Is Palin’s fee too steep for Iowa?

October 30, 2009

Iowa Republicans have differences over the propriety of a conservative group’s effort to raise a $100,000 fee for former Alaska governor Sarah Palin to speak at a banquet next month,  according to


Whether Palin requested a fee (and there’s no indication that she did says Politico) or whether she should be paid may be a moot point — but, more about that later.

First — It’s not the amount of the fee that has some Iowans bothered — it’s that a fee is even being considered at all.

Iowa is sacred ground for presidential aspirants (is she or isn’t she?) and folks there tend to feel that people with presidential ambitions should be grateful for any opportunity to visit the state.

According to, some Republicans see the Iowa Family Policy Center’s effort to cobble together the speaking fee for Palin as a striking departure from customary practice of White House hopefuls paying their own way in that state to advance political ambitions.

Other Iowa-based political advocacy groups say they would never consider paying for what many politicians see as a privilege, Politico said. “I found it really, really odd,” one influential Iowa Republican insider was quoted as saying.

Palin’s spokeswoman Meg Stapleton says the Nov. 21 event in Iowa is just one in 1,000 requests for Palin’s presence and the former Republican vice presidential candidate may not be able to work it into her schedule.

“This particular invitation arrived late last week. It is under consideration, as so many are, but will be incredibly difficult to attend with her tightly-scheduled book tour underway at that point,” Stapleton said.   Palin’s memoir, “Going Rogue,” is scheduled to be released on Nov. 17th.

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Photo credit:Reuters/John Gress (Palin campaigning in Missiouri in August 2008)


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Debunked in a press release sent out by the Iowa Family Policy Center today –

Posted by Shane Vander Hart | Report as abusive

Palin is not a candidate and I suspect she will not be a candidate BUT…she is a very popular speaker right now. I’d say if you want her you have to pay. It is sort of the American way, you know paying for what you want…but I guess people in Iowa feel entitled.And if on the outside chance she becomes a candidate they can always vote against her. But I suspect the folks who would vote for her will not passover her for this.

Posted by BillH | Report as abusive

So she didn’t request the fee, and someone wants to pay it to her, so it’s proof that she’s……… ummmm…. what? Guilty of taking money for doing a speech? Maybe not actually running for President?This article is NOT journalism, because it’s not reporting the facts on a thing that has happened. It’s speculation on something that hasn’t happened yet and probably didn’t happen in the way in which it’s being portrayed.Let’s go over that again in slow motion: You’re speculating about something that probably didn’t happen.Journalism has gone so off the rails.

Posted by Who is Good Will | Report as abusive

Both Sarah and the event organizers in Iowa both said that she was not asking for a speaking fee. The money being raised was to fund all the costs associated with putting on a massive event (civic center rental costs, lighting, sound, security, publicity…). Case Closed. The media is trying to make story where there isn’t one

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Maybe George W. Bush will do it for $20,000.00 I think Iowa is wise to negotiate speaking fees, with increased internet access to their moment by moment thoughts Politicians are not such important celebrity speakers anymore. For $100,000 they’ll get a re-hash of Sarah Palin’s twitter talking points.Don’t get me wrong, I like Sarah Palin and her Values Girl persona, but Iowa needs the next Values Politician.I think Iowa would be wiser to pass on the fee and find some ‘new blood’ republican leadership, that might do it for free for the legitimate public exposure.Sarah already lost once, no need for repeat performances or Democrats would have chosen John Kerry or Al Gore (both fine men and strong candidates).Republicans need to learn a little secret of populism from the Democrats play book…Losers do not lure new voters to a party.

Posted by James Regianld Harris, Jr. | Report as abusive

I hope Sarah runs for president! Because she is so dumb!

Posted by wingding | Report as abusive

She’s a private citizen and a free country (still). She has never said she is going to run for president. A lot of people who speculate certainly have certainly decided she is running, but she has not tipped her hand either way. So, it is petty to fuss over this.Again, she is a private citizen, so leave her alone about it.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

She is Bush times 10. If she EVER gets the power she will say “God” told her to push the button and then the nukes will fly.Why do the American public flock to her? I don’t understand the total lack of intelligence associated with her and people surrounding her.Not to forget she bailed on her obligation as governor.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

She is running for the Conservative Party; they need money.

Posted by Ransome | Report as abusive

Has anyone else noticed the gross misspelling of the state “Missouri” in this article? Spellcheck is your friend, please use it, then have another human who can read look it over before posting!

Posted by Issa | Report as abusive

Palin is profiting from the weak. The last time she saw Russia I guess she is seeing GREEN now. Keep you money for better things.

Posted by sammy | Report as abusive

Everyone is green at one time or another in their lives. Leave her alone. Some evolve into formidable foes, as she well may do, also. There is no partisanship here – just humanism.

Posted by Mary Shapiro | Report as abusive

This story has been proven false for some time now. How many times now have reporters paid the price of looking very foolish due to an over enthusiastic pursuit of information that will denigrate Sarah Palin?

Posted by CliffNZ | Report as abusive

Journalism has turned into a pile of dog mess. This whole thing was debunked within the text of the original article at Politico. The article proved that it’s headline was a fabrification. I know some think that if you just keep saying something over and over again it makes it true. But, lie is a lie. She never asked for money, the money was to secure a venue, promotion etc. Enough!

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Totally in it to make money. Why be governor when you can be a multi-millionaire and live on private jets and in hotel suites! Now that’s capitalism.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Why would anyone pay that kind of money to hear her talk about anything? She has no clue about politics. I think she proved that last year folks.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

HI TC, it looks like wingding is going to be a rising star among the liberal intelligentsia,getplaning might get pushed off his throne!I am waiting for the out of work Ward Churchill to show at the whitehouse and stake his claim as Czar of liberal plagiarism.All these geniuses in waiting who have done nothing other than pontificate to a bunch of students about all the injustices of this world.Yet both them and their followers are amazed that we would admire a determined strong lady who in spite of the lies would still stand and disregard their abuse with out fliching,well done Sarah! What these sycophants don,t see in front of their eyes is a quality that is called leadership,which is becoming more evident that Mr Obama does not have as he squirms around unable to make a decision about anything.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Every time Sarah Palin speaks, I am fascinated. It still amazes me that she can muster the necessary mental power required to create speech.

Posted by A Sad Conservative | Report as abusive

Posted by A Sad Conservativeif she read your comment, she will be encouraged, definitely.

Posted by cjohnthan | Report as abusive

Listen dahlings, especially you lovely people in Iowa, if Sarah Palin wants to come and speak to you, you should supply payment and venue that suits the person and the times. How about MacDonalds and free Big Macs all around and she can describe who takes care of her children and that adorable husband while she is away telling other people how to run their lives.

Posted by TierraDelFuego | Report as abusive

Tierra…So judgmental, tsk, tsk!!It must be nice to be perfect…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Sara is a real class act and worth much more.

Posted by dennis ogilvie | Report as abusive

Anything more than $1.00 is too much in my humble opinion. Her 15 minutes were over 11 months ago.

Posted by Doc | Report as abusive

Doc. You would be wrong. You prove she is a force to be reckoned with. The best part is that she doesn’t care what you think. Most Americans disagree with you. Your liberal friends in power won’t be for long…Their 15 minutes are just about over.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Yeah, Doc, most Americans disagree with you. That’s why Sarah Palin is on a speaking tour instead of sitting in the vice president’s office.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

If people are stupid enough to pay it, why, go ahead! The ignorance of the dumb American voter never ceases to amaze me.

Posted by Mufaso | Report as abusive

Yeah Mufaso. The last election proved how stupid the middle of the road voters were. Bet if the election were held today Obama wouldn’t be elected president.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

TC, she is a FARCE to be reckoned with. The next four to eight years is going to seem like a very long 15 minutes for you. Brace yourself.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Pay! Pay!! It’s always funny to hear this tard speak! Comedy Central is in the need for new material!!!

Posted by Jerry From Houston | Report as abusive

Eric. It makes me laugh at people like you. Every single time an article is published on this news site it, by far, generates more comments than any other article combined.There are many supporters, but there are so many venomous diatribes written about her. It is actually quite amusing because most of her detractors don’t base anything on fact. They get downright personal about it. Kind of like that governor in NJ who can’t win on merit, so he attacks the person personally about his weight. Yeah, that’s what we want our elected officials to be elected on…it is a downright travesty.Anyway, you have nothing better to criticize on than to get personal about her. You should be ashamed with yourself. But I am sure you are okay with that….as long as it isn’t about your main man…Obama. Then you won’t be able to understand why anyone would criticize such a smart and deep thinker like him. (Hey, in case you haven’t noticed, he does the same thing you do…he has no valid argument to back up his lousy agenda, so he personally attacks and tries to destroy his opposition…yeah, real intelligent…).Sarah Palin is a “force” to be reckoned with. Otherwise, people like you would pay no attention to her…However, you know the truth is the majority of Americans identify with her…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

It is almost amazing to hear people talk of Palin as being stupid or whatever. She had excellent results as the Alaska governor. Democrats have to be among the meanest people on earth. Obama got in because blacks turned against Hillary (with friends like these…), and blacks with money (Ophrah), helped to propell him to victory. Otherwise, how could any person with even a fifth grade mentality have elected someone who had never had any experience doing anything? And now, to listen to radio talk-show callers who are black, they are waking up to what conservatives knew all along. He is inept.

Posted by Chaly | Report as abusive

TC, first I do not agree with everything the Dems and Obama are doing, more so than I did with the last guy we had as prez but not everything.Second, Palin is exactly as I described her a FARCE, she is under educated (less than I am), she did not completed the terms of the two offices she was elected to (mayor and governor) and her appeal is limited to a fringe of the GOP.There was nothing personal about her in my last post and the only reason these blogs attract so many comments is because people on your side continue to support a person with no substance and people on my side are baffled by it.While you rail against us “liberals”, many of us who are really in the center, you fail to notice that your own views are bordering on right wing extremism. It’s no wonder that we in middle look so far away.I noticed that your buddy McCain voted against holding government contractors accountable for the rape of female employees, Jamie Leigh Jones VS KBR being the basis for the Franken amendment that McCain voted against. How much in contributions does it take to turn your back on a nineteen year old gang rape victim?

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Eric. You are not a middle of the roader, so stop acting like you are. I have latched on to this administration and congress beyond question. If you were middle of the road, you wouldn’t say “screw you” to anyone who doesn’t agree with this bunch. You aren’t very honest with yourself…or anyone else.As for McCain. I was not a supporter of McCain…So nice try. It is wrong..As for everything else you said…Whatever! You are wrong there too.As for her education qualifications compared to yours. Hmmm…you are hiding in your outpost in Maine and no one knows who you are. Sounds like sour grapes to me. BTW, Obama should be no more than an alderman in Chicago. He didn’t even finish his first term in the senate (I think he hung around for a few months before he started his run for president). Sarah Palin is more qualified to be president than the current president. Sour grapes again and you have blinders on like a horse refusing to see that this president is not qualified to be president…period!CHALY…You are spot on. As you can see, the people who are afraid of facts only personally attack her. They have nothing on her. I will take the hits for you though. I am popular and even with a one sentence opinion, they come out of the woodwork…But people are listening to you too. Just keep up telling the truth.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

hi eric h in the bunch of kids i hung with we had one guy who was the most insipid kid imaginable a total practically pathetic individual,he is a law professor teaching in a university in Australia.Before i came here i worked for a billionair who was brought up by his widowed mother on the equivalent of food stamps etc.he hardly ever attended school and had started selling secondhand furniture 25 years before,and although he had reading difficulties this guy was sharp.What i am trying to say eric is stature and leadership show up so unexpectedly,the little i have heard regarding Lincoln before he became president had not shown a tremendous amount of inspiring achievement?Living in California having employed people i have found that when you are handed a resume no not take anything for granted,in fact this practice is so fraudulent they have installed laws here stopping a former employer disclosing information regarding the person.So judge by results not by hearsay!and not sometimes worthless college diplomas.This a problem i see all the time with liberal thinkers that can not imagine people like Sarah can have efficacious qualities this why getplaning is so ineffective in his reasoning.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive