he is black; and I disagree with much of what he has done with my hard earned money..also not because he is black. Being racist is something to be ashamed of but it is also shameful to cry racism every time something doesn’t go the way we want it. As a country we need to get past this and try to repair our economy before we all, black, white, red and yellow, suffer the dire consequences.

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Carter is asolutly right and I understand Obama has to disagree with him. Everything I get from the right and the christian folks shows nothing more than their inability to accept a black man as president.Further more they are totaly unwilling to let God be incharge of events. Some I listen to now believe they have been empowered by God to see to it that everything Obama tries to do will fail. People like Beck, Limbaugh are todays new McCarthites. Wholesale character assination. The tea party is on a path to try and distroy this country, under the guise of patroitism.I heard a law officer today who is part of a pledge of oath organization actualy encourage sedation by it members.They hid under the 10th amendment. The key word is hide. They all hide under something ,and they feel patriotic. This country under God has a moral obligation to better the life of it underpriviledged citizens. They should be ashamed of their me first attitude and extreme narsasism. As the Beatle song put it “let it be there will be an answer”. Accept it and move on with your life.

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Apparently from reading a lot of these posts Martin Luther King jr. did very little to change anything in this country. You are a racist now if you disagree with our president. Why do we even celebrate MLK day as a holiday, if we are just going to throw it all down the drain with acusations.

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Oddly enough, President Carter probably knows more about racism in America than President Obama. His rejection of Carter’s statement is understandable from a political viewpoint, but the truth of the former President’s words is plain to most Americans Black and White who are willing to be honest. Even though the policies of Clinton and indeed Carter himself were reviled by the right, we did not see the unprecedented level of vitriol and naked hatred leveled against them that we see with Obama. To suggest that race does not play a major role in this is at best naieve and at worst disingenuous.

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we cant be that bnaive to believe that every thing that comes out a persons mouth is racist except with certain tones then there is a chance it could be racist, the outburst sounded more of an anger than any thing else but we have to find out if this senator is racist or made any racist remarks against obama then you can call it as it is.

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Carter was a lame president and is still lame. I disagree with the policies of Obama, does that make me a racist? I think Obama got elected because people wanted a change, but politics is the same old stuff. I see no difference between Cheney, Pelosi, or Reid. I admire Obama the man, but dislike all these bailouts. I still have not heard any liberal admit that Barney Frank was the main cause of the collapse of the economy.

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Carter is an idiot. Look this country is way past this issue or at least it does not apply here at this time. Did you hear that Obama was actually elected! Only an idiot with no life or sence of where we are as a nation would make that statement

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Anyone that has been around a while and is from the south knows that the Republican Party now consists mainly of what 50 years ago called the Dixiecrats. The south was solidly democratic then as it is solidly Republican now. The switch from one party to the other came because the Democratic Party embraced Integration, Civil and Voting Rights for Blacks and other minorities. The Dixiecrats found this intolerable and many of them switched parties. Senator Strom Thurmond being the most prominent

We now see this ugliness rear its head again, thinly veiled as opposition to policies. the lack of civility by the Republicans, the hideous distortions of this extremely civil President’s policies or the absence of their speaking out against inflammatory signs and even weapons being carried to Presidential events, their embrace of reactionary stances rather than conservative ones are very familiar to men like President Carter and myself.

I am very Happy that President Carter has had the decency to speak out against this for what it is, a pure and unadulterated evil that should be expunged from the body politic no matter what flimsy disguise it tries to hide behind.

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I never saw a black person until 1959, the day I joined the military . Everyone in the military is treated equally. Outside the military, blacks are looked upon as not being equal to whites. That’s just the way it is.

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It’s becoming more difficult to tell if this is just a lot of chatter or a real issue. It seems that people are becoming a lot more polarized about various figures – I know folks that foamed at the mouth about G.W. Bush; others about Hillary Clinton. And now of course, lots of foam spewing about Barack Obama. We need to get back to an intelligent, well-informed, rational discourse on the issues. Otherwise it’s all noise and no signal.

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Simple, Jimmy Carter said what Obama can’t. I agree with Jimmy Carter and so does Obama.

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Racial predjudice is not one sided but for now it is being provoked from one side. Thank GOD it is an individual choice and we all don’t think the same. Live free, don’t hate, Intergrate.

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Angelina. Please sister re-read President carter’s statements. He said and I quote “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president”

He said MANY not ALL Americans. President Obama was elected with about 60 million votes, which means the other 165 million registered voters did not vote for him. And before you jump on my case, I am not saying all those who didn’t vote did do so because of Obama – just to indicate that there is a large number that did not.

It is obvious to any rational person that Carter was referring to a certain segment of the population, and would NEVER call all those that oppose Obama’s policies racists. It is indisputable fact that a large segment of the American population has strong and deep seated racism.

There are so many people on both the right and the left that disagree with some or all of Obama’s policies. Are they all racists? Of course not, that would be preposterous. But the fact remains; there are millions of white Americans that cannot stand the thought of an African American president and you know it too.

So people please read what President Carter said before you vilify him. Don’t shoot the messenger, listen to the message.

Do you people think it is easy for Carter? No, the man and his family are paying a heavy price for his saying what is true. Keeping quiet and staying out of trouble is the easiest and safest thing to do, but not for people of faith and integrity like President Carter. I for one am glad we have people like him.

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FINALLY! Obama clears the air of another fumbling attempt by Carter to make peace (sarcasm intended). President Obama was not my choice for President but, he is MY PRESIDENT now and I have the right to disagree with him whether he be black or white. What part of that does Jimmy Carter not get?

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Yes, yes, and yes. But President Obama has no choice. The moment he mentions race, everything devolves to race. It is up to the clear-sighted among us, like former president Carter, to keep the rest of us aware that race IS still an issue and that it IS a card being played by some. As with feminism, the world has not yet reached a state of perfection. We’re making progress, by gum, but we’re not there yet. Bless and heed the watchdogs. They let us know that there’s still someone prowling the grounds.

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I am sick and tired of every time someone disagrees with Obama that its “a racial issue.” He was voted in, for God’s sake, even knowing what his skin color WAS!!

Every time some white police officer shoots some -insert any color- person, it is racially motivated. Just because someone disagrees with “you,” doesn’t mean it is a racial issue …

I am not white: and I am sick of the Race Card being played so frequently!

Save that card for when it is legitimately demonstrated – if you (meaning racially-not-white) overuse it, it will become so blase that no one will even listen any more! Ever heard of “crying wolf?”

Just because someone disagrees with you – does not mean it is because of your skin – it may be because of your opinion, folks! Smarten up a little here!!

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Silencing racism is only a sign of how the problem is… and still will be…until the correct form of education, understanding and communication is in place.

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I am white and I would prefer Alan Keys as President of the United States over and above Barack Obama. Why? Alan Keys has America’s best interest at heart and Barack Obama does not.

Oh, Alan Keys is blacker than Barack Obama! In my opinion, Alan Keys is the best man for the job! Did I say that I am “white”?

Where’s the Racism? Jimmy Carter is over the hill and out of touch with reality! 2

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Aside from the obvious fringe elements of society, the only racists I have seen are those who only see the color of the President’s (Jimmy Carter and many mainstream pundits/commentators/”reporters”). When I stood up for Bill Clinton’s right to privacy, was I being a white-supremacist?

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If what President Carter said it true and you reason that out to a logical conclusion, then well, I can see why Obama disagrees with him because should Obama’s Presidency fail as Carter’s did then voters might all the more think race when they vote. I really think it is the issues, not race. Obama is the most left of all the voters in the Senate and Americans are turned off by a Socialist agenda. Trust but verify.

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I was about 18 and on my own when Carter was in office. It was a bad time for this country and I’ll never forget it. He was useless to me then as he is now. I would like more than just about anything to be able to root for our President Obama, and for one reason, because he is Bi-racial and this should bring us together even more. We’ve come a long way in our Great Country but I’m sorry I can’t agree with much of anything Mr. Obama stands for. The fact that he is half Black certainly doesn’t have a part of any of my disagreement with him. Mr. Carter should retire his opinions as he shows what a ridiculous person he is and we will someday remember him for his silly remarks.

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Carter hit the nail on the head. For months, people I know, black and white, have sensed the racism behind some of the conservative responses to Obama. Listening to the commentaries of Limbaugh, Beck, Savage et al. you can find veiled racism hidden behind political statements.Quote “These people have hijacked our country we need to get it back”, “These people only want their welfare and Obama is going to make sure they get it without having to work” and “Puff the Magic Negro” what is that?
For more blatant signs of racism view the videos of the Tea Parties and a popular sign shows Obama dressed as an African chief with a bone in his nose. How about the patriots showing up locked and loaded. Are they exercising their right to bear arms or are they presenting a not so veiled threat to the President.

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As many of you comment about the negativity of President Carter’s comments…I for one commend him because he is dead on with his opinion…I work in an environment where I hear conversations everyday…especially those concerning politics and there are so many based on Obama’s race and prefaced on nothing else….I don’t agree with all of his decisions…but his race is still the only factor for some…and it will take many more generations for racism to die and probably the discovery of why so many possess that genetic flaw…

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His most vile opponents have hated him from the beginning and use whatever talk-radio phrase they hear to justify their hatred, whether it’s socialist, fascist, Muslim, terrorist, “where’s the birth certificate” or whatever. They can’t even define socialism or fascism. The racist signs and postings are proof enough.

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I know the president needed to make that response. Carter was right on the money with respect to him saying “many”. Racism is still here. He called it fairly, but probaly too nuanced for many, That being said, the president unfortunately needed to respond.
Ours is not a country of nuance or thinking on so many issues.

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A lot of people I know were flipped out about Obama just because he was elected. Before he had done ANYTHING. Like it or not racism does exist in this country. When have we ever seen people hoping for a president to fail, that’s a new problem I’ve never seen before

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In reading the responses on this post it is obvious that some of you either did not listen and/or read President Carter statement. No one said that ALL who oppose President Obama are racists and that ALL people in south are racists!

President Carter’s comment was prompted by the disrespectful behavior of Joe Wilson, who just happens to oppose President Obama and is from the south. If you know his record and history you are well aware that he is a bigot and a racist.

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Race is definetly the issue. Former president Jimmy Carter is expressing the sentiments of about 98 percent of non-white people. Racism is alive and flourishing in America.

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Of course: it’s all about race. I lived in the South for six years, and I KNOW. None of my Soutern friends is a racist, but far too many still are. I went back a few years ago, and was appalled at how little had changed.

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I am white, I am conservative but that does not mean I am a racist. Given the choice between Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama as my president I would take Obama every time. I don’t like Obama’s politics but he is intelligent and presidential. On the other hand, Carter has never been presidential.


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If anyone believes there is no racism in this country and that some of the backlash again President Obama isn’t about race then I have a deal for you. Beachfront Property in Nebraska for $50.00 an acre.

How can anyone listen at a man (Rush Limbaugh) want to see the country falter because he dislikes the President. He may say it’s about policy. Why didn’t he say it about Clinton. He’s mad because his plann backfired and they ended up with someone they thought would be easy to beat. Someone they despised more than Hillary. Now he’s throwing tantrums like an overstuffed cry-baby, wanting the man to fail. He does care about the nation; only his warped agenda. And those who follow him know exactly what his and their idiology is.

It doesn’t stop with Rush but every Joe Wilson who represents those Racist Districts they serve.

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It’s always going to be about race, isn’t it? If you want to talk about race. Obama has been and still is associated with some of the most radical people in this country and seems to slip by without a blemish. I think him being a black man has given him more opportunities to push his radical agenda, because many are afraid of being labeled as a racist for opposing him. Whites are now being discriminated against, but that’s ok, I guess. If a white president set in a white rev. Wright’s church for 20 years, listening to him spew hatred for blacks. He would be a racist and would not be running this country. Double Standard…

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It will always be about race to Jimmy Carter. Race relations define his world and all there is about him has been shaped by fear of being perceived to be a racist. The irony is, of course, that as a southerner Jimmy Carter has endured more prejudicial outpouring of vilification, in a more public manner, in print, in the movies, in song, in the media, etc. etc. all of his life, so his reactions against the perception of all southerners as white separatists has defined his life. What is really sad, is that Jimmy reveals (through this episode) that he has bought some of the false accusations, and is now turning them on others.

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Maybe you don’t know you are racist. No one writing here will ever admit it even to themselves. I was so glad to hear it from a white president from the south. What Wilson did was like spitting in Prez. Obama’s face. This is the racists way of showing a black man how much they hate him. Their behavior is so obvious. You say it is about policy but even if you strongly agree with someone would you disrespect them like Wilson did? Would you yawn and text during meetings? These racist can not sleep at night knowing a black intelligent man is in charge of their lives and they are going to do everything they can to get rid of the truth that stares at them everyday in the White house, in the newspaper and on television. I am telling you it is killing them. They have to do something to express their hatred less they explode and that is what Joe Wilson did. God has put the truth before them as a Black man who is everything they refuse to believe he can be–intelligent, articulent, compassionate and well-groomed. It is almost like Obama was sent to judge those who claim they are not racist.

Joe Wilson and the rest you now have to make up other reasons for hating a black person so now it’s Prez. Obama’s policies–Yea right! Oh it is so good what God has done to you Joe Wilson. I love it! You have to sit, listen and obey a black man. Isn’t this the worst nightmare for a racist? To be caught up in history under the administration of a black man.

Joe Wilson God snatched your hood off on national televison so Prez. Obama could recognize who he was dealing with. You can no longer hide your racism!

I know you and the others haven’t slept well for about 10 months now. The only way you will rest is to admit you are a racist and change your life before it is too late.

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“I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

– Hillary Rodham Clinton

April 28, 2003

Ms Clinton addressed the above comment to the Bush administration.

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Jimmy Carter needs to shut up and go sit on his front porch rocker and enjoy his retirement. The man blunders over and over again, sticking his two cents in where they are not needed or wanted (Middle East issues, most recently). His days of “running” the country are over, time to give up the facade that he is still at the helm in his own mind.

As for this stupid comment, well, what good has he done by saying this? None on any level. The truth is there will always be some level of racism in EVERY racial group – not just in whites from the South. It’s called statistical probability or reality, if you’re not into stats.

Now our society has come a long way in ending racism, squelching it down, but it is unrealistic to think it can ever be stamped completely out. No matter how much we would like that, it just isn’t going to happen.

The truth is also that bleating this out as a national media statement does NOTHING to “fix” racism. It only serves to whip up the racists and those that are being wrongly accused in a blanket statement like this. And it helps incite racists on the other side, folks being hated by the particular type of racists Jimmy has believes he has “called” out in this case.

Now why would any intelligent person believe that the world will be a better place by harping on a fact of life that cannot be changed? (the fact that there will always be some quantity of racists). We have laws in place to prevent discrimination. We have societal norms that frown upon and cause real ostracization of people who “act like racists” (by speech or action). These are the things that have helped us progress but we cannot ever completely wipe it out.

So what do you do? Do you constantly harp on this, inciting people over it, causing more upset, more pain on all sides, more division? Or do you look for mankind’s innate goodness (in non-racism) and embrace the laws and the social customs that support NON-racist thought, speech and behavior and know that they will do their job of holding those few back, holding them accountable and that as a society we will not allow overt racism acts and will be vigilant to keep it down?

It all comes down to glass half full – glass half empty and the concept of making your own reality. If you constantly choose to believe in the ugliness, the worst, the inhumane – well, guess what? That is exactly what you are going to cultivate. If you choose to look at the glass half full and project that, it will become the reality. I think it’s a very simple choice and I am shocked that a man who is supposed to be highly intelligent cannot see these very simple concepts. Shame on Jimmy Carter. I think perhaps he is blurting out some of his own deep seated racist thoughts .but we should not all have to suffer for that.

And further, since when does being racist equate to skin color and the location of one’s birth? Jimmy Carter is a white southerner. Shouldn’t he then be the ultimate racist according to Jimmy Carter and his assinine statement?

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Some Americans hate the fact that a black man is president. Honestly, I never expected this election result to happen in my lifetime. Good for America!

Jimmy Carter is an honest, upright and intelligent man who was too good for this nation (during his presidency). I highly respect his opinion. If the race issue is not honestly addressed by all parties, then America will never move forward. Maybe a hundred years from now, we will look back at the racists of all colors and laugh at how stupid their stance was on this issue. But I hope it happens sooner than that.

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Charles seems to think that Limbaugh is racist and I assume he believes this because he’s been told to believe it by the mainstream media. I have never heard Limbaugh make a racist statement so, Charles please do enlighten us with at least one. The media’s playing a very dangerous game what with their attacking anyone that disagrees with the president as being a racist and they somehow manage to disgust me more every day.

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The President’s father is black and his mother is white, that makes him just like us. President Obama would never have been elected if race were the issue. Grow up people!

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The only people injecting racism into this discussion are those who are using it as an excuse for Obama’s complete failure so far to accomplish anything of note.

Further, I can’t think of anything less intelligent than to suggest that supporting Bush but not Obama makes one a racist. Bush was somewhat conservative. Obama is a far left liberal. Does that make any non-white who didn’t support Bush a racist? Where was Jimmy Carter then?

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Why are so many people taking the race bait?? I want a government that encourages honesty, hard work, liberty and freedom. Let’s debate who will uphold those values… I haven’t found them yet.
I was born and raised in a Social Democracy… my dad can no longer afford car insurance on his retirement … taxed for everything including church…(my guess – only a matter of time before someone in our government comes up with that bright idea)
For social programs to exist the working class gets to pay an average of 50% income tax… is it working?? Depends who you ask, unemployed get help to make it by, but really can’t get any where, you can’t kick a renter out of an apartment because they won’t pay because they are protected by law. If you come in from out of country on a work visa and you want breast augmentation, you just need a doctor to certify that you have a lack of self esteem – voila – procedure will be paid for courtesy of the government…
Who gets screwed? The Tax payers!!! “Black” money is rampant, because working people feel it is the only way to save.
Where do people think government gets the money for social programs??? Call it what you want – I trust myself more than anyone in government – I want to decide who I’m helping! I’ll work to reach my goals! Hope springs in the heart and soul and not from government!

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