Will latest polls weigh on Obama?

November 11, 2009

President Barack Obama summoned his war council today for what may be a pivotal meeting as he decides what to do in Afghanistan. OBAMAWhile Obama weighs up his options on whether to send in more troops — with most money on about 30,000 more — he might also glance at the latest round of public opinion polls on Afghanistan.One by the Pew Research Center put Obama’s favorable job rating on Afghanistan at 36 percent, sharply down from 49 percent in July.On troop levels in Afghanistan, 40 percent say there should be fewer U.S. soldiers, 32 percent approve of an increase while 19 percent say current troop levels are satisfactory.A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released today found that 56 percent of respondents opposed sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan while 42 percent supported additional forces.Which way are you leaning? More troops, less, the same? Stay, go, the status quo? As commander-in-chief, will Obama go the way of Goldilocks and take the middle road, or will there be a surprise?Click here for more Reuters political coveragePhoto credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Obama making statement about Fort Hood shootings)


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Not one American’s Life is worth all of those Arabs or their country.Let them fight their own wars. Bring all American troops home to guard America’s Borders.Instead of spending all those billion’s of dollars over there, Use those billions to boost the American Millitary salares.

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Can’t believe the racist comment by Malcolm Ethredge. All people were created equal by God! The life of an American is not worth more or less than the life of anyone else in the world. By the way, you said Afghans were “Arabs”. They’re not. We’re blessed with this president. Let’s all pray for him so that He gives him the wisdom and strength he has shown so far. We support you, Mr. President.

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Malcolm,So you think we should just sit there while terrorists rise to power? We should just sit here and watch them quarrel and fight without intervention at all? What if one of them decides that he hates America and wants to destroy America and all we stand for? They’re called terrorists.The war in the middle east isn’t just their war. We are there because to ensure our safety as a country, we need to stabilize the region.Just guarding America’s borders probably won’t do much in the end. I don’t want to see the outcome if terrorists ever get their hands on viable nuclear weapons and use it against America. I don’t think guarding the border will help much if the time comes.

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To gain a better understanding of what our troops are up against in Afghanistan, I highly recommend you read “One Tribe at a Time” by Major Jim Gant.http://blog.stevenpressfield.com/wp -content/themes/stevenpressfield/one_tri be_at_a_time.pdfIt will open your eyes to the challenges, dangers and consequences of inaction or the wrong approach.To all our Veterans, both past and present. Thank you for the freedoms we enjoy, and until this year, took for granted.

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[…] PresidentBarackObama summoned his war council today for what may be a pivotal meeting as he decides what to do in Afghanistan. While Obama weighs up his …Read Original Story: Will latest polls weigh on Obama? – Reuters Blogs (blog) […]

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Obama’s handpicked commander in Afghanistan, Gen. McChrystal, stated almost two months ago that he needs 40,000 Americans to fight the Taliban. Obama’s indecision has cost dozens of American lives so far. Now he is leaning towards a half-baked approach, drawing upon his experience as a “community leader” in Chicago? He knows he needs more troops because he’s already begged our NATO allies to send more troops, yet he’s unwilling to fully support the plan set up by his most experienced military leader, McChrystal. Obama’s plan is doomed to failure.

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It reminds me of the old song,”tip toe through the tulips” or in this case poppy fields.He is in the position now that because of his dithering he is going to have difficulty appeasing both sides,no troops he is weak,extra troops then he is weak!His ambassador has stated that he does not think extra troops are necessary but he is only saying what he has been told to say,so the indication is that there will be no more troops.This was always Obama,s first choice that is why he has been hesitating,i only hope the generals have the decency to resign on principle if the troops going to be vulnerable left there to fight a rear guard action.

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“What if one of them decides that he hates America and wants to destroy America and all we stand for?”It is 50 years of US intrusion into the region that is responsible for the hatred of the US that has developed. The region could have stabilized long ago but for foreign interference.And why after the recent Israeli destruction of Lebanon and Gaza does the US still fail to hold Israel to account as an occupying power?Terrorists are created by interference. Stop interfering and they will subside to squabbling among themselves. Go read an old encyclopedia on the history of Palestine and you may start to understand some realities.

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america is in a funkconflict is good- it keeps the balance. i’ve read.however, i say, bring our troops home. strengthen this nation from within.a house divided cannot stand.why fight abroad?let every nation solve its problems with help from outside.politics is a messy business.bring the troops home. summon the world security counciltalk and the decide to share the problem.END THIS WAR

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9/11 is still being used as excuse to rage war against other countries. The entire concept of war on terror is a fabrication, designed to perpetuate wars for profiteering.The only thing USA care about is to secure Afghanistan oil resources and empire building. This is what is causing USA downfall. Having this huge military apparatus is unsustainable… We are the invaders and the aggressor! Wake up people!

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We should have been in and out of there 8 years ago. Is this what the Founders envisioned for us??

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GregObama taking his time on this decision has absolutely nothing to do with when the added troops will go to AfPak. It is well known that:1) There are no more troops to send to Afghanistan at this time. All the troops needed for this “surge” are presently in Iraq. No significant numbers of troops will be available until they rotate out AFTER the next Iraqi elections. This is well known but overlooked.2) In AfPak, there is something known as “the fighting season” This is a mountainous country that snows over in the winter. The Taliban can still operate in the warmer low lying areas, but the bad weather makes it very difficult to retreat into the mountains which is essential to their insurgency strategy. More troops aren’t needed in the country until the spring thaw…when the troops start rotating out of Iraq.So Obama, take your time and get it right, or as right as possible with this disaster of a war left behind by the idiots who took their eye off the ball after 9/11.

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Seriously? He needs to rely on the EXPERIENCED man actually RUNNING the op and IN the front lines. No one likes to talk about those soldiers, but the reason we have our freedom is because they are willing to go RISK THEIR LIVES. They SIGNED UP. They BELIEVE IN THIS COUNTRY. Why do you want to drag them home before they can finish the job? Yes, this war has been drawn out entirely too long! But only because the presidents (both parties, here, people…not partisan) have been worried about their OWN personal agendas, approval ratings, and doing the PC thang.He needs to step back and let people who really know what’s going on do their job…because most people who aren’t there and don’t really know what’s going on can’t HANDLE THE TRUTH.

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If American abandons Afghanistan now, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda will take over the country, a terrorist state will be created, and terrorism will increase tenfold — including attacks on Americans abroad and attacks on American soil.

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King of the Hill for power in our government. When one party is straight-up, intentionally trying to undermine the leader, I wouldn’t think anything about Obama being unfit for the job, but more about how mind-blowing it is that this party’s supporters are glorifying such pristine examples of traitorous behavior and then going on as if they actually stand for any of this country’s hypothetical values.America is not what it stands for anymore. It seems everyone hates Obama, and since he’s supposed to represent the people, America is not America. When Bush was on the throne, and everyone loved him (maybe not near the end), he did represent the people, and what he represented was so depraved that it corrupted the values of this country. We’re just a country full of people, some more sane than others, with the power to blow up the Earth. We’re not that special..

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Malcom, I agree with you. The fight in Afghanistan is not worth the loss of one American life.

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People’s will should not sway his politics, as long as Obama acts in good faith for betterment of America. Polls only weigh when time is due for re-election.

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The US has an interest in the Middle East and Asian regions. We have an interest in supporting the security and democracies from overthrow by islamic extremism, and intercountry terrorist groups such as the taliban, hamas, hezbollah, etc. We should not commit to long term troop build up without a country forming its own plan for securing its own country. We do not the full support of the people or region. Once we leave after sacrificing American lives and resources, we will have no benefit in this region. We need to focus on our own preparedness for national defense and reaction forces throughout the world. We need to focus on concerns over Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, the socialist movement in South America, and islamic radicalization throughout the world.

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