Calls growing for Congress to investigate Fort Hood gunman

November 11, 2009

hood2Amid the growing calls for congressional investigations into the Fort Hood rampage, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton is advocating a different approach — wait and see how investigations by the Army and the FBI progress.

“It is important that we get to the bottom of this incident, but we must be careful to proceed in a deliberate, studied manner that will not interfere with the ongoing criminal investigation by the FBI and the Army’s criminal investigative service, Skelton, a Missouri Democrat, said on Tuesday. “Right now, we need to avoid jumping to any conclusions and give the Army and the FBI a chance to do their jobs.”

Calls for lawmakers to find answers came almost immediately
after 13 people were killed in a  shooting rampage at the Army post last week.


The alleged shooter, an American-born Muslim Army psychiatrist, is said to have been in contact with an Islamist sympathetic to al Qaeda.

Another call came on Tuesday, this one from Rep. Howard McKeon, the senior Republican on the House Armed Services Committee. The California representative requested a thorough congressional investigation conducted in a way that would not compromise the FBI and Army probes.

U.S. government officials have declined to speculate about a possible motive and the suspect isn’t talking.

“We owe it to the men and women in uniform, and their families, to better understand how and why the tragic incident took place; whether this was a terrorist incident; and whether there was sufficient actionable information available to Army and government authorities to have prevented this tragedy,” McKeon said in a statement.

liebermanSenate Homeland Security Chairman Joe Lieberman says his panel will open an investigation next week.

“The committee will be conducting an investigation into what Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s motives were, whether the government missed warning signs that should have led to expulsion, and what lessons we can learn to prevent such future attacks,” Lieberman, a Connecticut independent said in a statement on Monday announcing the probe.

The House Intelligence Committee, led by Texas Democrat Silvestre Reyes, said it plans to question national intelligence director Dennis Blair — possibly as soon as next week.

Photo credit:Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi (U.S. soldiers hug in front of fallen soldier memorials; soldiers pay their respects at Fort Hood memorial for shooting victims; )/ HO Old (Lieberman)

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Let’s stop being politically correct and call a spade a spade. If Hasan strapped a bomb to his chest and blew himself up, we’d call him a terrorist. Instead he used a gun. Plain and simple, he’s a terrorist and may he burn in hell for eternity.

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