Comments on: Obama complains New York date night became political issue Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: brian lee Mon, 02 Nov 2009 07:14:50 +0000 getplaning,hearing high pitched squealing sounds again!how long has this been going on? Interesting you are quoting the gallup poll now!has the denudation of gallup ended when it reflects a statistic that might indicate that Obama is not in free fall like the dollar?or are still inevitably relying on your fortune cookie polls pulled out of vanity fair? The rapacious way that “Democratic Consumer Health Care Scam” is being forced on the American people will eventually turn the Obama photo ops sessions into a negative as his creditability free falls past the plunging dollar.

By: TC Sat, 31 Oct 2009 00:00:12 +0000 Eric. You are funny. Bush won the 2000 election, even every single recount increased his lead. Since we have electors, your popular vote (because of a few big cities) is not relevant (all candidates know the rules). Anyway, Bush won. Get over it and move on.

Even two months ago before the comparison of 9/11, Bush had a 55 percent approval rating when Obama was laboring at about 50 percent. Your amnesia is really bad and you know I am correct. I have been following this all year long. It is a fact Obama has had one of the worst starts of the last 10 presidents. I think he ranks 7th. He certainly is no messiah.

Lastly, your alzheimer’s must be bad. You completely ignored the fact that Bush met with world leaders every time he was in Crawford. He conducted presidential business, but you just refuse to see it.

Now, the more relevant point is this. If Bush had a date night like Obama, you and your Obama apologists would be railing against Bush for wasting taxpayer dollars, smaller plane or not (again not relevant).

You liberals in Maine are really in an outpost. You need to get out and experience the world. Believe me, your book knowledge does not compare with actually traveling the world many times over and seeing what a great country we live in…still…but maybe not for long with this bunch in power.

By: getplaning Fri, 30 Oct 2009 22:01:33 +0000 There’s that high pitched squealing sound again…TC must have bought himself a new keyboard. Guess what, TC, the American people STILL don’t agree with you.

Gallup- Americans trust Obama and Democrats more than Republicans on health care.
A Gallup Poll out this week shows that 55 percent of Americans trust President Obama when it comes to making changes in the health care system. While 48 percent said they trusted Democrats in Congress on health care, only 37 percent trust the Republicans.

By: Harry Fri, 30 Oct 2009 15:27:57 +0000 Whenever Bush did something, the press and the liberal leaning media was quick to report it and chastise him for it. Obama is the President and he is now in the spotlight. It comes with the turf. Although I did not agree with the entire negative press about Clinton or Bush or Obama, its part of the job and he knew that going into it. No, I did not agree with Bush going to Crawford all the time, but it was his home. Clinton was from Arkansas, who can blame the guy for wanting to opt to go to Cape Cod? It’s not like POTUS can travel around like you and me. I guess we should be grateful that Obama just took his wife to New York and not home. Where is he from anyway? Chicago, Hawaii, Kenya? Where does he call home? On the other hand when we have soaring unemployment rates and an economy swirling down the toilet, it’s probably not the smartest thing to take your wife to a Broadway show at the expense of the taxpayers who still have a job. But then being smart was never a qualification for the job.

By: Dittosmom Fri, 30 Oct 2009 15:07:48 +0000 I feel bad for Obama, really. He thought everyone would be embracing his attempt at a black camelot. It doesn’t seem to be working. The peasants fields are burning, they can’t pay the horrific taxes requested of them. They are being moved out of their huts and into the dungeons. But by all means he deserves a night out on the town, he is negotiating with the enemy to make our lives peaceful, lets all give him a break. BHO is writing his own novel, he needs to stop blaming the past for the reasons why the present is worse. This is HIS time not Bushs or anyone elses. So what you said you would do or shut up and get out of the way for someone else, who actually loves this country and wants it to suceed.

By: Drewbie Fri, 30 Oct 2009 14:25:53 +0000 I’m very sorry to hear that the President’s date night didn’t have a happy ending.

By: Eric H Fri, 30 Oct 2009 14:03:22 +0000 My point TC was that when presidents (all presidents) travel they do so at the expense of the tax payer, that is how the system works. A trip to NYC is a drop in the bucket and let’s remember that the trip in question was made in a much small and efficient jet than Air Force One. As far as holding Obama accountable, no problem, I just think there are bigger things to focus on that a flight from DC to NYC.
Of course Bush had a 55% approval rating at this point in his first term, 9/11 had just happened and even though he didn’t win the 2000 election with 55% percent of the vote people rallied behind him and the country after 9/11. Apples and oranges TC.

I didn’t realize that cutting brush was presidential business. Sorry couldn’t resist.

By: TC Fri, 30 Oct 2009 13:14:05 +0000 Listen Eric. You must be cold in Maine, please put a sweater on…

Bush conducted presidential business in Crawford. In case you didn’t notice (and I am sure you have great amnesia on this) Bush was host to world leaders while he was in Texas. Hardly the same thing as going on a date night to New York. You guys always complain about Bush going to Texas on vacation, but he always worked on presidential business while he was there. So stop with your comparisons because you are wrong.

Now, when the complaints about Obama come out, you always fall back on Bush. That’s the best you have. And usually you are comparing apples to oranges. Lets’s talk about Clinton always going to Nantucket. He didn’t conduct any official business when he was there. Oh…and it was reported the other day that Obama has played more golf in 10 months than Bush did in his entire presidency. Hey, what about all the hard work he is supposed to be doing? He is wasting taxpayer dollars when the rest of us are supposed to be sufferering with a nearly 10 percent unemployment rate .

You are all ridiculous. Obama is president and Bush, Clinton, Reagan…you know the rest, are not. Start making Obama accountable. It is his ballgame…and it is a nightmare, The majority of Americans agree with me. A 47 percent approval rating is really bad (even Bush had a 55 percent approval rating at this point in his presidency…couldn’t resist).

By: Eric H Fri, 30 Oct 2009 11:14:38 +0000 Obama’s travel is paid for with tax dollars, personal or not, that’s just the way is works.
So was Bush’s and Clinton’s and Bush 41’s and so on and so on, what is the big deal?
Considering the cost of flying to NY once compared to Crawford TX every other week I can live with Obama taking his wife out for date night.
TC when you get elected president (shiver) you can have your travel paid for as well.

By: researcher Fri, 30 Oct 2009 04:50:44 +0000 It was peanuts compared to driving an aircraft carrier in circles looking for just the right shot for W’s big landing on the open seas. I recall W flew all the way back to Crawford to vote when he could have mailed a ballot for 36 cents. Everyone just said Well, he’s the president. Now the President making a short trip is suddenly an big offense. His critics are just looking for any excuse to feign outrage.