The First Draft: Afghanistan and Obama

October 26, 2009

AFGHANISTAN/President Barack Obama heads to Florida today to thank members of the military for their service — but given the deadly violence in Afghanistan, the commander-in-chief might use the opportunity to reflect on strategy in the region.

Before Obama takes off, he’ll meet with his foreign policy and national security team to discuss the situation and troops on the ground.

Afghanistan will also be on the agenda at the State Department, where Deputy Secretary of State Jack Lew will talk about progress made in hiring civilians there. The topic could come up at the Council on Foreign Relations too; Sen. John Kerry’s speaking there around midday.

But domestic matters could take the top spot, with Senate Democrats reportedly close to securing enough votes to move a national healthcare plan forward. A proposed bill could be sent to the Congressional Budget Office for an official cost estimate. A Thomson Reuters report indicates the U.S. healthcare system is just as wasteful as Obama says it is, but reforms could be paid for by fixing inefficiencies, preventing mistakes and fighting fraud.

In Washington, it’s the day after the Marine Corps Marathon, a massive road race that this year drew more than 20,000 finishers.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/stringer (U.S. military personnel watch as a U.S. helicopter flies over a military base in Ghazni province, October 26, 2009)


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Obama might do well to take some advice from the former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, who outlines his opinions in a recent article hanistan-still-wrong-after-all-these-yea rs/

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What an encouragement Obama has been to the Taliban,this guy has definitely been an answer to the all the misgivings that they might have had during the constant retreating and hiding they had to endure during the Bush years.

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