Schwarzenegger swears F-word in veto letter ‘wild coincidence’

October 30, 2009

USA/California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger swears that the profanity spelled out when looking at his veto letter a certain way was pure coincidence.

The Republican governor was in Washington for an event with Vice President Joe Biden to praise the economic stimulus package as having successfully created jobs. He spoke afterward with reporters in front of the White House West Wing to tout it some more.

One question was about the veto letter he sent to members of the California State Assembly. Upon closer inspection, the first letters on each line in the second and third paragraphs spell out an epithet using the four-letter F-word that is usually hurled in anger.

“That was a total coincidence. It was a wild coincidence,” Schwarzenegger said without a smile.

Newspapers and blogs have made a lot of fun, calling it the “F-Bomb Letter,” and the governor the “Swearminator” in a reference to his former acting role as the “Terminator.”

Many were incredulous about the chances that the placement of the letters were pure happenstance.

But we heard from the governor himself today — it was a coincidence…

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Schwarzenegger and Biden discussing economic stimulus)


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Praising the stimulus package for creating jobs? Did I miss an important story, or is he sucking up hoping for a stimulus package to rescue California?

Posted by drewbie | Report as abusive


Line 5 and 6:
“care are major issues my Administration has brought to the table, but the Legislature just
kicks the can down the alley.”

“Kicks the can down the alley” ???????

no one writes such language in an official document like this one!

it isnt google chat you know

“kick the can down the alley” is your regular rock’n’toll toungue talking

Posted by LazyEddy | Report as abusive

Is there a hidden message to what Arnold is telling us?
Perhaps due to the fact his no longer running for office?

fortunately, Arnold is a movie star,
unfortunately he is a governor.
Can we look past this?
Keeping this issue to a basic perspective,
officials of our state have to be held,
firmly, to a higher standard.
Frankly, we can do no less!

Arnold, whatever hidden message there is, we say the same, right back!

Posted by arold | Report as abusive

Arnold is just being the same old terminator. He’ll be back. I thought it was funny…

Posted by EC | Report as abusive

Das ist nicht gut, Herr Schwarzenegger! Was trinkte Sie?

Posted by Mufaso | Report as abusive