Dems see silver lining for healthcare in election results

November 4, 2009

Republican victories in the Virginia and New Jersey governors’ races may send shivers through Democratic circles, but what does it mean for President Barack Obama’s ambitious proposal to overhaul the $2.5 trillion healthcare system?

pelosiNot much, say Democrats. They are looking beyond the state issues that dominated the governor’s races and instead are focusing on two congressional races won by Democrats where national issues like healthcare reform were in play. 

“From my perspective we won last night,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters when asked about Tuesday’s elections. “This was a victory for healthcare reform. From my standpoint we picked up votes last night — one in California and one in New York.”

The two victories–one in New York district 23 where Bill Owens became the first Democrat to win the seat in over a century and in California district 10 where John Garamendi kept the seat vacated by Ellen Tauscher in Democratic hands — brings the number of Democrats in the House to 258.

 That gives Pelosi a little more breathing room as she tries to muster the votes needed to pass the sweeping health reform legislation.  She could lose as many as 40 Democrats when the House votes, possibly later this week, and still pass the measure.

The two new members are expected to be sworn into office on Thursday.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveils Democratic healthcare legislation)


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THREE word Mrs. Pelosi YOU ARE WRONG! you are living in a wonderland… But keep trying to shovel that horrendous bill to us… We will vote you all out in 2010 and the Potus will be one term lame duck!

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

I just love that woman! One day many people will look back and thank her for what she’s accomplishing today – by validating the lives of all human beings in our country. She makes me proud to be an American!

Posted by JSumpter | Report as abusive

Madam Speaker
Since you and your cohorts are so certain of the benefits of this plan while there are millions of skeptics, you can win us over by sending us affidavits pledging all of your and your husbands assets (including factory in Samoa) that if Medicare will be better than it is, costs will diminish and the deficit will not increase, that you will personally reimburse us to tahe extent that we LOSE our benefits and current plan. Put YOUR money where your mouth is otherwise, keep quiet!

Posted by Emanuel Gross | Report as abusive

Your health plan would be more acceptable when it includes all members of government past and present. Until it is that inclusive we don’t want it!

Posted by Ed Courtenay | Report as abusive

The people have spoken, they want a public option for health care reform because without it the cost will remain high. We all know the insurance companies are the problem with health care. Do we need to have all of congress as democrates to get this refrom. What ever happen to democracy and representation. Lets get this reform done and do right.

Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

America! Avoid Obama healthcare at any cost!From a Canadian who cares about your nation.

Posted by liz scholten | Report as abusive

Craig. Your grammar aside, what the hell are you talking about? “Whatever happen to democracy and representation.” That’s what’s going on right now. If you get 100 percent democrat in congress you lose democracy and representation.

Oh never mind, you would never understand….

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

apparently she does not have any idea what pulmonary hypertension is an how much a person on medicare has to pay for them, even at 50% reduction it could still up being 1000.00 fo dollars right now one drug is 4500.00 so once you are in catastrophic you can get the drug for 272.00 a month and with two drugs on social security and high cost of insurance premiums it is very difficult to get by on that. If the donut hole is done away with, we will not be able to afford to even buy the medications, some have a copay with medicare part D of 1633.00 a month, try paying for that on 1267 a month, this is a joke.

Posted by barbara howard | Report as abusive