General Casey: diversity shouldn’t be casualty of Fort Hood

November 8, 2009

General George Casey, the Army’s top officer, is concerned that diversity will become a casualty of the Fort Hood tragedy.

TEXAS-SHOOTING/The religious beliefs of suspect Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim Army psychiatrist, have led to speculation about motive in the shooting rampage that killed 13 people.

“I’m concerned that this increased speculation could cause a backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers. And I’ve asked our Army leaders to be on the lookout for that,” Casey told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether Muslim soldiers are conflicted in fighting wars in Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, Casey said: “I think that’s something that we have to look at on an individual basis. But I think we as an Army have to be broad enough to bring in people from all walks of life.”

The bottom line is the military benefits from diversity, he said.

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” Casey said.

President Barack Obama also mentioned military diversity in his Saturday radio address which was focused on Fort Hood. USA/

Veterans Day is a chance to honor Americans who served in battlefields all over the world, Obama said. “They are Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and nonbelievers.”

“They reflect the diversity that makes this America. But what they share is a patriotism like no other,” Obama said.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi (Casey at Fort Hood after shooting), Reuters/Jim Young (Obama leaving podium after remarks about Fort Hood shooting)


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Apparently, from the reports I have read, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was a victim of hate crimes prior to this incident, all originating from fellow military members. The backlash against Muslim started post 9-11.

Posted by Mags | Report as abusive

I thought we were a Christian nation (ha, ha, ha). Oh, well, this kind of tragedy will only increase as this war drags on. But of course you can’t tell all the warmongers that; they want manifest destiny fulfilled. God gave us all the world to conquer in the name of democracy and freedom. And, by God, those Afghans are going to love democracy and freedom whether they want to or not! This is why all religions, especially Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Patriotism need to be abolished.

Posted by Mufaso | Report as abusive

I don’t know if any of that is true or not Mags, but that is no excuse to go and shoot people who did nothing to him.Your statement is not relevant.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

If I were Gen. George W. Casey Jr. Chief of Staff of the Army,I would be more concerned with national security as compared tothe feelings of Muslims. His job is national security. Let the politicians dealwith Muslim sensitivity.

Posted by Paul Noble | Report as abusive

You don’t get promoted in Obama’s Army unless you are pro-diversity

Posted by Pepper Salt | Report as abusive

“And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” Casey said.That’s enough to make you puke. No, Big General, there’s nothing worse than a soldier turning on his brothers and sisters at arms, gunning them down.It’s called treason. Warmonger, pacifist, or anywhere in between, nobody likes a traitor.Save half the puke though for Big General’s boss, from whom Casey’s diversity drivel got it’s marching orders.From what I’ve read, Nidal Malik Hasan stuck out, and not in a good way, particularly because he was an officer, and doubly because he was a psychiatrist.I googled “There’s something wrong with you” linked to “Hasan”. 585,000 results came up, tracing back to Osman Danquah.Read this in particular: ews/ap/article/ALeqM5ihGepAkECGoDagETVBM pPb3w7Y3gD9BR4PHG0

Posted by dom youngross | Report as abusive

What a shame We cannot protect our soldiers regardless of faith It takes a civilian to subdue one hateful soldier on a military base before killing 13 What a shame

Posted by Walt | Report as abusive

Hey TC, right after your posting, some crybaby that wants to turn this into a hate Muslim thing and another one with a snide remark about diversity came behind you, reinforcing Mags concern. Do you want to say that their statements are not relevant? Because by your logic they would be. After all, him being a Muslim is no excuse to go after those who did not commit this crime or any other for that matter.Oh, and Paul Noble? That’s why you’re NOT Gen. Casey!

Posted by DLJ | Report as abusive

TC, Mags comment is absolutely relevant, don’t you think that being the subject of hate crimes might have helped push this guy over the edge? Being abused by those who are supposed to be brothers in arms will go a long way to fostering hate and resentment.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” Casey said. So now we know the minimum cost of diversity…13 dead and 30 wounded. The only question is will Gates demand Casey’s resignation today or the end of the week?For all those that champion victims and justify death with mild discomfort from insults (misnamed hate crimes), even an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth mentality calls for equal responses – not death for “key vandalism” and taunts. Be prepared for increased incidences of terrorism and murder under our amateur administration.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Oh really – what is worse is political correctness in our military so that only officers who think like this get to be promoted to General!

Posted by Paul M. Hoffman | Report as abusive

Oh okay, I stand corrected. It is okay for someone to shoot others, who did nothing to them, all because of alleged name calling. Before anyone defends his actions further, would you feel the same way if it was a member of your family that was shot and wounded or killed by this guy? Would your level of tolerance still be the same? I doubt it. Many of your parents said this to you when you were growing up, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Guess Obama really has “fundamentally changed America”.This is simply a matter of right or wrong. And it is wrong. You who defend his actions are simply nuts…I could care less what his political or religious background is. Not only that, he is a psychiatrist who likely counseled patients on the very thing you are defending.Sticks and stones…..

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

I was incredulous when I read General George Casey’s statement from his interview on Meet the Press. Apparently, the general feels that diversity in the Army is more important than the lives of our soldiers. What is it about our leaders that they are paralyzed by political correctness? They are afraid to speak plainly about events that are self-evident to reasonable, thinking people for fear of offending somebody. When General Casey refers to the Fort Hood massacre as a “tragedy”, he trivializes what happened there and adds insult to injury for the families of the dead. This was not a tragedy…a training accident where troops are killed is a tragedy. What happened last week at Fort Hood was the deliberate slaughter of 13 American soldiers, and the wounding of some 30 others, by a radical Muslim extremist. And General Casey puts the whole country at risk by projecting his soft, touchy-feely attitude to the rest of the world.For his failure to protect our troops from Nidal Malik Hasan, for putting the lives of our fine service men and women on an equal footing with the nebulous concept of diversity, and for calling the event at Fort Hood last week a tragedy instead of what it was – a terrorist attack – General Casey needs to apologize to the families of those murdered at Fort Hood last week for minimizing their loss. He then needs to resign and step down immediately. He is a disgrace to the uniform he wears. His political correctness is putting our soldiers in harm’s way right here at home. We are at war with radical Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq. And, since 9/11 there have been numerous terrorist plots here in the U.S. foiled by law enforcement and not one recorded incident of backlash against Muslims. Perhaps George Casey would be better suited as a professor of ethnic studies at UC Berkley.Jeff StroopePleasanton, CA

Posted by Jeff Stroope | Report as abusive

So diversity is more valuable than the lives of the 13 dead people, and 31 injured people?! What would George Patton have to say about today’s America?Question- if we believe in diversity so much, why is there a problem with Hasan’s ultimate expression of diversity? Folks, we’re going to keep dying as we fall into dhimmitude!

Posted by Tony Harkin | Report as abusive

I have many relatives who are or have been in the military. My brother was a colonel and my daughter is in the Guard. I have always been a big proponent of the service, but if this an example of what the top brass think of those who serve under them, I will not be encouraging any more to join up. Somebody should have told him that when you are in command, your mistakes come back in body bags. His remarks that those who died are less important than some BS concept dishonors those who died. There is no country that has the mix of races and creeds than this one.

Posted by Paul Gross | Report as abusive

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, may you burn in hell with the rest of your fundamentalist coward friends. …and as for you, Gen. George Casey, how DARE you make that statement: “… as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse”. I DARE you to look into the victims’ families eyes and say that to their faces.The P.C. idiots of the world who can’t call a kettle black for fear of sounding hateful are destroying us all. This snake of a man, Hasan, had been reported several times about his anti-American rhetoric and hatred, yet these so called “leaders” were too scared to do a damn thing for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

General, you are dismissed.

General Casey should resign. It is obvious that his allegiance is to Obama and not the soldiers. I doubt he has an respect left among the troops. If morale wasn’t in the toilet before, I’m sure it is now.ETC(SS) USN

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

He was a Muslim terrorist and this was a terrorist attack!!! There’s no other way to say it. There should be jail time for everyone in the military and intelligence agencies that knew about this guy’s beliefs and did nothing about it. The fact that Obama, the liberal news media and even some in the military are trying to justify this attack infuriates me to a degree that I can’t even express it.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive

If someone stands on a table and yells ‘Allahu Akbar’ followed by the sounds of bang bang…bang bang bang…bang bang…it’s pretty darn clear that it’s an act of terrorism. Imagine being inside a fast food place and someone stood upon a table and yelled ‘jesus christ is lord’ and then merely sat down again and began to eat. That person would’ve been dragged into the street and hung from a traffic light. What in the world has happened to our country ?

Posted by tomakazi | Report as abusive

I don’t buy the charge of harrassment. The accused was an officer. Soldiers don’t harrass officers. It doesn’t happen. Anybody who says obviously has never served. This is just a smokescreen to cover up the fact that this man had a plan he’s been working on for a long time.

Posted by GG | Report as abusive

Was the General wearing a uniform as he spoke about diversity? That sounds ironic to me.

General George Casey is a coward and should be fired.

Posted by Dan F | Report as abusive

Your comment is awaiting moderation.General, you may never see this comment on this blog. However, I can always hope!Your unpatriotic and political statements (on MSNBC of all networks!. I would consider you to be an embarrassment to this great country and our precious soldiers. In your position I consider you to be responsible for the death of these soldiers and the grief that this has caused to their families and the rest of the country!. I love the military and the soldiers that serve to protect our freedom. You general take them for granted!!! Your PC oriented position has created a real tragedy for the American people – when are you going to get the point!!My youngest son is a sergeant in the army, my daughter in-law to be is a specialist. What is going to happen to them with a leadership like yours??? Failure,like the one you had in Iraq?

Posted by steve odland | Report as abusive

Liberty and Unity are our strengths. We were unified as a country when we referred to it as “the melting pot”. Diversity is dividing us into groups with special status over others.

Posted by TP | Report as abusive

Casey is a disgrace to his uniform. Arrogant white washing liar.

Posted by Lenny | Report as abusive

How stupid do they think we are? That is not a rhetorical question. Somebody please help me quantify how stupid they must believe us to be to sell us this bull. I’m so sad for these families and so mad at our “leaders” and our media I may lose it myself. It’s like these heroes don’t even matter. All hey care about is dumbing us down. Who is doing the stories on the victims??? What about the woman and her first child whose lives were snuffed out before they even began!! No, we can’t talk about them. Let’s focus lies and diversity and PRE PTSS!! PRE!!!!! It’s hopeless.

Posted by damian | Report as abusive

Mufaso is a typical clueless leftist who gets it half right and then goes brainless on the second half. Spreading of the religion of “democracy” is abhorrent, indeed. But insisting that belief systems (including “patriotism”) be banished is ignorant and intolerant. And where the heck is the offensive moral system known as socialism–shouldn’t that be banned also?

Posted by Joe Mama | Report as abusive

Jeff in Pleasanton, CA said it best; my sentiments exactly.

Posted by Rebecca | Report as abusive

General, I beg to differ. Diversity over assimilation is killing our country.

Posted by gobnait | Report as abusive

Casey is a disgrace to make a comment that the life of soldiers is not as important a diversity. He should resign or be fired.

Please General in my opinion you are too concerned about diversity in the Army and not enough concern with terrorist yep terrorist killing our soldiers so far in the barracks, in Fort Hood etc Please let’s forget political correctness and see the signs and report any signs of someone who states sucicide bombers are doing the right thing when they kill innoncent people.Get them out of our Armed services We are sick sick of this political correctness let’s call a terrorist a terrorist PRotect our men and women Thank you

Thank God that I served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

I’m saddened to live in the town where this embarrasing general was raised.

Posted by Peter57 | Report as abusive

General Casey is a failure. His disgraceful comments declaring diversity more important than the lives of 13 Americans is proper justification for his dismissal. Man up, Casey! Admit you screwed up and resign. Any one with half a brain can see that diverse groups vying with one another for power and position is one of the BIG things wrong with this country. What’s the matter with the ‘old melting pot?’ Seemed to work for at least two centuries.

Posted by dc | Report as abusive

“The bottom line is the military benefits from diversity” …! How did this clown get to be a general? The only valid benefits to the military are the ones that get more enemy killed with fewer casualties on our side. Please explain exactly how ‘diversity’ helps to do that?If anything ‘diversity’ is a WEAKNESS in the military because it can only divert attention away from getting the job done when you have to consider and then carefully step around the individual background of every soldier. We expect each soldier to IGNORE ‘diversity’, OBEY the chain of command and win wars; nothing less.It doesn’t matter which soldier is a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew or black or white – they are ALL a band of brothers when artillery shells are raining down on them and they need real leadership to move forward not that ‘diversity’ is a benefit to them. Soldiers who whine that they should be treated in some special way because of their religion or race should be BOOTED OUT just like Hassan should have been a long time ago…

Posted by Mike M | Report as abusive

Dear General Casey,I am a retired United States Army First Sergeant and combat veteran of the 101st Airborne Division. I have never spoken to a General Officer in the manner I am about to speak to you.You are a disgrace to the stars you wear on your uniform. You place our diversity over the lives of 13 innocent slaughtered soldiers and civilians? Our diversity has been and will be always challenged as that is the nature of our country, but you just placed the value of a human life LOWER than our diversity. Those men and women that were butchered by that “Officer” deserve a leader that should have stood up and looked the press in the eye and told them the TRUTH and not some liberal spun lie.Now I know why General Cody retired. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have worked for you directly if my life depended on it. If my life depended on it, you would have placed our diversity over my life and that is unacceptable. Sir, you are a NO-GO at this station and you need to be “re-trained” and need to be counseled by the Command Sergeant Major of the Army on your sub standard performance.Command Sergeant Major of the Army,Tighten up that Officer, that’s your JOB!!!!!!!

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

The Army has become the most Politically correct service of all since the advent of the Clinton years. Amazing it even functions at all. IMHO it functions, although a mini socialist microcosm, because most soldiers are of conservative background. (Not BS, see Army times poll a few years back, certainly more accurate than CNN!)I’ve been in the Army over 19 yrs. and see most of my fellow soldiers “Punch out” as soon as possible because of the type of idiot “Leadership” which has eroded the ranks, starting from the top. Casey, is up there, clueless and disconnected about those on the front lines. He hears only what he wants to hear from the Mid level brass and private Snuffy certainly isn’t going to tell him what he really thinks when asked. I could chronicle 19 years of idiocy in a book, but value the true honor of the Military as a whole to do so. so Mr/Ms. “Apparently, from the reports I have read..” Mags, shall I write you another BS report to follow the rest of the Idiot “Dominant” liberal media?

Posted by COPTER | Report as abusive

General George “Diversity” Casey should resign immediately. He has and disgraced himself, this Great Country and the uniform he wears.General George and Bonnie Fwanks are a perfect pair. Sad butt true.

Posted by Tdog | Report as abusive

Isn’t it sad that we have comments on this article from the wonderful military personnel that are 100% for America, and the General is more concerned about diversity than he is about his policies failing to stop this 2nd terrorist attack on our country? Furthermore, it appears that the Commander-in-Chief is more concerned about PC in describing this massacre than he is about our taking another terrorist hit. He seems detached from protecting us from additional attacks.

Posted by Ted (non-military) | Report as abusive

General Casey is a buffoon general rising to the top because of PC political views. Wrong about Afhanistan and Irqaq, wrong about this and wrong for the position he holds. Diversity has no place in the Army. In Boot Camp/Basic, the break a recruit, strip him/her of all individuality and civilian habits and train the recruit the Army way of doing things. Does being Muslim, Jew, Protestant matter when changing a tire, field stripping a weapon, or completing a fitness report? No. There’s only one way, the Army way.

Posted by MiBu | Report as abusive

Casey should resign in disgrace

Posted by LHLdhimmitude | Report as abusive

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,”.General Casey, would you say the same thing if the coffins that Hasan filled contained (God forbid) your family members?Could you be that coldly – no insanely – insensitive to the sheer terror and blood curdling horror Hasan put members of your own family and all the other victims and their families through? Not to mention the very real damage to the nation you are sworn to protect against all enemies?Were you not a gelded, hypocritical, PC coward, you would be standing up first and primarily for those who Hasan slaughtered instead of some political construct meant to make you and those like you feel good about yourselves.General Casey, this is one former Air Force officer who demands that you resign immediately. You are a disgrace to the United States Army and to our nation as a whole.

Posted by Dr. Dean | Report as abusive

The Army is there to get rid of the enemies of our Liberty: any tyranny must stop. Jihadists are now self-declared enemies of the United States, and so must be quarantined, orotherwise, prevented from practicing the violent form of Islam. Any Imams who teach must be filmed/recorded in lieu of being deported to Yemen or Saudi Arabia.This is serious; this is war; our people are in danger of more attacks like this one while paper generals “dither” about what made this demon-possessed person commit sucha heinous act. Christians know; martyrs have suffered under Islam for centuries and now imitate Christ’s passion with their own in Kosovo, from Jihadist Iranian and PLO pretending to be “kosovars” (whatever that is)! God help us and give us strength!

Every mass-murder shooting in the last couple decades has been tied to the perp being on psych medication or under the care of a psychiatrist. People need to look past the PR of Big Pharma and the Psycho-pharmaceutical industry and realize the true cause. They’re making billions being “legal” drug-dealers and these mass-murders and suicides are just collateral damage to them.Hasan was a psychiatrist, with easy access to all these poisons with their black-box label warnings of suicide, depression and ideas of murder and killing. This is a no-brainer if someone would only look. But it’s easier for the bigots and racists to assign cause elsewhere, which solves nothing.

Posted by John Galt | Report as abusive

Wish I could ressurect General Patton for a while and let him have a few with General Diversity Casey, would be interesting.

Gen. Casey is an idiot. Cover your a**, right General??? Lack of diversity worse than 13 people being mordered?!?! You’re a disgrace to the uniform you wear.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Casey is stupid army officer who has never had orginal thought in his life. should be fired by Gates now.

I would give up all the diversity (whatever it means) just to have one of the 13 killed returned to this world safe and sound. This General is a general ass+++ and should be forced to retire as he has retired his common sense already. Since we are all different individuals that is diversity enough. The word is an empty vessel into which each person pours his own meaning. A meaningless concept used by people to cover a lack of intellect.

Posted by Stateofmind | Report as abusive

I disagree with most of the posters here. What Hasan did was evil, and there is no justification for it. But that doesn’t mean we ought to take it out on Muslims. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. For every Hasan like nut there are many more Muslims who love America and being American. All you people talking about Hasan should familiarize yourselves with another name, one that most of you probably have never heard before and would just assume forget because it doesn’t fit with your world view.Cpl. Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan. He was an American soldier, a patriot and a Muslim, he died for his country as bravely as any of the others who gave their lives. He was 14 when 9/11 happened and he signed up to serve to prove Muslims loved America too. He gave his life for that. Thousands like him risk their lives on the same principle.His death meant just as much to his mother as any of the 13 heroes we lost at Fort Hood. Should his sacrafice be forgetten/ignored because a treasonous nut like Hasan decides to go out in a blaze of hatred?Were there warning signs overlooked, yes! Was Hasan a victim of discrimination after 9/11, maybe so, but no amount of discrimination justifies killing dozens of people who have done you no wrong. Hasan’s goal like that of other terrorists claiming the mantle of Islam to justify their actions was not merely to kill Americans, but to sow the seeds of hatred upon which they feed.The fact that Hasan was a terrorist whacko doesn’t make it right for us to go out and declare all Muslims a threat. Which is what the anti diversity nativists here seem to be advocating.We should learn from the Hasan case, but we should also remember those like Cpl. Khan who made the ultimate sacrafice for America. His death and what died fighting for should count for more than the whims of a murdering lunatic zealot like Hasan.May Cpl. Khan, the heroes of Fort Hood and all our heroes who died to defend us rest in peace. And may Maj Hasan and every nut like him roast slowly on spit in hell forever.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

General Casey should be court marshalled. He has placed political correctness before the lives and well being of our soldiers. That mentally ill dirt bag, Hasan was treating soldiers with serious mental and physical problems. Just what kind of care did they get. Two time Medal of Honor winner General Smedly Butler wrote ‘WAR IS A RACKET.’ Casey is a racketeer.

Posted by stevador39 | Report as abusive