Another side of Sarah Palin: financial guru

October 8, 2009

The Financial Times, the salmon-colored authoritative newspaper that is closely read by traders and other financial types around the world, had an eye-opener for readers this morning. USA-POLITICS/PALIN

It wasn’t the front-page, four-column wide headline, “Obama’s critics pounce on falling dollar as fears grow over currency.”

It wasn’t the graphic showing a red downward line over a dollar bill.

The jolt comes at the start of the second paragraph in the top story of the day on the dollar, “Sarah Palin….”

The newspaper, whose articles can move markets, quoted the former Republican vice presidential candidate and ex-Alaska governor from her Facebook post on the need for energy independence. Palin links the dependence on foreign oil and large U.S. deficits to declines in the dollar .

“We can see the effect of this in the price of gold, which hit a record high today in response to fears about the weakened dollar,” Palin wrote.

Palin’s power for using her Facebook page to affect public opinion is not to be taken lightly. Remember “death panels” which turned the healthcare debate into rabid townhall meetings this summer — that phrase emerged from Palin’s Facebook page.

Others quoted in the same Financial Times article offered an opinion about Palin’s opinion.

Norm Ornstein, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, was quoted as saying there may be a legitimate debate over the dollar’s reserve status, “but Sarah Palin is not qualified to participate in it.”

What do you think of Palin’s financial comments? Is she qualified or not? Is her Facebook platform an effective political tool?

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Photo credit: Reuters/KTUU-TV (Palin announcing her resignation as governor in July, video frame grab)


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Why do you hate Sarah Palin? Can’t you just disagree with her without the venom? I question the sanity of people who use hate instead of actually thinking.

Posted by Joe Abernathy | Report as abusive

Thank GOD for Sarah Palin! Think what you like of her, but she has my complete respect for having the courage to say what she thinks, even if it’s not popular. She is an American, just like the rest of us, and freedom of speech allows her to give her opinion any time she wants, on her FB page, in public or wherever….or is Obama working on taking that basic right away from us too? He already wants to change the constitution, which he claims is “fundamentally flawed.” This man is BAD NEWS for America and I can’t believe how many people haven’t realized this yet! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

Posted by Lora Wirthlin | Report as abusive

For those of you arduously supporting Governor Palin, are you serious? She’s done nothing but create laughs and a whole lot of head-scratching. She’s repeatedly demonstrated a severe lack of knowledge on very rudimentary concepts. She’s of very little substance. Her responses always tout Alaska, energy, and oil options, but, really, beyond that she’s as vague as can be.

Posted by Lewis | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin does not exist! She is a marionette brilliantly constructed to appeal to the lowest common denominator of buying-what-they’re-selling American, as evidenced by all who are so eagerly, so mindlessly slavering over her every breath. The evil geniuses of the NWO are laughing at us all, as they rapaciously grab up their winnings in the great Monopoly Game commonly known as the Global Economy, and less recognized as the fruits of OUR LABORS–those of the American worker and taxpayer, and those exploited throughout the world.

Posted by Angela Byron | Report as abusive

Given the events of the last few years and the experts inabillity to see the problems ahead;how could she be any worse. The experts should be keeping their heads down and not commenting on her expertise.

Posted by CARSON44 | Report as abusive

What a Mavericky thing to say!! You go Sarah Palin! No I mean it. Please go somewhere else. Maybe Russia seeing how it’s so close to your home. When is this nut-jobs 15 minutes up? Can we take her and her followers and stick them all in Alaska and then sell Alaska back to the Russians?

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

Go Sarah! Many of us ARE listening, and moreover, we LIKE what we are hearing.

Posted by rhon | Report as abusive

In the opinion of a serf (the term which I must apparently use when talking of an elite like Norm Ornstein), any American who might have most or all of their assets set in the U.S. Dollar is qualified to participate in discussion of the value of the paper. In which case, Mr. Ornstein would not be qualified… Oh well, if you are going to throw people’s opinions away based on status or personal beliefs, you are nothing more than a social bigot or a buffoon.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Palin is smoke and mirrors, a huckster, a shill, a creation, a product. Pandering to a very small naive base.She doesn’t DO live interviews anymore and has taken to ghostwriters posting on her FACEBOOK page for her. No press, please not anymore, not IN PERSON!FACEBOOK is not political podium, this woman holds no official post AND she is shopping a lipstick deal!PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAINS. You bunch of suckers.

Posted by DEO | Report as abusive

Instead of asking whether she is qualified to give her commentary and changing the subject to her qualifications, how about asking, “was she right or wrong”. If right, give her credit and if not, well, do what you already are doing.

Posted by alan | Report as abusive

Palin is a perfect example of the Wizard of OZ where you have to look behind the curtains. Sarah needs a ghost writer for her book, a ghost blogger for her Facebook, a ghost speechwriter, and a ghost speaker for her speeches. She is a puppet with someone else pulling the strings. Have you seen her on any of the political shows on Sunday where she would have to answer questions? She is a Trojan Horse.

Posted by MO Inkslinger | Report as abusive

Norm Ornstein might consider that many people once considered Ronald Reagan completely unqualified for political office. After all, he was just a grade B actor, right? Sarah Palin is someone these kinds of folks are going to learn about the hard way. She is bright, capable, full of the simplicity of genuine wisdom, and a fully capable executive. And on the big stuff, the stuff that really counts, she is right, just as Reagan was right. Any time she runs, she’ll have my vote and my well wishes.

Posted by Tukaram | Report as abusive

How many times do the elites have to be wrong before they wake up and realize they really don’t know as much as they claim to know about economics, social dynamics, international affairs, or whatever their specialty? Sarah Palin is one of the common folk, and she’s a leader with common sense. Her inability to excel at public speaking or media interviews does not diminish her ability to be right on subjects important to the electorate. I would follow her rather than the elite, effete snobs like Norm Ornstein.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

I find it amazing that when Obama used social media he was brilliant. Now that Palin is using it, she is an idiot who can’t write for herself. Did Obama really write all of his own post on his site or facebook? The question that should be asked is who’s policies are working, clearly Obama’s are not.

If you want to see this country steered back in the right direction economically, just replace Tim Geithner with Sarah Palin, Her common sense approach and sheer guts is what we need to reel in all this outrageous spending that is being tacked into bills under the dark of night. First off as president as she did as Gov. she would read the bills line by line including, slashing the rediculeous spending that so many in congress depend on to get re-elected. She would get us out of debt with China who enslaves our trade. Why are we, America putting our security and economical stability in the hands of these foreign nations who would love nothing but to see us at their mercy. Sarah, I have know doubt just as she did in Alaska,she would not back-down from a fight. But in turn would choose the side of We the people. Because she recognizes who she works for. She did not back down the special interest from politicians and she did not back down from Special Oil. They tried,but in the end the winners were ALaska . Corrupt people will go to no end to discredit a person, but in Sarah’s case they have not succeeded. They may win what they perceive as battles. But there is a War to be won in America, by its people who are speaking out and Sarah Palin is One of US.

Posted by Terri | Report as abusive

Christopher Hitchens had this to say about Sarah…
“… she is a disgraceful opportunist, and a real moral coward.” I’ll second that!!

Q: What’s the difference between those who love Palin, and those who loathe her ?
A: A High School Education.

Posted by Nico-NM | Report as abusive

This is the same person who left Wasilla millions in debt after ONE TERM as mayor. What a genius.
Oh, well, Dick Cheney says deficits don’t matter, so what’s all the fuss about anyway?
Oh, wait, its REPUBLICAN deficits that don’t matter!

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive