Democrats fire back at Republican health plan

November 3, 2009

Democrats, who have been on the defensive in a partisan battle over¬†their sweeping healthcare overhaul, are firing back now that Republicans are preparing an alternative in the U.S. House of Representatives.hoyer-and-pelosiHouse Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters that Republicans will get a vote on their proposal when the House considers the Democratic-written legislation possibly later this week.Hoyer, a Democrat, did not shy away from offering his own opinion about the Republican bill, saying it would allow insurance companies to sell policies across state lines and would “gut consumer protections and encourage a race to the bottom.”Republicans argue the provision would inject more competition into the market and help lower premiums. But Hoyer said insurers would flock to states with the fewest consumer protections, sell their policies at low prices and that many consumers would discover in the middle of a health crisis that their policies don’t offer adequate protection.Other provisions in the bill, as outlined by House Republican Leader John Boehner, would encourage insurers to “cherry pick” and enroll the healthiest people, Hoyer said.The Republican proposal also leaves out major market reforms contained in the Democratic bill that would bar insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions or charging more based on medical history.A summary of the House Republican proposal is to be made available here.Boehner argued that the Republican plan aims to rein in soaring insurance premiums, but Hoyer and other Democrats say it would do little to expand coverage or make healthcare more affordable.”It doesn’t provide for insurance availability for all Americans,” Hoyer said. “It does little to expand access to coverage or address the $1,000 to $1,100 extra that every American is paying for people who do not have coverage and therefore add to the uncompensated care in hospitals.”Click here for more Reuters political coveragePhoto credit:¬† Reuters/Joshua Roberts (House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is greeted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi at healthcare event)


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The Repubes just want to try to throw a wrench into health care just one more time before we finally get a bill through the house that can be sent to Obama to get signed into Law hopefully before the end of the year.If the Repubes had any kind of a bill to contribute they would have already brought it out and pushed like he77 to get it through.They think if they make a loud enough noise someone will believe them,but they have blown smoke long enough and have lost face with their own constituents by dithering around and doing nothing. HA

Posted by janey | Report as abusive

Janey. If you knew what you were talking about, you would realize that the democratic led congress doesn’t need on single republican vote to pass their health care fiasco.The democrats are the ones who are doing the damage. They can’t even get their act together…thank goodness…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

If the Democrats don’t like the Republican health plan, perhaps they should vote for their own?Oh, I forgot. The Democrat healthplan is a turkey, and they are looking for excuses to shift the blame.After all, once the Democrats pass their plan they commit themselves to a very bumpy road. Which may or may not lead off a cliff during the next election.

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I want to know why the bi-partisan bill offered by Widen/Bennett isn’t being discussed. SB123931859150606821.html

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Why is this not shocking? Republicans offer absolutely nothing that actually takes care of people. I’m amazed that this is the best they can come up with, and don’t even try to ‘pretend’ to care about the people.For those who argue that the Dems need only “get their act together” need to consider that the Democratic party has individual thinkers in it, not a bunch of lemmings like we see on the right side of the aisle. Dems are actually trying to DO something. Repuklicans are simply doing everything in their power to destroy all good things Obama is attempting to do. Funny, his promise of transparency is coming true. We’re seeing Repuklicans for what they really are.I guess Mr. Gayson’s description of the Republican health plan was, indeed, correct.Boehner’s not even interested in covering pre-existing conditions, and still allows insurance companies to drop you when you get sick, using the same tactics they do today. Incredible.

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

Most Americans don’t agree with you steve. Look at the elections tonight. The democrats have taken a full frontal beating.So much for you view. A minority of Americans agree with you…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

So let’s get this straight, Steve.When Obama’s own democrats won’t support his own flawed healthcare reforms, you see them as noble ‘individual thinkers’.But when the Republicans recognise that Obama’s healthcare plan is garbage, they become ‘lemmings’ who only want to ruin everything for America.Just another example of Democrat spin. Mindless duckspeak which is accepted as fact and parroted by Obama-fans.Did I say democrat?. I meant to say “Double-Standard-crat”?

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Steve wrote: Why is this not shocking? Republicans offer absolutely nothing that actually takes care of people.According to the Constitution the government was not put in place to take care of people. You are right, though. Republicans would much rather give a man a hammer than build him a house to trash. When people start taking responsibility for themselves, learning how to empower themselves (unlike Detroit which is a broken city and run my democrats who hand out money for people who want Obama to pay for their mortgage) then this country will continue to go down the road of socialism and tyranny.I leave you a quote from someone who tried to fight socialism in France over a century ago: By Fredric Bastiat: The Law 1850The Seductive Lure of SocialismHere I encounter the most popular fallacy of our times. It is not considered sufficient that the law should be just; it must be philanthropic. Nor is it sufficient that the law should guarantee to every citizen the free and inoffensive use of his faculties for physical, intellectual, and moral self-improvement. Instead, it is demanded that the law should directly extend welfare, education, and morality throughout the nation.This is the seductive lure of socialism. And I repeat again: These two uses of the law are in direct contradiction to each other. We must choose between them. A citizen cannot at the same time be free and not free.

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Haha. The election last night shows those “intelligent” thinkers are not thinking for the majority in this country.

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The House Republican caucus has been working behind closed doors since June on a health care plan. Five months later, they unveil their plan, and it does nothing for the uninsured, nothing for those with pre-existing conditions, and nothing for those worried about losing coverage when it’s needed most. It’s an entirely partisan plan, written in secret, which ignores Democratic ideas altogether.That’s the big GOP health proposal? Largely ignoring the uninsured, neglecting those with pre-existing conditions, and offering deficit reductions that are smaller than the Democrats’ plan? I expected a bad Republican plan, but this is even worse than I imagined.

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Without tort reform, any “health care” reform is doomed to fail. Look at the states who have implemented tort reform and their health care costs are coming down.Also if the Dems are planning to pay for this by taxing the rich, why are they exempting themselves from helping to pay for this. There are 237 millionaires in Congress. And they exempt themselves from most laws. Why? They have the only parttime job that provides a retirement as cushy as theirs. They can actually earn more in retirement than they did when they served. Their pay raises happen automatically – unless they pass legislation to kill the increase (yeah, right). And they use the US Treasury to pay off their constituents with pork barrel projects.Until these issues are resolved, I don’t believe anything that either party promotes is worth the paper it is printed on.

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