How Hillary got the nod

October 14, 2009

Hillary Clinton was walking with her husband Bill in a nature preserve near their home in New York when the cellphone in his pocket started ringing. RUSSIA-CLINTON/

It was five or six days after the November election that Barack Obama won after defeating her for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Instead of turning the phone off while strolling through nature, Clinton’s husband, the former president, answered it.

(Probably a good thing in hindsight. What would have happened if he hadn’t brought the phone? What if he had decided not to answer it? Who would have been Secretary of State then?)

OK, OK, it probably would not have made a difference (but who knows?)

It was the newly elected Obama calling to discuss some potential candidates for his administration. And then he popped the question, and asked Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State.

Clinton says in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that she initially demurred saying others were qualified for that position, and then answered yes.

“I finally began thinking, look, if I had won and I called him, I would have wanted him to say yes. And, you know, I’m pretty old-fashioned, and it’s just who I am. So at the end of the day, when your president asks you to serve, you say yes, if you can.”

And if tables were turned, and she were president, would she have called Obama? “Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, of course.”

But she is not running for president again. “I have absolutely no interest in running for president again. None. None. I mean, I know that’s hard for some people to believe, but … I just don’t.”

Here’s the ABC News interview

Click here for more Reuters political coverage

Photo credit: Reuters/pool (Clinton during meeting with Russian president)


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No one gives a hoot about the old boot. This is the most disgraced first family in the nations recent history. Why is Reuters even putting stuff like this up on the net?

Posted by Boor Ring | Report as abusive

Dear Writer,
Very simple and an interesting article of Americans day today politics.
Before America!s Presidential election,lot of debates on who is powerful,about Mrs.Clinton!s popularity of a Senator,added advantages to her as ex-first lady in White House.
As a man of interests on American Politics,and on American Capitalism, i have not forgotten on Candidate selection in primary party congress polls.
Very heated debates on these two candidates in last November election.
Mr.Obama is a very matured,tactician on American politics,thats why,His arch enemy at party Presidential nominee times had made,became as Secretary of State.
Now, both are doing their jobs as best as ,and Mrs.Clinton!s foreign visits had brought many wonderful,good results to Americans and in general.
For Mr.Obama, there will not a tough fight for next Presidential nominee from Democratic party.
Mrs.Clinton had decided to opt out for Next election.
In Single Stone, Mr.Obama had got two mangoes.

Posted by krishnamurthi ramachandran | Report as abusive

{Boor Ring: No one gives a hoot about the old boot. This is the most disgraced first family in the nations recent history. Why is Reuters even putting stuff like this up on the net?}

To upset people a boring as you who would post this idiotic comment?

Posted by Lafayette | Report as abusive

Which part of the Clinton administration didn’t you like, Boor?

The peace? Or the prosperity?

Posted by lambert strether | Report as abusive

Peace? Like doing nothing in Rwanda as tens of thousands were murdered? While ordering our pilots to bomb Serbia while at the same time saying ground troops were off the table? Oh, yes, actually ground troops were OK, but they’d definitely only stay one year. They’re still there. Liar. That sums him up in one word.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Lambert says, “Which part of the Clinton administration didn’t you like, Boor?

The peace? Or the prosperity?”

Probably the fact that neither were produced from Clinton makes your point moot. While this wealth grew it was the rewards of a fiat system that Clinton did nothing to resolve and helped to deregulate and embolden the Ponzi scheme to escalate. So yes thanks for the artificial creation of wealth. The Clintons are disliked because they cut deals behind the curtains and they did with Obama. Yes she would have made him her Secretary of State because they’d both agreed to it already. This story is a falsification. You know nothing about history.

Posted by Drew | Report as abusive

Totally agree with my friend Jeff. All politicians are liars. They are the puppets of either legal or illegal organizations aiming only on gaining more currencies. No one gives a f*** on peace.

Posted by baturo | Report as abusive

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Posted by Str8Blog | Str8Blog | Report as abusive

Boor Ring, read the following:

Dear Hillary, your public life is a 40-year open book for all to see. You have seen much, done much, took much, and gave much. You have earned respect and reputation, the honest way, the hard way. You have the intelligence, the moral compass, the strength, the humanity and yes the occasional human failings. All the best in trying to repair the complete disaster of the Bush neocon gang 8-year plunder of nation and world.

The world is full of people with weak minds, hatred, jealously, and plain old idiotic stupidity. (Read that Boor Ring) These people have little accomplishments an live a miserable life of complaints. Hillary, you ran the presidential election campaign giving hope and inspiration to many such people. And people subject to misfortune and victims of the elites and powerful which caused the current crisis in America.

The challenge is most difficult against such tide. But there are millions who admire you taking on the job.

Posted by The Real Deal | Report as abusive