Acrostic? Coincidence? You decide…

October 28, 2009

USA/California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spokesman insists it was just an innocent coincidence.

San Francisco state representative Tom Ammiano, tongue firmly in cheek, says it was “a very creative way of exercising veto power.”

The facts are clear: A letter on the governor’s website  explaining his veto of a bill to help finance the port of San Francisco is three paragraphs long. The letters that begin the four lines of the second paragraph and the three lines of the third spell out an obscene comment. See below:

Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear called it a “weird coincidence.”
“There are other messages that say things like ‘ear’ and ‘soap’,” he said.

Websites like Gawker were incredulous, especially since Ammiano and the governor have a bit of a history. The representative shouted “You lie!” and other messages at Schwarzenegger when the governor crashed a recent Democratic Party gala, left-leaning Calitics website reported.

Ammiano took the veto incident as just part of California politics and focused on his plan for Wednesday: a hearing on his bill to legalize and tax marijuana to help shore up the creaky state budget.

The veto message is posted on the governor’s website.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Phil McCarten (Schwarzenegger speaking at the Women’s Conference in California on Oct. 27)


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Oh my, why call attention to it?

Posted by Camron Barth | Report as abusive

What are the odds? Arnold certainly is clever, whether you are a supporter of his ideology or not.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Wonder how much time (and therefore US tax dollars) he spent working that out

Posted by mattwi | Report as abusive

we need to suport Govenor on getting legislation on critical items for California.

Posted by Donald Prielipp | Report as abusive

I’m sure it was unintentional.

Posted by Camron Barth | Report as abusive

California has its own Joe Wilson.

Posted by Camron Barth | Report as abusive