Palin: Ready to shake things up in New York

October 23, 2009

Sarah Palin on Thursday endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over Republican Party choice Dede Scozzafava in a special congressional election in upstate New York that has the GOP divided.


“I am very pleased to announce my support for Doug Hoffman in his fight to be the next representative from New York’s 23rd Congressional district. It’s my honor to endorse Doug and to do what I can to help him win,” Palin said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“The people of the 23rd Congressional District of New York are ready to shake things up, and Doug Hoffman is coming on strong as Election Day approaches!” she added.

Some political observers view the election to fill the only open House seat this year — with no big names in the running — as an important fight in a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, made it clear she thinks her party made the wrong choice this time.

“Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate that more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party’s ticket,” she said.

“Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Doug Hoffman: no more politics as usual.”

Palin lists what she says are his best Republican and conservative attributes and best of all, she says, Hoffman “has not been anointed by any political machine.”

Moderate Scozzafava has been plagued throughout her campaign by grassroots conservative activists who have questioned her credentials, reports Critics call her a RINO — Republican in name only.

The Democrat in the three-way race, Bill Owens, got a show of support from the head of his party on Tuesday at one of two Democratic fund raisers President Barack Obama attended in New York City.

The winner would succeed former Republican Represenative John McHugh, a nine-term House member who resigned in September after Obama tapped him to be  secretary of the Army.
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Photo credit:Reuters/Nathaniel Wilder (Palin at Governor’s Picnic in Fairbanks in July )


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can this woman go away already?

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Why does anyone care what Sarah Palin thinks? She only represents the misinformed opinion of a talentless gadfly with no political base. She doesn’t even finish the job she was elected to do, and turned her back on the people of Alaska in favor of making Facebook announcements that amount to nothing. Even conservatives in the 23rd District must be shrugging their shoulders as to why this would matter?

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Sarah has a least the courage to exercise her freedom of speech which a lot of us will not do because we might be critized. Thank God we have our Constitution for the short time we may still have it! If the president signs this treaty with Copenhagen come this December, we will be stripped of our beloved Constitution AND our Bill of Rights and be reduced to just another 3rd world country. You citizens that trivally contest political figures that are in the spotlight, miss the issues that will directly affect you and your grandchildren in the very near future; which are being planned behind closed doors. And you will be oblivious to them until they hit you in the face,because you are so easily entertained by the media and have some preconceived idea that you know what you are talking about. Wake up and pay attention!! Your freedom is being taken away and you people are crying over where Sarah Palin should even express an opinion about anything. You may not agree with her but at least she has weathered the storms that tried to pull her down and she is STILL standing. When the knees of this country are buckled, and O Glory is stripped from the flag pole will you still be able to stand and shout as loudly then as you shout now over trivial matters? Think about it.

Posted by Linda Morris | Report as abusive

Its definately time for a both parties to get a slap in the face… Palin’s actions will definately start to shake things up.. Wake UP America… Stop voting along party lines and start thinking for yourselves!

Posted by George S | Report as abusive


Although I like the fact that “RestoreAmerica” comes right out and tells us he hates Muslims and Mexicans unlike all the other neocons who do and tell us they don’t please don’t let your moderators let that racist hatred get through.

I’m a libertarian leaning independent, and I can see that Republicans propping up Palin is a dream come true for Democrats.

Guys people who don’t believe in evolution or birth control aren’t the mainstream, that’s a crazed section of fringe America.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

Hey Garret, why don’t you learn how to write a coherent sentence before you criticize. Who made you the expert? Are you jealous or what?

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

Hey Jim Wright, your wrong! Some people love this country! Some people had several family members die giving idiots like you and a few others commenting here, the right to do so. So, back off!

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

Hey RestoreAmerica,

Right on. I agree with you and Faith! Fight the Good Fight!

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

May I ask who really cares what Sarah Palin thinks, or postulates. She was elected Mayor to a community in Alaska, her actual budgetary responsibility was for less than 10 mil. This is equal to a very small town anywhere in the continental U.S. But in Alaska, the largest state with the smallest population, she pranced her way to Governor. McCain than picked her out of desperation, because he thought that our country needed a “Female,” because Hillary came “So” close.
All this individual is doing, and I use the word lightly is maximizing her name recognition for her own gain! This person, who disgraces all competent women in politics and business, should be ignored! If she doesn’t go away soon, we should drive her out of the consciousness of the American political discussion. If I were to call her a “Joke”, it would be an “Unintended” complement!
Why does such an “Idiot” garner so much mainstream news focus?

Posted by JoeinRI | Report as abusive

I feel so sorry for all of you brainwashed, kool-aid drinking Obama followers. You really have the wool pulled over your eyes. It’s time to wake up and accept responsibility for your mistakes. What will it take for you to realize what is going on. Soon the “King” will control the whole country, and you will be bowing to him.
Not my kind of country!

Posted by Sandi Z | Report as abusive

Oh, the mighty Democrats and their Chosen One. After reading some of these posts it seems like the Dems are still blaming Bush for everything. Gee, am I the only one that doesn’t see him and his corrupt cronies running the country down a different tube? At some point President Chosen One has to assume responsibility. And come on, let’s leave Jesus out of this discussion. At least he could assemble a cabinet.

Sarah Palin is a brash, opinionated, strong, good looking woman that makes a lot of men uncomfortable. She doesn’t always know what she’s talking about. Sounds like Obama… Anyway, you can guarantee the Dems another 4 years if you continue to let Rush Limbaugh think he’s the voice of the Republican Party. Or Hannity or Beck. They’re entertainment. We need someone to step up. Right now, she’s a good face for the party.

Posted by Jeff Swander | Report as abusive

Scozzafava’s not a moderate, she’s a Democrat. Palin is correct, both the Demos and the Repubs no longer promote American values.

Posted by Harold | Report as abusive

Lol Sandi that’s cute, no Republican wants to take any blame for 8 years of Bush disasters but Democrats should be lining up to apologize for a year of Obama disasters.

Thank goodness I’m an independent who’s above voting for any bureaucrat from these trash 2 parties, I don’t care how arrogant that sounds.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

When we read the blogs posted here and it is obvious that there is a definite difference between the liberal progressives and the christian conservatives and that is the way it should be.A classic of example to me of the difference is on the right the representative from Minnesota a lady who is now considered a new target for the Sarah haters who has 5 children of her own and with her husband have fostered 23 children.On the left is the members of the progressive liberal TV show” The View”who have attacked this lady in particular,and one of the group, in fact her publisher confirms that this view commentator has in fact had 6 abortions! So this is the difference and i am so pleased as to what camp i am part of! also thank you Sarah maintaining your principles.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive