Senate rebukes Libya, and it wasn’t for Gaddafi’s speech…

September 23, 2009

Coincidence? Maybe.

The U.S. Senate rebuked Libya Wednesday during the nearly two-hour speech that leader Muammar Gaddafi gave to the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

While Gaddafi was excoriating world powers in his first address to the United Nations, the Senate approved a resolution condemning the “lavish” welcome home ceremony that Libya gave last month for a convicted Lockerbie bomber and demanding an apology for the celebration. UN-ASSEMBLY/GADDAFI

Gaddafi’s words, heard through the lively voice of the translator, went on for nearly two hours at the U.N. podium, raising some questions about whether the U.N. had time limits on speeches.

It seems the first translator exhausted himself about 90 minutes in and another — somewhat calmer — voice took over.

But not before the first one had a chance to rattle off Gadaffi’s musings on everything including who killed JFK.

While Gaddafi praised President Barack Obama in his speech, the U.S. president didn’t hear it first-hand. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says Obama didn’t watch the Libyan leader’s speech.

(We’re thinking Obama probably had a few appointments to keep in those two hours)

Photo credit: Reuters/Mike Segar (Gaddafi addresses U.N.)


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That’s it???? This is what you’re covering?
Too ashamed to reveal what he said? Even Qadhafi was able to pinpoint the crimes that were committed by the US against other nations. What a shame????!!!!!

Posted by Dawn | Report as abusive

what a great speech..WOW
the first comment is right..the coverage is completely biased against the speaker who attacked the Veto power given to the major players in the world, and he demaded thoses be canceled or Africa should definitely have a seat in the permanent security council members so that horrors of colonialism dont happen again.
he also attacked the killing of 1.5 million Iraqi’s caused by Bush and Cheney and demanded them to be put on trial..
the coverage could have been a little more about the content of the speech rather than how long it was
what a shame Reuters

Posted by Erich | Report as abusive

Not a fan of Gaddafi but for a two hour speech, I expect a little more a 100 word review

Posted by LVR | Report as abusive

as US citizen, i agree with #1!

Posted by alex | Report as abusive

Someone tell Gaddafi he is more than welcome to stay a while even in my back yard. America helpped found the U.N. to keep the old world from fighting and hating each other. America is too good to entertain that notion it appears that he is suggesting. It should be moved to Babylon perhaps, them all the babyl can continue without the efforts on kind men trying to keep the peace.

In the face of Lockerbe, it appears that Gaddafi still hates progression of humanity as the Talaban do. Even Alah would tell him each shall reap what they sow.

Oh well, God Blessed and Bless America.

Posted by Phillip Bills | Report as abusive

Personally i think it was a fantastic speech. Back to basic stuff, with is comments on the UN preamble etc.

Cant believe how much main stream media looks down upon sensible people …

Posted by d&b | Report as abusive

that’s it, the man spoke for nearly two hours and this is all what you have to report. what a shame!

Posted by waleed | Report as abusive

I am floored that those commenting would even consider supporting this man. His ties to terror are undeniable. He does not belong on American soil as it is an insult to the victims of Lockerbie and our servicemen.

Posted by Hector | Report as abusive

Gaddafis handlers messed up if they had contacted some of the ivy league liberal colleges i am sure they would have found one that would have allowed his tent on their campus greens.Perhaps he might have received a heros welcome like Ahmadinejad.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Can we please stop with the “Lockerbie Bomber” titel given that jurists in Scotland seriously question the conviction. If an American returned home after such events…

Still, Gaddafi makes it obvious he is not completely grounded. JFK? Seriously! 2 hours? Get real! Yes the UNSC is objectionably undemocratic, we all know it. There is a way to get nations onside and a way to make people think you are just a radical.

Posted by Shish | Report as abusive

I agree with the first comment. To those who mock at his speech or his tent or his clothes, you know very well he is right. If I were in position to decide the future of a country, I’d withdraw from the UN: returning to the law of the jungle, is n’t it one now ?

Posted by fatima | Report as abusive

It is clear that we are not ready to hear different opinions. We are not ready to acknowledge that we all ever made mistakes. Every body feels so uncomfortable with his speech. No matter how controversial it is, he may have said some fundamental truths about inequalities and domination of big countries.

Posted by rob | Report as abusive

I am shocked that people are supporting this rambling, vitriolic speech, full of the hatred for America and given by a dictator (read that: dictator) who targeted and killed innocent civilians flying in an airplane — and celebrated the killing. A known terrorist. Are people supporting his speech just because Gaddafi loves Obama so much and they support Obama? When did people start defending a hate-filled person who targets and celebrates the killing of innocent civilians and gives a speech attributing the H1N1 virus to the American military, etc., etc.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Gotta love the guy, he’s hilarious!

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Gaddafi is only a clown in the greatest circus on planet earth; the UN

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive