What does Palin no show at “Values Voter” summit say about her 2012 intentions?

September 16, 2009

Why is former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin passing on the summit of self-styled conservative Christian “Values Voters” this weekend?


It’s a question worth asking because the annual meeting of “Religious Right” activists has become a “must attend” on the political calendar of any Republican who is serious about running for the party’s presidential nomination in the next election cycle.

Former governors Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney  — frequently mentioned as 2012 heavyweight Republican contenders — will be there.  So will Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who many pundits see as another possible candidate for a White House run in 2012.

But the moose-hunting hockey mom who makes liberals see red remains the favorite with this crowd. A recent Bliss Institute and Public Religion Research survey found she was ranked highest among conservative leaders by conservative Christian activists with 86 percent viewing her in a favorable light.

Does her no-show suggest something about her political intentions or lack of them for 2012?

((PHOTO: Sarah Palin delivers her final address as Alaska governor in Fairbanks, Alaska, July 26, 2009. REUTERS/Nathaniel Wilder))


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I think it means one of two things:

1. Sarah Palin is very independent-minded and isn’t going to do what “everyone else” is doing in order to conform with what is “expected.” She is anything but predictable.

2. She has something else going on at the time…I believe her son is due to arrive back from his year long tour of duty in Iraq.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

You wish. Hopefully we can wash our hands of her antics in the political world.

Posted by jacqui | Report as abusive

Palin is not running in 2012. It is 2016 when there will be no incumbent President.

Posted by Annie | Report as abusive

…or she couldn’t read the invitation.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Sarah “no show” just like at her governors job. If we are all lucky she will not show up for any republican or any other public gathering. I knew John McCain cut our throats when he chose her as a running mate. We had several great people to choose from who could run against Clinton and won the White House.

Posted by Betty | Report as abusive

Palin is only attending events that pay her big bucks to appear.

Posted by icarus | Report as abusive

It took a long time to build the Barama Team. Palin should have stayed in the background and built her team as he did, but just as Obama is the first Black she can be the first female. I like her style and her guts.

Posted by D/R | Report as abusive

She still hasn’t decided if she’s going to give it a go or not. I’m sure she’s formed a Presidential Exploratory Committee, but whether she’ll aim for ’12 or ’16 remains to be she. She’s young – there is plenty of time.

Posted by VonHauer | Report as abusive

Lets all give Sarah a big thumbs up on a run for 2012 or 2016. I would personally plead for her to run. Failin Palin couldn’t be elected local dog catcher. Doncha know. Betty was correct, do you want a quitter for your top leader? The GOP are despereate if she is trotted out as their choice and considering the bag of Jakes they have to pick from she has a great chance. Run Sarah run.

Posted by Trak | Report as abusive

Who cares what Sarah Palin does or why? The real story is that the hard right “values voters” are being passed by. The younger generation is far less bigoted and the Republicans are losing it if they continue to cling to this fringe.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

he may not grasp that she has to build her constituency and not just go were they pay her the most.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Makes liberals see red? Most liberals find her very entertaining! We are all PRAYING that she runs in 2012!

Posted by Doug | Report as abusive

Sarah’s an absoulte godsend for the Democratic Party. I’m glad these extreme christian right wingers are so in love with her. The last time these christian extremists decided an election our country was taken into the deep dark realms of hell. And they don’t have a chance in hell with this one.

Posted by Amy in Arkansas | Report as abusive

Yeah, I don’t know what it is about her that makes idiot liberals go through the roof but if she does that to them she must be good. She’s got my vote.

Posted by rjflorida | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is the Paris Hilton of politics.

Posted by Cleareye | Report as abusive

I do think Sarah is about 2/3 short in capability of leadership. The Republicans need to figure out what they stand for. It is not liberal or conservative, but what is best for the people of the country.

Posted by f belz | Report as abusive

“Dogma voters” is the more fitting label. “Values voters” is a label invented by people who like to think of themselves as championing good human values. What many of them are pushing actually is dogma. “Values” are “the principles that help you to decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations.” Cambridge Dictionary of American English. “Dogma” is “a fixed, esp. religious, belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to accept without any doubts.” Id. The two, we can only hope, overlap to some extent, but they are hardly the same. Some of what religious fundamentalists hold up as values others find plainly wrongheaded and even immoral. Labels count. Those pushing the “values voters” label hope it will help them pass off their dogma as values. If they want to push their dogma, that’s their right. But “dogma voters” they are, and that’s what I’ll call them.

Posted by Doug Indeap | Report as abusive

The religious right and palin are history, they just don’t know it yet. Come on, who takes these reactionary, bigoted, archaic clowns seriously anymore? You can tell their lying when their lips are moving, but they talk about values like they’re better than someone; that only works so long even on republican sticks in the mud.

Posted by jim traay | Report as abusive

The only person who would actually benefit from Sarah Palin running for president is Tina Fey.

Posted by kyle | Report as abusive

She does a better job watching Russian warjets from her backyard than any one of us …..lol

Posted by v | Report as abusive

Please, let her run!

She and Todd could do their campaigning from the back of a “snow machine” from sea to shining sea.

The “Values” voters would get all frothy over another moron-in-chief, and if elected we can all look forward to her stump policies: No taxes to pay down the debt or anything else her lobby friends are handed (same as Bush’s kick the can fiscal policies), healthcare for only those who can pay for it, foreign policy based on the notion that Armaggedon is worth pursuing (not avoiding), and Sharia-like laws prohibiting the evil practice of teaching evolution at any level of education.

Go Republicans!

Posted by Noblekin | Report as abusive

I find it absolutely amazing that so many people are unifromed. Like a lot of these commentors. Palin NEVER said she could “see Russia from her back porch”. Tina Fey said that. Anyway, I live in Alaska…and yup, you CAN SEE RUSSIA from Alaska. However, that is a moot point. The relevant point is that at least 8 (EIGHT) times last year, the Alaska ANG and the USAF (Elmendorf) had to scramble to get Russian aircraft out of our air space. Look that one up, too……

Posted by Ann | Report as abusive

Palin has been a no-show at this summer’s Republican congressional fundraising dinner in DC, an Alaska Family Council event in late August, an Republican women’s event at the Reagan Library, and a Coalition of Life event. Every one of these appearances had been promoted in advance, every time she either claimed she hadn’t confirmed or there was a miscommunication. She’s scheduled this coming week to speak at the CLSA Asia-Pacific markets conference in Hong Kong. She’s getting paid for this appearance, maybe she’ll actually show up, but I wouldn’t bet on No Show Sarah following through.

Posted by Ronbo | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin for president? You cannot be serious.

Posted by Mike H. | Report as abusive

Dear Ann,
Palin actually did say it at an interview for channel 2…Look that up

Posted by V | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin made her international debut today in a media-excluded, closed-door speech at the CLSA Investors’ Forum in Hong Kong. Palin’s speech, which touched on issues like international terrorism and the U.S. debt, divided the audience and even prompted a few delegates to leave in disgust.

One delegate leaving early with a colleague said: “It was awful, we couldn’t stand it any longer.”

Melvin Goodé, a property consultant who attended Palin’s speech, was interviewed about Palin’s speech by the Wall Street Journal. When asked how he thought she did, he shrugged his shoulders and said that “she generally did all right, given that she wasn’t supposed to know anything about the continent.”

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

getplaning cannot please every one ,but several interviewed also said she was brilliant! apparently they were european, and said she made a great impression ,with a “wonderful speech”,well down Sarah.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

[…] you can always tune into Oprah November 16th when Palin is reportedly the featured guest, but if reputation holds true, she may not […]

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