Carter says race is issue for some Obama opponents

September 16, 2009

Some of President Barack Obama’s more demonstrative opponents list any number of reasons why they oppose him and why they’re angry — from the bank bailout, to his plan to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, the direction the country is heading and the ballooning U.S. deficit. But former President Jimmy Carter thinks a lot of the opposition is really about Obama’s race.


“I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man,” Carter said in an NBC interview on Tuesday.

Here’s what the Georgia Democrat had to say:
“I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way, and I’ve seen the rest of the country that share the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African Americans. “And that racism inclination still exists. And I think it’s bubbled up to the surface because of the belief among many white people, not just in the South but around the country, that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. It’s an abominable circumstance, and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply.”

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Disputes over race are not unheard of in U.S. presidential politics. Click here for a list of some of them.

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Photo Credit: Reuters/Tami Chappell (Carter at a baseball game in Atlanta in June)


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Why do the media continue to keep the topic of Racism alive in America?

Why is it a topic that continues to divide the nation?

MLK had a vision of a colorless society where individuals recognized character.
“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.

Obviously the media and proponents of race equality keep the topic alive because it had economic and political advantages to do so. Where would Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton be without the race rant? They would not have much to talk about.

President Obama ascended to the most powerful position on the planet as President of the United States. He did not do so with the aid of an affirmative action program. He did so on his own merit. He did so with hard work, sweat and discipline. This should be the message to Americans. Hard work yields results!

President Obama recently instructed an audience at an NAACP gathering to get their children a good education and aspire to become doctors, lawyers and even the president of the US. Skill sets and good work habits are what build character that propels a society forward. Not a continual reference to race and color so we can whine about our disadvantages.

It is irresponsible for Jimmy Carter to reintroduce the topic of racism at a time when Americans have said, it no longer matters about color and our presidental selection is living proof.

Shut Up Mr. Carter! You do not serve the country well with your comments!!!

What about President’s Obama saying about Boston police officer? Is it based on race, isn’t it?

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

How appropriate that Jimmy would weigh in, foreshadowing how this current failure of a president will be remembered after he’s voted out in three years.

Posted by plasmapal | Report as abusive

I think that President’s Carter mistakes and total failure in international politics cause trouble that we have today with Iran, Afganistan. Nevermind, his opinion about HAMAS, etc

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

Mr Carter,

The only colors that concern me with respect to the president are black and red.

Those are the colors in the budget. Mr Obama’s budget request for FY2010 contained about 4 times as much red ink as any budget request submitted by Bush.

Ironic, since Mr Obama chastised Bush for doubling the national debt from about $5 trillion to $10 trillion in 8 years.

Mr Obama either voted for or increased the spending in the FY 2009 budget request, (Bush’s original request estimated just over $400 billion in red ink) so when FY2009 is over at the end of this month, there will be about $1.6 to 1.8 trillion.

Mr Obama’s FY2010 budget request will also be about 1.6trillion in the red.

I don’t see Mr Obama as a black man. All I see is an ever growing trail of red ink, and several broken promises.

Mr Obama spoke out against earmarks, even said the stimulus package wouldn’t have them. Yet he allowed congress to present a bill that had earmarks, only with a different name. He signed that bill, destroying his own credibility.

Mr Obama also spoke out against lobbyists in the cabinet, and the softened and contradicted his position with his own actions.

Mr Obama nominated folks for the cabinet who had issues with paying taxes. Ironic since it appears the health care proposal in the Senate will “tax” high value plans (my paraphrase.)

That is likely to break the promise about those earning under $250K not paying more in taxes. Sure, it will be spun as a tax on the employer, but anyone with half a mind can see that there are fixed budgets for compensation and taxing an employer leaves less to pay employees. So the net result is the same as a tax increase on those employees.

So it’s not a racial thing with me, it’s a black and red thing. The budget is not in the black, and Obama is adding more red to it every day, and at a rate that makes the last eight years of Bush look like he was a saver, not a spender.

Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

How many Republicans and Independents who voted for Obama partly because he’s black will now think twice about doing so again because if they don’t agree 100% with a black person they’re called racists.

Jimmy has a vantage point that few have. He has served the country as its leader, he comes from a part of the country that has been noted for its blatant racism in the past and he is white. He, like many of us have and continue to struggle against the ideas planted in our heads when we were young. Consciously or subconsciously there is a vestige of racism still in too many of us. We must be honest with ourselves and struggle against these ideas because we know they are wrong. Someone once told me that racism will have to die with the generations, both black and white. Its clear to me that Jimmy speaks from great wisdom and those that seem to disagree just can’t handle the truth. We must have the goal that racism whether conscious or subconscious will die with us.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

The continual address of the race issue only serves as subterfuge.
It becomes a tool of distraction whereby the real issue on the table is not addressed.
It becomes a convenient alibi for not discussing the truth.
It is used a cop-out when an individual can not discuss a topic intelligently with real merit to their issues.
It is stupid.
It is idiotic.
It is an unhealthy obsession that keeps us in the dark ages. To continue the discussion on race is to say it is alive and well and under new management.

Is that what we want?

Will we ever move on as a nation?

Although most of these comments are understandable, to say that the nation shouldn’t mention race anymore or bring it out to talk about is absurd. Hate crimes are the highest this year for the decade and you all know that there are still people out there with a cultural mindset that is backwards. Simply because half the nation voted for Obama on Nov.4, does not mean that on the fifth the nation was racism-free. The opposition might not be racist but the racists are the opposition. Oh & why did no one call Bill Clinton a socialist? Even though his policies were much more extreme.

Posted by Jibjab | Report as abusive

When will we Americans wake up? This is not a republican or democratic, socialist, communist, christian, muslim, hindu, thing.
We give billions and billions of dollars of money to countries all over the globe, we have politicians who act as if they are royalty. We spend billions of dollars on our military for wars that will get us nowhere.

We need to start taking care of oursleves, not Israel, or Korea, or Japan, or any other country that we give aid to.

We should all have a decent place to live, with good paved roads, with efficient inexpensive public transit,healthcare. We need safe streets, schools that turn out students of posess a quality education. No one in this country should be going to be hungry. We need clean air, good soil, clear water.
These are the things we need to be worrying about, and yet all we are doing is ripping each other apart.

Wake up people!

Posted by Johnny K - LI NY | Report as abusive

So, according to liberal thinking, white people cannot stand to see a black man in office because they are racists, and all the protests and anti Obama propaganda in recent months is because of racism…?

How on earth did he get elected if there are so many racists in this country..?

The US is in enough trouble without inventing racism on a national scale because the people have the freedom to speak out and are doing so.

Liberals need to stop acting like spoiled children because they can’t get their own way and move on with what the people want, not what they ‘think’ the people want.

Posted by Lord Snooty | Report as abusive

many people are missing a HUGE point here. yes, racism DOES exist, and when it arises in ones life to the magnitude that it’s causing an injustice on that person(s) then action should be taken. however, there is an UNDENIABLE slant in this country that when we speak of “racism” that it is a white person being racist towards a black person….. the people that want to cling to speaking of racism or disingenous (spelling?) if they don’t equally bring up black racism towards whites, or the fact that the majority are only talking about TWO RACES! What about Asians, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, Eskimoes, American Indians? I’m black, and puerto rican, and i hear all the time from not-white people, racist remarks about all the races above, and at mostly White people. White Boi, Sideways Pu##y, Habeebs, Tontos, Mehigans, etc.

I’m waiting for someone in position to come out publically, and do the only thing that would start the end to racism, which would be denounce the entire ideaology. Race is a man made concept people. It’s only for the weak to feel as though they are a part of group. A group of people that they don’t even know 1% of.

Posted by griffinkai | Report as abusive

Of course President Obama disagrees. He must. He still has to curry votes down south, where the attitude is (wink, wink) that it’s about the issues.

Posted by Jeffrey | Report as abusive

I don’t think anybody wants to hear Jimmy Carter’s comments. It might be a good idea for him to stick to growing peanuts.

Posted by Shelby Pontiff | Report as abusive

It is possible to disagree with someone based on the issues and not on race. Carter needs to get past his liberal Southern guilt about slavery and move on. It’s apparent Obama has.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

It is not the OPPOSITION to POLICY that reflects racism, it is the TONE and the DEGREE of the discord that has the face of anger, of unreasonableness, and of hatred. This shrill and uncivil display is rooted in something far more passion-driven than a health care debate. After all, who should care soooo much if we, as a wealth nation, provide access to health care for all Americans? And who should care soooo much about government spending when spending doubled in the last administration? No, I think Carter nailed it.

Posted by Kathleen Pearce | Report as abusive

Mr. Carter feels those who speak out against President Obama’s ideas are racist. Is that due to his own background/experience? Were those who spoke out against former white presidents all racist against whites? Absurd thinking. It is not an objective observation to categorize all such remarks in one category, and this shows a limited outlook and truly points to another agenda, one that is divisive and that does not do anything to build a proper debate. But, I do not expect Carter has changed much since his presidency and I am not sure why he is getting any credence for his opinions now except that maybe we are still hoping something will come from this peanut farmer from Georgia. Oh yes, and that was George Wallace’s state.

Posted by Wjsprsn | Report as abusive

I am deeply disappointed that Jimmy Carter would vomit his unwanted opinion and even more so that anyone would give him a soap box to stand on.

Posted by No King But Jesus | Report as abusive

Carter was, and is, the worst President we have had in my lifetime. Is he a nice and caring individual? Absolutly, but “most” people in this country have moved on and don’t relive the ’60′s everytime things don’t go our way. Look around, Mr. Carter. You live in one of the areas(Atlanta) that has some of the highest percentages of affluent African-Americans in the whole world….when I lived there, the motto was, “Atlanta, the city to busy to hate”…go back to your Upotia in Plains,GA with your elite white neighbors and quit talking like you are senile.

Posted by selmus | Report as abusive

All I have to say to former president Jimmah Cahtah is: It takes one to know one!

Posted by CovingtonBob | Report as abusive

Jimmy Carter attributes the worst motives to ordinary Americans (which does not strike me as a very Christian thing to do). These people (all liberals, so far as I know)are playing the race card over just about any situation in which there is some opposition. It is getting to the point you can’t even suggest an alternative point of view without the tired, old epithet “racist” being flung at you. Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf too many times. When the real wolf came to the door, nobody believed him. With respect to Carter, maybe it is a case more of “the lady doth protest too much.” Perhaps he has never really fully confronted (acknowledged) his own racism, which no doubt he imbibed as a child living in the South in the old days; thus, a classic case of projection. Sound absurd? Not any more absurd than the fishing expedition he is going on with respect to President Obama vis-a-vis any opposition/concern over policy equals racism.

Posted by Judy Newton | Report as abusive

What a crock this (non)issue is: If only Obama was white then all opposition to Cap & Tax, Govt. Healthcare, soaring debt, govt. ownership of car companies and banks, tarp, stimulas, dictating pay, cash for clunkers etc., would then go away. Jimmy Carter was the worst president we ever had and he should retire quietly to his peanut patch.

Posted by Daryl | Report as abusive

Mr. President, I have to disagree with you on this issue. I completely agree with former President- Mr. Carter.

Mr. President I know it’s not in your best interests to play the race card. So, I will do it for you.

Never, have I ever in my 3+ (a lady never tells her age:) years on this earth witnessed the lack of respect for any president before you.

Instead of all parties uniting to bring our country back to where it was, they’re dividing us. The game they’re playing is a very dangerous one. In fact, I believe they’re contributing to our country being less safe.

If we all can’t rally around our President and at the very least remain fair and unbiased then the U.S. is in a world of trouble.

Doesn’t the far right, the middle, whomever it applies to realize the mess they’ll leave behind for their kids, and grandchildren?!

Get over the color issue and do what’s right for us, the ‘American People.’

We’ve elected you all based on what we believed are your policies. Do the job we’ve elected you for and stop nit picking on everything President Obama says, does, or try to accomplish.

If you have a better solution for the mess our country is in, then me as a voter, as an American would love to hear it.

Posted by Karrow | Report as abusive

I cannot comprehend how a President, especially a President from the South, could possibly play the race card this way. President Carter had one of the worst one term Presidency out there. Suddenly he become a genius on world affairs but he couldn’t get our hostiges out of Iran ! And , an expert on motivational intent behind everyone’s words. By the way the Confederate flag as a part of the Ga. Flag was flying over the Sate House when Carter was Governor of Ga. ! It is time for Mr. Carter to take of his political robes and replace them with his Bib overalls and go back to peanut farming. Or, he could build houses, just no sharp tools.


Posted by David Mothershed | Report as abusive

What an IDIOT!!! I hope Carter hits the circuit on this one and can help Bama be the next 1 term Dem Pres that goes down in infamy. Bama is half white you wannabe peanut farmer; the other half is Kenyan. I know MANY people who even voted for Bama that claim they are extremely disappointed with his performance!!! How is that racism? Vote for him based on his NLP speeches + disapproval of Bush, but disapprove of his performance to date. So people (not just white, ALL) cannot dislike a mixed race man’s on-the-job performance now??? I know of a mayor, governor, and president (all chief law enforcement officers) who, without explicit knowledge of details of an arrest, accused an upstanding police officer and community leader of inappropriate actions based almost solely on the races of the officer and arrestee. I believe that that IS racism as did MANY other Americans! Carter is SO out of touch just like Bama!!! Seriously, this just highlights the irrationality of the liberal non-platform… Hate whites, God, christians, soldiers, straights, people who earn a living, successful capitalists, cops, free marketeers, and America itself… Force the procurement of over 50% of the earnings of the next 2-3 generations to fund their (and their donors) pet projects without any evidence of benefit… Design policy around the concept of choices WITHOUT consequences for the purpose of immediate personal gratification over sustainable societal good… But I’m sure Mr. Carter is dead on that its the tone of Bama’s skin that people are uncomfortable with- right….

Posted by Open Minded | Report as abusive

President Carter is attempting to squash dissent by applying a derogatory term to all dissenters when that term applies to only a limited number of the dissenters. Guilt by association is a dangerous strategy for it can then be applied to the speaker. His support of dissenters in other countries whom then associate with criminal elements would by his logic make him a criminal.
These are absurd arguments. I am disappointed he would lower himself to this level of partisan odium.

Posted by ScottNV | Report as abusive

I can’t believe Jimmy Carter could say such a foolish tihing. I am a conservative Southerner and disagree with many of President Obama’s policies, not be cause he is black and I am white, but because we disagree on the way this country should move forward. In fact, I am proud to have a President that will come out and say Former President Carter is wrong.

Posted by Bart | Report as abusive

Carter needs to just go away. His accomplishments are frightening. Remember, he established the Dept of Energy which was to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. How is that working out? He is a disgrace and we need to not rewrite history the way it was done for Roosevelt. Bringing race into this is weak. It’s only done when your position is not debatable. When someone brings in race, you know their position is weak. It’s the last card played. Ask yourself, why is it played so much?

Posted by Steve863 | Report as abusive

I am a middle-age, white male in the deep South & have lived here all my life. I hear what other white people say, what my parents, their friends say and you know what? President Carter is right. Carter is just saying what a lot of us “liberal” whites had long ago figured out: A LOT of this “angry” response to President Obama is because he is black. This is a fact. Either President Obama is naive or he is wanting to look past this fact when he denies it. Please do not tell me any different. I know what I hear.

Posted by CGM | Report as abusive

President Carter is of course right, and Obama of course can’t let that become the focus. No surprises here at all. I’m amazed the media didn’t ask Kanye West what he thinks about this.

Lord Snooty: “. . .and all the protests and anti Obama propaganda in recent months is because of racism…?”

Nobody has said or suggested that ALL the protesters and anti Obama propaganda in recent months is because of racism. Who sai “ALL?” Can you read?

Posted by CGM | Report as abusive

Are you kidding? The amount of animosity, especially emanating from the red states, is very clearly thinly veiled racism. There is no other possible reason for these people to believe in things like “death panels” or to try and smear him with things like the so-called ACORN scandal and all the rest of the nonsense. This is a man of high moral character and the only possible explanation for the level of hatred is a fundamental and irrational racist fear of having black man in a position of power. I am white by the way, just so you know.

Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

It is absolutely true that a lot of opposition is about race. I’m white, grew up in the South, voted for Obama but am well aware that all too many people I know there did NOT vote for Obama not because he was a Democrat, but because he was black. The President’s spokesman is wrong, period. To think that just because we managed to elect a person of color to the Presidency means that all opposition is just due to the “issues” is naive. Sorry that it is that way, but it is that way. And to think that Wilson’s comment wasn’t somehow race-related (he who said Strom Thurmond’s black daughter was a “smear campaign” and fought for keeping Confederacy alive & well?) is also naive.

Posted by Nora | Report as abusive

Now I am NOT suggesting all Republicans or those that oppose Obama are all racists, far from it. I am simply responding to fallacies and denials of people like griffinkai above.

Obama was elected with approximately 60 million votes. In a country with approximately 225 million registered voters, it is of course possible for Obama to be elected president by a segment of the population that has risen above race in voting for Obama as president. There’s a huge segment of the US population that wants nothing to do with a black president regardless of any other qualifications, people like Rush Limbaugh and his fellow Right Wingers and their typical followers. Those are the people President Carter was talking about. It is a fact, denied only by people with no real integrity or decency, because in their heart of hearts they know it is true, but don’t have the decency to admit so either to themselves or others.

One would have to give credit where credit is due. People who are racist and say so in no uncertain terms have much more integrity than people who hide behind code words and meaningless logic to deny. In my book, racist that deny they are racist, have no core integrity. So while I vehemently disagree with racist and believe it is sad, I give credit to those that have the integrity, honesty and sense of decency to own up to it.

So racists and right wingers with their high priest Rush Limbaugh may vilify President Carter for speaking the truth, after all the Christ was crucified, so what is new?

Posted by AaronBurr | Report as abusive

Of course there is racism undertone..some ppl are still jerks and will always look for other ways to explain away there frustrations..they wont want to be called racists..but the former president is flat wrong to ascribe policy issues to race entirely..conservatives dont like liberal policies any day.

Posted by Zer | Report as abusive

Let’s acknowledge that racism is present in this country, not to say it is not elsewhere in the world. Racism is just like jealousy, greed, and etc.; it is a human trait that is part of many of us at varying degrees. We should learn to control it as part of character building and live in peace with others who are different from us, whatever your race may be. I don’t have any illusion that racism will ever go away.

Posted by james | Report as abusive

I very much disagree with President Carter! I am not a racist and strongly disagree with tis administration about providing a national health plan and with all the bail outs to corporate bus. I am a Republican who donates to many causes and cannot accept the entiltement beliefs of many. I believe we have to work hard for a living and that at the end of the day I am providing for my family…not looking for a hand out! I am raising my three Boy’s to do the same!

Posted by Randy Dad of Three | Report as abusive

No one is inventing racism on a national scale. It simply exists. If someone had yelled out “you lie” to President Bush, there would have been a furor much louder than the one right now. Rush Limbaugh would have been frothing at the mouth for the opportunity to slam “liberals who disrespect the office of the presidency.” as would every other far-right pundit.

I’m just left of center, don’t believe every republican is from hell and don’t believe every democrat is right. But I do believe that basic parlimentary rules and respect for the office of presidency need to prevail.

Censuring Mr. Wilson is the right thing to do for any party. Too many people in the administration are willing to sweep this under the rug, and while it doesn’t need to be beaten to death – yet it will – there needs to be action.

Posted by Truism | Report as abusive

Racism exists, but crying racism every time there is a disagreement with the president or any other person of color degrads those who have truly experienced it. The “race card” seems to be tossed out very casually these days and frankly I would think that would be an offensive act to those who truly have experienced racism. As far as former President Carter goes, he is creating more problems with inflammatory language and certainly not helping President Obama do his job.

Posted by Valerie | Report as abusive

It is imperative that the people of the world know, that there is still a strong bias in the USA against blacks (people of Color). To think that it would not be an issue in today’s political arena is idiocy, or at least a plausible story that many misled people “believe” in.

Many of us would like to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the issue of race. But the fact is this. People who don’t want healthcare reform will do ANYTHING to keep it from happening. By virtue of the fact that reform would help people, you can tell where the lime is drawn – generosity / greed. Whose pocket are we supposed to be putting our hands into? “The American People?”

More than the majority of people in our country – us citizens – don’t even know what their dollars $$$ are spent on. If they did, things would surely change.

I just pray that the American People will stop listening to radio talk show hosts,and journalists, who claim to have a corner on truth in this country. There is not a chance of racists changing siginificantly in our lifetime. I have seen the rage in people’s eyes that reflects their belief that the election of a black man to the office of President is some sort of Punishment from God for the evil of our ways.

Remember, the ‘good’ people will not be as sneaky and underhanded as the bad people. Therefore, there is an inherent outcome that the ‘bad’ people will win any battle for ‘good.’ That is, unless, enough people are convinced to change their mind to follow the path of ‘good’ people.

No one in their right mind would think that racism doesn’t have a large impact on political issues. But President Obama is correct in the fact that those opposing health reform will use it to take the attention of the American ‘people’ away from the reform issue and toward the much more inflamatory issue of racism. The roots of racism are so entrenched in the psyche of people that, like a tumor in the brain, to remove it would kill the patient.

Please redirect the attention of the public onto the difficulties people face when they don’t have healthcare coverage – for whatever reason. Because if this is shown to the general public maybe some of the people will be pursuaded to support health care reform. Right now they only see what their journalists, newscommentators, radio talkshow hosts and emails bring them – and it IS NOT all true. Not even close to the truth.

We need more truth. We need more humanity. We need less greed and selfishness. Who among us are willing to speak up for these causes? (Read this with exagerrated sarcasm.)Oh by the way, in the words of Joe American, “I know I’m right, because you are obviously wrong.” Think on these things. -t

Posted by Teresa Berglund | Report as abusive

I’m a 60+ white male who grew up – and still lives in – the South.

And I can assure you that much of the seething hatred of Obama’s “policies” is indeed due to racism. If you read some of the emails I’ve received from high-school classmates both before and after the election about “taking the country back”, you would shudder.

We’re making progress in throwing off centuries of racism, but let’s not kid ourselves that one election magically cures us of this sickness.

Posted by DadCat | Report as abusive

This is coming from a man who was responsible for certifying the fraudulent elections in Venezuela and allowing Chavez to continue destroying Latin American democracy and countries.

It is difficult for me to respect Carter’s views due to his lack of impartiality. It is sad when a public figure with so much power abuses it to serve is own personal agenda.

I am a strong conservative and do not agree with Obama policies. Nevertheless I respect him as a man with a great capacity to communicate and a determination to work towards the well being of the country.

Due to lack of experience and his limited network of ‘good advisors’ he inevitably heads in an opposite direction from what ultimately this country needs. At this moment I pray he continues on the path he has lately followed, in which he ignores political garbage such as this one and focuses on trying to find solutions to our problems.

I prefer a leader focused on finding a solution than one that would be ‘milking’ any opportunity for partisan division.

Pres. Carter is just another race baiting liberal who continue to inject race into every issue……not for purposes of truth, reconciliation, healing, etc. but simply to further their own political agendas and to obtain the political support of those they manipulate. Shame, shame on you Pres. Carter. Instead of arguing merits you play the race card.

Posted by DD | Report as abusive

It is very discouraging when someone uses the racecard when you do not agree with their opinion. I do not care for President Obama’s health care plan because but I am not a racist. I am the caregiver for a 77 year old mother. Medicare is a disaster to deal with. She needed a wheelchair. I shopped around and found one online for $150. The 80% durable medical equipment would only apply if I rented it monthly for 36 months paying $3,600 for the wheel chair. This means that you the taxpayer would pay 80%($2,880) for a wheelchair that is worth less than $150. Oh my goodness my grandchildren will be paying for my mothers $150 wheelchair. Also medicare deducted 2 months of premiums from her account. I spent 8 hours on the phone trying to get it corrected; no one was able to help me. Also the bank wouldn’t block it because it was an auto withdraw that was reoccurring. I don’t want the government deciding health care issues for me. Some guy in a government building basement in Washington making decisions if I need surgery or medicine. My paperwork stacked up on someone’s desk that has taken 6 week maturnity leave. Everything the government does takes way longer than it should. When was the last time you went to the DMV?

Obviously President Obama is a highly intelligent and educated man. He has worked very hard to get where he is and deserves my respect. However I don’t have to agree with his opinion or policies. Obviously he has not had to deal with medicare or he would think differently. I don’t think that is racist.

Posted by Tired of people calling you names when you don't agree with policy | Report as abusive

Carter is spot on – don’t kid yourself! I am an old white guy from the south. Come to my club, barber shop, and gym and listen to the comments about our President from ‘conservatives’. Not much substance, but very racists. Tell them like is Jimmie!!

Posted by Edward | Report as abusive

I voted for Obama…not because he is black; and I disagree with much of what he has done with my hard earned money..also not because he is black. Being racist is something to be ashamed of but it is also shameful to cry racism every time something doesn’t go the way we want it. As a country we need to get past this and try to repair our economy before we all, black, white, red and yellow, suffer the dire consequences.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

Carter is asolutly right and I understand Obama has to disagree with him. Everything I get from the right and the christian folks shows nothing more than their inability to accept a black man as president.Further more they are totaly unwilling to let God be incharge of events. Some I listen to now believe they have been empowered by God to see to it that everything Obama tries to do will fail. People like Beck, Limbaugh are todays new McCarthites. Wholesale character assination. The tea party is on a path to try and distroy this country, under the guise of patroitism.I heard a law officer today who is part of a pledge of oath organization actualy encourage sedation by it members.They hid under the 10th amendment. The key word is hide. They all hide under something ,and they feel patriotic. This country under God has a moral obligation to better the life of it underpriviledged citizens. They should be ashamed of their me first attitude and extreme narsasism. As the Beatle song put it “let it be there will be an answer”. Accept it and move on with your life.

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

Apparently from reading a lot of these posts Martin Luther King jr. did very little to change anything in this country. You are a racist now if you disagree with our president. Why do we even celebrate MLK day as a holiday, if we are just going to throw it all down the drain with acusations.

Posted by Moon54 | Report as abusive

Oddly enough, President Carter probably knows more about racism in America than President Obama. His rejection of Carter’s statement is understandable from a political viewpoint, but the truth of the former President’s words is plain to most Americans Black and White who are willing to be honest. Even though the policies of Clinton and indeed Carter himself were reviled by the right, we did not see the unprecedented level of vitriol and naked hatred leveled against them that we see with Obama. To suggest that race does not play a major role in this is at best naieve and at worst disingenuous.

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we cant be that bnaive to believe that every thing that comes out a persons mouth is racist except with certain tones then there is a chance it could be racist, the outburst sounded more of an anger than any thing else but we have to find out if this senator is racist or made any racist remarks against obama then you can call it as it is.

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