Boehner: public option stinks

October 2, 2009

So, does anybody out there in the real world support a government-run “public” health insurance option?

House of Representatives Republican leader John Boehner doesn’t think so.

SPAINHe told reporters on Thursday: “I’m still trying to find the first American to talk to who is in favor of the public option other than a member of Congress or the administration.”

Democrats suggested the Ohio congressman is not getting out enough, but Boehner thought otherwise. “I get to a lot of places,” he said.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll found 57 percent of people in his native Ohio supported giving people the option of a government-run insurance plan, but Boehner said the idea was “about as unpopular as a garlic milkshake.”

Pressed by a reporter, Boehner admitted he had never tried a garlic milkshake — drawing the ire of California garlic growers.

The San Francisco Chronicle said Brian Bowe, executive director of the Gilroy Garlic Festival and the go-to guy for all things garlic, invited Boehner to next year’s event.

“You can’t go wrong with garlic,” he said.

UPDATE: The Democratic Party’s House campaign arm today fired off an email to supporters urging them to sign an online petition informing Boehner they support a public option.

And the pairing of garlic and healthcare reform inspired Democratic Congressman Mike Honda of California, who represents Gilroy, to deliver to Boehner a basket of garlic and this poem: “Two things make for a strong healthy heart. Gilroy garlic, for one, a good start. Public option? Also high, in the American eye, 65 percent ne’er want it to part.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Desmond Boylan (man with strings of garlic in Spain)


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If congress is bound and determined to get universal health care before controlling illegal immigration, what is wrong with the Swiss model? It makes the U.S. look like spendthrifts.

Posted by Paul Koster | Report as abusive

John Boehner,

I‘m an American and I support the Public Option.


Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

Rep. Boehner says that he is “still trying to find the first American to talk to who is in favor of the public option other than a member of Congress or the Administration.”
Now that speaks volumes doesn’t it?
I believe that to either be a flat out LIE or he really doesn’t get out from his little circle of neo-con friends. Truth is, he doesn’t seem all that likeable anyway…

Posted by Tim Hinchliff | Report as abusive

I’m an educated woman with a good job, and I support the public option.

Posted by steph | Report as abusive

Boehner obviously did not look far for proponents of the Public Option. A majority of Americans WANT THIS OPTION.

Boehner is totally out of touch and is just saying no to anything Democratic.

It is sad when you political party comes before your country. Boehner should be removed from office.

Posted by Dennis | Report as abusive

I have a good job with good health care coverage and I still support a public option.

Posted by Justin | Report as abusive

NO GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE!! Do not trust corrupt, dirty, bankrupt politicians to run our health care system!!!!! Don’t be foolish!!!!!!!!

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Was John Boehner just having a bad day, or did he really say something so absolutely idiotic?

Look at the polls, Mr. Boehner; over 60% of Americans want a public option. People know that you can’t rely on private, for-profit insurance companies to be there for you when you get seriously ill or injured.

Want to talk to an American citizen who is in favor of the public option? Get out of the country club and your Republican speaking circuit and go to talk to real, average income, working people; they’re only a short walk from the halls of Congress.

Go talk to them, if you have the guts to do it. And to really listen to what they have to say.

Posted by Steve N | Report as abusive

Come on! What kind of idiot is John Boehner? No body supporting public-option? Is he just a pathetic liar or a Leader that is delusional…? Watch the comments on this page itself Boehner! Public option is something that is very popular with us! Without it, the bill should be killed…

Posted by Slashingtongue | Report as abusive

[…] House Minority Leader John Boehner doesn’t appear to get out much. Although, if the only place he’s hanging out is “tea parties” then maybe I can understand his recent statement: […]

Posted by Boehner, Please « Old Gold & Black | Report as abusive

I support a single payer, non-profit, universal health care system covering all citizens in this country patterned after Medicare. The insurance companies, drug companies, AMA and other institutions such as Congress and the Senate have had sixty years to fix health care in this country. They have elected not to do it.
Concerning John Boehner, if one want to see what this guy is really about, follow his voting record as well as the campaign contibutions he has accepted over the years.
In my opinion he is no friend to the American people, but rather is just another right wing obstructionist/protectionist trying to press his will on the majority of the American people.

Posted by Jack Haesly | Report as abusive

“NO GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE!! Do not trust corrupt, dirty, bankrupt politicians to run our health care system!!!!! Don’t be foolish!!!!!”

—So to the person who wrote this, I would ask, who SHOULD we trust to run healthcare? Corrupt, dirty bankrolled CEO’s who run a FOR PROFIT enterprise that makes money off of denying you and I coverage? Who’s being foolish here?!?!?!


Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

85% of americans are perfectly content with their health insurance. Why are you willing to spend a trillion dollars, and bankrupt this contry, to appese the other 15%.

Posted by Glenn | Report as abusive

I’m for the public option, and I’m an American citizen.

I trust disinterested, salaried bureaucrats far more than profit-hungry CEO’s. Conflict of interest? I’d say so.

I also have a job and health insurance.

Posted by kyle | Report as abusive

John Boehner needs to get out in his (my) state a little bit more. Come on down to Columbus, Mr. Boehner, and you’ll find plenty of Americans who want a Public Option and who are tired of handing money over to the fat cats you support.

Posted by Linda DeBard | Report as abusive

Senator Boehner:
I am an independent in the great state of Maine, and I support a public option. Both of my senators know I support a public option, and your party is going to need independents like myself moving forward, sir . . . right now, the Republican party does not have it, and will not have it, while you continue to be highjacked by zealots on the extreme right . . .

Posted by Micky | Report as abusive

I am a full blooded, All American, tax-payer and voter who fully supports the Public Option.

Shame on YOU for not seeing me or acknowledging us USA Citizens who can see how the Health Insurance companies BOUGHT the Republicans vote against the PUBLIC OPTION.

We Americans are demanding a Public Optioin but your priority are the lobbyists from health insurance companies and we americans know it.

Shame on you my fellow American for not practicing Bi-partisanship and being a puppet and sell out to the American people. Your loyalty to the Health Insurance industry will one day wane and fail at which time your conscience will awaken and your self serving politics will be the hallmark and forever remembered legacy of your shamed career. God bless the USA and God bless your blunders along with your fat wallet stolen from taxpayers and gladly accepted from health insurance “stakeholders-controllers-owners.” You are a slave to big business and a shame to us Americans on Main Street and living from pay check to pay check.

Re-election will let you hear Ohio’s shout of disapproval and America’s tremendous disappointment for your CHOICE to selectively “NOT HEAR” our American Cry for a PUBLIC OPTION.

Posted by Nicholas Rocca | Report as abusive

NO GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE!! Do not trust corrupt, dirty, bankrupt politicians to run our health care system!!!!! Don’t be foolish!!!!!!!!

– Posted by jason

Yes instead let’s trust the insurance companies who routinely deny claims (mine just denied an eye exam for which I am fully covered), drop policy holders who get terminal or expensive illnesses, and are jacking premiums right now to get ahead of reform efforts. Yes, let’s trust the private sector to regulate it’s self, what a successful history that has. Let’s trust CEOs who’s pay depends on keeping costs down, they’ll have our best interests in mind won’t they? Oh and let’s keep shifting the cost of the uninsured onto the backs of those of us who have insurance because that’s fair, right Jason?
I was initially against a public option because of government involvement but the more I see of the lies, misinformation, and pandering to lobbyists the more I like the idea. I do not think a health care program should be administered by the government however. It should be run by a non profit NGO similar to the Red Cross and funded by federal dollars and members who pay on a sliding scale based on income.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive aseID=1372

Really? Maybe the Orange Man needs to get off the country club grounds once in a while. 57% of Ohioans — Boehner’s home state — support a public option. The Minority Leader may “get to a lot of places,” but maybe he needs to travel his own state a little more.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

There was a misspell in the article’s title.

Boehner: public opinion stinks

I fixed it.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

Very unfortunately, The House of Representatives Republican John Boehner, The Minority Leader is very SICKO and ISOLATED from the REALITY. Please ask Michael Moore.

Very unfortunately, Republican John Boehner, The Minority Leader often still get “bribes”, contributions directly and indirectly from the health insurance companies so he protects the interests of health insurance companies, not Americans and again, 77% Americans clearly support PUBLIC OPTION. Republican John Boehner, can you read our messages? If not, you are clearly isolated from the reality like President George W. Bush who was completely out of touch with Americans for past 8 years and again, Americans are in worst shape now after Bush’s 8 years regime.

Very unfortunately, Republican John Boehner, The Minority Leader often says PUBLIC OPTION STINKS!
Please tell us, We The People WHY???? Do you know that US ranked 37th in best health care globally? If not, please ask Michael Moore.

Very unfortunately, Republican John Boehner, The Minority Leader and all GOP people still not know how to FIND A SOLUTION for all Americans on Public option issue
as the true statesman normally does for every American citizen.

Conclusively, you must change your heart and HEAR
our American Cry for a PUBLIC OPTION. Otherwise, you are responsible for severest consequence in near future.

Posted by RONALD GELDEN | Report as abusive

You people are a bunch of sheep and Obama’s the lead goat. How about fixing healthcare instead of destroying it?

Posted by Bruce | Report as abusive

Liberals have been dragging conservatives kicking and screaming into the future since we dropped out of the trees.

Posted by Al Swearengen | Report as abusive

Obama has a supermajority.

He doesn’t need bipartisanship. He can do what he wants. The only issue here is that he is scared.

He needs to find something, a policy he can make his own. He needs to get to work on something, so he has somthing to show to the public come next election day.

But the more he looks, the more he sees poison policies around him.

He knows that the American people will eat him alive if he fails on healthcare. If his pet project collapses, it will likely cost him his second term. Bombing taliban is one thing. Screwing up the already listing American health system is another ballgame.

So much is his fear, he doesn’t want to take the risk. So he wants the republicans to take part too. That way if something goes wrong, the democrats don’t get the blame alone.

Only a few months, and you can smell the fear. Obama better commit to action soon, or the public will smell fear too.

And then, we might have another Jimmy Carter in the making. A man who hides in the white house, afraid to do anything which might upset the people.

Posted by Anon | Report as abusive

John Boehner seems to be the most unhappy person around; he consistently shows his sour face, has anyone seen this pathetic guy smile? He ALWAYS looks like he is totally dissatisfied and angry with life. He has never tasted a garlic milkshake (nor have I, for that matter) but he has the gall to compare the “stink” with public option health care. Then, he hasn’t found ONE person that supports it, that’s probably because he never asked; he is too busy being sour grapes! Ohio should replace this guy and vote in someone who cares about Ohio citizens and his/her state and the the USA!

Posted by NinaK | Report as abusive

One other thing, guess those tanning bed ultra violet rays have really affected Joh Boehner’s mind?

Posted by NinaK | Report as abusive

He is right, Public Option does Stink for the ethical person.

for the illegal and the lazy it smells like piggyback free rides.

that is the difference.

Posted by Ian | Report as abusive

He better not say it again, because I sent him an email a couple of days ago telling him I am in favor of a public options. Granted, he could use the loophole saying he and I never actually ‘met’, but, he now knows at least one American supports the Public Option.

Posted by Andi | Report as abusive

Anyone who decides to defend Boehner is a naive, childish loser. And for those of you who reject the public options for reason such as it being “for the illegal and the lazy” you are too ignorant for words.

Really, how do you get by in this world being so uninformed and stupid? I’ll tell you how. You buy everything Rush and Hannity tell you because you’re a scared little coward who also doesn’t read well.

The best solution for the healthcare crisis is to deny healthcare to people this ignorant. Maybe, when you really need it and come crawling back to find your “options’ you’ll see how stupid you sound.

Doesn’t matter. You voted in the last election and lost. Screw you.

Posted by Skiff | Report as abusive

Those that fear the government coming between them and their doctor obviously don’t understand that a for profit insurance entity already occupies that space. Those that fear health care rationing obviously don’t know that insurance companies already ration their health care. Those who deem a public option “a government takeover of health care” don’t seem to get that insurance companies are in the health care business for profit … not their (or your) health.

There is a quote of Martin Luther King that, to me, sums up the Republican – and the Palin/Limbaugh/Hannity/Boehner/Beck Mafia – opposition to health care reform in general and the public option in particular:

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Posted by openlyblack | Report as abusive


Posted by JOHN H. JACOBS, JR | Report as abusive

I support the public option and so does my boyfriend, his parents, his sister and brother-in-law, my parents, my grandmother, my brothers, and my brother’s wives. So that’s 14 people I can name off the top of my head. And all of us have decent private insurance with no intention of taking direct advantage of the public option. We all support the public option because it is the best way reign in the for-profit insurance companies and decrease the high costs that result from treating the uninsured in the emergency room for ailments that could have been treated in a much more cost effective manner at an earlier time had they had insurance to seek treatment. Not to mention the moral concern that our current system allows people to die of treatable illnesses because they can’t afford care. PLEASE GIVE US A PUBLIC OPTION!!

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

[…] October 2, 2009 at 2:58 am (Politification) House Minority Leader John Boehner doesn’t appear to get out much. Although, if the only place he’s hanging out is “tea parties” then maybe I can understand his recent statement: […]

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