In his own words, former Bush speechwriter blabs

September 15, 2009

Matt Latimer, who used to make a living writing speeches for former President George W. Bush, has decided to let loose in a book under his own name that describes the White House as more like the TV show “The Office” and less like “The West Wing.”

In excerpts of his book “Speech-Less” appearing in the October issue of GQ magazine, out on newsstands Sept. 22, Latimer says Bush had something unflattering to say about the leaders of the pack running to win the White House in last year’s election. OBAMA/

(We obtained, and more importantly, read all the excerpts to be published in GQ. There is some discussion about the plan to boost the economy which we leave you to read in the magazine or book).

According to Latimer, Bush believed Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee in the 2008 presidential election and quotes the former president as saying “Wait till her fat keister is sitting at this desk,” although the speechwriter-turned-book-writer says Bush didn’t say “keister” (guess he’s urging us to use our imagination).

“He didn’t think much of Barack Obama,” Latimer writes. He recalls an occasion when Bush was fuming that it was a dangerous world, and quotes the president as saying, “and this cat isn’t remotely qualified to handle it. This guy has no clue, I promise you.”

On Joe Biden, according to Latimer, Bush had a one-liner he liked to tell: “If bull—- was currency (pause), Joe Biden would be a billionaire.” KENNEDY/

Of the Republicans running for president, Latimer opines that Bush liked Mitt Romney best and was uneasy about John McCain.

The writer recounts an incident in which Bush was to attend a McCain campaign event that suddenly was closed to the press.

“If he doesn’t want me to go, fine,” Bush is quoted as saying. “I’ve got better things to do.”

(McCain kept the unpopular Bush at arms-length during last year’s campaign).

When McCain surprised everyone with his vice presidential pick of then-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Latimer says Bush called the choice “interesting” and then quotes the president as saying with eyes twinkling that he was trying to remember if he’d met her before, “What is she, the governor of Guam?”

Bush’s current spokesman had no comment on Latimer’s book.

But Bush’s former spokeswoman, Dana Perino, told Reuters that while she hadn’t read the book, “I think that most people who worked in the White House would be hard pressed to pick this guy out of a line-up.”

She adds: “He wasn’t around the president much, and some of what he says the president said doesn’t ring true to me. For example, I was there outside the Oval when Sarah Palin was announced as the VP candidate and the president said to me, ‘so, the Governor of Alaska was the pick? I just saw her a few weeks ago when we were on our way to China’.”

Perino also said she doesn’t recall Bush saying anything about anyone’s keister. “I’m not sure how people who write these books really feel about themselves. Oh well,” she says.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Pool (Obama and Bush at the Capitol on inauguration day), Reuters/Brian Snyder (Bush and McCain at Kennedy’s funeral)


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Speech-writers should be seen and not heard. So easy to call the president a dork when you want to sell your book. He will be a big hit on NBC…..Maybe the New York times will give him a job. Better yet the Huff Pest.

Posted by Momlee | Report as abusive

Hey Momlee,”So easy to call the president a dork when you want to sell your book”……?George W. is not the president anymore….you Do know that, right? And if you think the media was biased against Bush, do you remember seeing anyone interviewed on TV calling W. a fascist or a Nazi, or someone who was trying to destroy America? There were plenty of people who felt that way about Bush,but they weren’t allowed on TV news to express their opinion the way the clueless anti-Obama folks are. No Democratic politician ever said anything half as nasty about W. as the Repubs say aout Obama – because the Dems have Class. The news didn’t cover the demonstrations against the Iraq war, which were usually 3 or 4 times bigger than the Tea Party baloney on Sept. 12th. Those Tea Partiers are fighting for the rights of Wall St. billionaires but they’re too dumb to realize they’ve been fooled…..And George W. was Way worse than a dork. Everyone in the rest of the world knows he sent our kids to die so our oil companies could get control of the oil under Iraq’s sand – but our so-called liberal media wouldn’t even point out the coincidence that our gas pump prices dropped like a stone Right After our oil companies signed contracts with the Iraq government in summer 2008. Of course not – that would have ticked off the oil companies that advertise on TV. The TV news wouldn’t even mention how strange it was that George W. changed his mind right after the oil contracts were announced and suddenly decided he was OK with pulling our troops out of Iraq by 2010. Of course – O.I.L accomplished. …….The rest of the world also knows that over 50,000 Florida voters in 2000 were secretly de-registered by Jeb Bush’s Florida gov’t. before Election Day and never had a chance to vote. The rest of the world knows they were de-registered based on how similar their names were to a list of convicted felons – and half of the 50,000 that weren’t allowed to vote were Black. Bush “won” by 537 votes. Can you do the math?

Posted by Deanorff | Report as abusive

While I am in no way an admirer of the former president, I do recognize he had a good sense of humor. The funny lines Latimer attributes to him fit other things I have read that he said. I also was no fan of Hillary, but she gained my admiration with her relentless campaign. She seems to have slowed down since though, as her “keister” is now larger than ever.Bush’s feelings about President Obama were mild in comparison to those in his party today. Never has a newly elected president been forced to operate with such a lack of respect from the opposing party. While I do not believe Bush was a bigot, the same can not be said of the majority of Republicans still in office. It is a disgrace to the office the way President Obama has been treated.We all need to pray every day for the safety of our president. If these wackos get their way and take out President Obama, we will be on our way to being a third-rate power.The whole world is watching…

Posted by Tim Stocken | Report as abusive

The author has a right to publish his book and Tom has a right to his opinion. So do I and to be blunt I am sick to death of race being used as a means to stifle dissent. The leftists trumpet that right when it’s employed by them, an obvious double standard. No amount of hypocrisy or hyperbole will hide the fact that despite being given total power by voters, this current administration has done nothing but $pend and Pretend to lead. When it fails there will be no one to blame but themselves.

Posted by Folklight | Report as abusive

folklight,The biggest mistake the liberals always make is that they think American people are stupid.You just have to listen to Bill Mare if you want an example of this.But what is interesting is a lot people involved in this nonsense are independents and they are not going to except this false claim,and the push back is going to be to the detriment to the democratic party.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive