The other G20 news: Obama Olympics, White House honey

September 24, 2009

Olympics intrigue broke out in the middle of all the U.N., G20, world leader stuff with the rumor that perhaps President Barack Obama might go to Copenhagen after all to pitch his hometown Chicago as the site for the 2016 Summer Games. OLYMPICS-SPORTS/

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs fanned the flames further when asked whether it was possible Obama may go. “Absolutely,” he told reporters on Air Force One headed to Pittsburgh for the G20.

In Washington speak that’s about as close to saying he’s going without announcing he’s going.

“I think it would be a very quick trip, yes,” Gibbs said.

So what happened since the announcement that First Lady Michelle Obama would be the one going to Copenhagen next week to push for Chicago against the competition: Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo?

We’re thinking perhaps the Chicago set at the White House — Michelle Obama, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod — did a little pushing of their own….

It might also mean that healthcare legislation is moving at such a snail’s pace that there’s no need for the president to forego the trip.

The other breaking news is that one of the gifts for foreign dignitaries in Pittsburgh was actually made by some very buzzzy workers at the White House.

JAPAN/We discovered this nugget while reading this very important summit document: “The G20 Pittsburgh Summit Spousal Program Addendum.” Among the gifts to visiting G20 dignitaries was White House honey produced from the first-ever beehive on White House property, located near the first lady’s vegetable garden.


Photo credit: Reuters/Ruben Sprich (International Olympic Committee president in June), Reuters/Toru Hanai (bee collecting pollen from flower in Tokyo)


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this president starts a lot but never accomplish anything. the all talk president.

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Chicago is broke!would they get the funds for the olympics from the stimulus money, of would it be funded by money they saved by eliminating local government corruption and fraud like they are going to do to finance the government health care plan?

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Point of order: The picture accompanying this article, has absolutely NOTHING to do with honey. In fact, the bee shown is not a honey bee, but a gentle (much larger) bumble bee. I guess accuracy doesn’t count anymore, huh?

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