Sarah Palin is REALLY tired of Levi Johnston

October 28, 2009

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is striking back hard at her daughter’s ex-fiance, Levi Johnston, for what she called “mean-spirited, malicious and untrue attacks.”

Palin, and Johnston, who had a child out of wedlock with Palin’s daughter, Bristol, have been in a war of words since Levi and Bristol broke off plans to marry early this year.

Johnston appeared on CBS’ “Early Show” and repeated a charge he made in a recent Vanity Fair interview that Sarah Palin would often refer to her son with Down Syndrome, Trig Palin, as being “retarded.”

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Johnston also talked about his plans to appear nude in Playgirl magazine, saying it will be done tastefully.

“I’m not gonna just go out there and get naked,” he said.

All this comes as Palin prepares to issue her memoir next month, “Going Rogue, An American Life.” She resigned as Alaska governor last summer and remains popular with conservative voters after running as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate last year.

In a statement issued by her spokeswoman, Palin said she had tried to ignore the “mean spirited, malicious and untrue attacks on our family.” USA-POLITICS/PALIN

“We, like many, are appalled at the inflammatory statements being made or implied. Trig is our ‘blessed little angel’ who knows it and is lovingly called that every day of his life. Even the thought that anyone would refer to Trig by any disparaging name is sickening and sad,” she said.

She also criticized CBS for giving Johnston publicity.

“CBS should be ashamed for continually providing a forum to propagate lies. Consider the source of the most recent attention-getting lies — those who would sell their body for money reflect a desperate need for attention and are likely to say and do anything for even more attention,” she said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Matt Sullivan (Sarah Palin waves in front of daughter Bristol and son Trig in August 2008)


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What a better way to generate interest in a book…. send the kid out to trash her and you know that nobody will believe what he says because he’s a kid and you sell even more books. Plus, the public will turn on him. Kaching. One for the Palin’s.
Hopefully Sarah Palin will run for president. If Levi has dirt on her it won’t stay “secret” for long. What a fun election that will be. Kaching. One for Levi.
Better yet, go back to Alaska people and keep an eye on Russia from your living rooms.

Posted by martha | Report as abusive

Really Sarah. Was all that “abstinence” teaching worth it? Had you taught your daughter how to make intelligent decisions she could have protected herself and not gotten pregnant.
Instead you get never ending drama with Levi Johnston and more troubling, his genes get carried on.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

He should love, love, love the Palin’s. Afterall, who was he before he and Bristol “got together”? And, unless Sarah does run for office or continually stays in the spotlight, Levi- classless as he is- will continue to spew the dirt and the media will always be there to help spread it around.

Posted by SB | Report as abusive

Martha, you forgot if they both return to AK that’s kaching, kaching – two for America with them out of the way.

What a disaster. Keep talking Levi. Do tell, do tell. No one can P Pain off like Levi -except maybe Letterman!

Posted by Jen | Report as abusive

Funny how they delete all the anti Palin comments. Not?

Posted by funny | Report as abusive

I am REALLY even more tired of Sarah Palin! How ironic that she is complaining that someone else is a liar and constantly looking for media attention.

Posted by JM | Report as abusive

This very creepy person has only made accusations and comments that are not verifiable and yet the media keeps repeating them and giving him a platform. WHY???

He is attacking Sarah’s family for over a year. Enough of Levi Johnston.

Posted by o | Report as abusive

Headline: I’m REALLY tired of CBS.
Help me understand what has happened to America that it now finds no reassurance in goodness, virtue, or wholesome values, but rather takes pleasure in bashing everything that smacks of goodness. What a fine world you, the media, are creating. You endorse perversion and fill the airwaves with non-stop sex, drugs, and anarchy and are proud of it. What are you guys smoking?

Posted by PhilS | Report as abusive

OMG! I am really tired of hearing about Palin. How she continues to make headlines really surprises me. I don’t think that GOP needs this boobarry published. I cant imagine that I would align myself w. a party in the near future if this is the best they have to offer!

Posted by Adam12 | Report as abusive

The first sentence by te anchor says it all – the only thing that is intereting about this young man is that he is the father of Sarah Palin´s daughter´s baby. If there was no Sarah Palin, there would be no Johnston.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

Any of the intellectual lightweights on the left remember what happened to John Kerry after Dan Rather’s incredibly dumb attempt to bury George Bush with assertions of dereliction of duty?

That’s right: the “Swift Boat” machine cranked up and flattened him.

How incredibly stupid is the democratic party by not attempting to quash all talk of
Palin’s “inadequacies”. If she really is as incompetent, vapid, and politically impotent as the left believes, wouldn’t the best strategy be to goose her chances for the nomination?

If Obama’s ratings keep plummeting does anyone believe he will win in 2012 laughing?

If double-digit unemployment is occurring in 2012 and/or the dollar is weakening he’s going to need all the help he can get to keep his job because by then Afghanistan will be an anchor around his neck that he can’t hang on Bush.

Can anyone say Lyndon Johnson?

Posted by John Carpenter | Report as abusive

It is outrageous that a news agency such as Reuters would devote time and space to the Palin family feud. I suppose someone at the service has a financial interest in the publishing revenue from a book about an embarrassing politician who abandoned her responsibility as an elected official. The world is falling apart, and yet the Levi and Sarah saga gets world wide publicity. How sad is that?

Posted by Reg | Report as abusive

I hope when he makes a little money doing his nude scene that the Palin family will sue him for slander. If he has to go to civil court he will have to tell the REAL truth.

Posted by Jan Evans | Report as abusive

Why are lefties so easily bothered by Sarah Palin? What is it you are afraid of? I bet that none of you even really know anything about her or her true accomplishments. Everything you “know” is probably not even based on truth. You probably even think that she said those stupid things that Tina Fey said.

The point is, it is the leftist media who kept bringing her into the spotlight by trying to find ways to attack her at every turn. Now we have more garbage about Levi (the fame-monger) looking for more attention and you guys still turn it around and attack Gov. Palin.

Despite what you may think, she IS a good person and she IS fighting against the corruption in this government. Unlike most folks in power now, she actually cares what happens to our country. Too bad you folks are too blind to see that. It is more important to you that your belief system is upheld (whether you are right or not) than to learn the truth about what is happening to what was once the greatest country in the world. I guess you don’t care that our country is being destroyed systematically. You just want to think you are “right” no matter what the consequences.

Posted by JanineC | Report as abusive

Levi is being used by people who are far smarter than he.
He needs to put his clothes back on and go back to Alaska…they are missing one very big idiot.

I wonder when Todd is going to get tired of this little diatribe!

I know if someone went after my wife and belittled my daughter the way this punk is….I’d be doing six months for attempted murder!

Posted by will sass u | Report as abusive

By all reports Sarah Failin is not presidential eneough to be president dog catcher. Even a large portion of the republican voters agree. Yo Sarah, and everybody else, you never know where or when your so called private life will be brought to light or by who. Skeletons have a way of finding their way out of the closet. If she can’t be trusted to finish her Gov. term how can she be trusted to finish anything?

Posted by infohunter | Report as abusive

Bravo, Sarah. I’m glad you’re standing up for your precious little angel, Trig. No honest person believes you would say something as vulgar as Levi alleges. Every lie out of his mouth about you is really more about him. You have shown us all how to deal with life’s challenges with courage and honesty. Are there any politicians out there with a perfect family? I don’t think so.

You are a fighter, and the fact is, nobody would care about this twerp Levi if he were not the weapon of choice against you. He will continue to be a useful idiot, but the leftist press will ultimately dump him like they dumped Cindy Sheehan when she was no longer the weapon of choice against Bush.

And to those of you “tired of Sarah” … Sarah didn’t ask for ANY of this. If you bothered to look at her actual record, she was doing a great job being governor of Alaska. Newsweek praised her as pragmatic and post-partisan back in 2007. I guess her sin was thinking she could run for VP in this sexist pathetic country where lecherous men like David Letterman and Bill Clinton prey on their female employees with wanton abandon, and deadbeat dads appear on morning shows to dish lies.

Shame on this country. For all the talk about progress, we’ve traded virtue for crudeness.

Posted by NicoleC | Report as abusive

I agree with JanineC. Gov. Palin IS a good person and DOES care about what happens to our country. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t waste her time reading a 1,000+ page health bill and try to inform the American people of what they are up against. Because, you KNOW, the American people are not reading a 1,000 pg House Bill. She knows this too and wants to help America understand what is actually being debated on OUR behalf, by OUR elected officials. She cares enough to make government accountable and wants to help fight corruption. She knows this will have long reaching ramifications for WE THE PEOPLE. She was my governor and I understand her reason for leaving the governorship in the capable hands of Sean Parnell. I also support her efforts to fight for Americans and for America. The Left is so blind with hate and envy – they won’t even try to understand her. Too bad, it will be their final undoing.

Posted by DeniseInAlaska | Report as abusive

Palin should be thrilled that networks allow people to come on TV and lie. If they didn’t, where would she be?

Posted by Wayne | Report as abusive

Sarah says says shame on those who would sell their body for money. How about a mother who put her child in the spotlight, and then gets upset about the ‘media’ when the world finds out the child is a pregnant teenager, then quits her job where she was supposedly serving her state she loves….to ‘write’ a book where she can make lots and lots of money. Couldn’t wait and fulfill your duties? I say, look at yourself first! And Sarah thinks she could be President????

Posted by Shirley s | Report as abusive

Does Sarah expect anyone to take her seriously when she continues to sling mud with a teenage boy? He is immature, but Sarah should be mature and start to act her age.

Posted by MO Inkslinger | Report as abusive

Amazing how any revelations about Saint Sarah brings out the tea-baggers with their apologia, ad nauseam. Leave the kid alone. It was the right-wing machine that put him in the spotlight. He didn’t ask for it. BTW, anybody know if her vapidness has looked at a newspaper (or “all of ‘em, Katie” yet?

Posted by Observer | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin, I’m sorry but you could not be more transparent. Don’t judge Levi for selling his body when you’ve sold your soul.

You’re a fraud.

Posted by John Robinson | Report as abusive

I won’t write here what I think of Sarah Palin because it will get deleted ASAP. Instead, I will only say “Go Levi!”. Though he may be an idiot, he is tarnishing Palin’s image and further impeding any chances she might have had left at another shot at elected public office. The only public office she is fit for is serving lunch in some remote Alaskan elementary school. Then again, even that is a questionable qualification.

For those of you who think Sarah is a remarkable person who is qualified for the highest office in the land I say this: Education. Get one.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is eminently qualified for a recurring guest spot on Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil.

Posted by jane ubr | Report as abusive

Levi’s statements have the ring of TRUTH. Loud and clear.

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is an idiot an idiot that didn’t even know what the job she was running for did nor did she do anything with honor in her home state. Not to mention she left her post. I’m not going to even go into all her lies pre and post running last year. Republicans need to just dump that right wing that has taken over and get with it. And democrats need to dump all the people that are pushing reform from happening. Anyone who supports Palin is an idiot, I mean what does she even do? Well I suppose anyone who can put Marxism, socialism, communism, and fascism in one sentence and saying that one person is all of them should have a poster child like palin. I would say ignorance, but that would be far from it.

Posted by kilne | Report as abusive

I find it ironic that the Palin camp is criticizing Levi for his willingness to take his clothes off. Didn’t Palin parade around in a skimpy swimsuit competition? And didn’t the Palin camp drag Levi into the limelight in the first place? All he’s doing is making his money, his sweet sweet cash. That’s the American way, you make your money. Ask any Republican. Making money is next to God.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Like it or not, Ms. Palin will be news worthy through 2012 for various political reasons. In reference to some of the other comments posted, I do find it a bit ironic that the ultra conservatives have made her their poster child for many of the same reasons Ms. Clinton was so vehemently opposed by them. It is not okay to factor in sexism for Ms. Palin’s roadblocks on the political campaign and yet overlook the success of Ms. Clinton, who did not use the sexism card.
In any event, although I am not a supporter of Ms. Palins political views–as her lack of scientific judgement is downright frightening, I wholeheartedly applaud her for speaking out on this issue presented by Mr. Johnston. The Media has created a platform for developing stories and creating plot twists that have no business clouding the general public’s judgement by uneducated personnel. Placing Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin into the media light was a dire mistake as it gave each of them a platform that they were not qualified for nationally. As a result, opinions from uneducated High School dropouts are getting validity. Their past choices do reflect their individual character and hopefully others will not buy into any of the media hype that results.

Posted by BEin MN | Report as abusive

CBS, like some of the other news media, is no more than a Obama kissin liberal owned network and doesn’t know what impartial or fact finding journalism is. Fox cable news has got it right. That’s why the liberals can’t stand them and they’re a thorn in the side of Obama.

Posted by Pete | Report as abusive

I don’t have much use for Sarah Palin, but how/why is this Levi Johnston idiot getting all this air-time?! He’s an immature, publicity-seeking hound, trying to peddle dirt on his son’s family. Maybe there is lots of dirt there, but in doing this he hurts his son too. He needs to grow up and get a real job.

Posted by Gail | Report as abusive

All the Obama “kool aid” drinkers come out at the mention of Governor Palins name.

She will be our next president! Laura ingraham & ann coulter will be in the cabinet!

All the Leftie scum that post here are scared to death of her! LOL

Posted by ansuk laguy | Report as abusive

This kid is obviously an idiot, and very desperate for attention. Levi has some big bombs he could drop that will hurt Sarah? Sure Levi we all believe you. the democrats have been filing fake ethics charges against her just to try and hurt her, but levi can take her down. HI-larious. YEA right Levi. It’s really sad that any news organization would actually give this kid an interview. So this is what journalism is these days? WOW!

Posted by maggie | Report as abusive

I say that Levi should run against her in the next politcal campaign that Palin is in. He’s obviously more intelligent and would probably work harder that she did as gov. I’d vote for him before I’d vote for Palin. The electorate seems to prefer a “beauty contest” with ideology over a discussion of real issues like the countries in europe. They have health care and aren’t broke.

Posted by l'n OL | Report as abusive

I agree shame on CBS for publishing the interview in “semi” prime time. This stuff deserves the venue of daily talkshows like Springer et al at best. The sad thing is that this interview likely had good viewership which shows the shallowness of media today. Palin may be a “good person”? but I think her leadership is best seen at maybe church bake sale at best. People who don’t see her choice as veep to be as nothing more than meat in the window need to get a clue.

Posted by Adam12 | Report as abusive

Levi, credible? HA! Levi is a pawn in the big Leftist machine that loves to dig up dirt and smear it around like spreading manure. And it stinks to high heavens. I wonder how much money Levi is making to smear Palin? I bet the Left is paying BIG, like when they sent 50 lawyers to our state of Alaska to dig up all the dirt they could get. Then they filed mountains of information requests that the State is still trying to deal with, and let’s not forget about, how many bogus ethics complaints? Their goal was to shackle Gov. Palin in her post, and to bankrupt her personally. They didn’t succeed. They never will. She is smarter than they are.

Posted by Shelley | Report as abusive

I cannot believe that people are actually sticking up for Levi Johnston. He has no right to say that things that he is and I have to wonder what is child is going to think someday when he hears all the horrible things that his father has said about his grandmother. Levi got thrown out of the limelight when the engagement was broken off and it seems like he’ll do anything for another shot of 15 minutes of fame. So pathetic!

Reading some of the posts on here makes me laugh out loud…

“All the Obama “kool aid” drinkers come out at the mention of Governor Palins name.

She will be our next president! Laura ingraham & ann coulter will be in the cabinet!”

…and it gets even better:

“CBS, like some of the other news media, is no more than a Obama kissin liberal owned network and doesn’t know what impartial or fact finding journalism is. Fox cable news has got it right.”

Has stupidity become the new norm? Have I missed something? I think not. Rather it seems to me that these are merely two of the many examples of the failure of our education system here in America. Ironically, the people who oppose stronger education and more funding are the same folks who would benefit most. I’ve found that it’s best not to argue with these types of people as it equates to trying to explain Quantum Mechanics to a child. It’s just not possible, the undeveloped brain has no chance of comprehending such complexities. Instead, it’s best to soothe them with bedtime stories about dwarves and princesses and witches because afterall, these are many of the same people who still believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and God.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

Her supporters won’t believe him. I have a hard time believing that he’s making it all up, he might be blow the details up a little, but who cares. She’s a joke. The more of this type of thing, the better. It’s all good laughs

Posted by graham Sharpe | Report as abusive

For my teenagers, I use Levi Johnson as an example of why to abstain from sex before you are married. You have sex, someone gets pregnant, and you’re stuck with a loser the rest of your life. When you co-parent with someone, they’re never completely gone, even if you break up. I tell my teens they’re too young to make a decision about a life long partner, and having sex can inadvertently lead to such a “sentence.” I know Sarah Palin tried to teach this to her daughter. Ironic that I now use her situation as a reason to abstain. I’m sorry, Sarah, that your family has to deal with this punk.

Posted by Kristina | Report as abusive

Levi is really good looking.
He has right to speak out.
Can\’t wait for his playgirl spread.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Go Levi!

Posted by stirfry | Report as abusive

OH COME ON! really are all republicans idots Palin is an embarassment to american politics im sick of RIGHT WINGERS trying to pretend the obvious information that is factual does not exis sure levi is most likely lieing but nobody cares about him palin is a lethal intolerable dose on her own she does not need help an to be honest levi cant make her look any worse than she makes herself look wake up open your eyes stop letting republicans and idot journalist and radio show hosts lie to you and stop lieing to yourself find the truth and demand it palin dont got it and never will ahe will never be president and ann coulter and other ignorant remarks will disappear when they realize its not needed be smart and dot buy what republicans are trying to feed u.

Posted by only one with a brain | Report as abusive

Guess it takes one to know one Sarah!!!

Posted by Bob van der Linde | Report as abusive

I actually think that liberals don’t want to be accused of promoting this Levi character.
Whatever anyone thinks of Palin, her politics, her IQ, etc., any reasonable or intelligent person would not be supportive of the antics or statements made by Levi Loser.
Most probably have compassion for Palin — considering the issues that most American families are confronted by at some point in their lives.

Posted by PatC | Report as abusive

Lookout Levi is going Rogue!

Posted by Adam12 | Report as abusive

maddies ! AND moneymad

Posted by jjmk4546 | Report as abusive