Obama’s “pinkie promise” diplomacy

October 15, 2009

President Barack Obama, the newest Nobel Peace laureate, turned on his diplomatic skills in New Orleans Thursday and won a verbal agreement from what can be a tough crowd for any adult.

OBAMA/On his first presidential trip to New Orleans, the city devastated by Hurricane Katrina, Obama told students that the most important thing they could do is work hard in school and there was no reason why they can’t be doctors, lawyers, senators or even president of the United States.

“I want a promise from every single one of you that you guys are going to work hard in school each and every day,” Obama said.

“You give me a pinkie promise?” he asked.

“Yes,” was the reply.

Maybe that’s what’s been missing in dealing with leaders of the former “axis of evil” — no one’s asked them for a pinkie swear.

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Photo credit: Reuters Kevin Lamarque (Obama shakes hands with students at New Orleans school)


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Thanks Reuters.

A nice, short article which not only reports the facts, but accurately analyses both the President’s foreign and domestic policies. And for that matter, depicts his entire election campaign.

A pinky promise.

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The President was talking with children, and as such used terminology that was appropriate. Seems as though the tone of this blog is anti-Obama, so it’s not surprising that it would be taken out of context and somehow illogically applied to dealing with crazy adult egomaniacal dictators (as Anon did). But then, listen to the insane rhetoric of the far right in this country, and they’ll make you think that the pinkie promise is some covert Socialist Martian code that indoctrinates the children into some blind lockstep (you know, the way the far right marched towards the edge of the cliff behind W and Dick).

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Here is a charismatic President reaching out to school children encouraging them to work hard and aim high. Excellent ideals! The future of the country depends on the younger generation. By giving them the right boost and providing them with excellent educational facilities, Obama is securing the future by tapping young budding talent.

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News Alert: Obama saves drowning boy … GOP outraged!

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