The First Draft: off-year election day could spell trouble for Obama

November 3, 2009

It’s been a year since Americans have gone to the polls, but as they do on Tuesday President Barack Obama may be less excited than he was last year, particularly in Virginia and New Jersey where his fellow Democrats are facing trouble.

Republicans are hoping to capture the governors’ mansions in those two states to rebuild some momentum after being trounced by Democrats last year. They also are trying to make it a referendum against Obama’s agenda to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system and financial regulatory structure as well as his plans to address climate change.OBAMA/

In Virginia where Obama won narrowly in 2008, Republican Bob McDonnell has built a sizable lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds while in traditionally Democratic-leaning New Jersey Republican Chris Christie is neck and neck with Democratic incumbent Governor Jon Corzine.

Obama has campaigned for both of his fellow Democrats but that may not be enough for them to win.

While Republicans are salivating at their prospects in those two races, Democrats are eyeing a congressional race in upstate New York to replace a Republican lawmaker who became Obama’s Army secretary. Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman was barely ahead of Democrat Bill Owens in the traditionally Republican district.

After tremendous infighting, the Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafava, withdrew from the race and endorsed the Democrat, highlighting the rift between moderates and the conservatives of the Republican party.

Elsewhere, the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Markets Committee begins a two-day meeting this morning to discuss interest rate policy and whether the U.S. economy is starting to build its own momentum towards a recovery.

And the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will begin working on a climate change bill, but unhappy Republicans are threatening to boycott the session.

– Photo credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Obama returns from a campaign trip to New Jersey)


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Corzine makes MORE weight jokes on the Joe Pesci Sirius radio show yesterday…is he an idiot? x.php/2009/11/02/gov-corzine-ridicules-d oug-christie-s-we-09

Posted by wulfmankarl | Report as abusive

The Republicans are fighting climate change measures, but when we go through an ecosystem meltdown they will blame the Democrats for not passing an effective climate change bill.

What gives? We either take the necessary steps to keep this planet safe for ALL of us (Repubs and Dems) or we just give up and let it all go down the tubes.

Dumbness for power’s sake is the first step to powerlessness.

Posted by Waddell Robey | Report as abusive

We hear that there are problems with potential voter fraud already in NJ is anyone prepared to disagree with me at this early stage that it is could democrat inspired?Or am just being cynical?7.18 tuesday morning pacific time.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

As someone who was heavily involved from 1992-2004 in politics when I lived in Texas, I can assure you that any race any President gets involved in, as Obama is in the NJ elections and as Bush was in the off-year, 2002 Congressional elections, is a referendum on the President.

If they win, they say it validates them. If they lose, they say it doesn’t matter. They cannot have it both ways. And I can assure you, it matters an enormous amount.

Posted by poiema | Report as abusive

So far in Virginia it is a wipeout for the democrats. Gov, Lt Gov and Attorney General are over 63 percent for the Republican.

Stay tuned for more…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive