Snowe jumps ship in attempt to turn healthcare “Titanic”

October 13, 2009

Well, she did it.

IRAQ-USA/CONGRESSRepublican Senator Olympia Snowe, a moderate from Maine, jumped off the Republican steamer to vote yes on the Senate Finance Committee’s healthcare reform bill.

In explaining why she was voting against the Republican line, Snowe likened changing the healthcare status quo to “turning the Titanic around” before it hit the iceberg.

She became the first Republican to vote for changing the healthcare system, which has become President Barack Obama’s signature domestic issue.

The committee voted 14-9 for the bill, almost fully on party lines.

Snowe cited hurdles that have in the past sunk healthcare reform attempts and said it was time to change the trend of inaction.

“So is this bill all that I would want? Far from it. Is it all that it can be? No. But when history calls, history calls,” Snowe said.


The question is, having jumped ship, will she be able to withstand pressure from fellow Republicans and keep her vote cast with the Democrats as they try to maneuver healthcare legislation through the next set of rapids.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Senator Olympia Snowe speaks at Capitol in July), Reuters/stringer (Kayaker negotiates rapids on Mana river)


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Jump ship… that’s a silly metaphor. All these people are on the same ship, keeping us fighting amongst ourselves in the galley while they sip wine on the officers’ deck.

Posted by Russ | Report as abusive

Hmm… I guesss this is the only way Olympia can get her face in the news. No one, even most people from Maine, would never know who she is otherwise. Great reason to vaote for the health bill. We wonder why the country is going to hell.

Posted by Steveu | Report as abusive

Olympia Snowe is our ideal senator. She has shown herself to be highly intelligent, fiercely independent and thoughtful. If we had at least 500 more like her in Congress, then more good law could be passed that would benefit the people of our nation!!

Moms Hugs & Friends

Posted by Moms Hugs | Report as abusive

William Everetts, Olympia Snow won her last election for the Maine’s second district with 76% of the vote including mine, a registered democrat. She represents the views of her constituents. Snowe held health care town hall meetings over the summer without all the yelling and screaming like we saw in other places. This is what the people of Maine want her to do. Is the bill perfect? No. Is it the best congress can do? No. However it is a step on the right direction. So you vote in your state and we’ll vote in ours, fair?

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Notice how all the laws that are written lately are, as Congress admits, far from perfect.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Brazils_public_option Works! Why can’t ours 09/09/02/brazils_public_option

Posted by Lee | Report as abusive

eric h hi pal!,is she voting against the party line to get you to vote for her,or would she vote this way whether or not she would carry her seat?She has suggested that this could be the only time in this bill that she might take this position,this statement will at least clarify her principles,one way or another.The blue dog democrats irrespective what they suggest, historically back down and follow the party line.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive