DeLay’s Last Dance

October 7, 2009

Former Congressman Tom DeLay, aka “The Hammer,” hung up his dancing shoes on Tuesday, but we may not have seen the last of his smooth moves.

CONGRESS DELAYThe Texas Republican scored low in the polling, but still got enough votes to remain in the running in ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.”

DeLay lived up to his nickname during his years as the tough Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives. But he could not hang tough with two sore feet, so he bowed out of the dance competition.

DeLay ignored doctor’s advice on Monday and danced anyway, aggravating stress fractures in both feet. Was that the softer side of the Hammer talking when he said he would not be able to continue?.

“You can’t practice and if you can’t practice you make a fool out of somebody. I don’t want to do that to Cheryl,” DeLay said of dancing partner Cheryl Burke.

Had he not been forced to sit out the rest of the season, DeLay said his next dance would have been the Texas Two-Step. He may get another chance to strut his stuff. He left the show with an open invitation to come back at the end of the season — if he’s feeling better.

DeLay was House majority leader from 2003-2005 before being forced to step down on charges of violating campaign finance laws.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Evan Sisley. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay walks away from the U.S. Capitol on the day his resignation took effect. Sept. 6, 2006.


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The guy needs to be in prison. Since when is it ok to break laws as a so called law maker and have no consequences? We have such a wonderful government.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

@ Frank:

Ok for politicians to break the law?? Since Ted Kennedy ran off from the bridge at Chapaquiddick leaving Mary Jo there to drown. He went on to be celebrated as the “Libral Lion.”

If like me, you believe that we only ever see the tip of the iceberg, you’d be scared to contemplate how widespread government corruption and cronieism is.

Tom DeLay?? I doubt if his feet would bother him if he got off his fat ass and did some real work in the last 20 years. I remember him once telling an Asian sweat shop that their operation was a model for America! I’ve hated him ever since.

Posted by Unemployed | Report as abusive

he would go to break

Posted by techologynews | Report as abusive