Palin: Ready to shake things up in New York

October 23, 2009

Sarah Palin on Thursday endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over Republican Party choice Dede Scozzafava in a special congressional election in upstate New York that has the GOP divided.


“I am very pleased to announce my support for Doug Hoffman in his fight to be the next representative from New York’s 23rd Congressional district. It’s my honor to endorse Doug and to do what I can to help him win,” Palin said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“The people of the 23rd Congressional District of New York are ready to shake things up, and Doug Hoffman is coming on strong as Election Day approaches!” she added.

Some political observers view the election to fill the only open House seat this year — with no big names in the running — as an important fight in a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, made it clear she thinks her party made the wrong choice this time.

“Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate that more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party’s ticket,” she said.

“Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Doug Hoffman: no more politics as usual.”

Palin lists what she says are his best Republican and conservative attributes and best of all, she says, Hoffman “has not been anointed by any political machine.”

Moderate Scozzafava has been plagued throughout her campaign by grassroots conservative activists who have questioned her credentials, reports Critics call her a RINO — Republican in name only.

The Democrat in the three-way race, Bill Owens, got a show of support from the head of his party on Tuesday at one of two Democratic fund raisers President Barack Obama attended in New York City.

The winner would succeed former Republican Represenative John McHugh, a nine-term House member who resigned in September after Obama tapped him to be  secretary of the Army.
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Photo credit:Reuters/Nathaniel Wilder (Palin at Governor’s Picnic in Fairbanks in July )


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Right on, Palin! No more bailouts or anyone who votes for bailouts!

Posted by Paul L. | Report as abusive

This is great news! Palin seals the defeat of the wingnut right.

Posted by Groovylounge | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin , Thank You for Your Choice of Doug Hoffman for New York Congressman. He is a GOOD Man ,this is a GOOD decision. May God continue to guide You in Your Choices. May God Bless Doug Hoffman and All You are doing for American

Posted by Nancy Henderson | Report as abusive

good for Sarah, i am sick of democrats offering us advice as to how we should go in their opinion to become a more successful opposition.There is ample evidence that there is some serious misgiving about Obama,s socialist agenda and the direction he is taking this country.So if the democrats are asking us to be more like them, it is understandable that voters would not go for change if the choice is Obamanics mark 2.So thanks for the advice guys but no thanks,empowerment not entitlement!

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

[…] Palin: Ready to shake things up in New York […]

Posted by Friday . . . already? | Report as abusive

Most certainly as the past nine months have shown, Ms. Palin’s choice as compared with Obama’s choice reflects far more of what our country, now, needs to get itself healed of all kinds of woes brought on by this present administration’s lack of wisdom and foresight which pales in the light of Ms. Palin’s values and desires for the people of America and which America desperately needs in its immediate future to ward off the demise of the freedoms that were shown to be characteristic of Ms. Palin during her campaign for the vice-presidency.

Posted by Robert E. Russell | Report as abusive

Dear Ms. Allen,

Your piece is fine except for one thing: You’ve described Ms. Scozzafava as a “moderate”. That’s an editorial comment on your part and clearly illustrates your political leanings. From a conservative point-of-view the Republican candidate is anything but a moderate. She’s a very left leaning politician. There’s nothing wrong with that except that it clearly does not make her a “moderate Republican”.

Words do matter. You really should be much more careful about your choice of them in the future.

Posted by Robert W. | Report as abusive

Yawwwwwnnnnn. Do you really think many in New York care who Sarah Palin endorses? Sounds like a great way to stay in the press just before a book release though.

Posted by Yawwn | Report as abusive

Go Sarah. divide the Republican vote. Please endorse 435 “conservative party” candidates that are not endorsed by any “political machine” (read the Republican Party)We Americans need you to continue to drive the “conservative party” into irrelevance. Thank you Sarah

Posted by dc08 | Report as abusive

I hope this is just the beginning of Palins involvement
in the coming elections leading to a coming out
for her and a return of truly conservative

Posted by Douglas Banfill | Report as abusive

Palin. Only Michael Vick has more credibility.

Posted by obServer | Report as abusive

Amazing, it’s a bad sign of America’s state of mind when there are still so many supporters of Sarah Palin, the end-of-times dispensationalist, who beleives in witches and young earth theory … and this loon is probably headed for the white house in 2012.

Posted by carax | Report as abusive

This is huge news: the splintering of the right wing is fully under way.

Posted by Paul Kotta | Report as abusive

Excellent. Sarah Palin continues to make a mess of things.

Posted by filc | Report as abusive

The Palin Republicans just don’t get it… The Republicans have become the party of hate.

Posted by Stubb | Report as abusive

It is nice to return to sanity. Sarah Palin has done more for conservatives across party lines to bring us back to our roots.
NEOCON and Communist leaning leftist are everywhere. We want people that will work for America as Capitalist not Communist.
The Obama agenda is about communism. His approach is for distribution of wealth. Just like we lost trillions in the housing market and 401K distribution from us to the government. No Thanks!

Posted by stormnnorman1 | Report as abusive

Headline should of read: Sarah Palin Assures That Denocrat Wins Election. You wingnuts are so out of touch with reality. You are all so full of your delusions you actually think “real Americans” think like you. Well we don’t, we work and live in the 21st century not in some 18th century economic and political
fantasy that never existed.

Posted by Bernard Gaffney | Report as abusive

Good for Sarah Palin. It’s good to see back on the circuit especially since Newt Gingrich has come out supporting that RINO, Scozzafava. I sure hope Palin can rescue our party.

Posted by Kathy Hochderffer | Report as abusive

Sarah is going to heal our woes?
Let’s see now…she resigned why? because of ethical issues….ethical lapses, yes; forget our national ethics woes being healed by her.
What’s conservative about more hate, more war, more drilling, more mining?
Conservatives are mis-labeled.
They should be called reactionary national facists.

Posted by Pogo | Report as abusive

How can anyone take Palin seriously. She didn’t know the role that she would have played should she have became Vice President and then turned her back on the people of Alaska by resigning her office. Maybe she should work on her credibility first. If I were running for office I would be very leery of her endorsement.

Posted by Lyle | Report as abusive

Hey kids it’s flow chart time.

Palin endorses a third candidate -> three way race-> split republican vote -> democrat win. Thanks Sarah, I hope she does this all over the country in 2010.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Why doesn’t she just go home where she belongs? Palin is a not to bright, ill informed example of contrived politics.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is a much-needed breath of fresh air in today’s polluted political world.

Posted by rick | Report as abusive

Yes, endorsing a third candidate helps the Democrat but if the Republican party gets the message that appointing a non conservative has consequences maybe ‘the good ol’ boy’ leadership will rethink and change or better yet get out of the way.

Posted by joe abernathy | Report as abusive

Brian, you are not too bright, you spelled too with one o, but then again, anyone who can’t see that this woman is smarter in common sense than most of the politicians Republican or Democrat. Just keep following the Democrats leader who thinks he is King and you will end up a slave to his policies and ignorance of America.

Posted by ed | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is not intelligent has no understanding of the isssues. She needs to go back to get a Masters degree from Kennedy or SAIS or a Law degree so she can understand the fundamentals.

Posted by Dr Sam | Report as abusive

Yeah, that is all we need, another socialist democrat representing us. It is pretty close though. Hoffman could win this thing even with the RINO pulling a lot of votes.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

You underestimate Sarah Palin at your own peril. The rank and file all over America love and respect her and for good reason.

Posted by Joe Abernathy | Report as abusive

In Minnesota the liberals/progressives are moaning because the sitting governor, Pawlenty, is “too busy running for president.” {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}But the liberal freaks on this board complain because Pahlin had the integrity to quit. You America-haters need to get on the same script. You sound like valley girls at a high school soccar meet. But, I guess, that is busssshhhh’s fault.

Posted by t jefferson | Report as abusive

Being a Republican is a philosophically conservative position. Unfortunately today it is just a label that folks are using to sell snake oil. If a democrate wants to label themself a republican, they should not receive votes from a true philosophical republican. For one thing, the behavior of giving a vote based on this deception only encourages the abhorante behavior.

The Republican party has been moving away from those conservative priciples. Perhaps it’s time for another party to emerge which actually will vote on it’s principles.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is “the breath of fresh air” that the US of A needs! Just look @ the president you people elected! More than embarassing to say the least! This woman is marching “one step forward one step at a time.” Sarah will pervail and will dodge all the bullets you progessives can fire. Can all you Obama people just sit down now & let Americans re-heal the damage your president has done to our country. Thanking you in advance, & your welcome.

Posted by jim d | Report as abusive

This is payback, pure and simple.
The Republicans turned on her after the election, spreading half-truths about her ignorance of politics and world affairs.
So now she’s turning on them.
And in so doing, the Republican vote will be split and the Democrat will win.
Who in the Palin entourage, if anyone, is considering the logic of the decisions she is making?

Posted by DoctorJoeE | Report as abusive

She is taking the standard of voting for the lesser of two evils, and voting for someone that mirrors her values.


If it takes this to sift out the scum in congress, state houses, political seats, and judges than this is what we must do.

We Scream about “throwing them all out”; then She comes along and puts her political clout where her mouth is you all start to lose your mind.

This isn’t new for Mrs. Palin. The reason she was such a hit with conservatives IS because she did this very thing in Alaska. She is continues the good fight; we should stand beside her and help her.

It is always darkest before the dawn.

Posted by Ode to Triumph | Report as abusive

Republican here. I still think we should have won the ’08 race. Hopefully Sarah will run in 2012. I think she would be a great candidate to lead our country. That is if Obama and his cronies havn’t totally ruined it by then. It still saddens me to know that there are so many “lemmings” in this country. I can only hope that those people now see what a huge mistake they made.

Posted by Sandi Z | Report as abusive

Palin for 2012!

First book burning January 2013.
Loss of European alliance and NATO 2014.
Full collapse of US economy 2015.

Long live Sara Palin

Posted by Axel Waxmann | Report as abusive

The “Hillbillie” from Wasilla strikes again…..however she does supply great material for the comedians!

Posted by Madison | Report as abusive

YAWN: YOU NAILED IT RIGHT ON THE HEAD! CONGRATS TO YOU……the Hillbillie wants to sell her book…plain and simple. VERY GOOD!
“Yawwwwwnnnnn. Do you really think many in New York care who Sarah Palin endorses? Sounds like a great way to stay in the press just before a book release though.”

Posted by Madison | Report as abusive

When will this woman realize her 15 minutes have expired?

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

@ jimd:
“Sarah will pervail”
“Thanking you in advance, & your welcome.”
Lovely spelling and grammer. Precisely what you would expect from someone who believes Palin is a “breath of fresh air.”

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

The Palin Republicans just don’t get it… The Republicans have become the party of hate.
– Posted by Stubb

hate is another way of love. it is ok with me. don’t just keep your love, that can make you a nothing.

Posted by cjohnthan | Report as abusive

The republican vote may not be as split as the democrats are hoping. So glad you all think you can see into the future.

I for one am disgusted with the socialist infiltration of the republican party and will be following the conservative ticket until the republican party cleans up their act. I just wish I were in NY to vote.

Posted by Faith | Report as abusive

Why does this woman continue to be treated as if she is a political heavy? Anyone who would give any weight to this woman has got to be so fringe that they don’t count.

Posted by Vickie | Report as abusive

Sarah want to get elected here’s how you do it.Promise to deport all illegals and Muslims legal or not they are a threat to national security.. Swear to uphold the constitution. Promise to cut Gov. spending by 20% and lower the trade deficit. Block some products from China..Fix health care by torte reform fraud investigations buy Ins. across state lines. , and loosen the requirements for Medicare Medicaid And explain to America how Barack Obama is a socialist. And how Harry Reid is a crook and Nancy Pelosi is a mouth piece for Barack Obama Mind

Posted by RestoreAmeica | Report as abusive

The only thing that Palin is shaking up is more sales for her book. Can you name one thing that she has finished professionally? She couldn’t even write her own book about her life. She is a political hack. Her supporters and followers are about as politically informed as she is. They talk about socialism but wouldn’t know socialism if it kicked them in the face.
They ise social services on a daily basis and are all to happy to have it available to them.

They hate liberals but are all to happy to drink that safe water, drive that safe care, eat that safe food, enjoy that pension, take advantage of that medical plan, work on that safe job, that has sick time, that lunch break, that family leave and participate in that profit sharing just a few of the many causes that conservatives fought against. Palin is a reminder of how incredibily ignorant and hypocritical you conservatives really are.

Posted by Rico Anderson | Report as abusive

In response to your Sarah comment People like what she has to say you are probably so removed from what America could be you should be embarrassed We are being abused by Barack Obama he likes being the president but can’t get anything done he needs to lead stop talking and making speeches and get to work. The American people are not stupid we are the source for all tax dollars do you like the way things are going your 401 K will be worth zero when BHO is done…All the Mexicans will have you money and the Muslims will be laughing at us..Mind

Posted by RestoreAmerica | Report as abusive

BHO is in over his head smooth talker no substance I must be a racist Mind

Posted by RestoreAmerica | Report as abusive

Sic em Sarah. You are on the right track. We don’t need more democrats to cram legislation down our throats. The stimulus bill was passed by Democrats without even reading it and Obamacare is on the same track. Americans who put up with this corruption deserve to live under government control like Venesuela has now. Hugo Chavez is now telling people to limit bath showers to 3 minutes. That is an excellent example of how intrusive our government will get under the policies of the current administration. The Democrats should change their name to the Sociallist Party.

Posted by GARY COCHRAN | Report as abusive

Why does any one give this woman any credibility? That said, envision this: Palin/Cheney in 2012: Sec of State: Glenn Beck; Sec of Def: Sean Hannity; Communications Director; Rush ‘The Mouth’ Limbaugh. Now: Cabinet meeting at the eighteen month point of the Palin/Cheney administration: Sarah announces she quits (can do more for the country than waste time and money), Dick has his tenth heart attack, Beck cries, and Limbaugh pops a couple of pills. Limbaugh then calls the little known minister of souls in Tempe, Arizona for guidance (you know, the guy who wants and prays for President Obama to die from brain cancer.) He shows up, prays to whatever god he prays to, and says we’re all saved because Sarah’s been blessed, and we all live happily ever after:) Meanwhile the seven wars we are involved in continues. Unemployment is non existent because every one’ at the front (or fronts.)

Posted by Orlon | Report as abusive

“This is great news! Palin seals the defeat of the wingnut right”

Your proabably right. I live in Virginia, used to be a Republican stronghold. Then Pat Robertson hi-jacked the party. They bus in the social conservaties to the nominating conventions and shout down anybody that has not already been approved by Pat and we end up losing if the dems don’t run some really wacked out leftest.

I am sick and tired of every race from dog catcher to whatever being about social issues that the person running for office couldn’t do anything about anyway. I don’t care what my city councilmans view is Right to Life Issues, and I am a Pro-Life Catholic but know that my city coucilmans views on the subject are not going to influance that issue anymore than Humpty Dumpty. Used to debate on a Republican forum, but there answer to everything was just like some of these folks. Throw them out. They didn’t like blacks, hispanics, gays, libertarians, atheists, Muslims and Catholics, and anyone that was pro-choice. Problem is that if finally manage to drive out all these folks out of the party they won’t be able to elect anybody. Some of them are dumb enough to believe that they same person that would win an election in Alabama could actually win an election in the North East. Anybody want to put any money on Pat Tommey against Spector in PA. They would like to get rid of Snowe and Collins in Maine, and run Hannity and Limbaugh, whom would lose to Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Mahar.

At the end of the day electing Republicans does matter. The social conservative wing of the Republican party is the real reason we have Obama, Nancy and Harry running the country right now. If not for them we probably would be calling Mitt Romney mister President. I think the only possible way for my party to lose the next election is to nominate Palin.

Posted by Arthur (daytrader) Dawson | Report as abusive

The country that Sarah envisions and advocates is self-centered. Where are her ideas beside “cut taxes” and give me my gun? And how short is her memory? Obama inherited a country going down the tubes in every area! He’s doing his best to help this country get back on its feet. Meanwhile, the entire Republican party obstructs every action using immature screaming, villainization, lies, distortions and other transparent techniques that any mature person recognizes. These techniques define violence against this country!

The only conclusion the left can come to is that these wing-nuts are just plain scared, uninformed, non-empathetic, dangerous, and/or lack the social tools to make the world a better place. And Sarah pushes their buttons so they think with adrenalin instead of their brains. Their percieved reality is they are visionary and correct and Sarah verifies it for them, because as those on the left know she’s talking to ditto heads (meaning they can not think for themselves in any analytical manner). Our only hope for these upset citizens is that maybe their kids grow up smarter and less bigotted. This is the same thing that’s needed for the kids of terrorists. Education is the only answer!

One more thought: Name a wing-nut who is smarter that Obama and/or has as much empathy for his fellow citizen. There is no one. So, why would anyone follow someone less intelligent or less caring unless they were mentally challenged? It’s like trashing your mom when she’s taking care of you when you’re sick!

Posted by Jim Wright | Report as abusive

Why is that so many of the comments here by republicans are just whacked?

Posted by Garrett | Report as abusive

can this woman go away already?

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Why does anyone care what Sarah Palin thinks? She only represents the misinformed opinion of a talentless gadfly with no political base. She doesn’t even finish the job she was elected to do, and turned her back on the people of Alaska in favor of making Facebook announcements that amount to nothing. Even conservatives in the 23rd District must be shrugging their shoulders as to why this would matter?

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Sarah has a least the courage to exercise her freedom of speech which a lot of us will not do because we might be critized. Thank God we have our Constitution for the short time we may still have it! If the president signs this treaty with Copenhagen come this December, we will be stripped of our beloved Constitution AND our Bill of Rights and be reduced to just another 3rd world country. You citizens that trivally contest political figures that are in the spotlight, miss the issues that will directly affect you and your grandchildren in the very near future; which are being planned behind closed doors. And you will be oblivious to them until they hit you in the face,because you are so easily entertained by the media and have some preconceived idea that you know what you are talking about. Wake up and pay attention!! Your freedom is being taken away and you people are crying over where Sarah Palin should even express an opinion about anything. You may not agree with her but at least she has weathered the storms that tried to pull her down and she is STILL standing. When the knees of this country are buckled, and O Glory is stripped from the flag pole will you still be able to stand and shout as loudly then as you shout now over trivial matters? Think about it.

Posted by Linda Morris | Report as abusive

Its definately time for a both parties to get a slap in the face… Palin’s actions will definately start to shake things up.. Wake UP America… Stop voting along party lines and start thinking for yourselves!

Posted by George S | Report as abusive


Although I like the fact that “RestoreAmerica” comes right out and tells us he hates Muslims and Mexicans unlike all the other neocons who do and tell us they don’t please don’t let your moderators let that racist hatred get through.

I’m a libertarian leaning independent, and I can see that Republicans propping up Palin is a dream come true for Democrats.

Guys people who don’t believe in evolution or birth control aren’t the mainstream, that’s a crazed section of fringe America.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

Hey Garret, why don’t you learn how to write a coherent sentence before you criticize. Who made you the expert? Are you jealous or what?

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

Hey Jim Wright, your wrong! Some people love this country! Some people had several family members die giving idiots like you and a few others commenting here, the right to do so. So, back off!

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

Hey RestoreAmerica,

Right on. I agree with you and Faith! Fight the Good Fight!

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

May I ask who really cares what Sarah Palin thinks, or postulates. She was elected Mayor to a community in Alaska, her actual budgetary responsibility was for less than 10 mil. This is equal to a very small town anywhere in the continental U.S. But in Alaska, the largest state with the smallest population, she pranced her way to Governor. McCain than picked her out of desperation, because he thought that our country needed a “Female,” because Hillary came “So” close.
All this individual is doing, and I use the word lightly is maximizing her name recognition for her own gain! This person, who disgraces all competent women in politics and business, should be ignored! If she doesn’t go away soon, we should drive her out of the consciousness of the American political discussion. If I were to call her a “Joke”, it would be an “Unintended” complement!
Why does such an “Idiot” garner so much mainstream news focus?

Posted by JoeinRI | Report as abusive

I feel so sorry for all of you brainwashed, kool-aid drinking Obama followers. You really have the wool pulled over your eyes. It’s time to wake up and accept responsibility for your mistakes. What will it take for you to realize what is going on. Soon the “King” will control the whole country, and you will be bowing to him.
Not my kind of country!

Posted by Sandi Z | Report as abusive

Oh, the mighty Democrats and their Chosen One. After reading some of these posts it seems like the Dems are still blaming Bush for everything. Gee, am I the only one that doesn’t see him and his corrupt cronies running the country down a different tube? At some point President Chosen One has to assume responsibility. And come on, let’s leave Jesus out of this discussion. At least he could assemble a cabinet.

Sarah Palin is a brash, opinionated, strong, good looking woman that makes a lot of men uncomfortable. She doesn’t always know what she’s talking about. Sounds like Obama… Anyway, you can guarantee the Dems another 4 years if you continue to let Rush Limbaugh think he’s the voice of the Republican Party. Or Hannity or Beck. They’re entertainment. We need someone to step up. Right now, she’s a good face for the party.

Posted by Jeff Swander | Report as abusive

Scozzafava’s not a moderate, she’s a Democrat. Palin is correct, both the Demos and the Repubs no longer promote American values.

Posted by Harold | Report as abusive

Lol Sandi that’s cute, no Republican wants to take any blame for 8 years of Bush disasters but Democrats should be lining up to apologize for a year of Obama disasters.

Thank goodness I’m an independent who’s above voting for any bureaucrat from these trash 2 parties, I don’t care how arrogant that sounds.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

[…] Front Row Washington » Blog Archive » Palin: Ready to shake things … […]

Posted by Many Severely Malnourished Children in Ethiopia at Risk Of Death | Center Publish | Report as abusive

When we read the blogs posted here and it is obvious that there is a definite difference between the liberal progressives and the christian conservatives and that is the way it should be.A classic of example to me of the difference is on the right the representative from Minnesota a lady who is now considered a new target for the Sarah haters who has 5 children of her own and with her husband have fostered 23 children.On the left is the members of the progressive liberal TV show” The View”who have attacked this lady in particular,and one of the group, in fact her publisher confirms that this view commentator has in fact had 6 abortions! So this is the difference and i am so pleased as to what camp i am part of! also thank you Sarah maintaining your principles.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

[…] Beck is my ‘mentor’,” November 3, 2009. “Meawhile, on the 22nd”: “Palin: Ready to shake things up in New York,” Reuters, October 22, 2008. “This set off”: Andy Barr, “Top Republicans jump ship in […]

Posted by Footnotes: Chapter Eight | Over The Cliff | Report as abusive

[…] wishful thinking. Tell me, what issues would those be? Gender equality? Nope – Palin’s willingness to support a conservative man over a pro-choice woman Republican proves otherwise. Equal pay? Hardly. The failure of the Paycheck Fairness Act when Republican women […]

Posted by Feminist Friday: Oops! She Did It Again « The Widdershins | Report as abusive