The First Draft: No Decisions

October 15, 2009

Beau Biden, son of the vice president, says he is considering running for his dad’s Senate seat but hasn’t made a decision yet.

IRAQ/BIDEN“I’ve been away from my family for a year, first things first,” Biden said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” after returning from Iraq with the Army National Guard. “There’s time to make that decision.”

“Look, am I considering it? Absolutely. Absolutely,” Biden, who is Delaware’s attorney general, said. “But I’ll be making the decision in due course.”

President Barack Obama is still likely weeks away from a decision on a new Afghanistan strategy.

A BBC report last night created a bit of a stir in saying that the Obama administration had told the British government that it would soon announce a troop increase that “could exceed 40,000.”

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs roundly denied it — “I’ve seen the report. It’s not true, either generically or specifically.”

Beau Biden, the not-yet candidate for senator, had some wise words on the Iraq and Afghan wars: “Understand that they’re two different wars. What works in Iraq doesn’t necessarily mean it will work in Afghanistan. They are fundamentally different places.”

Closed-door meetings on healthcare legislation continue on Capitol Hill focused on resolving differences among the various bills.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Pool (Vice President Joe Biden talks with son Beau Biden in Iraq in July)


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Best of everything to Beau Biden if he decides to run for his father’s Senate seat.

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I see no difference between monarchy and Congress. Sons and grandsons for some reason end up getting the same jobs as their dads and granddads. They keep it in the family. All the Kennedies, all the Clintons, all the Rockefellers, and all the Bushes hold political office sometime in their pathetic lives. There needs to be an amendment forbidding more than one family member in one generation from holding any political office. Bunch of rats.

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Enemies, haters and competitors of America would just love to see another 60,000 troops sent there.

They would call it another 60,000 nails in the imperial coffin.

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