Slide in support for healthcare overhaul slows, poll says

September 23, 2009

USA-HEALTHCARE/USA-HEALTHCARE/OBAMAPublic support for President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform initiative has rebounded slightly following his speech to Congress this month, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released on Tuesday.

Forty-five percent of Americans approve of the president’s handling of healthcare, compared to 46 percent who disapprove, the poll found. In last month’s NBC/WSJ poll last month, 47 percent disapproved and 41 percent approved.

Obama delivered a healthcare speech to Congress on Sept. 9 followed by a media blitz to revive his case for reform. His healthcare overhaul initiative suffered a setback as the hot topic in a summer of raucous rallies and public debate.

More people still believe Obama’s healthcare plan is a bad idea than a good one, 41 percent to 39 percent, according to the NBC/WSJ poll.

However, 45 percent now say it would be better to pass a healthcare plan than to stick with the current system, while 39 percent don’t want any change at all.


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In actuality the support for HR3200 is still waning. The cutting off the debate about the Plan is not indicative of less resistance. The stifling of the Peoples voice so they cannot be heard, is undemocratic and the majority party that is forcing this bill down the throats of the unwilling majority, will pay a very real and high price for their actions, that will negatively impact the Democratic Party for years to come.

Posted by Pip | Report as abusive

I have to wonder what in the world is wrong with the 39% who still think Obamacare is a good idea. Wake up people, you could lose more of your income and gain more big government control over your lives. ‘Reforming’ healthcare shouldn’t be the Administration’s emphasis right now. There are more serious issues such as getting a foreign policy, fixing the economy and stopping our downward slide as a former world leader.

Posted by Jim Scott | Report as abusive

It’s not about health care or about reform stupid! It’s about eliminating alot of Constitutional guarantees and making your personal health records and most signficant activities on your part subject to the control of the “central committee”. It about taking almost complete control of the American populace in one sweeping law.
Government is always seeking to expand by taking your money and controlling your life in whatever way possible.
Can you think of a better way to do this than through the ‘Health Care Reform bill Hr3200? Can you? You will become property of the state under this “health care reform”. How you treat your children and other family members will be proscribed. Your diet and excercise will be state mandated. Your health files will need to be examined before you can apply for a job or get a visa or passport. It’s all about control and almost nothing to do with making you a happier healthier person and you will pay, pay, pay for it. What a bunch of suckers the American people have become ! You deserve Obama: Freedom is for those who are independant and willing to risk whatever to stay free. Americans are fat, lazy,uneducated fragments of cultures all piled together in the megalopolises waiting for Big Brother to give them a bigger hand-out! No fight, no sense of individualism, no sense of fairplay: just greed, avarice, and “what’s your’s is mine”. “May you get what you wish for”.

Posted by dalehendon | Report as abusive

Forget about reform, people. Everything will be business as usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama started a war with Iran to take the heat off him here at home. All politicians are alike, Democrats and Republicans. I don’t give a damn if Christ himself was president, he’d be just like all the rest of them. He’d look out for number one, the same as they all do. The insurance companies will be the biggest winners in this whole farce, especially when Obama forces all of us to get health insurance, all with the Republicans’ blessing.

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